Private 11: Might as well go for it and just have a laugh

Yesterday, my beloved eldest gave me an excellent book:

I started reading it later that afternoon. The initial point in the book really resonated. In sum, it goes like this: think about all the things that really mattered to you as a child. Not much, eh? It was all freedom, wonder and awe. Then think of all the many, varied, accumulating things that matter to you as you move in to adulthood: exam results, qualifications, first job, career, house, mortgage, recognition, nice car/functioning car… Over time, we give these things intense meaning. And as Parkin says:

Meaning is pain. Anything that has meaning for us – anything that matters – carries the potential to cause us pain. Meaning is a brightly coloured box with pain inside. And sometimes – without us wanting it to – the lid just bursts open and the pain comes pouring out. The problem is that meaning – things mattering – is attachment. And anything we’re attached to has the potential to turn round and bite us. (F**k It, 2014, p26)

Parkin suggests we get into a jet-propelled Perspective Machine to have a look down at the actual granularity of our lives. He reminds us that big shocks – 9/11, 7/7, the Asian tsunami, a cancer diagnosis – are all natural Perspective Machines. So is considering the brevity of our lives against the 100, 000 years of human existence, or the 4.5 billion years since the Big Bang:

And up there so high in our Perspective Machine we realise that our lives are really just like that of the firefly. Except the air is full of seven billion fireflies. They’re glowing beautifully for one night. Then they’re gone. So, F**k It, you might as well REALLY glow. And there we go again. Did you taste it? That was the brief taste of freedom. Sometimes it doesn’t last long. But it’s an unforgettable taste.        (F**k It, 2014, p37)

And here’s the thing. I remembered, suddenly this morning, while making coffee and pondering on how much meaning-and-mattering I’d attributed to this and that in my life, that a few brief years ago, I didn’t know if I’d make it.

I remember… back in 2014 and 2015 and 2016, just watching the life-force ebbing out of me, and feeling that my body was packing in, and having this awful fear that, just as I was starting to learn how I might manage my life, and even develop the desire to pursue life, I was going to lose it – and leave my children to manage their adulthoods alone and unwitnessed by their adoring mother.

Back then, I seemed in an interminable wrestling match with addiction to toxins that seemed to rip away from me the gathering successes I was having with healing and trauma  release. But, eventually, the healing and the trauma release, and the commitment to the sustainable recovery of my mental health, led me to the ways to release myself from the addictive habits that I had felt would kill me.

And here the heck I am. Five or so years later. Not just alive and clean, but thriving. And in love. And safely held. And cherished. And working again. And with two extraordinary grown-up children out there acing life.

Perspective Machine ahoy!

And what has happened in the last year, while getting my own work up and running..? A little bit too much meaning-and-mattering-making. And it’s been tiring, stressful and a little bit burnout-making. Not enough saying no or carving out boundaries. A little bit too much with the Importance of Being Earnest.

So look at this next line from Parkin:

Personally, I’ve always tasted [the brief taste of freedom] when I’ve contemplated that utter meaningless of my own existence. It’s a rush of freedom and it tasted good. If my life means so little, then F**k It, I might as well go for it and just have a laugh.  (F**k It, 2014, p37)

And what would ‘going for it and just having a laugh’ look like for you? 

Interesting you ask. 🙂 Last night, we went out with a couple from our music group. It turns out, he is the lead paediatrician for autism in the area. We talked about the experience of our daughters’ diagnoses. We talked about how little is being done to change criteria for diagnosis so that it might actually be girl-applicable. We talked about the importance of changing the understanding of girls and autism. I noticed… I didn’t disclose my own diagnosis. But I did feel a burgeoning again. To use my lived experience for good.

Interesting! And is that about ‘having a laugh’ too?

Yes. Tbh, I think it could be. Perhaps my barrier to doing so in the first place was that I could only see myself doing it with The Importance of Being Earnest. And that grated. For me, for any ‘audience’, but especially for my Aspie colleagues. Also, I didn’t want to be identified as Mrs Autism – because that is not what one is. :/ Like Temple Grandin is (to me) Engineer first and Autism educator second.

What’s the alternative to Mrs Autism?

Mrs Dialogue. I am interested in Dialogue. That is my route in to, out of and around autism too. Dialogue is the art and craft of the empath who suffers the haranguing of the everyday conversations around them. Dialogue is the meaning-maker but also the relief-generator, the nuance-finder, the safety-creator, the peace-producer, the resolution-builder.

Excellent. Well…

Might as well go for it and just have a laugh

Private 10: Taking the Optimistic View

Taking the Optimistic View is about nudging up, nudging up, nudging up your idea of how the time-event might pan out. The conscious creative act is how new-good-things are born. 

Take today. What’s occurring? 

  1. QT in bed for the morning
  2. Chinese New Year Lunch with DD1 <3
  3. Resting time
  4. Dinner with friends
  5. Burns Night Gig

A good day!

Wonderful. What is the best version of this day you can imagine? 

It’s to do with feeling connected and at peace.

Ask yourself: what is heaven on earth? 

Heaven on earth is… Love flowing, peace flowing, unity flowing, light flowing… And it feels easeful, cumulative… Not an act, effort or drain.

It’s the weekend feeling, maybe? When the professional positioning, and the commercial circumnavigating, and the metropolitan masking can slide away, and we can all be truly outflowing without fear of loss of face, trust, balance.

Yes, and it’s time for much more of all that, maybe? 

What would it look like for all of today to be about the flowing of PULL? 

It would look like… energy flowing out of my diaphragm area?

And back in! A genuine exchange. 

Not like work…

The blueprint model for your work. And for life. 

The non-predatory model of work and life…

Taking the Optimistic View

Private 9: Imagine everything working out beautifully

  • Phew! I’m on my way now.
  • Phew! I found somewhere to get some soup.
  • Phew! I did the scary training session.
  • Phew! I’m on the train.
  • Phew! I’ve sorted my papers for tomorrow’s work.
  • Phew! I’m in the hotel room.
  • Phew! I didn’t throw up [upset stomach in the night]
  • Phew! I slept.
  • Phew! I’m dressed and ready.
  • Phew! We’ve interviewed twenty people for the research project!

What I love about the ‘Phew! First’ approach is the building, accumulating, burgeoning, relieving sense of Having Got Stuff Done. What’s the opposite? It’s jumping hurdles without acknowledging the achievement because at the very point of leaping, one is already only focussed on The Next Hurdle. And then what happens? You never get to complete the Stress Response Cycle! And then your body tenses up at the thought of Tasks, because they seem un-fricking-ending, relentless and like a ceaseless punishment with no release, or reward. 

Tough stuff! And great, awesome breakthroughs! It’s as if you are learning to rewire your brain towards relief, reward and ‘learned optimism’. 

Learned optimism. Great idea.

Learned Optimism is a super-power, a magic muscle. Can you imagine, can you imagine, can you imagine… everything working out BEAUTIFULLY? 

Ha! Tbh, sometimes I can, and sometimes I can’t. ‘Imagining’ takes some energy, doesn’t it? And the luxury of day-dreamy time…

Spot on. But it can also be about simply visualising options. Think of the TV programme, The Good Place – a euphemistic name for heaven. They also talk about The Bad Place and The Medium Place. So for any upcoming event or scenario, can you imagine, can you imagine, can you imagine…

  • The Bad Outcome
  • The Medium Outcome
  • The Good Outcome and…
  • The Beautiful Outcome!

Sure! Ok I have a colleague meeting this morning:

  • The Bad Outcome: we end up chatting about unrelated stuff, and I waste the morning, and then have to do the work myself anyway
  • The Medium Outcome: we get a bit confused, make some small decisions, and then I have to do the work myself anyway, a bit unsure if it’s what we agreed
  • The Good Outcome: we use the time to get super-clarity on what happens next
  • The Beautiful Outcome!: {The Good Outcome} plus we bond and inspire each other

Oh… Wow… That was a cool exercise! Talk about honing intention.

Learned optimism starts with simply visualising options and outcomes, and tapping into the felt sense behind each. How do you feel about each of your options above?

  • The Bad Outcome: cross, judgey, frustrated
  • The Medium Outcome: glum, worried, dumped upon
  • The Good Outcome: excited, positive, relieved
  • The Beautiful Outcome: moved, emotional!

Then, you’ve got the idea! Did you know you had the possibility for this morning’s meeting to be moving, emotional, inspiring, bonding? Can you lean into that possibility? 

Taking the optimistic view is a two part process: 

  1. Visualise it by using the Bad/Medium/Good/Beautiful Outcome procedure, including getting a ‘felt sense’ of each.
  2. Then, play with the felt sense and the detail of the Good and Beautiful Outcomes, gently, playfully. This is the Target Slide of Reality Transurfing.

Bring ease to this exercise, and continually back up your present moment moves with Phew!, so that you’re also in the present appreciating your self and ‘what is’, while visualising the beautiful outcomes. 

Ok. Cool. Thank you.

Imagine everything working out beautifully

PS. In my meeting, we got the Beautiful Outcome

Private 8: Preface internal statements with the word and feeling, ‘Phew!’ and see what happens

Feelings of… angst. So much work and no proper break?

Easy tiger; take it gently. Getting that ‘rewarding feeling’ comes from the Driving forward and the Soothing after. 

Yes, my actual time in the savanna (eyeball to eyeball with trainees/clients in ‘performance’ mode) is fairly limited. If I think about the actual training ahead,  I’ve got 2 hours on Monday (with 4 groups of primary children!) and 3.5 hours on Tuesday with a group I’ve already done a successful session with.

It’s the prepping that takes so much time. And the build up on comms behind me as I do that.

You became a mother around this day, some many years ago. How about that as an alternative perspective? 

Amazing, isn’t it…? <3

And you had a great idea about a book, last time we met.

Yes. AC’s DoDs based on my diaries. With illustrations.

As a means to ST – Share Tools. 

Afternoon client work…. (People are often more relaxed.)

P L E A S E. 

eg 1.30-5.


Morning writing and MEDS.


VA to arrange timings/comms.


Happy nucleus accumbens? (Reward and Reinforcement)


Set boundaries around my work.


But what about jollies to London/Birmingham for clients?

n o p e the nucleus accumbens does not l i k e it

No more endless bespoke work.


In order to really get the ‘reward and reinforcement’ feeling of the nucleus accumbens, work with paying attention – and co-creating with yourself – the Sense of Relief. This is what your dear ANS is looking for because it equates RELIEF with SAFETY and SECURITY. 


PREFACE internal statements with the word and feeling, ‘Phew!’ and see what happens. 

Instead of ‘I’m running 20 mins late!’ say, ‘Phew, I have 10 mins to do the next thing!’

Use the word/feeling ‘Phew!’ to reinforce relief and reinforcement.


Phew, I’ve just done all that printing I was worried about…


Preface internal statements with the word and feeling, ‘Phew!’ and see what happens. 

Private 7: Get that ‘rewarding’ feeling

So, dear Body, how are we feeling after working on ‘Always Tense’ for a bit?

Body: Learning to ‘complete the stress response cycle‘ has been a game-changer. We like it very much indeed. Thank you! 

Text and image on the book Burnout by Amelia and Emily Nagoski
Burnout by Amelia and Emily Nagoski

I know right?! Powerful stuff. And to do this stuff consciously, and watch the body respond in oxytocin/endorphin shifts, is pure magic. I feel like I’m developing the ability to engage in much more fulfilling and diverse days (out on the savanna, lion-wrestling) because my body now more-readily knows I’ll make it back to the village and the tribe and all will be safe.

Previously I’d thought of de-stressing activities as a kind of ‘nice to have’ addition, or ‘lifestyle choice’ – but overall, yet more ‘activities to force into the day’. Now I see that, if I tend towards completing the stress response cycle consciously each day (and in greater depth at weekends, and eg via TRE/breathing exercises), I’ll have my body’s trust and willingness to go back out on to the savanna to ‘play’ again the following day. Awesome.

Body: Recognising that the body and mind need conscious wavelength variation, escalation/de-escalation, ramping up/ramping down, is all part of the fun of being able to do the things that fulfil, nourish, excite and soothe. Like this:

Image result for wavelengths variation

Ah yes, and I’m also reminded of Paul Gilbert’s three Emotional Regulation Systems:

Paul Gilbert's Three Emotional Regulation Systems
Paul Gilbert’s Three Emotional Regulation Systems

When the Drive System and the Soothing System really commit to collaborating, they kind of learn to edge out the would-be-ever-dominant Threat System. Right?

Right. That’s a committed relationship required between the Drive and Soothing systems. Immense trust required between them. “I’ll do this for you, if you do this for me.”

Yeah! Because, although I long for relaxation/safety/losing weight/oxytocin/opiates (readily available via Soothing) it appears I crave the dopamine rush of the Drive System, which maybe is what stops me settling with ‘at-home/online’ work, for example? But hang on, what is this ‘nucleus accumbens‘ mentioned in the Drive system?

*Googles:nucleus accumbens*

CRUMBS, man! Why did I not know about the nucleus accumbens before?! It seems it may be key in understanding some of my major personal topics like depression, executive functioning, reward, motivation, Getting Stuff Done, addiction……

Some brief google results:

  • ‘There is accumulating evidence that the nucleus accumbens (NAc) plays an important role in the pathophysiology of depression. Given that clinical depression is marked by anhedonia (diminished interest or pleasure), dysfunction of the brain reward pathway has been suggested as contributing to the pathophysiology of depression.’
  •  ‘As a whole, the nucleus accumbens has a significant role in the cognitive processing of motivation, aversion, reward (i.e., incentive salience, pleasure, and positive reinforcement), and reinforcement learning (e.g., Pavlovian-instrumental transfer); hence, it has a significant role in addiction.’
  • ‘The nucleus accumbens definitely plays a central role in the reward circuit. Its operation is based chiefly on two essential neurotransmitters: dopamine, which promotes desire, and serotonin, whose effects include satiety and inhibition.’
I am excited to think more about my aversion/reward dichotomy! Reward. Reward. Reinforcement. Reward. This is good. Time to get up.
Get that ‘rewarding’ feeling


PS. This touches on compassion satisfaction too – the antidote to compassion fatigue. Important!!

PPS. I dreamt last night of finding a book in a bookshop and it was just like DoDs. It was stylised as FICTION and cutely illustrated with ink images of the ‘character’ and laid out in funky ways across the page. A thick-ish hardback: c365 pages = 1 a day / year in the life of this whimsical character rather like  a person I know… It was placed at eyeline level on one of those rotating display stands… because it was pretty. I took a copy and held it tight… “This!” I thought. “This is how DoDs needs to be.”

So are we thinking Adrian Mole, Bridget Jones..? Over to Ariel Compton?

Private 6: Wait to see what others bring to the party

Last night, reading the Focusing book, I was working through some of the questions to put to the body to ‘open up the vast space’ of the body. One of the later questions was to enquire about the body’s background ‘always’ state – like ‘always tired’ or ‘always waiting for others’. I asked my body what its always state was and it replied immediately and with ringing clarity:

“Always tense.”

Aha… Well that’s useful information, but also disconcerting… ‘Always tense’ can not be good for my body or for my loved ones or for my clients or for my self. Can you help me open this topic up a little?

You could follow the Focusing protocol..

Ok… I’ll take the briefest notes of what I hear internally as I go.

  • Always tense
  • Always ferociously tense
  • Always ferociously attached
  • Always ferociously attached to outcome
  • As if grasping the outcome by the collars and squaring up to it. 

Isn’t this what they pay me for? To get the right outcome?

  • The magic is in the unplanned, co-created outcome. 
  • Can you be more playful? More trusting? More curious towards the new?

Do you mean ‘less controlling’?

  • More playful, trusting, curious towards the new.

Let God In vs Edge God Out (Ego)? Attachment to outcome arises from fear arises from ego, right?

  • If God is creation, source, fresh reality in time… then yes, ‘let God in’. The question is: Can you trust that all that arises is perfect? Because if you can, then you really can relax – and let that tense feeling go. If on the other hand ‘But what if..?’ drives your choices and your decisions, then you are more likely to be held in tension. Your field of options is so very much narrower. 

But I have to bring wisdom, discernment and intention! I can’t just turn up at a job and not hold the rudder in my hand!

  • Absolutely! But can you let the people you are with play with setting the direction and the course of travel? Can you let them choose the destination? 

Ah, interesting. I suppose in the training I’m doing today (for university lecturers) there are a couple of options in terms of outcome:

      • A) Everyone learns my content and arrives at my conclusions / learning outcomes and off I sally into the sunset (my usual single aim)
      • B) I bring some concepts, info and #TOOLS, and then some group consultation is done, facilitated by my asking some enquiring questions of the team, and the team comes to its own conclusions – which it is more likely to own, use and enjoy.

The bottom line is for me to turn up at these events saying: I have some pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and you have the others. I can’t wait to see what you bring. 


I feel a shift in me. A little bit more relaxed. Less like I have to DO everything, and be responsible for EVERYTHING.

Remember how most of your best teaching arose from one simple stimulus and then stepping back to let the class be creative. Welcome back to this concept, and to trusting, trusting, trusting in the ‘outcome arising’, and to watching out for and warmly WELCOMING what the next person Brings to the Party.  Leaving space for the next person to contribute what is in them is the key to relaxing in to trust. 

I am one part of the jigsaw puzzle, and so are you and you and you. No one has to be in charge or control. We are co-creating together.

Body, what phrase sums all this up in the best way for you to feel less ‘always tense’ and more ‘always relaxed’?

  • Wait to see what others bring to the party

Spot on.

Wait to see what others bring to the party


Man, this concept has been helpful. I’ve been feeling much less …urgent!! And therefore less tense. I’m more … watching, observing, receiving.

Also, I had this passing and so-significant thought one evening: ‘I don’t have to look after anyone‘. And I felt it in my body as a relaxing, down regulating gear change. This, I quickly noticed, was massive for me. It shows that the weight (carried since I was 21) of parenthood and ‘responsibility for looking after others’ is shifting. I hadn’t realised I’d been carrying it still, like Mother Courage without her children.

Also, it indicates to me that I am adjusting at last to my beautiful children growing up -and that the old grief around that has subsided? Things are in their natural state, and my children are independent. Whereas this felt like a bewildering blow for a while, suddenly, this week, in working on ‘always tense’, my children’s growing-up and becoming wondrously self-sufficient felt – I could glimpse it – like a reward for my parenting. It makes me very tender to say these things.

Love, love, love to you precious girls. May all blessings be upon you both and all that you do. Parenting you both has been the privilege and blessing of my lifetime. And now, we can all step into the next phase of this wonderful life, as three adults. Oh, my heart…

Let’s see what we each have to bring to the party. We’re all captains of our own ships now. How exciting.


Last night I went to mid-winter gathering of some dozen truly magical women at a dear friend’s home. It was a ‘vegetarian bring and share’. Of course, that which everyone brought to the party made for the most amazing feast in which everything complemented everything and there was a perfect mix of savoury and puddings. If the host had tried to co-ordinate or direct us, it wouldn’t have been so easeful for her or for the guests… but the point is, she didn’t need to! Amen

Private 5: Take 100 pebbles of love, and hand them out as messages today

Love Pebbles

It’s 12 Jan 2020. I hear today is a big day?

You could say that, if you wanted to be understated! 

What’s occurring?

Alignment, dear friend of our being. Alignment. Parallel lines switching and crossing like train tracks at an interchange. 

Take me – us! – with you on the peace train, dear angels of light! Carry us upwards. Hear our prayers, our yearnings. Make us of the lightness and loveliness! Tell me more.

Decades have passed since you began to awaken under your 11:11 prodding. The Dark Night of the Soul was e p i c in you! Well done. You survived, you thrived even. You waited, you walked, you cried, you healed, you implored, you pleaded, you thanked, you bore witnessed, you erred, you sought forgiveness, you showed mercy, you received the love of the Ages in your heart. This is a life lived in fullness. This is what we needed of you. 

It felt like I was burning karma bonfires every day for … a while. 25 years or so?

You were being ‘opened up’. You were in the safe hands of your teachers though. And they included your precious light-bringing children. Oh my! How they advanced your learning! Blessed be their precious gifting souls! 

And then they grew up and I wept…! I am hugely proud of them, thankful to them. May they be BLESSED by all angels; uplifted and carried in their lives by the highest love, the purest wisdom, the grandest JOY! May they live their life purposes with freedom, fulfilment and festivity!


And today? As it happens, we have a family gathering here today.

Auspicious! 😉 

You knew!

Nothing is a coincidence. 

Help me set my heart aright today. I have Things To Do aplenty!

Relax. Take 100 pebbles and hand them out as messages today. 

Like as comms, emails, words…

Exactly. Each pebble is painted with a symbol of peace, unity, love and light [PULL]. No matter what you are talking about (yeah, do your tax return, lady!), we grant you the special privilege of handing out a PULL Pebble with every communication. Know and trust that your words, written or spoken, will carry a special vibration of PULL today. Go scatter with love and trust. 

Take 100 pebbles of love, and hand them out as messages today. 



Love Pebbles
Love Pebbles

PS: Somehow, this notion freed me up to do some really difficult comms – including my tax return nudging. And to approach my guests differently. Ty.

Private 4: Where the mind goes the qi flows

Hello dear friend of my Heart and Soul.

We are your Heart and Soul. 

Ah! Excellent. Ty. I feel like we need to ‘pray just to make it today’. Our government is performing such darkness. Our planet is under such strain. The international field is at tipping point. May my being add unto peace today. Help me set my frequency for the day so that I may be effective and efficient, without either draining myself or throwing edgy, noisy, twangy vibes out in to my surroundings. May I be a source of peace unto myself and to my world.


When we called you a sovereign being we opened up a new vein of thinking for you. It is ahead for the exploration and mining. Let this be a joyful process. It is no coincidence that you should be watching The Crown. HMQEII is an excellent model of sovereignty. 

I am learning from her… uprightness. It is like watching Downton Abbey again. The poise. The togetherness. I need a strong spine to get through these days.

A strong spine but also a calm interiorised mind. You know very well that as you look outwards, you start to drain energy outwards too. Where the mind goes the qi flows. You are invited to bring your attention inwards more and more. You have discovered a little bit about planned or conscious dissociation – not the unhealthy traumatised kind, but the healthy nurturing kind. Over time, you are going to learn to dissociate compassionately. In other words, you will learn to have full confidence in the healing capacity of yourself and your clients so that you no longer need to carry their burdens with you, or go out of your sustaining qi field in order to offer them support. 

This is exceptional. I note that I am asked to do training in all the topics I need to work on.

I think I might have stumbled upon a new potential branding yesterday. What do you think.

MOST EXCELLENT. This is all you have asked for and dreamed of. TAKE IT. Receive this wisdom now. 


Private 3: Know that you are so deeply loved.

What do I need to know today?


Know that you are so deeply loved. If you could but comprehend the amount of love that flows from Source to You at any one second you would keel over. Your task across a life time – this goes for all humans – is to develop the capacity to recognise your own perfect lovableness. Yes, even though xyzabc123… Yes, in spite of and because of allllll those wonderful aspects of your humanity. Fallen angels all. The Fall from Grace was designed to give you each the immense gift of feeling, experiencing and bathing in the recognition that you were never of the unforgiven. Can you comprehend that? This is the purpose of this journey: to discover your perfection was intact all along. Because once you really see how perfect you are, you will melt into a thousand tears of acceptance, recognition and joy. 

Beautiful. Thank you. What does this mean for us on a day to day basis?

In every activity, recognise you can take one of two perspectives: 

  • I am in the wrong here and must do something to make up for the deficit
  • Here I am in perfect completeness

Try it. 



TFW I am so deeply loved then everyone else I meet is too…. Hello person on the street – you are so deeply loved. Hello funny colleague of mine – you are so deeply loved.

Private 2: Be of the playfully positive 1%

Can I ask you about my business entity?

Sure. Let’s go in. 


Ok. Helpful!

As AT carry on with the blogging DoDs along 3 tracks (and develop workshops), and – ooh interesting option – book December OUT for Carnival and Typesetting/Self-publishing the 3 books:

  • My new MEDS – tools for mental wellbeing
  • Good Chat – tools for having better conversations
  • CoDialogues – tools for facilitating dialogues

What do you say?


🙂 Ty. Is this really the case?

Share tools – for fun, for learning, for discernment, for freedom, for relief…! To stop ‘impressing’ others – ah, what blessed relief you will feel this year as you leave ‘impressing’ behind. Impressing yourself on others has exhausted and saddened you. Offering up tools is a different matter: it’s like being the person standing on the roadside at a marathon holding out cups of water to passing runners – those runners who do need water will scoop a cup up gratefully and run on; those who don’t will pass by…but still be touched and encouraged by the support. Do you see? This is what you have wanted for so long! This is freedom from self-doubt, because there is an abundance to sharing tools freely! 

Re DoDs Ltd – ASK what your options are! Learn about running companies, once and for all! 

And for now…?

Be of the positive 1% on this planet, and be playful about it. Play gently with the idea that nothing ‘matters’ because there is no ‘matter’. Relax, loosen up, play nicely – and in this way will you generate upflow for the planet and the people around you. Upflow is the stimulation of frequencies of joy, relief, confidence, courage, optimism, determination, acceptance and receiving. It is hopping on the high-flying disc and letting it carry you across marvellous landscapes like a magic rug in heaven! 

Be of the playfully positive 1%


Next day:


May I fly high in playfulness today and be commited to sharing my tools with others. May I throw myself into the generosity of this work. May I play nicely all day long with spirit and joy. May I commit to SPEAKING TO OTHERS (via email) with freedom, clarity and TRUTH. Bless Nicci on this day. Bless Roy. Bless all our family. Peace upon this planet. Amen.