Radical Love: the main event

It’s Radical Love
By Arabella Tresilian

  • Compiled from my diaries of 19 Sept – c28 Oct 2015
  • Written while undergoing treatment at home for mental ill-health
  • Keywords: Mental health recovery, autism, healing, quantum physics, radical love
DOWNLOAD: It’s Radical Love by Arabella Tresilian (2016)



  1. Reinhabiting the Body (19sep15)
  2. Returning from the Ocean Deeps
  3. Q&A: to help people support their loved ones through deep depression
  4. Home Redecoration Following a House Burnout – a homeowner’s guide
  5. Skyline Walk II 20sep15 – Forgiveness
  6. Belief in the notion of ‘guilt’
  7. Loving Yourself to Egolessness
  8. From Me to We
  9. I am divinely assisted in my realisation of unity consciousness
  10. Non-tinkering: an end to striving
  11. A clean slate
  12. By Your Own Decree
  13. Thy Will Be Done
  14. What are the Mystery Schools?
  15. I am safe in this human world
  16. Being a Friend
  17. Wonder Land
  18. It’s Radical Love: Diary 26th Oct 2015 (it may be the actual start of the book here)
  19. It’s Radical Love Part 2: Diary 28oct15ff


DOWNLOAD: It’s Radical Love by Arabella Tresilian (2016)


Radical Love 1: You’re late

Counsel Check in – 10th June 2013


You’re late. 


Sorry. Getting ready for tomorrow. 


It’s understandable. but it’s not the way we work. If you care to listen, listen. At 9pm. Each evening. That is how it will work. We’ll be there for you if you’ll be there for us. If you can focus enough to let us in. You’ve got to want it. Really want it. 


I do. 


Then nothing else must get in your way. We mean nothing. We don’t need much time, but we do need to know that you mind and lifestyle is bent to the task. 


What will we discuss?


Radical love. We will explain and describe it to you, very clearly and scientifically. These are new ideas, so clear your mind and body, so that you may be a clear channel. And for heaven’s sake, keep having fun, or it will all become a drag! We are complete and you may sleep. 


Thank you. xx