Create 88: I am enJOYing myself!

Yesterday, was day 2 of a big training delivery I was part of. At the start of another v early day, I didn’t have time for a dialogue, so asked you – “Help me set an intention for the day ahead?” You said:

To: enJOY. Bring joy. ENjoy….

It was the perfect message, and it changed the way I approached the day.

With ‘enJOYment’ as my intention for the day:

  • I felt less self-conscious about my ‘performance’ as a trainer
  • I was more focussed on sparking joy (and self-confidence) in the participants than on impressing or ‘educating’ them
  • I was readier to lean into the fun of each moment – and people went along with me.
  • I saw people smiling..!
  • I had my attention laser tuned into ‘what brings joy here?’
  • It was fun to watch participants get joy out of their learning (and it’s a tough, challenging course!)
  • I found there was joy to be had anywhere, across the day
  • I felt the sense of joy viscerally – it wasn’t cerebral, it was felt… in my solar plexus!
  • I wasn’t waiting for an outside stimulus/conditions to ‘give’ me joy – rather I was primed for enJOYment at every turn, and thus allllll conditions revealed their soft, enJOYable underbelly…
  • I had gentle, grateful thoughts about my darling Dad who would always exhort me to ‘Enjoy it!’ before I went on stage to perform.

So tell me more about joy? I think of the Abraham-Hicks tapes with the jingle ‘Joy is the key!’.

…I found the whole song..! 🙂


enJOYment is a muscle, an art, a practice, a way of life, an orientation, an intention, a decision, a choice, a priority selected, a determination, a gift received, an easy way, a relaxation into alignment… It truly is the EASEy way. And you may notice that not taking the EASEy way is a decision to slip to default brain mode, which is to say, threat-brain mode. Yuck! Why do that? It’s just so tough to get through a day in that mode! 

We get it, few of you were brought up to enJOY yourselves. In fact you were taught to prioritise the favour and approval of the fairly joy-less ‘others’ in your environs! The cross teachers, the frustrated parent, the confused employer. We get it. And now it’s flipsy time – as a priority. So, flipping onto the JOY side is a choice; it’s a switch to flip. It’s an intention to find the joy in everything. It’s also an invitation to stop what you’re doing if it’s not feeling enJOYable, and reorientate. 

Like… emails! Tell me how to make my emails enJOYable.

Oh, that’s EASEy. Intend to make your readers smile! It’s as EASEy as that. Visualise them, wherever they are and however they are, reading your email and feeling a smile come to their face. 

Ha. Sweet. I can do that.

Joy is one of those 360 degree states (as is hate, on the flipside) – the more you give the more you get. 

I’m guessing this is different to people-pleasing?

You’ve got it, starshine. Very different. You’re not seeking approval from people. You’re talking to their 6 year old within, who longs to smile at everything – and who gets relief from smiling – and then is better able to handle the ‘rigmaroles’ of adult life. Got it? 

Got it. I like it. Sounds fun. So it’s about enJOYing and bringing JOY… and seeking enJOYment…

It’s about embodying enJOYment, and inviting people to see life as you’re seeing it – through the eyes of Source. As you enJOY it, so will others. It’s a virtuous circle in which everyone brings each other’s frequency up a notch. Get it? 

Aha. Yes.

So keep it simple. As your dear father says: “EnJOY it!”

I am enJOYing it {myself, my day, the sunshine, the work, the emails, my breakfast, your company, my feelings, my wisdom, viscerally, in my body, tuning in…}!

I am enJOYing myself


Ooh. Decided to read one para of Sensitive is the new strong before starting my day. Look! ?

Channelling the sixth sense into enJOYment is the new way. <3

My inner being loves this music. My ego thinks it’s cheesy and childish. Sayonara, ego. You have no, and I mean NO, sense of actual Joy. Adios.

Day notes ?:


I am enJOYing my Self:

  1. Running my own business
  2. Doing life ‘my way’
  3. Helping people smile and ‘feel better’
  4. Feeling good about myself
  5. Loving my ‘rest day’ today
  6. Doing what I want
  7. Not seeking permission from anyone
  8. Having fun
  9. In my PJs!
  10. Learning new things
  11. Getting out of my comfort zone!
  12. Tidying up spaces and simplifying
  13. Feeling good in my solar plexus
  14. Using my solar plexus as my navigator (instead of using my ‘thoughts’ as my navigator)
  15. Relaxing into that solar plexus re-lax, rest, opening
  16. Sensing it all Clicking In To Place
  17. Learning how to navigate Earth in 2021!
  18. Basking in the moment
  19. Focussing on that which brings JOY and relief and a smile
  20. … all day long…
  21. … because the SoulSelf is inherently, easily, 24/7, effortlessly, JOYful… so when I’m enJOYing myself, I’m aligned with my SoulSelf-InnerBeing
      1. (vs being aligned with my Ego with is 24/7: {on the verge of flipsying to} fearful, joyless, angry, threatened… })
      2. It’s flipsy time from HumanSelf to SoulSelf orientation!
      3. “I am enJOYing myself; we are enJOYing ourselves!”
  22. “Let’s enJOY ourselves!” What a mantra for everything I do!!”
  23. Knowing that we {the empaths, lightworkers, HSPs, starseeds – deemed odd by others who teased us for our experiences eg 11:11} are connecting with each other and ‘coming out’, more coherently than ever before, without heaviness, with ease and joy.
  24. Because to ‘enJOY ourselves’ means to increase the JOY quotient in you/me/us/the collective! Awesome!
  25. If I’m an empath (as Anita Moorjani indicates) then I can use my sixth sense either a) to intuit and absorb fear, anger, grief, pain, or far better, b) to sense, foment, induce, intuit, foster, magnify… JOY! Let’s flipsy from a) to b) and lock in the flipside filters for JOY. “Let’s enJOY ourselves!”
  26. Any movement along the spectrum of ‘No/less Joy’ to ‘Some/more Joy’ FEELS GOOD and relieving… and brings hope that things can improve. If I can help anyone along that spectrum even one inch, I’m doing my work – because they can do the rest of the journey towards joy… in time… No rush. We can be joy catalysts for each other. By our words, our love and our example.
  27. This is compassion – to empathically see where someone else is, but not ‘fall’ into their mood or frequency, but instead trust in the and hold the vision of their ‘feeling better’ (on the flipside)…. and then to take action in that direction, with our words, deeds or energetic intention.
  28. I can use my empathy to good if/as I hold the intention of compassion and say silently, from my SoulSelf to theirs:

“Let’s enJOY ourselves today.”



This appeared to be the end of the Create Project because I suddenly felt impelled to start the (creative!) How To project… which is surely a sign that the Create Project helped me align with the part of me which was ready, ready, ready to create!

Create 87: I am heading for my intuitive finish lines #StartFinishing;FeelBetter

In seeking to communicate empathically with people’s Soul Selves, I realised this:

  • The language of the Soul Self = the language of Love
  • When the Soul Self outweighs the Human Self in a person, you get an empath… and that can be hard for the person if they don’t recognise why they find human life so exhausting, draining, hurtful…
  • Though people may come at me in full, pained, fractured, binary Human Self mode, I don’t have to empathically absorb their pain or psychic ‘noise’. I can shield myself, and look only to their unmovingly steady-love-state, cheerily-loved-up Soul Self (even if, and/or especially when, they can’t do so themselves).
  • When I speak to the person’s Soul Self in the language of love, people melt…. (A dear colleague called me a ‘breath of fresh air’ when I quietly focussed on speaking only to her Soul Self!)
  • When I am less bound up by Human Self interactions, I have more scope and energy and attention to devote to:
    • Taking inspired action
    • Following the ‘good feeling thought’
    • Focussing on whatever makes me/us ‘feel better’
    • Seeing through the eyes of Source
    • Soothing myself
    • Watching everything ‘clicking into place’

{Pictures of Soul Self on a walk; in dialogue}

Assist me today, to feel settled and calm, please.

I’m hearing something about ‘starting and finishing’. Sounds good, and helpful.

Let’s read a little, to settle in. 

***Sensitive is the new Strong, by Anita Moorjani***

Ok, it was time  in the book to do the Empath Quiz, so I went to Anita’s website to do it:

Result: I scored 30/34 (and I actually answered no to a couple of questions I could have said yes to):

You’re a full-on empath. You are what I would call a mystic. You’re highly intuitive and can almost always tell when people are lying. You’re also a natural born healer. You have a deep love and appreciation for nature and unconsciously understand its healing effects.

You recognize the sacred expression of all beings. You are truly wise. And you have a wonderful ability to sway and change the moods, energies, atmospheres, and environments around you. You need to learn how to recognize and differentiate other people’s energy from your own. You feel the pain and suffering of the world on your shoulders and take it on as yours. Learning to use psychic/empathic meditation tools —loving yourself, accessing your own inner knowing, expressing gratitude, and connecting with the cosmic web of consciousness—will help. You also have a tendency to mirror other people and their energy. This means that you give up your energetic seniority (the power over your own energy) at the whim of the world’s changing winds (in other words, other people can control or influence you too much on an energy level). For example, if you’re feeling happy and content and a friend is feeling down, miserable, or fearful, you allow that mood to highjack your own—you take on their fears and sadness, giving those feelings precedence over your own. You would benefit from learning to control your own energy, and create stronger boundaries, which I discuss specifically in my new book “Sensitive is the New Strong”. [Chap 3 & 6]

Anita adds a meditation:

Sensitive is the New Strong, by Anita Moorjani (p31)

Now this learning is powerful for you, isn’t it? 

It is. I love Anita’s phrase ‘energetic seniority’ – she says, ‘you give up your energetic seniority (the power over your own energy) at the whim of the world’s changing winds (in other words, other people can control or influence you too much on an energy level)’. 

I will give you examples of the occasional porousness of my energetic field:

  • Yesterday I did the weekly shop – as I drove into town and saw all the people on the streets, I started crying; by the time I finished shopping and was heading out of the supermarket, I was sobbing my heart out
  • I accidentally asked my dear friend’s 7yo son on zoom, ‘What’s going on with your teeth?!’, thinking he was missing a front tooth. It turns out that actually since I last saw him, he’s developed a large gap between his front teeth… I felt so bad at picking out his appearance, I got self-violence tics for the next 4 days.
  • I’m floored by the violence in Gaza at the moment
  • I can’t even look at images of many of our politicians
  • My father’s medical treatment is unravelling me… to the point I’m not contacting him when I should… which is fricking ridiculous.
  • I’m trying to sell a course, and my concern over people’s feeling burdened/offended by my marketing is almost finishing me off…

So if ‘learning to control your own energy, and create stronger boundaries’ actually allows me to be more present to people, I will be glad. Especially as I think I may have become even more super-sensitised to people and other’s energies because of the year of lockdown.

The area we would like you to focus on today is this: 


When you follow your intuition, you know what to START. You’ve reflected recently that getting, and feeling, prepared is essential for the success of a step. 

Your next realisation will be this: in order to grow in confidence, you must COMPLETE the projects your intuition leads you to start. In order to do this, you must assert your ENERGETIC SENIORITY (or ‘ENERGETIC SOVEREIGNTY’) over the parameters of the project.

In other words, once you START, you will need to ‘burn through’ the psychic noise that your action apparently generates in others, in order to reach COMPLETION. 

Why? Because this, this, this, dear friend, is the work of CREATIVITY. The START is key and crucial, but then the work (the war of art) is to Keep Going, until you COMPLETE. That is your contract with your creativity. 

Imagine swimming the channel. Yes, you must get in the water to START. But it’s not enough just to get your feet wet. You are going to need  to launch off powerfully and to take every WAVE as a welcome hurdle to cross, and not interpret it as a ‘setback’, or a hunch telling you to ‘wait and see’ or ‘don’t push through’. Nor should you wait to see if the wave overcomes you or ‘drowns’ you. In other words, you must start projects anticipating wave after wave after wave, and intend to stay ahead of the waves by powerful, destination-directed action! Remember teaching the girls to swim with the words, “Kick, kick, kick!” If you can get good at riding the waves, you’ll find the waves are actually working in your favour. It’s all about interpretation/intention (including segment intending), and the conscious redirection of the inherent energy of the wave, in your favour, and in service of your mission. 

Take the course you are selling. You’re mortified at the lack of response. You don’t realise that this sales path is the work available to you – you will connect with the Soul Selves of others as you genuinely reach out to people… on a personal note. That’s what they want… Connection. And yes, that means asserting your energetic seniority (for yourself, not ‘over them’) to be able to communicate fearlessly and fully. 

Your role is to start whatever project your intuition tells you to start, and then, to stop only when you’ve completed it.

Do to that you need to know what completion looks like. 

Eg. sell 16 tickets for x. Or get a positive response on y. Or complete a purchase of z. 

Dear friend of our hearts, when you start finishing, your life is going to change. To do this, you need not to be buffeted by the whim of the world’s changing winds but to set your own intuitive course, and navigate on through. 

As Anita says, intuition is a sixth sense. Our senses help us ‘navigate the world’ (p23). When we ditch, deny or switch off our navigation tools, what do we feel…?

Lost and confused.

Similarly, if we allow ourselves to be open to hearing the satnav voice of our own car, and also of the cars around us, which are heading for different destinations, we get confused… and in that situation it feels safer to pull over and stop, right? ie Paralysis.

So, having good energetic/empathic boundaries involves turning up the sound on our own satnav, and drowning out the satnav voices of the cars around us. That is how we get where we’re heading and complete our journey. And once we’ve completed one journey, lo and behold, we can set off on the next journey! How exciting and fun is that?! 

Compared to pulling over and sitting confused in a lay-by halfway to Party Town, it sounds pretty good.

I’ve got a few things I could finish. I sometimes call them ‘Goals’ and that’s horrid.

Exactly, if you say to yourself, I’ve started so I’ll finish, you are just powering through, acknowledging that powering through takes really good focus and energetic direction. It’s also about trusting that your original intuition was right and accurate, even if you can’t see that yet. This act of trusting that powering on through to get from A to B is the mystic work at hand – while not as you expected – will see you right. And you will grow to trust your Intuition, and have faith that, even though you can’t see the outcome it sees, you know its impulse is solid, sacred and life-giving. And you’ll learn to follow your Intuition willingly. My, life will be so fun! 

Make a list of ‘Things I’ve Started So I’ll Finish’, define completion, and run at powering through! The ultimate drama class ‘trust exercise’. It’s wildly fun and exciting if you play it fully and fearlessly! It’s all in, or not at all…! Or draaaggggggg your projects on for months if you really want to suck the joy out of them!

All options are available! 😀

SOULSELF PROjects: list of Things I’ve Intuitively Started and I’ll Power through to Finish:
  • QG training
    • Complete => certificate in hand
    • To get there => power through the curriculum
  • Getting to 9.5 stone
    • Complete => Photo of 133 pounds on scales – & new dresses to mark it
    • To get there => keep tracking, eg on the wall
  • Pitching DD 
    • Complete => Contract
    • To get there => spreadsheet of prospects and regular slot to send..
  • Selling M4M x 2 courses
    • Complete => 2 x full courses @ 16 + 24 participants
    • To get there => building daily connections with colleagues, using discount codes
  • Launching SoD
    • Complete => sellable courses on website
    • To get there => learn woo commerce

Hm, interesting question arises. Who will I piss off, disappoint, eyebrow-raise, confuse, mystify or surprise if I have success in completing x or y project? Yes, I see that’s in the mix for me… Interesting to work with…! Those considerations arise from the whim of the world’s changing winds that I need to use my energetic seniority to keep at bay… Good. All good learning.

Also, this is about overcoming the resistance of the perfectionist. As FB says: Better Done That Perfect.

Finish line = Fun. You’ll never know the power and brilliance and utter wisdom of your Intuition until you finish up on the projects it starts you on. This is where the Human Self gets to play its role as genius workhorse perfectly-placed and skilled to undertake the Soul Self’s strategic mission! 

Got it! Ty.

I am heading for my intuitive finish lines #COMPLETION

{I’ve started so I’ll finish}
{Sensitive Intuition; Strong Boundaries}

PS. As you #StartFinishing, you’ll start feeling the relief you’ve been seeking. That is how intuition works. Until you obey its will, you’ll feel out of sorts, stressed, tugged… Tough lesson to learn, but oh my, once you truly learn it… Everything is available to you, and your CREATIVITY can truly bloom, connecting you to your SoulSelf on a rolling timeline of fun and abundance. Wondrous! 

Remember, as an empath you’re highly tuned to the ‘other’. That is super and has its place. But your work is to do your work, and not let the whims of the other dominate. As you tune in more to your intuitive superpowers, you’ll be better able to prioritise the projects of your SoulSelf, even when you don’t know exactly where they’re heading. And even though your SoulSelf isn’t apparently summoning you yellingly like the energetically ‘demanding’ customer/client/colleague… you’ll learn to trust that, if you do the SoulSelf work before anything else, the relief will be powerful and life will be more wonderful. 



Creativity Craves Completion [CCC]
{=Heart / Intuition + SoulSelf}

Perfectionism Prizes Procrastination [PPP]
{=Head / Reason + HumanSelf}

ABC = Always Be Completing [ABC]

Start Finishing = Start [with a view always to] Finishing

Can you imagine if I made ‘Finishing’ a special interest…? 🙂 😮 <3

Empath +

  • Strong healthy energetic boundaries
  • Energetic sovereignty (and  not filibustered or diverted by others’ energy / empathic comms)
  • Heightened, connected intuition
  • Clear self-determination
  • Sense of mission
  • Special interest in finishing / completing intuitive projects

= > happy, accomplished, aligned, mission-orientated, relieved, confident, energised Empath.

Create 86: I am connecting empathically with people’s soul selves

Truth be told, I found it hard to ‘ask questions of people’s higher selves’… to their faces at least. Well, I say to their faces… of course everything’s still via zoom or phone. But also, it was hard because I’m often in ‘teaching mode’ for training, or in facilitating mode for client work (I’ve been on pre-mediation meetings) – so I’m ‘leading’ conversations rather than in the full exploratory listening mode. But also, people POUR out stuff quite a lot…. My beloved Dad spoke in a stream of consciousness for 57 minutes on the phone with me (about his writing work) and then, bless him, said, “I have to stop talking. I think my head’s about to fall off…” and we said goodbye.

So what I’m saying is that sometimes, maybe, those questions are addressed to the person’s higher self… empathically? Telepathically? And/or, I respond to what I hear from their higher self, or soul self, empathically/telepathically.

Soul Self. What a beautiful term. 

Isn’t it? (It even alliterates 🙂 – a special favourite for me).

Is that what You are to me?

Exactly so, dear one. 

Hello Soul Self… whatever that means. 🙂 I’ve even changed the title of this blog. DoDs: conversations with my soul self.


Yesterday… I was training frontline staff in mental health conversations. One woman was struggling to participate – and had messaged me privately saying she was ‘gathering’ herself. It’s normal for the topic to unravel one or two people, as it brings up so much emotion. Anyway, in the last bit of the session, I talked about my autism – as the commissioner had said this team wanted to know about autism. As I did so, the woman switched her camera on… and tuned right it. I could see immediately she was on the spectrum… and this was all new and important and timely information for her. After the session, she stayed on and said, ‘I wonder… am I autistic?’ We had a beautiful chat. I felt afterwards, the whole session had been for her – and her son.

Was there a connection between my soul self and hers?

You ask an excellent question. And we will ask you one back. What do you think is the answer to your question? 

Hm, I think… I sense… Yes. As humans, we put out the intention to connect with each other on this plane, for soul learning, and it happens. I learn and am taught by new people every day.

I’m loving Sensitive is the new Strong by Anita Moorjani, and her teaching on how to thrive as an empath. She gave me words I could share with my training participant today. She’s giving me a framework for understanding WHY I get so frazzled. Basically, if others are upset, it affects me. Which is why I work so hard to make others not be upset around me. And which is why I’m such an effective trainer (happy audience or bust!) and mediator (I want them to feel relief!).

But also… now, I need to learn a few things if I’m going to thrive as en empath:

  • To take less ‘responsibility’ for others’ discomforts when it’s not my responsibility – and save my intuitive powers for when I’m asked to help.
  • To tune into the sixth sense Moorjani talks about, and as we’re discussing here, consciously... so I’m ahead of the wave of empathic knowing, not being driven or overwhelmed by it.
  • To accept that ‘fear films’ and ‘tv dramas’ are not good for my autonomic nervous system. ‘Feel-good’ media is literally going to make me feel good – and I need that ‘feel-good’ frequency like the desert needs the rain. So, get it.

What’s my message for today please?

Your work today is to connect empathically with people’s soul selves. 

Oh my word. I love it. Beautiful. May I learn and learn and learn. Please, angels of all peace, unity, love and light – connect me with my empathic knowing, and show me how to connect with the soul selves of those dear beings on my path today and every day. Amen.

I am connecting empathically with people’s soul selves


Create 85: I am asking questions of people’s higher selves

So, in my walking prayers while practising ‘Loving Myself Well’, this new phrase has come to mind on a loop: “Speak to me and through me, oh my God.” I like it. It summarises how I would like my work to function.

I am aware I meet people at their most vulnerable sometimes (either because my training touches a raw part of them, or because they are mediation clients, feeling at the end of the road and emotionally ragged).

I would like to feel that I am doing what I can to get out of my own way, and their way, in those moments, and facilitate their own journey back to themselves.

So, can you tell my more about this phrase: “Speak to me and through me, oh my God”? How can I apply it today?

Excellent question, as we can’t ‘explain’ STMATMOMG, but we can give you pointers on how to ‘apply’ it today in your meetings with people. 

First of all: get still. Stiller. Drop into the parasympathetic state. That is the receptive mode where you can be ‘alive’ to what’s in the air. 

Secondly: tune into the person. Get on to their frequency a little. ‘Hear’ them. You’re good at that. It’s the aut-empathy super power. 

Thirdly: await your download (you’ll feel it land) and translate it into communication.


So. Ok. Thank you. I hear about 1) ‘getting still’ – yes. I recognise the difference it makes if I’m really tuned in to self/other before I start a conversation. I need to do that more. Yesterday, I arrived at a client call on the hop. Not the best.

The 2) tuning into the person – yes. I think I’m getting fairly good at active listening, and reflecting back to people what I’m hearing and sensing…

3) Await the download and communicate it – yes, I could give a tiny bit more space in my conversations for the ‘hmmmm’ – mulling… before we finalise things. I sense there’s a window in each chat for our receiving something more important than summing up next steps… Maybe it’s about downloading the right question, as much as anything else?

Indeed. Remember your calibrated questions? [Chris Voss] You can help people travel a little further in your conversations than you currently do. 

Like A-H! My word, those are transformational conversations.

A-H are teachers. You can help people be autodidacts, through your excellent questions. It is the well-received question that allows the person to speak the truth they need to hear from themselves. That is your role. To ask the right questions. 

Aha. Unexpected developments today… May I learn to ask the right questions. May I veer away from ‘leading’ or ‘loaded’ questions. May my curiosity be genuine, authentic and sincere; may I be a servant to the person’s self-learning.

A little as we do here. 

So… I can talk to the person’s higher/wiser/knowing self?

B o o m. 

Oh wow. What a revelation. Talk to the part of them that knows. Awesome. I love it.

Talking to their wise mind, or their future self, or their higher being… is the way to unleash the part of them that navigates their life from the perspective of the soul, in a way that will never be lost to them. 

So I need to tune in to the person’s wiser self.

And see nothing else in them other than that, as it were. That is where you are communicating, drawing down the part of them that knows what is best for them.

Imagine if I spent a whole day only asking questions of people’s higher selves?!

Imagine. 🙂 

Ha. Ok. Let’s play that game then. <3

May I be educated by this process, and not stumble into ego. May I learn what is possible in interpersonal communication, for the sake of goodness and learning. May I not err into any hint of manipulation or steamrollering. May I be taught these lessons so I may be of use to the wider picture of this CuspLife learning.

I am asking questions of people’s higher selves



Speak (only) to their higher selves, which respond best to questions and are always compassionate, forgiving and kind. To do that, you have to tune into their higher self first.

This means side stepping the human self presentation.

Sensitive is the new Strong arrived. Perfect timing.

p12. Shaman in Costa Rica said: “It is not your job to absorb everyone else’s energy. It is not your job to rescue people at your expense convince them what is possible if I don’t believe you. Your only job is to empower yourself, to stay connected to your centre, and allow your presence to inspire others so they know what is possible in order to heal, if it’s their fate to do so.”


Sample client question for pre-mediation meetings:

“What would you like the other person to learn/understand about you through the mediation session?”


This is how we do the transformational work, right? We’re triggering Dialogues of Discernment in others?!

Exactly so. A carefully calibrated question will speak to and elicit a response from the person’s higher self.

Get still. Tune in. Download and communicate. 

With groups too? Like my training participants today?

Sure! You know how to do that. Settle in. What do you want of you? 

They want me to show them THEY are the experts.


And to give them space to decompress. <3

Create 84: I am loving myself well

Yesterday’s day in nature was intense! I did an hour’s qigong barefoot in the garden, with 20min TRE included. And G and I went for a 7 mile walk in nature. It was beautiful and yet 80% of the time I was experiencing persistent impulses towards self-violence (cheese-wire cutter to neck and heart). It just seemed relentless…. A combination of acute sadness and anxiety and emotional pain – I couldn’t even tell you what it was related to. Eventually, we got home and I just collapsed in bed for 2.5 hours, dozing to The Office episodes. Then at 8.30pm, I got up feeling ok, rebooted, safe again. Man… what a day.

Was this nature connecting me to my Heart? Or what..?!

You were purging some self-hatred.


And today you’re ready to start the gentle, earnest process of embedding self-love back in to your relationship with your Heart. Hand on heart…

I love and approve of myself (L Hay)

I love you (M Kahn)

This is now the vibrational alignment we are looking for. Deep and clean. Until there is an inflow of love for the self, we are ego-dominated and outside the Cusp.

You may nave spotted that Nature is not afraid to have its fundamental needs met before anything else. The tree takes the water it needs from the soil. Then, and only then, can it provide refuge and sanctuary for the birds who would nest in it.

Humans must learn likewise, to be unapologetic about having their own needs met.

The starting point for this learning is a reaching into the Heart and settling into a vibration and a knowing of love, approval, appreciation.

We put on our our oxygen mask first to help others. Likewise, we love ourselves first to enter the Cusp and bring love to others. So settle in. Do the Work. Love yourself well.


I am loving myself well today.

PS. (It’s the only route into the Cusp. Trust us on that.)

Is that why we’re brought up to judge ourselves… to keep us out?!


Create 83: I am letting nature reconnect me to my Heart

I’m listening. CuspLife. Yes… How do I live in the world, and yet remain connected to the Cusp?

Let Nature in to your life and your consciousness and your days. Nature will teach you about the Cusp. Let it in. You asked about the Elemental world. You have to look to see. Do you understand? When you truly align yourself to the frequency of Creation, you will feel that relief you seek. 

‘Good boundaries’ seems to be about keeping certain things out, and letting others in.

If you focus on the ‘unwanted’ you’ll get more of it. Focus on the wanted to get more of that. 

The wanted?

The wanted you are seeking is the Cusp Life. Being connected to both this world and that. 

I want to be connected to the cusp, without being floaty or untethered.

Then welcome to the natural environment. As with My Octopus Teacher, you will learn more of the nature of life through the natural world than you will through humans who are all tugging the ball and chain of their ego with them, or mostly all. The natural world IS the ego-less world. 

It’s also full of predation and death and fear and flight and fight…

It’s ego-less. Watch it and you will know. To be ‘without ego’ does not mean that you give up the will to survive and thrive. You see, that’s where the lesson is to be learnt. Humans often think that to be ‘good’ is to surrender one’s will to the will of another. Baffling, isn’t it? 

Please heal my sadness. I am truly open to learning. If nature is the way, then I will follow. I downloaded two apps for species identification of birds and plants today… I can special-interest it… I just need relief. Daily relief from this current sadness, this stress, this pain… I know I am often joyful in the company of others and on my walks – and I am grateful for the practices that engender that joy – but happiness is like a jive skirt I have to keep spinning and flipping up every day to keep afloat. The effort… I wish for rest, relief, daily uplift… Grant me that timeline.

You asked us that before and we gave you the answer. Meet nature. Let it heal, teach, inform and inspire you.

Will I meet the elemental world?

Of course! It is there witnessing you and working with you everyday. 

I want contact.

Then look, see, learn, be taught, stay, sit, absorb. Your qigong is part of this practice. You have connected with the birds and plants of your garden most profoundly during your qigong practice. Do not be mistaken – this is not just ‘exercise’. You asked to learn about Vibrational Alignment, about Energy, about the Frequencies of Consciousness. You are being taught. Become aware of your curriculum, dear soul. 


You would do well to think about your purpose. Do you want ‘magic powers’? Well, if so, to what end? Do you want to lift the veil to see the working mechanisms behind physical life (and death). Well, if so, to what end? Who is it serving and to what end? Sit still and learn. With awareness of What Is we can achieve more than you can imagine, but we have to be receptive to the deeper meaning. It is never going to please your dear ego. 

Please may my ego be healed, and become a servant to my heart.

Beautiful words. Beautiful prayer. 

What next?

If your Heart is to become the master to you Head, you need to learn to hear its voice more clearly, and normalise the heart-centred approach. 

What is the heart-centred approach?

Imagine there is an algorithm in your consciousness. In childhood, you are brought up to filter everything through the navigating instincts of the Head. We are asking you to rewire your algorithm, so that you navigate life through your Heart.

I think my Heart is quite a disruptor.

Isn’t that great?!


Truly, you are going to LOVE the Heart-Centred life. It IS CuspLife. It’s the only way to live in ‘this world and that’ simultaneously. 

Wow. That is a massively impactful and helpful statement. Thank you.

You only feel this ‘sadness, stress and pain’ because your Heart is leading one way, but you are following your Head. Remember what Abraham said? Negative emotion is only a sign you are out of alignment with your Inner Being, which is always seeing you and your life through the eyes of Source. 

So how would I change my life to be more Heart-led?

You’re going to need to change your relationship with your Heart. It’s been the ‘poor relation’ for too long. You will need to start over. Listen hard. Seek that self-forgiveness we discussed within your own Heart. You’re going to need to get REALLY curious about the still small voice of your heart, and follow it like a ‘mad woman’. We use this term advisedly, to denote two things: 

  1. ‘Mad’: your culture is so Head-orientated that when you cut off your Heart and get Heart-sickness, you call it ‘mental ill health’, or madness. 
  2. ‘Woman’: this is the day of feminine-rising. The Heart is flow, love, instinct, deepdeep knowing. Compare this with the old ‘rational’ way that led humanity to almost self-destruct. 

Your new ways will need to be aware of the old misbeliefs about sanity and womanhood – and sidestep them. 

Ok. Noted. I like the term ‘heart-sickness’.

Valuable isn’t it? 

Nature will reconnect you to your Heart. Let it do that job. 

Ok. Ty. xxx

I am letting nature reconnect me to my Heart




Create 82: I am dropping ‘guilt’ and feeling lighter {#CuspLife}

Last dialogue you said this:

You will feel really good if you do the work you meant to do, which is teach others about that world. By your testimony. Of life. On the cusp. Between here and there. Which is the life of the aspie-indigo-starseed… whatever you would call it. But you are NOT alone.

My testimony of life on the cusp ‘between here and there’. Please tell. Is that what is going on? Do I live a life on the cusp between here and there?

Of course you do, dear soul. And in truth, so do you all – it’s just that for some of you, the incarnation is more… porous. It therefore feels harder to ‘land’ on this plane. That feels good sometimes, when the sensitivity plays in your ‘favour’ and you feel that connection to spirit or you experience veil-breakthroughs. But… much of the time, it is fairly painful or distressing, especially when or if you don’t know what is going on, and life feels like an invading battle ground to the mind, the senses and moreover, to the sensitive heart. That is why autism (heightened connection to that world) can look or feel like shutdown in this world. 

Is that what autism is?

Yes. In a sense.

‘Heightened connection to that world’? Blimey… Please, please, please can we help A., my autistic client.

Do you note, most of your clients are autistic?

Yes. Is that due to some kind of law of attraction?

Each person serves a purpose. Yours is to help people over the cusp – whether it is to live better on this plane; or to consciously depart this plane.


Sweet soul. If you can get comfortable with Cusp Life, you will truly thrive. This is honestly why we are asking you to radically simplify your life. Routines, rituals, good boundaries and, as you discovered yesterday, ‘feeling prepared’, are all factors that will allow you to live and serve on the cusp between this world and that. 

Honestly, I could wish for nothing more than this! This is exactly what my heart asks for. This is truly the work. Show me, help me, teach me, train me. Show me this simplicity, daily and moment by moment. Thank you.

Over the last couple of days since our last dialogue, I took some learning notes on Simplifying My Life. I’d like to capture them here.

Simplifying My Life with Good Boundaries

  • is the opposite to ‘working harder’
  • includes recognising and honouring my ‘age and station’ (ie. as a fully grown adult – I’ve been looking at the child archetype in me)
  • involves stating “My life is simple (now back off)”
  • is about embracing ‘Extreme Simplicity’ (sorry, Ego, which loves jazzhand complexity) including via daily routines, rituals and repetitions so that… The Work can be done.
  • involves Good PSYCHIC boundaries
  • includes ‘seeing my current situations through the eyes of Source’ (Abraham phrase. ie. ‘All is grreat, no effort required, EASEy, revelling.’)

Simplifying My Life By ‘Feeling Prepared’ By…

  • Being early
  • Completing tasks
  • Observing my routines and rituals
  • Tending to the admin of life and business (“monotonous, not tedious” – Dwight Schrute)
  • Reducing complexity passim (a la Occam’s razor) – sorrynotsorry, Ego
  • Eating/doing/exerting… LESS (micro-meals/tasks/workouts)
  • Welcoming ‘rinse & repeat’ instead of innovation
  • Planning and prioritising
  • RECOGNISING: most of my stressors come from feeling behind, late or not on the ball. This is largely within my control to manage. Hooray! I can reduce stress by a) good boundaries and b) being prepared.
  • Noting that ‘Being Prepared’ provokes anxiety in me because I actually ‘believe’ I do best under the pressure of a deadline. That’s actually the perfectionist/scared child in who would delay because of fear of failure, and associating stress with ‘success’. I don’t do best under pressure. Sure, I produce good stuff, but in the long run the cost to my health and confidence outweighs the gain.
  • Realising that “FEELING PREPARED” is my PANACEA! It is the ultimate simplification of life! It is my antidote to stress and anxiety, and to the ego’s compulsion for complexity! 
  • Asking myself: “What do I need to do, have, be or say to ‘feel prepared’ for xyz?”
  • Noting that Preparation = Simplification
  • Using my need for preparation as a reason for Good Boundaries, as in, “I’d love to do xyz but I need to prepare for abc” – even if abc is just ‘next week’.
  • Using ‘Segment Intending’ – for example: “By the end of this 4hour admin time, I intend to feel well-prepared for all that lies ahead, including feeling I’ve put to bed what is passed [eg. by invoicing]. I will feel satisfied, relaxed and moreover, that LIFE IS MORE SIMPLIFIED than when I started.”

Thank you for capturing this. It is good learning, and also shows the considerations at play for a being who lives ‘on the cusp’. 

You mentioned not being alone. Yes, I see it. People talking about this cusp life include: Caroline Myss, Christiane Northrup, Martha Beck, Anita Moorjani, ohmmyword Abraham-Hicks.

It’s almost like… in some arenas… it could be normalised – the assumption that ‘this is not all there is’. 

Hahaha! Don’t say it aloud, the muggles might hear!

We hear you jesting, but you have been cowed by the ‘muggles’ as you see them. ‘They‘, and their perspective, dominate your life. Do you recognise that? You live by their paradigm’s rules much of the time; not yours. Do you agree? 

Oof. Punch me, why dontcha?

We get it, you think ‘they’ have the money and will withhold it if you speak your truth. But you’re forgetting – the audience you are meant to be dancing with is a different bunch. The other, quiet cusp-dwellers, many of whom are really struggling.

Yes. I know… I do work with them though. In my training and mediation.

How much can you help them if you perpetuate the 3D line? 

I do talk about self-love, self-care, self-compassion… That’s pretty radical! And people who don’t jive with it can forgive me because I seem jolly and I’m not judging them; and those who need to hear it for themselves do hear it, and they let me know, often privately…

I think I’m talking to the cusp pretty well…

We have this unhinged phrase ‘woo-woo’… Martha Beck self-proclaims having ‘woo-woo’ beliefs in that video yesterday, in order to buy herself the space to talk about spiritual concepts, I guess. I liked it, and yet, it doesn’t feel like me. My heart bursts with love for this unseen world, and I miss it. I can’t betray it by using that term.

Dear soul. The currency of the cusp is compassion, love and care, and it begins with self-compassion, self-love, and self-care. And when you are talking about that, you are indeed doing the work of the Cusp. 

I know my training messaging is better than it was. I am seeing people through the eyes of Source. I can do it more… What is your advice?

Our advice is… to simplify again. And again. And again. 

When you are talking about conflict, you are talking about forgiveness of self and other. This is the ultimate cusp-softener. Whether you are anchoring in life, or leaving it, forgiveness is the key lubricant.

Hm. So… This simplification, and forgiveness… Do I need to forgive anyone?

Y o u r s e l f.

Oh. For…?

All. Of. It.


That is your journey of discovery. But know this, Simplifying Your Life comes from three wonderful steps: 

  1. Setting good boundaries
  2. Feeling prepared
  3. Forgiving self and other

I am conscious of my plumptons [pre-intentional speech / verbal tics] being pretty strong at the moment. To the degree I feel for G, to be in earshot of my clear internal distress.

If you can forgive yourself on a moment by moment basis, your plumptons will vanish. 

I feel a bit heavy at this piece of work… I don’t feel shiny and excited.

This is because we’re clearing the murky pool now. Enjoy it!

The opposite of self-forgiveness is… self-recrimination, I guess? This is what I need to spot, I imagine. And feelings of ‘guilt’. And the compulsion to act out of guilt rather than following my actual instincts… Hm, good observation.

So, I think I’ll spot any self-recrimination, and soften it. That’ll be my work today.

Excellent. This is a spa for your heart. 


Of course! Your heart finds ‘guilt’ anathema to its spirit of love. 

The heart lives in the cusp comfortably, whereas the mind is ‘split’. Live within your heart, and you will start to find ‘guilt’ to be an irritant, not the ‘helpful’ Sergeant-Major catalyst-for-action that it is to the egoic mind. 

Soften, dissolve, archive, shake loose that age-old weight-belt called ‘guilt’. 

the fact or state of having done something wrong or committed a crime:
Guilt is also a feeling of anxiety or unhappiness that you have done something immoral or wrong, such as causing harm to another person
We call guilt a ‘weight-belt’, because like a diver uses one to sink into the unnatural environs of the ocean, a human uses guilt to pin herself to the physical plane. It works a treat! But in time, you don’t need to pin yourself to the physical plane. You are welcome to inhabit the Cusp. So, drop a weight or two off your guilt-belt, and get Cuspy. It’s a lighter feeling. Not floaty or out of your mind. It’s just lighter. 

Beautiful. Got it. Here I go.

I am dropping ‘guilt’ and feeling lighter 




[?Autism – experienced by me as ‘Life on the cusp between this world and that.’ Hence ‘sensitivity’, HSP, empath… So…Embrace the cusp. Work with it. Inhabit the cusp skilfully. This is what I’m learning to do in the DoDs.]

Last night we watched My Octopus Teacher – that is such a good model for a person who enters and inhabits a cusp life  and its wonders to better live his life on Earth..



Watched this and Pippa mentioned: ‘the natural environment’ and ‘this feminine being’  – ‘fall in love with nature’ –  ‘nature and mental health’ – ‘nature story-telling’…  {NB: #CuspLife = Nature} Connect to nature to connect to cusplife.


There is no place for guilt in the wonderous Cusp Life.

To watch tomorrow. It’s about a deaf girl. Both my girls were born cusp dwellers… What beautiful worlds they introduced me too. Or returned me too.

Create 81: I am Simplifying My Life with Good Boundaries 

 I love Karla McLaren so much – this is so good: 

Notes on Karla McLaren’s Anger & Good Boundaries video:

Anger helps you set boundaries – whether you set them terribly or gracefully

The angers = Anger, shame guilt, apathy, bordem, hatred – all are about boundaries in some way

Gifts of anger = honour, conviction, healthy self esteem, proper boundaries, protection of self and others, restoring

Anger asks these Questions:

  • What must be protected?
  • What must be restored? (Think about Restorative Justice)

Ways with anger:

  • Repression of anger –  Avoiding, accommodating. ‘letting people walk over you’, being ‘a pushover’.
  • Expression of anger – Attacking, destroying their boundaries, harsh
  • Channelling anger to set good boundaries – “I understand your situation…; however my situation is…; do you not see my situation…?” [Not attacking] …. [Remember: Yes/No/Yes sandwich]

If they respond badly to boundaries: a sign about whether they care about you.

When your anger and shame work well together, the whole world will change for you.

ANGER is the HONOURABLE SENTRY and thereby offers us Healthy Relationships. <3


So, my current learning includes =

  • Embrace the Day #ETD
  • Get the satisfaction of A Good Day’s Work #GDW
  • Move your body #MYB
  • Set good boundaries (when anger/resentment/judgment arise) #SGB

I threw myself at the day yesterday. It was hard. I was really really low on dopamine, seratonin etc… But the ‘exam conditions’ of working 10am-1pm and 3-6pm helped, as did a walk in the woods with Caroline Myss on divine assistance (Chap 8 of Advanced Energy Anatomy – oh my word… so beautiful. Ty.)

I also set some good boundaries with a v dear colleague who works 24/7, and to whom I explained ‘I don’t work weekends’ as I’d been feeling perturbed about them trying to arrange a spontaneous work meeting during the bank hol weekend. I feel it will be a helpful clarification for the future in this relationship that I truly cherish. (Wish I’d been clearer with others..)

I miss the other world very, very much. This is the bottom line. And maybe part of my new phase of life includes:

  • resetting life to include more of that world, either in my work or my prayer life… (I was inspired by a video by Martha Beck yesterday – the Pool/Pyramid sugar cube model, and have just spotted her new book, The Way of Integrity)
  • resetting life to take account of being more not less of a HSP as life goes on. (I’m going to read Anita Moorjani’s ‘Sensitive is the new strong‘ book next)  – I’ve put thumbnails below

Setting good boundaries gives respect to all the parts of you, including the part that misses the other world so very much, dear soul. 

I am glad we can talk about this. It’s not like I’m back to anticipating an exit – though this run of suicide prevention training work I am doing is not good for my feelings on this… However, it is good for me to acknowledge that I miss the other world. I know we’ll all go back there. I know my beloved Mum is there… and that my darling Dad will be there in due course…

(I’ve been watching Long Island Medium for consolation again… Anything to touch that world of home, of perfection, of peace, of love.)

You will feel really good if you do the work you meant to do, which is teach others about that world. 

Me?! But I have no ‘proof’ of it!





By your testimony. Of life. On the cusp. Between here and there. Which is the life of the aspie-indigo-starseed… whatever you would call it. But you are NOT alone. Martha Beck is finding a way of talking about it… Pick up from her. This is not about following the ‘holistic’ ones, but the spiritual speakers… Those who speak of spirit. Remember you tried before? 

With NDE. Yes! How embarrassed were my family!

Have you thought of discussing it with your father?

No, I haven’t…. Maybe in time…

The world has heard of ’emotional intelligence’. Now it’s time to speak of ‘spiritual intelligence’. And it’s your turn to step up to the plate. 

I would love that so much.

“Well that’s settled then” – as they say on The Archers. 


Show me the way.

By all means. You get on with Simplifying Your Life. 

Oooh… touche! Ok. I will.

This is why you need Good Boundaries – because without them, life is too complicated to do the work you came to do. 

I love to hear this. Thank you. <3 May all the angels of God gather round me to assist me with this work, from simplification of my life, to doing the work I came to do. Amen.

I am Simplifying My Life with Good Boundaries 


Watch this… <3

Create 80: I am Embracing the Day, and getting the satisfaction of a Good Day’s Work. 

Yesterday, in the pursuit of FeelGoodfm and ‘Following Your Instincts‘ – and also as an antidote to the exhaustion I was feeling – I prescribed myself a Happiness Day. This is a riff on the homework we set for trainee Mental Health First Aiders to undertake between training sessions: the ‘Happiness Hour’. A whole Happiness Day was fun and wholesome… I felt it doing the work of rewiring my brain towards an orientation of fun/warmth/joy-seeking (vs threat-identification).

The principle I set myself was to decide on each next activity according to what it felt would make me happy, nourished, uplifted in that moment. So it went like this:

Happiness Day (Bank Hol Monday): 

  1. ST with G <3
  2. Pita chips, houmous, diet coke & hanging out with G.
  3. Watching The Office (US) in bed (at 1pm)
  4. Putting the laundry on
  5. A walk in the woods listening to…
    1. CMyss Advanced Energy Anatomy (chap7) on Addiction vs Congruency – oh my, Caroline, you are a genius. May my heart and head become fully congruent; may my 4th, 5th and 6th chakras talk to each other and make a good alliance; may I have the spiritual will to be congruent. <3
    2. Abraham-Hicks podcast on ‘revelling‘ – just brilliant:
  6. Bread, butter, tea and chat with G in kitchen
  7. Back to bed again with a book – first, my hardcore book on medical ethics but when I noticed it was making me tense, I dropped it for something happier, and started a new novel, a love story. (The Sight of You, Holly Miller)
  8. Laundry hanging-up and 6pm Radio 4 news with a glass of fizz….

Of course, after the fizz, the focus is gone. Hm…

And today…. What will make you Happy-of-Heart today, dear Heart?

Heart says: Revelling in a Good Day’s Work. Yes, we know you’ve felt worried and hang-dog about your work… Drop that stuff!! Your Heart feels happy when doing a Good Day’s Work. That’s when we feel truly congruent: the Head and the Heart work together, and your 5th Chakra Choices oil the wheels of progress at every turn. And you know it is all working, because you are earning enough to live on, and more. Yes, it’s good to get satisfaction from work. And as you gain satisfaction from your work, you’ll better be able to mould your work to exactly what it is that will best serve the needs of the moment and of your Inner Being. 

Are you and my Inner Being the same?

Heart says: Not at all. Your Inner Being is made up of many aspects. It is well-connected to your soul thread. As your Heart, I am your Earth Navigator while you are on this plane. Am I in touch with your Inner Being? ENTIRELY! 

What is a soul thread?

Heart says: The etheric cord between you on this plane and the ‘you’ in the non-physical plane. 

Can I talk to the ‘me’ in the non-physical plane?

Heart says: You do, daily. You ‘Feel Good’ when you do and when you act on its behalf. 

Ah. Ty. So Heart – ‘Earth Navigator’. How would it be if you took the reins today, and gave Head a bit of a break?

Heart says: That would be a pleasure. But I’d therefore like us to get up and move pretty quickly.

Really? What about meditation?

Heart says: What you need more than anything is STRENGTH in your body to Feel Good. 


Heart says: 100% 

And my routine?

Heart says: Yes! Following your routine – but at pace. You have a Good Day’s Work to do. At the end of it you will feel Satisfaction, the Satisfaction of Using the Minutes with Awareness and Awakeness and Appreciation. When we go from Wake to Sleep to Wake… like a child… we can truly live in the moment. When we sleep through our days, in a fug or slowly… we d r a g our spirits down.

So, turn on and turn off, but do not hover in the middle.

Embrace the Day. 

I love that phrase: Embrace the Day.

Better than ‘seize’ too…

Heart says: Think of the farmer who does a Good Day’s Work, and feels the satisfaction of it. 

So I can Embrace the Good Day’s Work…?

Heart says: You can Embrace the Day, and get the satisfaction of a Good Day’s Work. 

Ok. I hear you. That’s the spirit. Thank you.

I am Embracing the Day, and getting the satisfaction of a Good Day’s Work. 



<3 Move your body!

And also… Judge No-One. Judging others is the incongruent, addictive behaviour which drains one most of the natural reservoirs of joie de vivre. It is a supreme energy sucker. Don’t go there. Don’t indulge that part of your make-up for a second. Spot it by all means… and walk right round it. You’ll have so much more energy for your own Day. If you have judging thoughts appear… note them, let ’em go, and thank yourself for having the capacity to choose life, not death. 

Btw, this includes Self! Judge No-one including Oneself. Instead, constantly affirm the Good Day’s Work one is undertaking. This is key to that satisfaction that makes it all hook up to the original Source. Ok? 


Therefore, ‘guilt’ is not permitted, as guilt arises from self-judgment. Only recognition and praise in invited when we are Embracing The Day for a Good Day’s Work. <3

Got it! 🙂


Oh heavens… it’s not so much judgment as resentment… It bubbles under the surface. I did some research including Louise Hay…

On reflection I feel that often I am resenting people who encroach on my boundaries not so much for the fact of their encroachment (which often arises out of lack of info) but I resent them because they force me to enact good boundaries!!

This to watch tomorrow – I love Karla McLaren so much: 


Create 79: I am tuning into Feel Good FM (#FGfm says FYI!)

Just tuning in to Universal Consciousness FM...

You’ll know you’re tuned in when you Feel Good. In fact, Universal Consciousness FM and Feel Good FM are going out on almost exactly the same frequencies. 

Feel Good FM. I like the sound of it. So, care to tell me more about tuning into Feel Good FM?

We’re not exactly saying that FGfm is the Classic fm to UCfm‘s Radio 3, but we are saying that FeelGoodFM is more easily accessible than Universal Consciousness FM

Why is it more accessible?

FGfm involves tuning into those ‘Good Feeling Thoughts’ that we get when we are aligned with our Inner Being.  UCfm on the other hand, can feel a little etheric. It’s really good to tune into in periods of deep meditation and while on retreat – and you truly must find ways of spending time there once a year… 

Like on that retreat with Brad…

Yes. Or elsewhere according to your will.

Brad really broadcasts UCfm.

Then it sounds like you have your answer. Best not to think about it too much, but just follow your instinct. 

Ha! I just noticed: F.Y.I.!

FYI => Follow Your Instinct… (or intuition)

May I remember that every time I see FYI.

Well, as it happens, FYI is the tagline of FGfm. 

Is it?

Indeed! As we were saying, UCfm takes you into a deep space of inner cleansing and rebalancing, which so useful to do on retreat, once a year. FeelGoodFM is much more about the embodied daily experience of lining up with what feels good, following your instinct, acting on those impulses, following the joy... All those practices you have been working on in this project. 

This project: the Create Project. I set out to be creative, and follow my creative impulses. But I lost track of all the impulses, or burdened myself with lists of things to execute and follow up on later!

What you actually set out to do, was get in touch with the parts of you that lead on creativity, on a day to day basis. And that’s exactly what you’re doing by leaning into vibrational alignment.

You’ll see. Give it time. You’re making excellent progress.

And have you seen how much you are building your business, btw? You take it for granted… but you didn’t even notice you publicly launched the School of Dialogue last week when you posted your first course.

That was a huge step… but you’d aligned with it really effectively… so when you did it, it felt like a ‘gulp’ but not like ‘I’ve reached a summit!’ It felt like, the natural next step.

And that is what creativity is all about. Reaching out for the natural next step – via tuning into Feel Good FM, and Following Your Instincts. 


Feel Good FM

Where we say:

Follow Your Instincts! 



I am tuning into Feel Good FM (#FGfmSaysFYI!)