Presence 24: I am holding steady on behalf of others

“Lucky me; lucky thee” – what a beautiful mantra to remain in the ‘light-hearted state’. Our beautiful walk, our delicious lunch, our stroll around town… All was settled and well. And I realise that the ‘light-hearted state’ is resonant with ‘light within the heart’… which can only be a good thing. I can certainly feel the difference – in many ways thanks to the Inner Balance biofeedback, though I haven’t used actual device for a while.

You might want to have it at your desk… Keep dropping in to that HeartMath aligned state. It’s good for your work. 

Ty. I will. I want to note that yesterday we walked past my former BP, who I had not seen since… 2015, I guess – before the house move to KV in Aug15. Somehow, we hadn’t even bumped into each other, our paths had simply refused to cross for 5 years. I am blessed to have recovered from that episode in my life. I am blessed to have arrived with my polar being. My PB. Amen. #LuckyMe. Anything you think I should be aware of on this topic?

To arrive at a state of release is aligned to the bounty of pure-thinking thought. This means: you dropped hate, horror and hope, and allowed your thought to be less time-bound. Now your present is softer and you can exist in a more peaceful way. 

Ok. That sounds good. What would be the learning I might take forward today and in to the new week ahead? I am aware that this weekend was one of learning… How can I incorporate the prayerful.. lightcasting… work into my week ahead?

Ask yourself that. 

Ok… I heard:

Use and hold the pebbles. [I know what is meant] Your energetic power is transferred. Really work with them. In an active way. 

I hear you. I am conscious that we are meant to seek permission and consent to connect with people on the ?etheric level.

When someone comes to work with you, they are asking for your help. Take that request seriously and sacredly – more so than they are likely to do, because they are in an ‘upset’ state [as Michael Brown would say – ie triggered to become aware of suppressed charged emotions]. You do not need to be ‘upset’. They are coming to you so you can hold their ladder steady as they reach up to a higher level of being. 

Today, I read in the PP:

‘To recognize the reflections of surfacing unconscious memories in the world around us, we are required to remember two insights: Whenever anything happens that upsets us emotionally, whether it appears as an event or as another person’s behavior, we are experiencing a reflection of our past. Whenever we react physically, mentally, and emotionally to such an experience, we are projecting as a consequence of this reflection. Unfortunately there is no exception to this rule. Emotional upset = memory recall. When we are emotionally upset by anything, we are actively remembering something unconsciously hidden from us until this moment. We are energetically attached to this upsetting event, and therefore reactive to it, because it reflects unintegrated emotional circumstances from our past. We are haunted by it. This is why we react to it by projecting – by behaving as a victim or victor.’ The Presence Process, Michael Brown, p141.

And so it is to you to ‘hold steady’ as someone heals from the activating memory, and shifts from reacting/projecting, to feeling/healing. 


There is really no complexity in this, other than the work at hand for you to hold steady. This is why you are studying qi gong, and why you have bought an earthing mat. It is why you are learning to work with and master your appetites. It is why you are simplifying ‘matters’ in your life. 

So ‘holding steady on behalf of others’ is the Work?

Let’s play with that today. 

Ok. I really like and appreciate that.

Understand that ‘memory recall’ is the trigger for the upsettedness, more than the present moment difficulty. None of this is anyone’s fault. If you can see the faultlessness of all about you, you are holding steady on their behalf. In this way you will learn more of the faultlessness of your own self, and of those in your ‘world’. For today just work with ‘holding steady on behalf of others’. 

Super. Ok. Thank you.

I am holding steady on behalf of others