Pivot 126: I am glimpsing what I really want… in all circumstances

I did honour my creativity – in my qigong practice; in my business creation; in my video editing; in my ability to go for a bike ride in the middle of the working day and feel that I was ‘on holiday!’.

Do you remember in therapy last month, a notion came up for me strong and hard: “This is not child’s play.” That was my younger/child me acknowledging and owning that her activities were not meaningless – that her, my, creativity is not childish. Somewhere in childhood I picked up the notion that if it doesn’t hurt or burn me out or bore me, it can’t be grown up. I have largely worked much of that out of my system, but maybe it’s this last (or next) chunk to go: CREATIVITY.

Playfulness and ease. That’s serious business! 

It is, right?!

What is creativity to your mind? 

I guess creativity is Source unfurling itself through us!

****ACIM reading and 10minMed****

This beautiful quote from ACIM illuminated my mediation and my ‘basking in glimpses of pleasing things’:

“He must learn to lay all judgment aside, and ask only what he really wants in each circumstance.” ACIM MfT p11

Tell me about this.

This is exactly the teaching you have been receiving from Abraham. Even the fact you are now willing to talk about Abraham here indicates that you are learning to lay all judgment aside. When Abraham asks: “And are you knowing what you are wanting?” you are being invited to tap into Source Energy. Knowing what you are really wanting is your route into alignment with you inner being. Did you know that? 

I suppose on some level I did… The laying judgment aside is an important factor isn’t it?

Absolutely. Your ego (which judges) has the opposite agenda to your inner being. There, never said so clearly. 

Never said so clearly…….. That is some pivot.

  • Unwanted = ego’s agenda
  • Wanted = inner being’s agenda

It’s ok to let go of my ego’s judgmental agenda?

You’ve gone a long way with that already. You really have. Can you see that?

I can to a degree. Are there areas we could shimmy and shake at?

Of course. You know what they are. They are the things you really want which you tell yourself ‘it’s not yet time for’ or ‘that won’t make money’. They are the ideas that pop up as glimpses of pleasing things WHENEVER you let your mind drift in a tuned in tapped in turned on state. You must be very happy with your glimpses..? 

I am!!!! They are delightful!!

To glimpse is to get into vibrational alignment with, is to attract or line up with… Keep glimpsing what you really want. 

L u s h. Ty.

I am glimpsing what I really want… in all circumstances


PS. Colette Davenport says “I’m stepping forward…”


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