Pivot 93: I am unwinding like a maypole – and feeling it too

I can see why affirmations are a thing – because the very use of ‘I am..’ takes you in to a receptive, heart-coherent state. Add the desired attribute like ‘calm’, and you have the potential for generating actual outcomes. But you’ve got to feel it… not just say it.

The phrase ‘I am’ is considered to be powerful… eg in Christian discourse.

I valued getting in to the positive present yesterday. Just knowing (and I knew because I’d seen it with the Inner Balance) that the act of saying/feeling ‘I am here, I am m ok, I am safe, everything’s ok’ would result in a recalibration of my state, helped me to embed the sense that these noticings were a good use of my brain power.

And today?

Today is a good day. A really good day. You are knowing what you are wanting?

So hello to you, Abraham?

Just you being you. You are knowing what you are wanting? 

I loved playing with the idea of ‘running a well-organised clinic’ this week. I can’t tell you how that lifted my heart, and took some of the hustling/angsting out of my work… Like, I stood up taller and leant in to being calm and coherent in my online client sessions (which were daily) – for the #IPWOA (improved psychological wellbeing of all).

It’s like I have finally shifted from helpee to helper, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that.

Really. What a beautiful outcome of a long winding journey.

So, what am I wanting? More of that.


That was insightful. Turns out, when I have thoughts of ‘disappointment’ or ‘irritation about another’, my HRV goes instantly in to the ‘red zone’… Hm. And then to get back into the green zone on the Inner Balance app, it works within seconds if I affirm something truly positive about this present moment, or about who/what ‘I am’ eg GSF… It’s biology speaking my mind. Amazing. This machine is amazing. My heart is amazing.

I also looked at my FitBit heart data. It transpires I’m spending most of my nights with my heart rate going faster than my daytime ‘resting heart beat’. What?! Stressed at night? Apparently. No wonder I’m not sleeping well, and am struggling with this cortisol weight…


Relaxation is a serious business. Unwinding is the key. Unwinding the human being is the task of all beings now. A long period of rest must be aided by techniques that work. But also, most of all, you need to hold the intention to UN-WIND. Like a maypole, unwinding. 

Just say this: I am unwinding like a maypole – and feeling it too

Why? Because it’s key to your getting lighter. The light needs your expansiveness to penetrate. Decontract. Note when you’re contracting. Decontract and unwind. Like a maypole. The winding us done. It’s time to become unwound – no matter where others are. You’ll thank us later if you commit to this now. 

You said you wanted to participated in the IPWOA with a well-organised clinic. Decontract, unwind, let light in… Then you will be a better ‘helper’. Take this as lightly as you take it seriously. Be at peace with this instruction. Let it soften you gently. Remember, this is the work of moving from Head (contraction) to Heart (expansion), from inhale to exhale, from budding to blooming. Never mistake the soft lightness of the Heart for inaction; trust that this light feeling is where you are meant to be heading – or Hearting – now. 

Use this bank holiday weekend for Hearting. <3

Got it. Beautiful! Ty. xx

I am unwinding like a maypole – and feeling it too



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