MEDS Day 76: Today I am just tracking my MEDs…

MEDS Trackers Jan2019: Day: Sat
Med&Ex: Download Hour – Med | Aerobic | Qigong 0:0:0
Diet: Chopchopchop – mindful, plant-based food YES
Sleep: Sleepstate: 9Screens, 10Books No
Med minutes 1
Active minutes 0
Steps 5570
Food: A pretty good Low Carb High Fat day. 🙂

9am: Berocca/linseed shot; tea

12: sausage&courgette; tea; dried fruit w dark choc

3: cucumber with pate and cheese on top

8pm: chicken and veg stir-fry (no noodles); water; cranberry and sparkling water; nuts/100%choc; hot cashew milk and cacao powder (good antidote to carb cravings)

Eating window:

9am – 11pm

14 hour window! (I want to start thinking about reducing this to 8h)

Dry?  YES. Day 5
Screens off /
In bed (with books..) /
Sleep Window
00.58 – 8.33
Hours slept (as per FitBit data next morning) 6h42


MEDS Day 75: Today I am sensing my heart


I am grateful for yesterday’s achievements, blessings, confirmations….

  • I had a GREAT day of planning out potential future ‘achievements for achieverisation’. My new wall calendar and Action Day planner arrived, and I set them up to make use of the focus (which I developed with the Full Focus Planner last year) on weekly, quarterly and yearly planning and reflection – but now based on lightly anticipating and then spotting, collecting and revelling in all the ABCs (achievements, blessings, confirmations)
  • I loved writing down the achievements I knew would float in without my trying, and the ones which I can lean in to and unleash gently… It was fun and I felt a sense of possibility, ease, simplicity and playfulness.
  • I’ve already lost four pounds. 🙂
  • My eldest hosted me and her sister in the evening, with an amazing rabbit stew she had made herself. We talked and laughed together. It was bliss. I love my girls so much.
  • This video from Abraham-Hicks filled my heart and spoke to all the forward-facing joy I’ve been leaning into over the last few years, and learning how to master, day by day by day. Thank you, dear Esther Hicks – you have been a life-changing teacher to me for 10 years now. I’m so grateful. This newer ability to jump into celebrating achievements, blessings, confirmations comes v much from you. And from my G. who constantly gives me great cobweb-wiping gusts of joy, pride and awe.
  • Evening: qigong while listening to more Abraham-Hicks and then great reading on Robin Amis and Seth Godin – with my mind on form… Yes! Ty for sobriety again.

So today. I’ve started a new marketing approach – sharing quotes of brilliant writers in my field on social media. It’s a way of ‘offering simple help’ in that it’s food for thought, inspiration, encouragement…  It also honours the writers I owe a great deal to. We’ll see if it flies! Any thoughts?

You are starting off the year as you mean to go on: with simplicity, humility and purpose. This is excellent. 


In pointing to the work and wisdom of others. Good. 

Ah, excellent. Yes, it’s a little less ‘look at me – help!’. The Seth Godin book is helping me reframe marketing. He reminds us it’s not a customer’s role to solve a business’s urgent problem (eg lack of customers). It’s the businesses role to solve the customer’s problem – having first taken the time to ‘see’ the customer as they are.

I’m going to the office today. I’ve got some big presentations to get done. That’s the kind of achieverisation that might intimidate a girl…

Offer. Simple. Help. 

Simplify my presentations?

If you want them to fly. If they are so big and bulky they sadden you to develop them, imagine what it will be like on the receiving end. 

Noted. 🙂 What else should I know and bear in mind today?

Last night you were touched by G’s notes on Robin Amis‘s words – especially on the theme of ‘prayer of the heart’. 

Yes! Let me go back to that. G’s notes of his meeting with Robin say:

“Prayer of the heart – 1/2 way between meditation and prayer. This was used in a different way, an inner way to transform oneself, to make one open and serviceable to God.”
“Western forms of prayer ‘inflate’ people, they get excited over results which prevents the full benefit. Inner arousal is OK, but the activity of the psyche burns it up.”
Isaac_of_NinevehRef. Isaac of Nineveh re. methods of preventing this.”

Who is Isaac of Nineveh?

Wikipedia says…

‘Isaac of Nineveh (c. 613 – c. 700), also known as Saint Isaac the SyrianAbba IsaacIsaac Syrus and Isaac of Qatar, was a 7th-century Syriac Christian bishop and theologian best remembered for his written works on Christian asceticism.’

Look at this quote…

“What is a charitable heart? It is a heart which is burning with love for the whole creation, for men, for the birds, for the beasts … for all creatures. He who has such a heart cannot see or call to mind a creature without his eyes being filled with tears by reason of the immense compassion which seizes his heart; a heart which is softened and can no longer bear to see or learn from others of any suffering, even the smallest pain being inflicted upon a creature. That is why such a man never ceases to pray for the animals … [He is] … moved by the infinite pity which reigns in the hearts of those who are becoming united with God.” Isaac of Nineveh

This is beautiful.

How does it relate to you? 

I guess, with a charitable heart, or when in a state of ‘prayer of the heart’, I am less self-focussed? Maybe then it’s easier to do the work I need to do, because I am ‘burning with love’ rather than ‘squirming with fear/concern/self-consciousness’?

You are terribly harsh on yourself sometimes, but yes, it is certainly a case of the centre of one’s intention shifting from self to other, which as we noted yesterday and the day before, is helpful in making any kind of human progress. 

How should I begin?

By centring in on the sensations of the heart. Now you have stopped sealing it over with coffee and booze, you have more access to its messages. 

Ok. I can do that. Today I will centre in on the sensations of the heart. Is that right?

Today you are ‘sensing your heart’. 

Got it. Tysm.

Today I am sensing my heart.

MEDS Trackers Jan2019: Day: Friday
Med&Ex: Download Hour – Med | Aerobic | Qigong 10:22walk:0
Diet: Chopchopchop – mindful, plant-based food YES!
Sleep: Sleepstate: 9Screens, 10Books No – Fri
Med minutes 10 – the Abraham video
Active minutes 22 walking
Steps  9763

8am – Berocca/linseed shot; muesli; tea

12 – ACV water; chicken & courgette; piece of choc

4 – peanuts; seaweed crisps; water; tea

9 – broccoli&beef; cranberry&sparkling water

Eating window:

8am – 9.30pm


Dry?   Yes! Day 4
Screens off  /
In bed (with books..)  /
Sleep Window
 23.13 – 08.21
Hours slept (as per FitBit data next morning) 7h57!


MEDS Day 74: Today I am noting potential future ‘achievements achieverised’

I am grateful for yesterday’s….

  • Struggles, emotional and physical, on Day 2 of the CAC-Free protocols…. (Why do I give thanks for seemingly negative things? Melody Beattie teaches brilliantly in  Make Miracles in 40 Days that it’s when we get genuinely grateful for the good, bad and ugly that the ice flow starts to shift… And I had an extraordinary experience of this with her 40 day project, in 2013/4, getting an out of the blue miracle job offer on day 40… The stuff’s good.)
  • Exhaustion, sadness, grief and numbness spiralling out of me as the detox did its thing
  • The strength to hold open the doors of surrender and self-compassion while my unresolved emotions wiggled out of the melting ice caps of addiction-based frozenness, and sallied on out of the building. 
  • An important conversation with my love
  • This BRILLIANT documentary on fasting: – covering all aspects of fasting comprehensively, using new science. Ty! I’m looking forward to getting going with some Intermittent Fasting and Extended Fasting once I’ve settled into this CAC-Free regime. For now, I’m going to start noting my Eating Window in the chart below, to bring awareness of when I start and stop eating.
  • My daughter’s wholesome cooking, and then mine too. Carb-free is fine, especially when taking a Low-Carb-High-Fat approach in the style of the And building in plenty of raw stuff for crunch and satisfaction really helps.
  • Discovering I have a backdated payment coming to me. Heavens, I am so blessed to have watched the tide turn. All is well. All is good. All is protected and warm. 
  • Not thinking about alcohol. It was fine. The Dry Jan FB pages were v helpful too, in terms of seeing where others were in Dry Jan, and reminding myself I’d done this before and it’s going to be fine. 

So today. Day 3 of CAC-Free. I slept well, and dealt with No Coffee by having some muesli breakfast followed by a cup of builders’ tea. Lovely. All fine. (I actually kicked off the day with a strong shot of berocca which got the old innards working again at last, after a long stand off – thank goodness – brain fog reduced instantly… )

This is MarketingI felt a bit confused about yesterday’s ‘offer simple help’ approach. Or self-conscious rather. Not wanting to publish the post… Maybe I was embarrassed to mix business with this writing about health/MEDS etc. But today, a day when I’m scheduled to review and action my marketing strategy for 2019, a book I ordered arrived, and it’s very nicely in line with our dialogue yesterday. So, yes, life can’t be categorised. And these inner dialogues are for all parts of my life. So, the book is This is Marketing by Seth Godin. He cooly challenges the over-weaning kind of marketing anyone might still lean towards: 

“You’re not a cigar-smoking fat cat. You don’t work for a soap company. You’re not an obsolete industrial marketer. Why are you acting like one?” p8

He challenges us to take a different approach to offering our products and services to the world: 

“Marketing is one of our greatest callings. It’s the work of positive change. … Marketing is not a battle, and it’s not a war, or even a contest. Marketing is the generous act of helping someone solve a problem. Their problem. It’s a change to change the culture for the better. Marketing involves very little in the way of shouting, hustling or coercion. It’s a chance to serve instead.” . p2 

In other words…

Offer Simple Help. You’re welcome. 😀

Yes! I would like this year’s achievements to be about simple help offered and given. That would be nice. In December, I collated all my completed work and achievements, and it was such a nice process and I felt so strengthened to reflect on what I had done, and been granted the opportunity to do.

I want to make this year gentler for myself in the following way: Instead of listing tasks and goals for ticking off or crossing out (and leaving myself with a year’s worth of scrawled and thus neutralised crossings out), I intend to pencil in potential achievements ahead, and then write over them in ink afterwards when and if done. I can rub them out if they are not done, in the knowledge that if they weren’t done they weren’t meant to be.  At the end of the year, in my lovely Action Planner (which I hope will arrive today) I’ll have a record of achievements achieverised. That’s nice, soft, and a good recognition that everything we do beyond keeping ourselves alive is ‘gravy’ to the meal – especially if we are orientating our efforts towards an intention to offer simple help. 

Lovely. And so much softer, compassionate and encouraging than the Goal Orientated approach, which is much more A-type than your-type, if we may say. You can note down ‘blessings’ and ‘confirmations’ too – that gives space for the incomings of grace, mercy and miracle. And, dearest friend, it gives you a satisfactory acronym…  🙂 

Achievements, Blessings and Confirmations. ABC. Yes indeedy! High five!

Let every offer-of-simple-help-accepted, every task completed, every blessing received, every confirmation manifested…be witnessed and marvelled at! This is the work of living on the bright side of the coin. The more we SEE the problems unravelled, the solutions activated, the immense ease with which the universe meets our needs, the more our intentions can be realised – smoothly, gently, effortlessly. 

Be playful with the notion of achievement. It’s all a gift from the source of all creation and wonder. Let it in humbly and with a sense of awe. 

For now, lay your mind’s eye on those potential future achievements you sense to be coming in on the tide for your very simple, effortless ‘achieverisation’. Smile them in to shore, welcomingly.

Today I am noting potential future achievements achieverised.


MEDS Trackers Jan2019: Day: Thursday 3 Jan 19
Med&Ex: Download Hour – Med | Aerobic | Qigong 10:10:10 YES!
Diet: Chopchopchop – mindful, plant-based food YES!
Sleep: Sleepstate: 9Screens, 10Books Nope…
Med minutes 10 (silent)
Active minutes 12 (good trot)
Steps 6000
Food: Muesli; tea; chicken&cucumber in a lettuce wrap; home-cooked rabbit & veg stew (by my eldest); 10 jelly beans; peach squash; a few pork scratchings before bed (!); licorice tea in bed. AWESOME.  

Eating window:

10.30am – 10.30pm = 12h

Dry?  YES! Day 3
Screens off Whoop… 11.30
In bed (with books..) 11.30 (Good reading!)
Sleep Window
12.40 – 7.40
Hours slept (as per FitBit data next morning) 6h12m (a bit short!)


MEDS Day 73: Today I am learning to ‘offer simple help’ in 2019

God-son Wisdom

Yesterday was New Year’s Day 2019. I am grateful for yesterday’s….

  • Being my first alcohol free day in a long time…
  • Courage to start the Carb/Alcohol/Coffee-Free (CAC-Free) protocols for much-needed renewed health,  wellbeing and balance.
  • Wisdom to allow myself to start the coffee-free day the following day when I wouldn’t have a steaming new year’s eve hangover
  • Lunch with family and friends
  • Cosiness with G soaking up the last of Christmas
  • His tenderness towards me as emotions arose in me due to a mixture of my hangover, tiredness, and trepidation about tackling my addictions head on…
  • An afternoon and evening of complete wipe-out on the sofa with the TV

Today is the 2nd Jan. Day 2 of the CAC-Free protocols. I had an unsettled night with a LOT of concerns coming vividly and repeatedly to the surface for resolving and healing. It was as if the body-mind knew that there would be no more damping stuff down with the substances which numb the emotions and mute their messages….

The wisdom of no escape.

Yes! Dear Pema Chodron… (see her book of that name)

I woke finally and my mind reached excitedly for coffee. No coffee today…. So, unusually for me, I went back to sleep for a much-needed extra hour. Here’s the thing – coffee was so good at kicking me out of bed no matter how tired I was, when I needed to get up and go to work or the school run. Life is different now and my mornings have more flexibility, therefore it’s actually better for me to be able to have a full sleep, than lurch out of bed at first waking, under-slept but hopped up on “here-comes-coffee”-excitement… So. Good. NO COFFEE aids full sleep. Excellent. And I know that in time NO ALCOHOL permits more unbroken sleep too. In terms of the MEDS, we’re moving forward with DIET and SLEEP nicely.

In terms of emotional reckonings though, my heart could have burst this morning… What is this connection between the heart chakra and coffee? Coffee seems to close it off tight, invulnerable…

And then the feelings can’t be felt.

Right. And that’s no good in this time we’re in…

I feel very happy to have got off the hamster wheel of CAC…. I feel well-supported by online Facebook groups I follow: Dry January, Veganuary (not that I’m going vegan this Jan, but it’s so good for conscious eating), Dr Fung’s network. People are sharing their trepidation at ‘going without’ and their small/large victories as they roll in.

I have to say I am physically not in good shape after a year of feasting – and a full-on free-for-all this December (My ‘Feastive’ Season? 🙂 since I decided to go CAC-Free in Jan). I’m more overweight than ever at 165lbs; I’m achey; I’m brain-foggy; I know I have raging gut candida; I am zapped of energy; I’ve been supremely constipated for nearly two weeks now.

So, there’s lots to gain and look forward to! I know what I’m doing… I’ve got this. I’m going to start feeling so much better soon. And I’ll track the results. And that will make me pleased, relieved, happy and motivated.

And the cravings? The emotional surfacings? The sense of ‘no escape’? I plan to use the technique Dr Harry Barry taught at the conference in Nov: flooding. In my version of this treatment typically used for for panic attacks, I’m going to let the feelings flood me fully, yet not act on the impulse to react (ie with eating, drinking or emoting in an unhelpful way – crying’s fine btw!), and just wait for it to pass, with huge doses of self-compassion and encouragement. According to Dr Barry, with flooding, the brain notes the non-reaction and learns quickly that the impulse is not needed or welcomed, and steps down its messaging faster and faster the more you do the technique. It literally rewires us.

Today I also wanted to talk about ‘helping others’.

What did you want to discuss? 

This quote from Tony Robbins…The reason you’re suffering is you’re focussing on yourself.” (When you’re focussing on yourself, you’re locked in to the brain’s ancient survival software.) (Tools for Titans, Tim Ferriss, p212). I sooooo dig this. I think there’s magic in this statement. It’s not new, and it’s borne out in all the Buddhist writings, and many (all?) great religious texts. It’s just this quote sums up something so important to me. If I really want to lift out of depression, or feeling swamped, then yes, my self-tracking and self-observation is helpful, but the Next Level, is definitely a focus on others as opposed to self.

We know about STS v STO (service to self v service to others) – but the word “service” is loaded. I may want to serve others, but in seeking to be of service, I can trip too easily over my own sense of self-importance. I am prone to creating ‘excess potential’ or ‘balancing forces’ as Reality Transurfing puts it. Similarly, if I expect to earn money, payments should generally be a reflection of the positive, helpful energy I have deployed via my ‘services’ – the term ‘services’ is close to ‘being of service’, but frankly much more pragmatic.

I got a beautiful picture for Christmas from my gorgeous God-son, and it seems to sum up this sense of being ready to step out of the hermitage and join in with the wider world. That bridge from solitude, or tentativeness, or self-recuperation…. to the full richness of community life: friends, colleagues, customers, readers, allies, teachers, mentors. Not that I’m not a little bit there but… in terms of ‘helping others’, we all have scope for widening our nets, don’t we?

God-son Wisdom

And maybe the picture can be interpreted the other way round too, as one going from ‘many services’ (on the left) to ‘one service (which we do well – on the right). G talks about the woman who couldn’t sell the jams on her stall – she worked so hard and had 20 flavours of jam available! Why wouldn’t they sell? Did she need to offer yet more flavours, she wondered? A wise adviser suggested she remove all flavours of jam but one really good one, and just sell that. Guess what? It flew off the stall table. Why? Maybe because customers weren’t confounded by choices to make? Maybe because they sense the maker’s complete confidence in her single product.

There is a great deal to be said for the simplicity of ‘helping others’ in one, easily-defined, easily-accessible way. 

Like a doctor sits in a surgery and sees patients. It’s a kind of standard procedure.

We see where you’re going with this. A clinic approach. 

So many people (not doctors, I should add) set up their clinics, and no one comes. Others get flooded with interest. What’s the key here?

To be authentic, and original. 

Aha. Meaning..?

Bring yourself to the party, not your qualifications or past track-record. 

Let people know who/what/how you are? (I can feel I’m shy again here. Let me tune back in to you… I realise I’m also very brain-foggy because of 24hrs without any carbs…!) I’m listening.

On the theme of ‘helping others’ there’s something you should understand. ‘Helping others’ in the way you mean is a reward/privilege granted in the wake of some considerable personal sacrifice. When we have undressed ourselves of preconceptions about what it means to help others, and really, really, really prepared ourselves for the job, we can begin. When we discussed ‘clearing the decks’ and ‘simplifying’ in past weeks and months, this is what we were alluding to. That said, ‘waiting to be ready’ is not what is being asked of us. 

How can I do requisite preparations for a 2019 which involved widening the net of ‘helping others’…?

Simplify, beyond belief. 

Really? :/ But I’m really good at over-weaning, soul-cluttering complexity….

It’s time to become really good at simplicity. 

I can see that while I’m weighed down by too much stuff, too many ideas, too many hopes and dreams, I must come across as a bit…. psychically cluttered?

If you arrived at the doctor’s surgery and the room was so full of gadgets and miracle machines and books and papers that you couldn’t see the doctor, and the doctor couldn’t examine you, wouldn’t you feel a bit short-changed for your visit? A bit unwilling to trust their practice, or return for a second visit?

But if I’m busy simplifying, that’s more self-focussing isn’t it? More suffering?

Offer Simple Help. 

Ok. I can hear that. I think what’s going on here is that I’m looking for a ‘theme for the year’. I just dug out my 2018 theme for the year (PCPC)… I’d forgotten about it… I’m seeking direction and guidance to carry me through the year. In a somewhat brain-addled state because of adjusting to the new WOE (‘way of eating’ in Fungster speak).

Then let it be this: ‘offer simple help’ 

Really? Ok. I will… Thank you. I’m going to let us work together through concerns about co-dependency, over-caring etc…

You can carry on with your day now. It’s all ok. 

Ty. <3

Today I am learning to ‘offer simple help’ in 2019


MEDS Trackers Dec2018 (chart here):  
Med&Ex: Download Hour – Med | Aerobic | Qigong No
Diet: Chopchopchop – mindful, plant-based food YES
Sleep: Sleepstate: 9Screens, 10Books No
Med minutes 0
Active minutes 0
Steps 2849


  • Celery, goat’s cheese and seeds
  • Fish, roast greens (made by A.)
  • Chicken breast and roast kale
  • 100% choc
  • Berocca, water, tea (with milk) 
  • Pork scratchings

Eating window: 

11.30am – 9.30pm: 10h

Dry?  YES – Day 2 in the bag
Screens off 1am :/
In bed (with books..) /
Sleep Window
1 – 9.30am
Hours slept (as per FitBit data next morning) 7h19m


MEDS Day 72: Today I am saying “Heck, yeah!” to 2019

Benefits of Going CAC-Free in Jan 2019 and beyond...

I am grateful for last week’s: 

  • Joyful, abundant, love-dusted, fun, easeful, happy, family-filled Christmas. What a gift to celebrate a family-focussed Christmas in a loving, collaborative relationship. G has shown me what it looks like to enjoy Christmas, to revel in it, to let it seep in to your bones and unwind you, to make space for the rites and rituals of fun and cosiness, to approach gift-giving with simplicity and pleasure, to put up a socking great Christmas tree and spend time each day admiring its twinkliness…

I am grateful for the wonders of 2018:

  •  Our brilliant girls beautifully and uniquely self-launched. I’m in awe of them. 
  • The first full calendar year with my wonderful G. How happy I am. (And as empty nests go, ours feels most fully-feathered – warm, cherishing, nurturing, fun…)
  • A successful first year of new business. We’re off!
  • Important family markers, some heart-rending, some joyous – but all held closely and carried tenderly by us all collectively as family and friends.

It’s the last day of 2018! I’m looking forward to 2019!

What are you looking forward to, dear soul? 

I’m looking forward to the things that make me say, ‘Heck, yeah!’ when I think of them. This came from Tools of Titans – the chapter on Derek Sivers who said that once you have some success, You need to figure out whether you’re feeling like “Fuck yeah!” or “No.” Because most of us say yes to too much stuff, and then, we let these little mediocre things fill our lives. The problem is, when that occasional, ‘Oh my god, hell yeah!’ thing comes along, you don’t have enough time to give it the attention that you should, because you’ve said yes to too much little, half-ass stuff, right? Once I started applying this, my life just opened up.”

What prospects for 2019 make you say, “Heck, yeah!” dear soul?

“Heck, yeah! In 2019 I’m looking forward to…”: 

  • Cosy nest
  • Next phase of business
  • ‘Automated’ days (‘Siempre, siempre’ housekeeping habits and work routines…)
  • Tracking the KPIs which inspire and invigorate me 
  • Awesome family and friend times 
  • Pretty dresses (thanks to CAC Freedom – free from Carbs/Alc/Coffee)
  • Travelling to new places for work or for remote work – or for R&R

I’m shy to say some of the things here… 

The fact of the matter is, you are rolling forward in a spirit of joy, optimism, confidence, wellbeing, curiosity, satisfaction…

I am indeed. Heck yeah! What else is there that I should bear in mind? 

What are your protocols for working? 



Housekeeping habits in the morning; ‘practice’ in the afternoon. 

And how will you track progress? 

I guess via income, but also success on the ‘fitness’/ MEDS/wellbeing front…

Ok. This is where we were heading. You finished 2018 at near burnout. You are daunted by 2019, if truth be told. What do your days need to look like for you to be ‘working well’ – ie. working to earn, but also maintaining progress on the indicators which show you are self-caring? 

Ah. Yes. Well. I know how to answer this:

  • Delivering less training (especially bespoke training which takes so much prep) and more practice.
  • More online practice. eg via Zoom – same time every day…
  • Promote the work passim, so I am less inclined to agree to free gigs as a means to new business
  • Planning and tracking – weekly, monthly, quarterly – using Action Day planner and Daybook (exercise book, A4)

What KPIs will you track on a weekly basis? 

The Fitbit stats: 

  1. Steps
  2. Total floors
  3. Total km
  4. Avg daily calorie burn
  5. Total active minutes
  6. Exercising (of 5 days)
  7. Avg sleep hours
  8. Avg hours with +250 steps
  9. Resting heart beat
  10. Weight loss

And what KPIs will you track on a monthly basis?

The FitBit stats and Financial Stats:

  1. The Fitbit Stats (month on month)
  2. Sales
  3. Expenses 
  4. Profit
  5. Drawings
  6. Total income
  7. Total outgoings
  8. Savings

And what’s it all for, dear soul? 

What it’s all for:

  1. To bring attention and awareness to the progress that is made. This is more effective for me than setting goals, which intimate and threaten me, and invite disappointment. I know this. Simple tracking helps. Like when I did Dry January in 2017 – just checking the ‘dry’ button each day was enough motivation to make me go 11 months dry… My mind loves to see progress building too – that’s very motivating for me. (I must learn how to do graphs…)
  2. This is about the MEDS Project hitting its stride and completing… so that the next project can come through. 
  3. To be able to automate life processes so well  that life is simplified enough to do the creative work of launching the next phase of the business, of being present to relationships, to enjoying all that life has to offer. 

I’m a bit frittered of attention today… in terms of this writing. I’m conscious G is waiting about for me. But I really want to say this. Last year was amazing. Even just starting this writing online was life-changing. I am grateful for 2018. It was such a rich and exciting learning curve. I learnt to relax, to slow… to absorb love, to let go of old patterns, to watch and allow my children to grow up without wanting to tear my poor sweet maternal eyes out 🙂 , to be in the moment, to take brave decisions… 

Like registering your company today. And setting up your KPIs. And working with your target slide. And counting the benefits of giving up – freeing yourself from – Carbs, Alcohol and Coffee tomorrow. 

Yes. All of that. Thank you. Anything else I should know, do or say before today finishes? 

Are you saying “Heck, yeah!” to 2019? 

I sure am! 

Well then. It’s all done. Happy new year. 

Today I am saying “Heck, yeah!” to 2019



MEDS Trackers Dec2018 (chart here): New Year’s Eve…. 
Med&Ex: Download Hour – Med | Aerobic | Qigong No
Diet: Chopchopchop – mindful, plant-based food Nope!
Sleep: Sleepstate: 9Screens, 10Books Ha!
Med minutes Ho ho!
Active minutes ?
Steps 4k?
Food: Today was the last day before CAC-Free starts, so I took full advantage of my feasting rights… including a yeehaw last chance saloon visit to the Carb Colonel at KFC! Followed by a prosecco and cider-filled NYE.   
Dry? 1/2 bottle prosecco and  3.5 pints cider!  
Screens off /
In bed (with books..) /
Sleep Window
2.30 – 9.30
Hours slept (as per FitBit data next morning) 6h28m


Tools of Titans p189