Pivot 116: I am radically letting go

Yesterday was an almost perfect day. I followed my blessed Routine almost to the minute, and everything felt balanced and true – even in complex circumstances. I kept ‘All Is Well’ on a post-it on my laptop. And it was a good and grounding reminder.

This morning, I was woken by an anxiety attack at about 4.45am. Eventually I gave in and came down at 5.30am. Settling in with a coffee, I noticed magpies making a chaotic racket in the garden. It was impossible to concentrate. I looked out of the window with a view to going outside and clapping them away before they woke everyone else. There were the magpies, jumping about in the cherry tree, under which a beautiful fox was happily eating the cherries on the lawn! The magpies that I’d thought were fighting were actually warning other creatures of the danger on the ground.

That’s how anxiety works. Your dear anxiety system (sympathetic nervous system) is sitting up in the ‘tree’ trying to warn you of ‘a fox on the lawn’. 

I wish it wouldn’t during the night..! I started thinking about taking a quarter dose of anxiety medicine, like Temple Grandin. But this morning, I stumbled across an article by an amazing man called Fred Phillips who is tracking his experience with Parkinsons on a brilliant blog and he mentioned CBD oil as part of his recovery protocol (it was about the only thing I’m not doing to manage my own wellbeing):

There are many things we can do to return our body to homeostasis and raise our vibrational frequency. More detailed explanations of these activities will be provided in the series of posts that follow over the upcoming weeks and in the meantime, please feel free to refer to my Recovery Protocol. We can:

    • eat healthy foods
    • exercise
    • meditate
    • practice Qigong, yoga and Tai chi
    • laugh
    • spend time in nature … hug a tree
    • express love unconditionally
    • participate in joyful activities
    • do breathing exercises
    • volunteer
    • take up a hobby
    • learn something new [like a new language or a musical instrument]
    • pray
    • develop a spiritual practice
    • do bodywork [chiropractic]
    • take CBD oil
    • take vitamins and supplements
    • change our beliefs
    • create goals [dream big]
    • find meaning in the PD experience
    • let go of the past [forgive]
    • practice acceptance
    • practice loving compassion
    • develop positive body language and posture
    • change our attitude towards our condition [rather than view it as a disease to fight, see it as a teacher]
    • find inspiration
    • live with enthusiasm
    • live in gratitude

So, I’m going to order some CBD/hemp oil and some more magnesium from Amazon. I know I do not have his condition, but I do need to keep an eye on my dopamine and general homeostasis. We all do. This man speaks some great truths about brain healing.

Is this all ok?

Your discernment is your greatest tool in your toolbox. 

I’m going to take that as a yes. Today? You spoke yesterday about conflict being ‘forgiveness unfolding’. Could you speak to that as I go into a mediation meeting today?

Forgiveness is the second greatest tool in your toolbox! 

Aha. Makes sense.

Today is a day of Letting Go. You read [on Noom] about Radical Acceptance. Radical Acceptance is Letting Go of that upon which you felt your safety depended – and finding that you were on safe territory all along. It is like taking off your parachute to discover you were not freefalling but standing on the ground all along. Forgiveness is radical letting go. Can you do that too? 

Yes sirreebob I can. Even the phrase makes me feel good.

I am radically letting go. 


Pivot 115: I am saying and embodying, ‘All is well’.

I’m getting the feeling that learning about LightCasting is a journey.

It is a skill learnt by practice. You may not know you are being effective, when you are. Carry on regardless. This is faith. 

Ok. And I’m not interfering in anyone’s own path or intention?

By seeing someone as whole, perfect and worthy of your love? No. If you are trying to ‘influence’ them that is different. We are not spell casting! We are holding the All in the light of peace, unity and love. 

It’s reminding me of ho’oponopono. In fact, I’ve been using that a little bit this morning regarding some people I know having a hard time at the moment.

There is enormous wisdom here. 

See only that which is wanted

Where there is pain, focus your eyes on a world of healing.

Where there is blame, focus your eyes on a world of forgiveness. 

Where there is corruption, focus your eyes on a world of justice. 

This is good Work for you – it will lead you deeper into the professional work you do. Never see a conflict as a problem. Always see it for what it is: forgiveness unfolding, whether in this life or the next. As you hold faith in that, and use a technique like ho’oponopono to create that zero state from which all is repented, forgiven, appreciated and loved… you will really be contributing helpfully. And your anxiety will lift without medication. Live in a world where healing, forgiveness and justice emerging are your bread and butter. 

This is true service. 

So, in my mind, I can see my clients as healed and connected…


Ty. And so today?

All is well. Say: “All is well.” As it is. 


And remember to embody the phrase, whatever that looks like for you today.

Ok. Ty.

I am saying and embodying, ‘All is well’.

Pivot 114: I am LightCasting

Go in, and commune with your Unseen Crew. 



Thank you. What can we learn about today, on this windy June day?

You’ve been thinking about energy. 

And… telekinesis. I saw some new videos of people using qi to move things.

Qi + Intention. 

Aha. Good point. I welcome your commentary.

Relax then, and sit back. We have plenty to say on this topic and your willingness to hear and receive is a great boon. One day you will look back on this process and admire your ability to listen, with a balanced and receptive mind. For one so young.

Thank you for that. And for all of this.

It is an imperfect science, this energy work, as the mind – a vagrant being if ever there was one! – is the conduit and agent. However, and this will please you to hear, if you can master your mind you, can master the energy work, and/or, if you can master the energy work, you can master your mind. In other words, if kept playful, energy work is a good discipline

I have been loving doing qigong every morning. I feel like I’m building up some new understanding. I would love to deepen and develop my practice.

Ah, an intention. Qi + Intention => Move Worlds. 

Ha! Yes. Yes. This. What is your advice?

To slow down. Slow… right… down… in your practice. You tend to use qigong as a form of ‘exercise’ for your body, your muscles, your figure. That’s fine, but it’s not actually qi gong – which means ‘energy gathering’. Exercise is energy expenditure. Qigong is energy cultivation. Spend two hours doing laogong activation exercises, and you will see what we mean. (And you’ll be spinning pens in no time! Just joking…)


This is a helpful observation. Thank you. I see that I’m playing on the very cusp of qigong’s actual potential. And I’ve been practising it, on and off, for 12 years now…

Qigong is a mind and matter activity. It takes time for that to become clear. Community helps make this clear too. 

I’d like to spend more time in qigong community…

Ask yourself what this energy cultivation is for. Is it for your physical health? Is it for your work in the world? Is it for sharing with others for their wellbeing? What is it for? 

I feel, it’s partly for physical healing and wellbeing, and partly for raising frequency so we can be lighter in this world… It’s for psychic protection and spiritual connection. It’s to connect to other realms too?

All this is true and yet, if you can believe it, you are also invited to apply your finely honed qi to places in your conscious field where it is needed. 

Like ‘holding’ the planet in my hands..?

Like ‘powering up’ places, people… LightCasting. 

Oh lordy… Is this LightCasting an actual thing? [The word first came to me about 5 years ago at a time of praying for much healing.]

Of course it is! You asked to be a Channel of God’s Peace. Peace flows, as light – and light can be cast where shadows exist. 

So, busy not yourself with spinning pens as much as with light-casting where light is needed. You have separated yourself from the Judgment Zone that is your Twitter Feed – but you know what you saw. ‘Busy yourself’ with casting light on the darkness you sensed. Til now, you have added to the darkness with your judgment – you were too close and too hurt by what you saw. Now, you have stepped back, you can be more useful. Yes, you know there is darkness. Enough said; enough seen. Protect yourself, and then cast light wherever you have judged. That is the least you can do to pay back the debt you owe for your judgment. Cast light where darkness exists. That, sweet friend, is valuable energy work. 

But who am I to say ‘that’s darkness; here’s my light’?

You are given the powers of discernment for a reason, you physical beings. Casting light is not an act of judgment – it is an act of mercy. Are you free of darkness, precious child? No? Well, know that as you are merciful towards others and administer your care (in Light) to them, then equal goodness will come round to you. Know this, sweet being of Light. All beings are One. To see an Other in Light, is to expand the Light of All. Illuminate all areas, this is the work of your generation. Enlighten all places. This is your mission, should you choose… For you all. Those singers you see [I was watching Glastonbury videos last night] – they are enlightening, or they are darkening. It’s hard to tell which sometimes. Shine your light on them, and see them as whole, blessed beings. Fret not about whether they are light hats or dark hats: know that all are blessed beings doing their best. Shine your light on the all that is, and rejoice in the oneness of all things. We are all one. We must shine light upon every element of our Self. We must love every element of our Self. Does this help you understand LightCasting? LightCasting is: to see all things in their best light. 

Your clients in conflict: cast light upon a scene in which they have forgiven each other and themselves. Make this the new alternate reality, with that powerful imaginative mind of yours. 

I hear you. Ty. So our phrase is…?

I am LightCasting. 

Yikesies. Ok.

You wanted to know about energy work. This is what it is. Generate good energy, and hold All in it.

Qi + Intention => Move Worlds. 

Ty. I will work with this.

I am LightCasting.

Pivot 113: I am communing with my unseen Crew

Unconditional Love certainly is a marathon! That’s for sure. But what a great focus to my days. You really could commit to being neutral (aka non-judging) and unconditionally loving… and you’d have your ‘Work’ cut out for you for the rest of your time on Earth!

And it would be fun!

Yes, I guess it would. Why? Tell me more.

It would be fun because whatever you do in this work, you are growing closer to being in alignment with your own Inner Being! Your Inner Being never judges and it always love you and everyone else unconditionally. So when you act like your Inner Being, you’re becoming aligned with it. And the very definition of happiness is… alignment with your Inner Being.

I do remember, way back when I was, maybe 10 or so, realising that most ‘grown-up’ people went about life being… grumpy, or out of kilter, or – what I now know to be – out of alignment with their own Inner Being. I remember distinctly the moment of that realisation and just thinking, “But… why?!” In that freshness of childhood, I could see so clearly that I was tripping along in a state of general ease and wellbeing (as an Aspie, my stim world would have been rich as chocolate back then), and they (the grown ups) were tripped up by endless complaints. (Pinched off, as Abraham would say.) And of course, soon enough, I fell in to that paradigm too.

And now is the time to rewind back to the former state. 

Reverse to childhood?

Reclaim the connection to the Inner Being, unapologetically, and unfalteringly. What fun! Especially as – drumroll – neutral non-judgment and unconditional love start with…


‘Rich as chocolate’ is the experience of tending to ourselves with non-judgment and unconditional love. 

“And are you knowing what you are wanting..?” One of the things I gave myself in the last weeks was the opportunity to return to novels. Not high literature, nor even heart-wrenching or earnest novels. Just truly light, fun, gossipy, comedic, romantic, socially-observant, romping storyline novels – to read before bed. I got one (Grown ups (ha!) by Marian Keyes) and, to my delight and relief, it made me want to put down my phone/let go of the day, and go to bed – something normally so hard for me to achieve. And the uncomplicated reading helps me sleep better! Why had I withheld this simple pleasure from myself?

Yesterday, I finally deleted Twitter and Facebook from my phone. I may go more into Instagram, as DD2 says it’s less toxic than Twitter, and has much inspiration.

I’m pruning off the things that suck my joy, and prioritising the simple pleasures available in this life.

I have a question. Is it true we can only see 1% of what is actually visible, with the naked eye?

Your sight is extremely narrow in its range. That is part of how you know you are on Earth having a physical life. You know that if you could see everything, you would see nothing. 

I long for fuller sight… I long to see the invisible world, the world unseen. What’s there? Who’s there? If the characters in a novel can so preoccupy me, imagine how fascinated I would be to see who else is in our sphere.

The higher your frequency, the higher your capacity for sight. But ironically, as you raise your frequency, your attachment to being able to see the unseen diminishes. 

I think raising our frequency is a good thing though, right?

The shortest way to a higher frequency is to be in a state of joy – and you reach joy by being tickled by ‘what is’, by ‘what is seen/felt/heard/touched – and even by ‘what is dreamed/imagined/envisioned’. So revel in ‘what is’ in your world in this now moment. By all means, like Esther, plan a road trip where you know you will have a stream opportunities to say ‘I like this… and I like this… and I like this… and I like this… and I like this… and I like this… and I like this… and I like this… and I like this… and I like this… and I like this… and I like this… and I like this… and I like this…”. But equally, you can sit right there on your sofa and play “I spy” with things to like. This will raise your frequency no end, and then you won’t be thinking about all you cannot see. You will be actually working with the things you can see. And… in that moment, the unseen world will be able to work with you, in the way it’s designed to work. You see? There’s a reason why you are set not to see the unseen. You wouldn’t want to watch a play at theatre without the upstage curtain hiding the stagehands, sets, props table and dressing rooms. You wouldn’t want to watch a movie with microphones dangling into view and set runners wandering in and out of the shot. We have created a marvellous, marvellous fantasy world for you – and you have full control of how it unfolds. Let our crew work unseen, so that you can get the best experience of physical life possible! 

‘Our crew’. I love it. Thank you. That really changes it up for me. In that framing, I can imagine the unseen beings are there for our delectation and delight… aiding, assisting, supporting the experience. And maybe, in another ‘time’, I will do the same for others having a life experience – so it’s all just each of us spiritual entities giving each other a virtual reality experience, and taking turns to ‘wear the VR mask’ and to ‘support the VR mask wearer not to fall down, and to have a fantastic experience’. Like this:

Nicely put. Yes, if you take off the VR mask, the life experience is truly not so fun. 

That’s been very helpful. Can I still talk to the people/beings/entities outside my VR experience?

By all means. But check in on your spirit as you do so. You need to speak at a level they can hear. Get aligned first. 

Ok, so we are talking prayer?

Not your old kind of prayer. That is often low-vibe greeting and gurning. Think more: communion. If you wanted to speak to a person who was very sick in bed, you would adapt your voice and manner to connect with them, right? There, you know how to adapt your manner. Now, imagine, instead of connecting with someone sick in bed, you were connecting with some one who only heard very high frequency sound. Yes, we see you drawing in, raising your eyebrows, and tilting your head forward. Good. That’s really how to get yourself in the communing mode with your folks standing next to you. In your VR state, you had to drop out of alignment – that’s the emotional roller coaster that life is all about. Your folks standing next to you are still in the original aligned state – so if you want to chat, raise up, raise up, raise up. Like when you sing – they can hear you then. 

Another analogy is this: you went underground caving as a ‘life experience’ and the folks are holding your safety cable. If you wanted to speak to them, you wouldn’t use the same voice you’d use to speak to someone also in the cave with you. You’d have to project your voice up the underground channels to be heard by the people up on the ground. 

Yes, got it. And what I love is the sense that the ‘folks’ are my original friends – not some kind of magic masterful Wizard of Oz type characters.

They are your friends. And they happen to have infinite intelligence too. 

Did I have infinite intelligence before I came into this life?

You had access to all you needed to know in any one moment. And yes, that is infinite intelligence. 

Do I still have access to that intelligence?

You are accessing it here. 

Crumbs. That’s what we’re doing here?

Looks like it from here! 

Who are you?

You. But ‘lighter’ and ‘brighter’.

In another form?

In formlessness. 

Isn’t that excellent?

We said to keep on the VR mask. We didn’t say you had to cover your inner ears. 

Honestly, I love you, lighter, brighter Me.

And that, sweet soul, is the purpose of it all.

🙂 Literally smiling away here. And so today…?

Talk to the folks, if you would like to. Just practice telling them what you like. Point stuff out in your Now moments. “I like this…… and I like this… and I like this… and I like this… and I like this.” 

This is an excellent way to deepen the connection with yourself, with your alignment to your Inner Being and to those unseen folks you’re so obsessed with. 😉

Got it. Tysm!!!

Hey folks, I like this space here and these dialogues very much.

One last thing: take care to remain in your central, neutral space… Let joy in, but soften excitement. In Reality Transurfing, there are good explanations of ‘excess potential’ and ‘splashing your hands on the surface of the water’. 

Ah, water waves in qigong… Calm and centred… Calm and centred… I can do that.

They will hear you better, and you will connect better, rather than pop them out of your sphere with your mixed frequencies. 

Ok. Got it. Calm and centred. I like that. More like a lady walking calmly through a department store in her high heels, pointing at stuff she likes – “I like this…” – so the staff can pick the things up and take them to the till.

That would fit with a more queenly state… if that’s your preference. 

I’m just remembering that, with the QM coaching, I’m meant to be practising some feminine magnetism…

You can do this work from the hara, by all means. 

That’s it. Settle in the hara, and spot what iLike in any given moment. ‘I like this…’ Feel the liking in the body, not just the head or heart. Really feel the liking as a physical experience, connected…

And remember, this is a conversation you are having now. The ‘folks’ is not the right word here. Try, ‘friends’. Tell the unseen friends what you like as you go. They are holding you while you have the VR mask on. They are interested to know what you like. They can help you find more of what you like. Whatever you describe, you will get more of. So, tell the unseen friends what stirs you in joy. Tell them. You are experiencing something unique. “If we were in your physical shoes… we would try out all there is and revel in it.” Say, “Beloved Unseen Friends, standing here in these physical shoes, I am loving…” Converse. Send messages. Receive messages. This is your Crew for this journey. Ask for what you need. Let them know how you are.

You wish is their command. Commune with your Crew. 

Thank you.

I am communing with my unseen Crew (“Beloved Unseen Friends, standing here in these physical shoes, I am loving…”)



Pivot 112: I am putting on my neutral trainers and running the marathon of Unconditional Love 

Maybe, just maybe, the world is getting better. Maybe, just maybe, all is well. Maybe, just maybe, healing is occurring. Maybe, just maybe, we are purging old pains and traumas for the wellbeing of all…

It only takes for us to acknowledge the possibility, right?

7.20. Time to go inside. 

***15minInnerBalance- HighCoherence  79%- Av Coherence 2.9***


“I am neutral. If it’s polar, binary, contentious, I stand outside it and send love to all. Nature is neutral not polarised… I can stand in that. Love is neutral, I stand in that.” These are the thoughts that popped me into High Coherence. What do you say about neutrality, dear voice of my soul?

Neutrality is where it is at! You are right: love is all-encompassing, and nature too. Why, because Creation = Source = Love. 

And polarity?

Polarity comes from judgment. How exhausting it is to stand in judgment. How much brain power it takes. Judgment and Joy can not walk hand in hand. They are mutually excluding. It’s the one or the very other. Judgment is a ‘joy sponge’. 

But isn’t ‘good judgment’ part of just… growing up?

Initially, while the ego is strengthening itself. You however are on the cusp of the stage of life where you need to judge less, because you have seen that judgment exhausts the energy stores. You are invited to stand outside the circle of combat, and look on while holding that very circle in unconditional love. In other words, if you have energy to spare (and you do), spend it on holding others in unconditional love, rather than on judging them (for good or for ill). Your heart sinks as you waver between ‘agreeing with’ and ‘condemning’. Your brain’s machinations never give you a satisfactory answer. You are flick-flacking like a loose shutter banging in the dark of a windy night.

No judgment is needed in this day of the uprising of love. No judgment. Do not add to the polarisation with your half-hearted condemnations. If you have breath and brain energy to spare, put on your neutral trainers and run the marathon of Unconditional Love today. Now that is fitness training for you. 

Tysm. x

I am putting on my neutral trainers and running the marathon of Unconditional Love 




Pivot 111: I am saying “Maybe”

It’s been nearly a week since I was last here. The work of sensing – and internally declaring ‘This is heaven on Earth!’ is powerful, beautiful stuff. Thank you for this. Thank you so much, wherever this is coming from. I’m so grateful. As the world unravels, I have a lens which tells me, ‘This is it – we are learning to creative – consciously or unconsciously…’

I’m working on a really tough case at the moment, in that my two clients are deeply disturbed and distressed by each others actions, and I am waking up in the night thinking of them. My adrenals are limping along… I am looking forward to connecting here. I need to hear you again and download whatever it is I need to receive to benefit from the lessons available to me now.

Ok. Time to settle in, go in, turn on the ‘receptive mode’, bypass head, enter heart, catch the waves of the invisible realm…

***InnerBalance15minMed-87%coherence and av.co3.7***


Sometimes it’s a case of trusting. In the process. In your skills. In your wisdom. But even more importantly, remembering to trust in their process, their skills, their wisdom. Stop trying to do the work for them, yes? 

That is so true. I do try and do the heavy lifting… Probably because I want to assure success for myself, I guess..?

No need for self-criticism, but yes, you are doing the heavy lifting. What you can do is continue to offer new information, new tools, new perspectives. People are learning new things all the time – to introduce alternative perspectives is fine. Just allow the person to take their own route downstream. You don’t know what the downstream route (of least resistance) is for the person – and nor do they necessarily… So just introduce the concept of eeeeeease. Bring some ease to the process with them. 

That’s helpful. I guess I sometimes wonder if I’m edging into psychotherapy… which is not my role.

This world is an Emotional Hospital. All beings are here to experience and modulate emotion. All beings are here to learn the meaning of emotions – their own and others. None are exempt. If you feel you are speaking out of turn, you can cease – but remember, questions are merely invitations to introspection, and without introspection it is hard to leave conflict behind. 

Is there anything else you think I should bring to my practice?

Boundaries are key. You know when you are ‘out of bounds’ when you feel tight and taut. You know when someone has traversed your boundaries when… you sense your eyes rolling – you are in judgement of them and that is not fair on them. So make your boundaries clear, and do not let others stumble over them, for the good of all. 

And what would be your advice to me for today? I’m frazzled physically already…

We say REST. Rest your eyes, your mind, your soul. You have been pushing. 

I know… I’m tired. I didn’t stop over the weekend… (Went to see my folks for the first time since early March! In their new house  – they moved house during lockdown!) I shall aim to gather qi. That will help me reestablish healthy boundaries too.

I sense you’ve something else to say.

It is not our intention to instruct however we see something we think you could improve on. Where you see disunity, see unity. 


Where you see disunity (anger, offence, intolerance, injustice, corruption), see unity (happiness, understanding, equity, justice, trustworthiness). 


With your will. Every time you lay your eyes on images of fascism, racism, bigotry (feel the tug inside you when we say those words? They are magnetic..) use your mind to create an alternative image. This is the proper use of will, imagination and visualisation. 

Remember how we talked about stopping and switching from the UNWANTED to the WANTED? Now we are talking about making the INVISIBLE VISIBLE. What does this mean? It means this: 

What is VISIBLE to you is the result of ‘yesterday’s thinking’. Your thinking today is creating the future reality of tomorrow, so think with care, using your ‘sifting and sorting’ through CONTRAST (yes/no, good/bad, wanted/unwanted) to prompt conscious creation or what Abraham would call, Deliberate Creation.

If what is visible is PLEASING to you, magnify it. 

If what is visible is NOT PLEASING, then replace it with the visualisation of its opposite or improved alternative. 

This is a subtle and powerful technique.

Think of something you have seen which is NOT PLEASING. 

Ok. Easy:



Can you ‘pivot’ this? 

I can…………… I suppose….. Hang on. Let me take a mo… I’m not sure if the pleasing alternative is:

  • a plane flying a BLM banner or
  • a plane dropping something neutral – love hearts, £5 notes, messages of kindness or
  • or just an empty blue sky…

Help me here.

What do you suppose actually ‘happened’ in that moment of the plane flying by? 

Intense emotional reactions from all that saw it, whether of joy, pride, awe, or wrath, judgement, horror, or mirth, amusement, scandal….

Exactly. So now, think again about the pivot. 

In the pivoted alternative, there was an event where … no intense emotions were felt. No – there was an event and it did not produce POLAR emotions (Yes!/No!).

We are getting much closer now. How about: there was an event and people were neutral or balanced as a result. Now this is either because the event was ‘less inflammatory’ or because the people were more assured of themselves, less easily swept up. In other words, can you imagine a world where there was coherence – just like your mind state enters when you land on ‘heart coherence’? Can you use your reaction against the ‘displeasing’ thought to prompt yourself to work on seeing a world that is more united, loving, considerate, assured, collective, peaceful…

I see a see-saw that shifts from ‘very long’ with a big bump at each end, to a shorter/lower version of the original.

Yes. The polarity becomes less extreme. Excellent.

Now, where does such a concept begin? 

Arghghghgh…. Ehem. *brightly* In me.

Yes. So, rather than throwing yourself to one end or other of any see-saw, make your see-saw ever shorter/lower – and constantly ‘calibrate’ (a little more, a little less) to keep your seesaw almost at neutral. 

Aha! I get it… Yes. Almost at neutral. Keep a more calibrated outlook. It’s not to say things out there don’t matter. Oh man… It’s to say that internally, I am calibrating my response, so I don’t lurch out on either Goodeeee! or Baddieee! All that I see, I respond to with a balanced eye. When I see something displeasing, I don’t chase it down and magnify it, I use my mind to switch to the preferred alternative in my MIND. Once I’ve visualised it, I let the displeasing thing go. Thus, displeasing things are something I can be even grateful for – as I take them as PROMPTS to visualise (ie create) the PREFERRED FUTURE ALTERNATIVE.

How shall I remember this today?

The word ‘Maybe’ is a great calibrator. It gives ease, breathing space, possibility, time, and the invitation to let the ‘invisible world’ intervene, as Alberto Villoldo might say. 

Can we talk about the invisible world?


Ha. Very good. Ok.

May. Be. It may / be. I see. So much possibility there, especially if I am leaning in to softness, optimism, confidence, faith, trust…

Yes, may be. 

It’s slippery though, eh? Empheral. You can’t get a handle on it.

That’s the idea. To get comfortable with the absolute (ha!) mutability of all things. If all things are mutable, and they are, then there is simply nothing, no-thing, to be worried about. Simply create the wanted out of the embers of the unwanted. 

Ok. Maybe that’s it… Ty. x

I am saying “Maybe” #seesawcalibration 


Pivot = ‘Maybe love is round the corner… Maybe. Just maybe.’


Pivot 110: I am sensing Heaven on Earth

In any moment, there are two opposite readings: negative/positive; hell/heaven! It’s becoming clear again…


  • G and I are sitting in the kitchen talking politics and feeling sad, afeared, judgmental. SWITCH&SPOT => This is heaven on Earth, to have someone to sit and chat politics to, here in this safe and nourishing kitchen.
  • ‘I’ve got so much work to do… Erg.’ SWITCH&SPOT => This is heaven on Earth, to have customers and clients and purpose in life.
  • Seeing the news on the TV and feeling aghast. SWITCH&SPOT => Switch the TV over and watch a nature programme that reconnects me to the planet and to the purpose of caring. I am no longer a passive victim, but an active contributor educating myself. This is heaven on Earth.
  • It’s suddenly pouring with rain, harrumph. SWITCH&SPOT =>  This is heaven on Earth – we are granted pure water and it all smells amazing. And I am dry inside.
  • I’m in a therapy session and touching on past pains SWITCH&SPOT => This is heaven on Earth, because now I can go back to my Younger Me and comfort her, meaning I feel safer on this planet across time, and can get better at taking care of myself now too.

What do you say? Good work, eh?

Beautiful work. And as you start to shimmer in those Good Feeling Thoughts, you become a ‘vibrational match’ (to use Abraham’s term) to all the Good Things in your Vortex.

I hope I become a Vibrational Match to this new era.

That is in your Vortex. 

And where does prayer fit with all this?

In olden times of yours, you leant in to ‘begging’ prayers from a place wanting and needing – it blocked your progress somewhat. Now you are learning to pray by vibrationally matching the desired state, whether it be for yourself or for the collective. 

Lorie Ladd says we are clearing the collective consciousness by holding light – and that this is why it can feel uncomfortable and tiring. What do you say to this?

We say, keep changing your perspective to ‘this is comfortable and easeful’. Abraham Hicks is right: select your thoughts to give you a good feeling thought. Over-thinking what we are ‘doing’ is a 3D perspective. Sense, feel, be, appreciate, bask, melt, perceive the heaven-on-Earthness of each moment. That is all that is required of you right now. That is your radical ‘prayer’ for the wellbeing of all things. 

Yeah, it’s dodging the temptation to let empathy towards people who are suffering become the dominant thought, right? Including ourselves.

The invitation is clear: let the reading of the Positive Aspects in your vibrational reality overcome you like a wave of heartfelt love. Be washed and bathed in it. Steer yourself ever into the slow lane of appreciation, comfort, stillness, relaxation, relief… and pootle there. 

And when my work’s complex?

Bless it! Stand back and marvel at it! Remind yourself: This is heaven on Earth. I asked to serve at this time, and here I am. Serving, to the best of my ability, giving my best, making a difference, living in purpose, driven by mission. This is what physical life is all about. I’m playing the life game and I’m revelling in all it has to give me. I know it’s going well because I can access feelings of appreciation, relief and wellbeing. That is the indicator that everything is moving with the momentum of joy and goodness, which is veritably Heaven on Earth. 

Declare it: this is Heaven on Earth! 


And then whisper it, from a heartfelt place: this is Heaven on Earth! Feel it, sense it, emanate it, transmit the feeling outward… This is the Work of this day, to start a ball rolling amongst you all, of belief that this world is genuinely whatever you make it… and what you make it depends on your perception, which does not depend on external ‘conditions’, but on your internal decision. 

From scarcity to abundance. I remember working with that when I was 22…

Feels like a long journey, huh?

Must be a worthy one.

It is. Today: I am sensing Heaven on Earth

Ok, thank you. What a roller coaster… xx

I am sensing Heaven on Earth

Pivot 109: I am switching perspective and spotting Heaven on Earth <3

In the UK, non-essential shops (eg clothes, books) re-opened yesterday – a significant step towards unlocking lockdown.

We see you trying to find some tweets to sum up the ongoing wrong-doings by your government. It’s ok. Let it be. We have more important things to talk about. Can’t you see that as the 3D paradigm crumbles in paroxysms of polarity, the 5D reality is starting to come into focus? Can you retune your gaze to focus on 5D instead of 3D? The equivalent: if you had binoculars in hand, you’d need to adjust them from looking at your shoes, to looking at the eagle on the tree across the field. The equivalent: if you had a radio, you would need to retune the frequency to shift from playing the BBC news to playing the songs of the angels… 

Take your eyes off the 3D reality. We know: it’s a compelling show. It’s hard to drag yourself away. 

But trust us. Trust. Us. The 5D reality is now ready for your viewing. 

Thank you. It’s true – I’m an almost compulsive viewer of that 3D stuff – though less so than before in a sense… Anyway. I know we’ve covered this before in many myriad ways, but I need to ask you for a revision on the 3D / 5D realities. 3D I get: it’s the here and now of the physical plane, with all the contrast writ large, and the polar opposites on max volume, and binary thought pinging around, and egoic thinking (whether of hate or fear or sadness) running the show. Right? And 5D again?

Anything that resonates with PULL is emanating from the Fifth Dimension.

Aha. Ok.

Any thought or state of awareness that causes your heart to step into coherence… is emanating within the Fifth Dimension. 


A reality which appears to require your ‘trust’ and ‘faith’ for you to accept it as possible… may be an emanation of the Fifth Dimension. 

Got it.

The perspective on life taken by your Inner Being and your Inner Approval System: that is an emanation of the Fifth Dimension. 


It sounds ‘out there’, the term ‘Fifth Dimension’. We know. For this reason we can change the language. You experience 3D as ‘hell on Earth’ and 5D as ‘heaven on Earth’. We’re just talking about the negative aspects and the positive aspects of any ‘now’ moment. They are the same side of one coin. Your CONSCIOUSNESS is the hand that flips the coin either one way or the other. 

And you are saying, flip the coin over so Positive Aspects are on top?

As simple as that. In any one moment of now.

Again, and again, and again… flip the coin over so Positive Aspects are on top – no matter what apparent conditions seem to be telling you. 

That, dear friend, is an act of radical consciousness.

Switch perspective, from ‘this is hell’ to ‘this is heaven’ ad infinitum?

Exactly so. 


In the so doing, will heaven on Earth shimmer more clearly into consciousness not only for you, but for others. Heaven on Earth (5D) is in slow fade-in. By stating you can SPOT IT, you’ll help others believe in it too. Spot it, passim. 

Spot Heaven on Earth…

Again and again. 

Thank you. This is good. I feel it. So for today, is it ‘switch perspective’ or ‘spot heaven on Earth’?


Got it. Thank you for this. At this time… No, at all times: it is good to feel accompanied!

I am switching perspective and spotting Heaven on Earth <3



Pivot 108: I am saying, “OTBS, there are Positive Aspects here…”

I LOVE OTBS. It gets me right in the space of … relief and action.

I got so much done in the house yesterday, and had a ready remedy for any mental angst: OTBS [On the bright side…]

On my walk I listened to Abraham-Hicks, and was reminded of ‘Lists of Positive Aspects’ – something which had never before landed for me as it did on that walk.

Quote from Abraham Hicks

“As you practice your more positive, better-feeling story in time your pleasure will become the dominant vibration within you” Abraham

[From “ The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent” Esther and Jerry Hicks]

Do you notice that PPE stands both for ‘personal protective equipment’ and for ‘pure, positive energy’. Are you lacking PPE? 

Ha! In potential, certainly not!

So tell us. What are the Positive Aspects to This Time and to ‘what’s going on’?

Ok. List of Positive Aspects of This Time:

  • We are getting to rest and recuperate on a global level
  • The young adults – with no uni/school – are raising their consciousness vigorously at this time, esp with BLM
  • The BLM movement has become momentous, raising Love and Equity up on this planet like never before
  • Families are having time together in their homes
  • The planet has been recuperating
  • We are learning how little we need in terms of stimulation, shopping, activity
  • In living through a pandemic we have experienced ourselves as mortal, and we have found compassion for eachother, and we have found gratitude and appreciation for keyworkers.
  • We have learnt to express appreciation and gratitude – there were rainbows (=”thank you NHS!”) in some 1/10 windows when G and I went out at the weekend
  • We have all had time for some thinking about the wider picture of our nation and planet
  • We have seen ourselves next to other countries… when all are suffering not competing…

So how do you feel about This Time now? 

Peaceful. Grateful. (Now a fraction worried I’m just being complacent…)

And when you worry about being complacent, what are the Positive Aspects there? 

I guess, the PAs to that worry are… the knowledge that I do want to keep checking myself… because I care. So that reassures me that I won’t just fall asleep..!

Good. It’s valuable to be aware of what’s going on inside, isn’t it? There are times when you reach out to set a thought in motion and your Inner Being tells you, ‘No, not this way.’

Yes. I guess, that’s when you sense you are cutting yourself off from your Inner Approval System too?

The IAS is a simple circuit. It holds no judgement at all. It’s really a ‘thumbs up’ device to let you know when you are working alongside your Inner Being. There is no ‘thumbs down’ setting, but you will feel a tug at the moment the ‘thumbs up’ lights blink off. That is all. It’s about noticing that tug moment. 

And this relates to the Positive Aspects…?

The IAS is always giving the thumbs up when you are dwelling on the Positive Aspects. Whenever, oh it’s so good, whenever you say and think and feel ‘On The Bright Side’ you get the ol’ thumbs up from your IAS. Your IAS is like the dash board between you and your Inner Being. 

Are you my inner being?


Hm… 🙂 So, today.

Time to draw up Lists of Positive Aspects. You can kick the process off by saying OTBS. 

As in, “OTBS, there are many positive aspects about (whatever’s happening)…”


I feel soft and united inside when I say that statement. Heart coherence?

Indeed. <3

Ok. Let’s do it.

Today I am saying, “OTBS, there are Positive Aspects here…”

Make lists of positive aspects. Make lists of things you love—and never complain about anything. And as you use those things that shine bright and make you feel good as your excuse to give your attention and be who-you-are, you will tune to who-you-are, and the whole world will begin to transform before your eyes. It is not your job to transform the world for others—but it is your job to transform it for you. A state of appreciation is pure Connection to Source where there is no perception of lack. -Abraham

Pivot 107: On The Bright Side: I am playing house and rebooting for next week #OTBS #IAS

Playing ‘I did a good thing…’ – my notes:

  • I put my phone away (it’s trouble)
  • I decided to cease looking to others for cues to feel SATISFACTION (aka enough-making) but to decide for myself. I’ll do my own enough-making.
  • I accessed a good tweak: the phraseI am doing a good thing. =>
      • present moment affirmation = +HRV
      • no matter the future, right now I am doing a GT
      • so different to egoic ‘look at me’ doing a thing
      • self-approval rocks
      • satisfaction in/from the Act itself not just from social … frottage?!
      • does this self-approval dwell in the hara?
  • I accessed another good tweak: the phrase It feels satisfying…’
    • To know I’m keeping to my schedule
    • To sit here on this sofa prepping for the day
    • Knowing I’m going to help people today
    • To see how my acting skills support this work
    • To lightcast, right here and now, to those in need of LOVE and ATTENTION today
    • To settle into the Work of this day knowing I am contributing to this universal Love Uprising
    • To bring about the delicacy of qigong to my day

***End of notes***

And what has your learning been, through working with ‘satisfaction’ and ‘self-approval’? 

  1. It needs a lot of practice
  2. It’s a good antidote to What Is Going On

Do you want to talk about what is going on? 

I do. Briefly. Without getting journalistic here. I think we are all … astonished. It feels like the whole country is being gaslit by the government – between Covid-19 (this is lockdown day 90 I believe), and their poor response to BLM protestors; and their vague response to the far-right rioters; and their plans to shove through Brexit (our ecomony dived 20% in April)… More info is arising about the darkness behind well-known figures. It’s clear it only takes <1% of a population to be psychopaths for them to hijack a whole nation.

Ok. Thank you. Let’s work with the word ‘hijack’. What does it mean? 

  1. unlawfully seize (an aircraft, ship, or vehicle) in transit and force it to go to a different destination or use it for one’s own purposes.
    2. When you take control of a conversation others were having and make it all about you, this is an example of a time when you hijack the conversation.

    Good. Let’s run with the concept of ‘hijack the conversation’. 

As in, the Mail, and the way it hijacked the conversation on immigration for years, and then tried to turn an innocent eye on the far right rioters on our streets…?


There are always two parallel conversations: the one fuelled by love, and the one fuelled by fear (from which hate arises). The fear-based, egoic conversation is always louder. In terms of volume, noise and apparent presence, it drowns out the conversation based on love. This is the seeming hijack. 

What you can take with you is the knowledge that you are always invited to be a conduit for the Conversation Fuelled By Love. You can choose not to have your attention, your ear, your eye hijacked by fear. You will feel ‘satisfaction’ and ‘self-approval’ when you choose to speak the Language of Love at all times. 

We are talking here about accessing and activating the Inner Approval System. It is directly connecting to your Inner Being – which always, only, speaks the Language of Love. 

So when you feel, I did a good thing, and I am feeling satisfied, know that you are responding to your Inner Approval System, which is your route in to your Inner Being. 

I long to connect more deeply with my Inner Being.

Then seek out your IAS, and really work it. Watch how G mows the lawn and then gets pleasure from sitting and looking at the freshly cut lawn. He has done something good and kind for his Inner Being; he has met his Heart’s desire. We say to you right here, right now: what does your heart desire? How can you, sweet soul, meet its needs today? Yes, today. 

I believe my Inner Being would like to Play House today – clear the decks, simplify, clear, empty inboxes… so that tomorrow (or tonight) everything feels orderly and fresh and rebooted. We want to Reboot ahead of next week.

Excellent. So here’s the reality check: what happens when thoughts of lack, sadness, loss (we know, your car died last week), despair about the government, frustration about others… start to filter in? What’s your antidote here? 

“OTBS…!” [On The Bright Side – I wrote ‘OTBS’ on a post-it and stuck it by my kettle during a very hard year… It was almost as good as much of the therapy I was also receiving, in helping me rewire my thoughts and my brain-state.]

Spot on!

“{But… politicians!} On The Bright Side: I am playing house”

Such a good way to get into the IAS space, and find S-A-T-I-Sfaction. Enough making! Satisfaction guaranteed! You will always find satisfaction and self-approval when you let OTBS be your guiding light. 

Know what you want: to reboot for next week, to play house

Know how to keep in that IAS space: by using the OTBS turn of phrase. 

Thank you. I want to note what a big week last week was.

You did so well. 

I did do ok, didn’t I? Here’s some feedback from my SP training:

    • Respectfully presented in a safe space with a knowledgeable facilitator
    • Lovely training leader and very insightful personal experience
    • The facilitator was very open about her own experiences which gave real insight into the topic being discussed.

You did a Good Thing. 

I did a Good Thing.

‘Life is complex at the moment by OTBS… I did a Good Thing.’

‘There’s a lot of build-up of stuff from this week, but OTBS, I am rebooting for next week.’

Your world will revolve to spin around your most dominant thoughts. Truly. So let your dominant thought and feeling be ‘On the bright side…’. And the bright side will become the dominant side of your life. 

Beautiful. Thank you.

On The Bright Side: I am playing house and rebooting for next week – according to my #IAS #OTBS