Create 87: I am heading for my intuitive finish lines #StartFinishing;FeelBetter

In seeking to communicate empathically with people’s Soul Selves, I realised this:

  • The language of the Soul Self = the language of Love
  • When the Soul Self outweighs the Human Self in a person, you get an empath… and that can be hard for the person if they don’t recognise why they find human life so exhausting, draining, hurtful…
  • Though people may come at me in full, pained, fractured, binary Human Self mode, I don’t have to empathically absorb their pain or psychic ‘noise’. I can shield myself, and look only to their unmovingly steady-love-state, cheerily-loved-up Soul Self (even if, and/or especially when, they can’t do so themselves).
  • When I speak to the person’s Soul Self in the language of love, people melt…. (A dear colleague called me a ‘breath of fresh air’ when I quietly focussed on speaking only to her Soul Self!)
  • When I am less bound up by Human Self interactions, I have more scope and energy and attention to devote to:
    • Taking inspired action
    • Following the ‘good feeling thought’
    • Focussing on whatever makes me/us ‘feel better’
    • Seeing through the eyes of Source
    • Soothing myself
    • Watching everything ‘clicking into place’

{Pictures of Soul Self on a walk; in dialogue}

Assist me today, to feel settled and calm, please.

I’m hearing something about ‘starting and finishing’. Sounds good, and helpful.

Let’s read a little, to settle in. 

***Sensitive is the new Strong, by Anita Moorjani***

Ok, it was time  in the book to do the Empath Quiz, so I went to Anita’s website to do it:

Result: I scored 30/34 (and I actually answered no to a couple of questions I could have said yes to):

You’re a full-on empath. You are what I would call a mystic. You’re highly intuitive and can almost always tell when people are lying. You’re also a natural born healer. You have a deep love and appreciation for nature and unconsciously understand its healing effects.

You recognize the sacred expression of all beings. You are truly wise. And you have a wonderful ability to sway and change the moods, energies, atmospheres, and environments around you. You need to learn how to recognize and differentiate other people’s energy from your own. You feel the pain and suffering of the world on your shoulders and take it on as yours. Learning to use psychic/empathic meditation tools —loving yourself, accessing your own inner knowing, expressing gratitude, and connecting with the cosmic web of consciousness—will help. You also have a tendency to mirror other people and their energy. This means that you give up your energetic seniority (the power over your own energy) at the whim of the world’s changing winds (in other words, other people can control or influence you too much on an energy level). For example, if you’re feeling happy and content and a friend is feeling down, miserable, or fearful, you allow that mood to highjack your own—you take on their fears and sadness, giving those feelings precedence over your own. You would benefit from learning to control your own energy, and create stronger boundaries, which I discuss specifically in my new book “Sensitive is the New Strong”. [Chap 3 & 6]

Anita adds a meditation:

Sensitive is the New Strong, by Anita Moorjani (p31)

Now this learning is powerful for you, isn’t it? 

It is. I love Anita’s phrase ‘energetic seniority’ – she says, ‘you give up your energetic seniority (the power over your own energy) at the whim of the world’s changing winds (in other words, other people can control or influence you too much on an energy level)’. 

I will give you examples of the occasional porousness of my energetic field:

  • Yesterday I did the weekly shop – as I drove into town and saw all the people on the streets, I started crying; by the time I finished shopping and was heading out of the supermarket, I was sobbing my heart out
  • I accidentally asked my dear friend’s 7yo son on zoom, ‘What’s going on with your teeth?!’, thinking he was missing a front tooth. It turns out that actually since I last saw him, he’s developed a large gap between his front teeth… I felt so bad at picking out his appearance, I got self-violence tics for the next 4 days.
  • I’m floored by the violence in Gaza at the moment
  • I can’t even look at images of many of our politicians
  • My father’s medical treatment is unravelling me… to the point I’m not contacting him when I should… which is fricking ridiculous.
  • I’m trying to sell a course, and my concern over people’s feeling burdened/offended by my marketing is almost finishing me off…

So if ‘learning to control your own energy, and create stronger boundaries’ actually allows me to be more present to people, I will be glad. Especially as I think I may have become even more super-sensitised to people and other’s energies because of the year of lockdown.

The area we would like you to focus on today is this: 


When you follow your intuition, you know what to START. You’ve reflected recently that getting, and feeling, prepared is essential for the success of a step. 

Your next realisation will be this: in order to grow in confidence, you must COMPLETE the projects your intuition leads you to start. In order to do this, you must assert your ENERGETIC SENIORITY (or ‘ENERGETIC SOVEREIGNTY’) over the parameters of the project.

In other words, once you START, you will need to ‘burn through’ the psychic noise that your action apparently generates in others, in order to reach COMPLETION. 

Why? Because this, this, this, dear friend, is the work of CREATIVITY. The START is key and crucial, but then the work (the war of art) is to Keep Going, until you COMPLETE. That is your contract with your creativity. 

Imagine swimming the channel. Yes, you must get in the water to START. But it’s not enough just to get your feet wet. You are going to need  to launch off powerfully and to take every WAVE as a welcome hurdle to cross, and not interpret it as a ‘setback’, or a hunch telling you to ‘wait and see’ or ‘don’t push through’. Nor should you wait to see if the wave overcomes you or ‘drowns’ you. In other words, you must start projects anticipating wave after wave after wave, and intend to stay ahead of the waves by powerful, destination-directed action! Remember teaching the girls to swim with the words, “Kick, kick, kick!” If you can get good at riding the waves, you’ll find the waves are actually working in your favour. It’s all about interpretation/intention (including segment intending), and the conscious redirection of the inherent energy of the wave, in your favour, and in service of your mission. 

Take the course you are selling. You’re mortified at the lack of response. You don’t realise that this sales path is the work available to you – you will connect with the Soul Selves of others as you genuinely reach out to people… on a personal note. That’s what they want… Connection. And yes, that means asserting your energetic seniority (for yourself, not ‘over them’) to be able to communicate fearlessly and fully. 

Your role is to start whatever project your intuition tells you to start, and then, to stop only when you’ve completed it.

Do to that you need to know what completion looks like. 

Eg. sell 16 tickets for x. Or get a positive response on y. Or complete a purchase of z. 

Dear friend of our hearts, when you start finishing, your life is going to change. To do this, you need not to be buffeted by the whim of the world’s changing winds but to set your own intuitive course, and navigate on through. 

As Anita says, intuition is a sixth sense. Our senses help us ‘navigate the world’ (p23). When we ditch, deny or switch off our navigation tools, what do we feel…?

Lost and confused.

Similarly, if we allow ourselves to be open to hearing the satnav voice of our own car, and also of the cars around us, which are heading for different destinations, we get confused… and in that situation it feels safer to pull over and stop, right? ie Paralysis.

So, having good energetic/empathic boundaries involves turning up the sound on our own satnav, and drowning out the satnav voices of the cars around us. That is how we get where we’re heading and complete our journey. And once we’ve completed one journey, lo and behold, we can set off on the next journey! How exciting and fun is that?! 

Compared to pulling over and sitting confused in a lay-by halfway to Party Town, it sounds pretty good.

I’ve got a few things I could finish. I sometimes call them ‘Goals’ and that’s horrid.

Exactly, if you say to yourself, I’ve started so I’ll finish, you are just powering through, acknowledging that powering through takes really good focus and energetic direction. It’s also about trusting that your original intuition was right and accurate, even if you can’t see that yet. This act of trusting that powering on through to get from A to B is the mystic work at hand – while not as you expected – will see you right. And you will grow to trust your Intuition, and have faith that, even though you can’t see the outcome it sees, you know its impulse is solid, sacred and life-giving. And you’ll learn to follow your Intuition willingly. My, life will be so fun! 

Make a list of ‘Things I’ve Started So I’ll Finish’, define completion, and run at powering through! The ultimate drama class ‘trust exercise’. It’s wildly fun and exciting if you play it fully and fearlessly! It’s all in, or not at all…! Or draaaggggggg your projects on for months if you really want to suck the joy out of them!

All options are available! 😀

SOULSELF PROjects: list of Things I’ve Intuitively Started and I’ll Power through to Finish:
  • QG training
    • Complete => certificate in hand
    • To get there => power through the curriculum
  • Getting to 9.5 stone
    • Complete => Photo of 133 pounds on scales – & new dresses to mark it
    • To get there => keep tracking, eg on the wall
  • Pitching DD 
    • Complete => Contract
    • To get there => spreadsheet of prospects and regular slot to send..
  • Selling M4M x 2 courses
    • Complete => 2 x full courses @ 16 + 24 participants
    • To get there => building daily connections with colleagues, using discount codes
  • Launching SoD
    • Complete => sellable courses on website
    • To get there => learn woo commerce

Hm, interesting question arises. Who will I piss off, disappoint, eyebrow-raise, confuse, mystify or surprise if I have success in completing x or y project? Yes, I see that’s in the mix for me… Interesting to work with…! Those considerations arise from the whim of the world’s changing winds that I need to use my energetic seniority to keep at bay… Good. All good learning.

Also, this is about overcoming the resistance of the perfectionist. As FB says: Better Done That Perfect.

Finish line = Fun. You’ll never know the power and brilliance and utter wisdom of your Intuition until you finish up on the projects it starts you on. This is where the Human Self gets to play its role as genius workhorse perfectly-placed and skilled to undertake the Soul Self’s strategic mission! 

Got it! Ty.

I am heading for my intuitive finish lines #COMPLETION

{I’ve started so I’ll finish}
{Sensitive Intuition; Strong Boundaries}

PS. As you #StartFinishing, you’ll start feeling the relief you’ve been seeking. That is how intuition works. Until you obey its will, you’ll feel out of sorts, stressed, tugged… Tough lesson to learn, but oh my, once you truly learn it… Everything is available to you, and your CREATIVITY can truly bloom, connecting you to your SoulSelf on a rolling timeline of fun and abundance. Wondrous! 

Remember, as an empath you’re highly tuned to the ‘other’. That is super and has its place. But your work is to do your work, and not let the whims of the other dominate. As you tune in more to your intuitive superpowers, you’ll be better able to prioritise the projects of your SoulSelf, even when you don’t know exactly where they’re heading. And even though your SoulSelf isn’t apparently summoning you yellingly like the energetically ‘demanding’ customer/client/colleague… you’ll learn to trust that, if you do the SoulSelf work before anything else, the relief will be powerful and life will be more wonderful. 



Creativity Craves Completion [CCC]
{=Heart / Intuition + SoulSelf}

Perfectionism Prizes Procrastination [PPP]
{=Head / Reason + HumanSelf}

ABC = Always Be Completing [ABC]

Start Finishing = Start [with a view always to] Finishing

Can you imagine if I made ‘Finishing’ a special interest…? 🙂 😮 <3

Empath +

  • Strong healthy energetic boundaries
  • Energetic sovereignty (and  not filibustered or diverted by others’ energy / empathic comms)
  • Heightened, connected intuition
  • Clear self-determination
  • Sense of mission
  • Special interest in finishing / completing intuitive projects

= > happy, accomplished, aligned, mission-orientated, relieved, confident, energised Empath.

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