Peak 119: I am unhooking for harmony (Zero Revs Given)

A fishhook

I have spent a very fruitful 24 hours playing with ‘Zero Revs Given’. Wow, it’s amazing how this exercise has revealed my tendency to try to live-by-revving! And also how it is showing me that when you don’t live-by-revving, the consequence is not ‘nothing’, and frankly there’s the potential for more to get done. I realise how I tend to revrevrev until I have time to crash. It is however possible – I’ve seen glimpses now – to float along, doing the things that need doing, without revving, or chasing, or efforting, or exerting. Wu wei [inaction / inexertion] is a gateway to sanity.

Remember, this is about experiencing Stillpoint, and remaining in its vicinity. That is the key. Non-revving is not merely about ‘chilling out’. It’s about recalling this knowing: in Stillness is rebooting attained. So staying in the vicinity of Stillpoint – and reaching it solidly at least once a day – is what ‘Zero Revs Given’ is for. 

Yes. So true. I could get into the habit of just ‘chilling out’ a bit, and not actually doing the (difficult shipwreck-revealing) Stillpoint work.

Exactly. Spot on. 

Let’s read.

-55- A person who is filled with Virtue is like a newborn child. Poisonous insects will not sting, wild animals will not pounce, birds of prey will not swoop down. Although bones are soft and sinews weak, a child’s grip is firm. The union of man and woman is not known, yet there is completeness, because a child’s vital force is at its height. Crying all day will not produce hoarseness, because there is perfect harmony. To know harmony is to know the Always-so. To know the Always-so is to be awakened. Trying to fill life to the brim invites a curse. For the mind to make demands upon the breath of life brings strain. Whatever has been forced to a peak of vigour approaches its decay. This is not the way of Tao. And that which goes against the Tao will quickly pass away. (The Tao Te Ching 55)

Beautiful: To know harmony is to know the Always-so. To know the Always-so is to be awakened.

A pertinent reminder to one who would live-by-revving: Trying to fill life to the brim invites a curse… Whatever has been forced to a peak of vigour approaches its decay. This is not the way of Tao. 

Ok, so let’s sit a moment with the gentler concept: ‘to know harmony’. I guess we sense harmony at Zero Revs, at Stillpoint? Or we become harmonised? 

Let’s see…

***13minMed…Hello Stillpoint, my old friend…***

It’s either Thinking or it’s Stillpoint. It’s either Stillpoint or it’s Thinking.

  • Thinking => Hooked => Revving => Goodbye Stillpoint
  • Mindfulness (Non-Thinking) => Stillpoint (the receptive mode / neutral) => Harmony

The idea of thinking being about being ‘hooked’ comes from Pema Chodron for me. It’s an interpretation of the word ‘shenpa’:

‘The Tibetan word for this is shenpa. It is usually translated “attachment,” but a more descriptive translation might be “hooked.” When shenpa hooks us, we’re likely to get stuck. We could call shenpa “that sticky feeling.” It’s an everyday experience. Even a spot on your new sweater can take you there. At the subtlest level, we feel a tightening, a tensing, a sense of closing down. Then we feel a sense of withdrawing, not wanting to be where we are. That’s the hooked quality.’ (Source)

And non-attachment is a pretty important thing:

Any attachment has the possibility to redirect focus and suck us into lower vibrations. This is the final exam of mastery and graduation from Earth School. The exam has begun. That is why mastery of thought and emotion is the most important attainment we can demonstrate at this time in our own lives. (The Great Awakening, Bill Ballard, 2012 p118)

A fishhookI guess that my sense of ‘revving’ is my signal to self that I am attached, hooked or experiencing shenpa, even if I’m revving about something I like! Whatever it is, the revving is a sign to me that I’m out of harmony (and harmony is the way of the Always-So).

It’s Hooked, or it’s Harmony. One or the other. You feel that?

I do… It’s in my Heart!

Brilliant. How best can you ‘note’ the feeling of ‘Hooked’ or ‘Harmony’?

I absolutely love playing with the inner revometer – It let’s me know when we’re revving, and also I can sit with it and visualise the pointer finally getting done to zero again. So today…?

Let’s keep playing with the revometer – equating Zero (Stillpoint) with Harmony and revving with being Hooked.

I am unhooking for harmony (Zero Revs Given)

Peak 118: I am experiencing Stillpoint (Zero Revs Given)

Photo of a rev meter at 0

I may not be understanding this wu wei (inexertion) concept right, because again I am exhausted and my adrenals are frying… I had a broken night, again, and it frustrates me because I know that, having not caught up on proper energy, my body then copes by turbo charging me with adrenaline and cortisol, which leads to two things: a) adrenal fatigue and b) fatness, especially in the stomach and hips area, which I am so, so tired of. Yesterday, G and I spent a good couple of hours looking for winter coats in the ‘plus woman’ sections of shops, without finding one that didn’t make me look like the Michelin Man. Every single day I’m working to protect my body/organs/nervous system, and lose weight – and day after day I’m stuck at 1-2 stone overweight. I’m tired of being tired of being ashamed, exhausted, run-down. HELP.

When you took your exertion down to 80% in the last couple of days, it made a signigicant difference, didn’t it? What would it look like to take your exertion down to 50%? Or 20%? Or 0? 

Nothing would get done!

Exactly. ‘Nothing’ would indeed be accomplished. 

Is ‘nothing’ the goal?

‘Still point’ or ‘zero point’ must be reached, and regularly so, for reboots to occur. 

What are reboots?

Reboots are those DNA shifts you’ve been learning about over the years. 

Aha. Ok. I’m listening.

Let’s read. 

-54- What is well-rooted cannot be pulled up. What is firmly grasped will not slip loose. It will be honoured from generation to generation. When cultivated in your person, Virtue will be real. When cultivated in your household, Virtue will be plentiful. When cultivated in your village, Virtue will endure. When cultivated in your country, Virtue will abound. When cultivated in your world, Virtue will be universal. Hence, through yourself look at Self. Through your household look at Household. Through your community look at Community. Through your country look at Country. Through your world look at World. How do I know that the world is like this? Because of what is within me. (The Tao Te Ching 54)

Plant motifs: Cultivation. Rootedness.

Self-observation motifs:  ‘through yourself look at Self/ etc

I felt inclined to look up Gurdjieff’s teachings. This book – Gurdjieff Unveiled by Seymour Ginsberg, was helpful:

I was reminded of Gurdjieff’s emphasis on self-observation. I didn’t know he placed fundamental emphasis on a meditation practice too:

“Meditation may be the one essential practice, without which nothing of significance will happen.” Gurdjieff quoted in Ginsberg p69.

The cultivation of stillness, rootedness, self-awareness, attention, in-exertion. 

‘Through yourself look at Self’… and see, aha… You’re tired? 

I can only imagine that if my ‘self’ is tired, it is because it is not aligned with my ‘Self’ – or what Abraham Hicks calls my ‘inner being’ – which I guess is you to whom I am talking. Help, please. Help my understand and get breakthrough.

Be still. Reach Stillpoint. We meet you there. Root yourself in stillness. ‘What is well-rooted cannot be pulled up.’


As I tumble into Stillpoint, my unhealed wounds, hurts, angers and rages become visible to me. It’s like the low tide revealing shipwrecks buried in the sand.

Good. Excellent. The healing is in the revealing.

Photo of a rev meter at 0I had the image of Stillpoint being shown as 0 rpm on a revometer, like this:

And by comparison, how ‘revved’ might you typically be?

I noted earlier that getting from 100% to 80% made a huge difference.

The goal is this: to hit zero rpm, while awake, conscious and in stillness (ie not on your phone or otherwise occupied), once a day. This is how we become ‘well-rooted’.

Is Stillpoint – the zero rpm – something you ‘reach’, ‘attain’, ‘explore’?

It would not be too ‘airy’ to say it is something you ‘live’ or ‘experience’. These words you can use to shine the light on the fact that Stillpoint is a state or a paradigm, not an ‘activity’ or a ‘place’. It has agency; not you – though you can adapt yourself to resonate with it. 

Ok. I’ll work with this then. I’ll play with it. I like the Zero Revs concept, as a visual reminder. I will endeavour to experience Stillpoint or Zero Revs at least once a day across this week.

I am experiencing Stillpoint (Zero Revs)

Peak 117: I am feeling the wu wei [inexertion] burn

Over these last five days I have been working with as much focus as possible on sensing, awakening and gathering qi to my heart space – elusive a process though it may be. I’ve been to two substantial qigong classes (with Jeremy) for the first time in months – and definitely felt the benefit in inner body strength and social/interpersonal energy. I was grateful for the explicit reminders about the dantians in our last Dialogue here.

It’s funny, I’ve been reading the Tao Te Ching here, without relating it to my practice of qigong… which had lapsed, or become an ‘exercise’ thing. Qigong is healing of body, mind, energy field. It puts us into conscious connectedness with the Universe. It is self-reiki. It is the awakening of energy within us. It draws from the qi field to fill our dantians, which are surely what you were talking about with the golden inner anchor image. Is something coming together here?

Until you bring your body fully into your awakening process, you are undertaking a mental/intellectual experience of growth – which is like growing one leg instead of both, and hoping to be able to walk with ease. 

My bodily dissociation has been a long-running theme.

We understand that, and respect the hows and the whys. What is apparent is that this theme means that your body is all the more a portal for awakening for you. Feel the resistance to embodiment, and work with that feeling. Welcome the feeling of the resistance to embodiment precisely as the indicator that you are now at the coalface of your own evolution. 


Yes! Arrrgghh! 🙂 When your body truly starts to act as the channel, the vehicle, for the frequencies you seek to work with, you will give in readily. It’s just that, initially, those frequencies can feel extremely uncomfortable to the 3D body. Can you just handle that discomfort for a fraction longer… and longer… and longer? 

Well, yes… I put my body under a lot of pressure in general. I feel at constant risk of burnout and adrenal fatigue… Though that said, I’m finally getting some good results from my MEDS mornings, and not starting work-work til midday.

Let’s unpick this. There are two different factors at play here:

  1. Pressure from straining in the world, and against time and people
  2. Discomfort from adjusting to new frequencies, absorbed and accepted in stillness and consciousness (eg during meditation, qigong)

Yes. Absolutely. I hear that. Thanks for the reminder. I do know that ‘moving mediation’ (qigong, walking, swimming) is  very helpful for reducing the discomfort. Like moving and swaying in childbirth eases the expansion process.

Let’s read.

-53- If I have even little sense, I will walk upon the great path of Tao and only fear straying from it. This Great Way is straight and smooth yet people often prefer the side roads. The courtyard [or palace] is well kept but the fields are full of weeds, and the granaries stand empty. Still, there are those of us who wear elegant clothes, carry sharp swords, pamper ourselves with food and drink and have more possessions than we can use. These are the actions of robbers. This is certainly far from the Tao. (The Tao Te Ching 53)

If this chapter sounds a little fuerte, a) it is – Lao Tzu takes a no-holds-barred approach to excess, but also, b) Stenudd informs us: ‘Lao Tzu ends this chapter with what is also a joke. Robber, tao, is pronounced the same as Tao, the Way.’

Clearly, excess is not the way of the Way – but many cannot resist the lure of excess.

I need to be careful about excess, all the time. ‘Moderation’ has traditionally not been my strong suit. Hence having to give up things entirely.

Qigong is about learning to bring balance, to reduce excess. Excess of intake or expenditure leaves the coffers either choked or empty. 

It’s so subtle!

It most certainly is. It’s a frequency matter again, hence the importance of being willing to burn through the discomfort of frequency shift. The discomfort is where it’s at. 

I wanted to raise a phrase I heard on a Kryon video (not from Kryon but from  a guest speaker). The speaker suggested that we spot the good stuff in our lives and say, “Thank you, bring me more of this…” I’ve been finding it very positive in shifting frequency to one of appreciation, and holding the Now of blessed moments: 

  • Watching my daughter give a talk: “Thank you, bring me more of this magic”
  • Singing with my skiffling friends: “Thank you, bring me more of this harmony and friendship”
  • Sitting next to my beloved: “Thank you, bring me more of this feeling of being loved.”

Also, relistening to this video by Matt Kahn I was reminded of the need to ‘unpack your bags’ in this life – to commit to being here, to doing the work we were chosen to do here, to give in to the sense of cosmic homesickness and stay here anyway.

I really feel I’m learning so much this year about Staying Here on Earth, without resistance, or wanting to escape, to trying to float away. I’m so grateful.

Let’s tie these beautiful points together, for what you are talking about is indeed what Lao Tzu calls the ‘straight and smooth’ Great Way. You are indicating an increasing willingness to stay in stillness under the conditions arising, because you know that that is part of the ‘job description’ for you. 

Ha! Yes! That makes sense. And for a long while, I really didn’t want to do the karmic burn-up or the rebalancing in stillness. I did  do a lot of it in 2016/2017, but then got diverted by the fun of being in love…!

Falling in love was/is a profound outcome of your frequency shift work, and also a crucial ‘next step’. You and G are learning to frequency shift in harmony with each other. Next level stuff! 

🙂 Ty. Yes! It’s beautiful. And we are learning a great deal.

Uncomfy at times, eh? 

Ha! Maybe..!

Ace. Uncomfy = evolution’s coalface. Bravo. 

Very good! 🙂 Ok, on the subject of uncomfy, I have a Zumba class to get to..! What’s our thought for the day?

Feel the burn!

Argh! Haha… The burn of discomfort?! Man, this is next level. I have to be so careful with this, because I can tend to get into the type of discomfort which is just burnout-making…

We are talking about the burn arising in stillness, in inaction, in non-wanting, in non-pushing, in wu wei. 

What is wu wei? I can’t remember exactly.

Wu wei (無爲) is a concept literally meaning “inexertion” or “inaction”. Wu wei emerged in the Spring and Autumn period, and from Confucianism, to become an important concept in Chinese statecraft and Taoism, and was most commonly used to refer to an ideal form of government including the behavior of the emperor. Ref:

Feel the wu wei burn means feel the discomfort arising as Head urges the cavalry’s advancement, and the emperor says, ‘No, not yet.’

Ah, the antsy feeling… Yes. I hear you. I’ll work with this…

I am feeling the wu wei [inexertion] burn



Later: And so this Abraham Hicks video was good… ‘Ask your Inner Being what is thinks, throughout the day, and see how it is constantly aligned to Source. As you align to your Inner Being, you align to Source… You gain the ability to control what you are thinking about and choose to think about the positive things. And you become tuned in, turned on, tapped in..’ (paraphrased)


Peak 116: I am awakening my Heart space

What is the ‘mastery of vibration’ involved in magnetising the heart space?

The vibration or frequency of magnetism has an effect: pull, open, uplift, raise up.

Think of the magnetic effect upon the heart as the opening of a lotus flower.

Unfurling, giving up, softening, revealing. Yes. Let’s read…

-52- All things under heaven had a common beginning, and that beginning could be considered the Mother of all things. When you know the Mother you will also know the children. Know the children, yet hold fast to the Mother, and to the end of your days you will be free from danger. Block the passages! Shut the doors! And, to the end of your days your strength will not fail you. Open the passages! Increase your activities! And, to the end of your days you will be beyond help. See the small and develop clear vision. Practise yielding and develop strength. Use the outer light to return to the inner light, and save yourself from harm. This is known as following the Always-so. (The Tao Te Ching 52)

At first I could see myself reacting against this stark and seemingly negating concept: Block the passages! Shut the doors! And, to the end of your days your strength will not fail you. Open the passages! Increase your activities! And, to the end of your days you will be beyond help. But let me put it to my heart for a Heart Check-in. Heart, what say you?

Body outline with three dantians illustratedHeart says: This passage is reminding you that you are a finite being, with boundaries that must be honoured and nurtured. The cracked pot can not fill up. The well-sealed, darkened cinema shows the film off to its best advantage. The dantian seeks to fill. The dantian seeks to fill – and hold qi. Try working with your Heart as a dantian which would charge as a battery and keep moving energy round in a sealed space, so that it recharges itself rather than expending itself. 

A reminder of the definition of Dantian (Wikipedia):

Dantiandan t’iandan tien or tan t’ien is loosely translated as “elixir field”, “sea of qi“, or simply “energy center”. Dantian are the “qi focus flow centers”, important focal points for meditative and exercise techniques such as qigongmartial arts such as t’ai chi ch’uan, and in traditional Chinese medicine.[1][2]

Three dantians

Different schools of thought categorize dantian in various manners. Three main dantian are typically emphasized:[1][2]

  • Lower dantian (下丹田, Xià Dāntián): below the navel (about three finger widths below and two finger widths behind the navel), which is also called “the golden stove” (金炉 pinyin: Jīn lú) or the namesake “elixir-of-life field” proper, where the process of developing the elixir by refining and purifying essence (jing) into vitality (qi) begins.[6]
  • Middle dantian (中丹田, Zhōng Dāntián): at the level of the heart, which is also called “the crimson palace”, associated with storing spirit (shen) and with respiration and health of the internal organs, in particular the thymus gland. This cauldron is where vitality or qi is refined into shen or spirit.[7]
  • Upper dantian (上丹田, Shàng Dāntián): at the forehead between the eyebrows or third eye, which is also called “the muddy pellet”, associated with the pineal gland. This cauldron is where shen or spirit is refined into wu wei or emptiness.[5][8]

What do I do with this information? I’ve never truly felt or sensed the dantians in all these years of on/off qigong.

You did when you practised qiong deeply.

Did I? At the qigong camp (2015)?

The deep practice changed you profoundly. 

Yes. True…

No, really. It was precisely what allowed you to ‘Block the passages! Shut the doors!’ (see TTC 52 above).


Leave your corporate job? Terminate the nonsense with your shocking business partner? Address your untenable financial/legal situations? Then retrain? All of that was bolstered and made possible by those 10 days of qigong. 

Tbh, it felt like a breakdown. It was a breakdown! That qigong camp precipitated a 2 year long mh breakdown!

Nothing else would cause you to stop, Block the passages! Shut the doors! and reorientate your life according to your prayers, plans and purpose. Moving from Head to Heart does indeed feel like a mh breakdown because the Head cries out ‘Crisis! Danger!’ as you leave its flawed Operating System behind. As you eject the Head from your personal Control Room, it storms out in a fit of fury throwing hand grenades behind it.

Whereas Heart’s OS..?

Pure Taoism. 

Aaaaaaaahhh! So this is why we’re studying Taoism! The Taoist ways are the Ways of the Heart.

The Tao is the Way. The Heart follows the Way. 

Whereas the Head would throw a distractifying party, way off the path of the Way…

So, more on letting Heart take the lead (in its non-leading Way)…

Bill Ballard writes: There is a choice that each must make. It is, “What do I wish to manifest from this illusion for my own future self to experience?” (The Great Awakening, Bill Ballard, 2012, p101)

To this, I say, I wish to shift into a Heart-centred paradigm.


I’m back after a couple of hours away. After the last line above I felt inclined to flick on to Twitter. There a tweet said emphatically: ‘Watch ‘The Game Changers’ on Netflix…’

So I did. ‘The Game Changers‘ is a documentary about plant-based athletes. I also watched the trailer for another film mentioned alongside – ‘Dominion‘. Oh my heart… It’s about the meat industry.   {:_-(

So here’s the thing. I’ve been essentially ‘plant-powered’ or ‘virtually vegan’ since 29th July 2019, largely thanks to reading Medical Medium. I’ve also been completely alcohol-free since 31st Dec 18. I can feel in me as I write and think about this topic, that this harm-free way of eating is an example of following the Heart-centred paradigm. It’s not fancy, clever or glamorous, and it takes daily (yes, daily) mental/spiritual discipline, especially when my loved ones are happy omnies/drinkers and I’m not getting the weight loss results I pine for (though I believe I am getting greater energy than before). So. What can I learn today? I said I wish to move into the Heart-centred paradigm. What am I to learn today?

Barriers, boundaries, decisions, non-drifting, eating protocols. The Heart is firm, disciplined and boundaried (with its own Person and with others) SO THAT it can be soft, yielding and infinitely loving. “Block the passages! Shut the doors!” is about kung-fu fighting against the non-Love. That takes real power, real strength. As the athletes found – eating steak slows you down; whereas a boundaried plant-based regime creates extraordinary results in humans. In the same way, being overly-open, overly-busy, greedy with life and food, and not gathering qi, slows you down.

Gather qi to the Heart. Hold it there. Pump prime the Heart. Gather power. 

My new cardio exercise classes like Zumba, 2-3 times a week – I sometimes sense my Heart ‘going along with it’ and rolling its eyes. Yet, I think it makes me stronger to do cardio… And more tired, also… Guidance?

In fairness, your Heart would love you to have a lifestyle which did not need artificial cardio. But, it is happy to accept the current new adjustments to 3 exercise classes a week. Done well, simple walking and qigong achieve the same results, but you know that. 

Ok. Well let’s keep flowing with the protocol of ‘some classes are better than none.’ I’m still experimenting with new classes – bravely, I might add!

Here’s the message for today: Your Heart is a living, breathing being, with a mind, consciousness and an agenda – just like you. Work with it. Gather qi into it, with your hands, your breath, your movement and most importantly, with your powerful intention to AWAKEN your Heart space to full consciousness, and to AWAKEN your consciousness to an awareness of your Heart space. 

I hear you. Ty.

I am awakening my Heart space. 

Try this:

Meditation: Awaken to HeartSpace (23:04 min)


Peak 115: I am magnetising my heart space

Today is ‘Super Saturday’ when our MPs vote on the newly-fudged Brexit deal – though maybe they won’t if an amendment goes through during the course of today. The Ways of my Heart are so far from this ‘division bell fight to the last’ by those who would unleash havoc on the nation. And yet… my Head watches transfixed. Peace be with us all.


I am reading the Great Awakening with such joy. I’m on pg 85. I am reminded of the necessity of going into the ‘trance’ state and filling ourselves with light (golden inner anchor), and clearing inner debris, and connecting with Source, and basically up-regulating our frequency into complete softness, delicacy, flow and alignment. How best can I up-regulate my state?

You mention ‘trance’ – or the deep meditation state. This alone is like pressing the reset button. It is a powerful way to make your default state one of alignment.  Put simply, every time you shift into the parasympathetic (rest and digest) state, you are down-regulating the threat, panic and scarcity state. You are aware of your energetic alignment? 

To an extent. I’m aware of the flow of qi, and the amount of energy flowing in and out of us.

What you haven’t been aware of is the need to harness and hold light. 

I do tend to let energy flow in, through and out of me. It leaves me tired.

Let us tell you this. When you truly learn to harness and hold light you will be better able to bond with others, and this will increase your sense of joy in this world. It will all but remove your fear of others, or of death, or of isolation or rejection. 

Does my tiredness limit my ability to bond?

We are informing you that you are ready to find your ‘dan tiens’ and really work with them. And that one marker of this working well will be your increased capacity to bond with others. 

I think of the martial artists who gather such qi within them that they can then knock a brick off the table without touching it. Or put out fire. The theme of electric hands… What are mine for?

Harnessing and conveying qi. Initially to ‘patch up’ your own aura and fill it with light/qi. 

Oh man… How do I stick with this? I practised a lot of qigong before and it massively improved my health but what else…?

You met G because your qi fields aligned. 

Really? Ok. And next, now?

When your frequency is raised through qi and stabilised, you will better be able to bond with those you love. 

I need help here.

Let’s read…

-51- The Tao gives life to all things, and its Virtue nourishes them, forms each according to its nature and gives to each its inner strength. Therefore, the ten thousand things all venerate the Tao and honour its Virtue. It has never been decreed that the Tao be venerated and its Virtue be honoured; they have always been so treated spontaneously. Thus, the Tao gives life to all things; and its Virtue raises them, nourishes them, brings them to their full growth, feeds, shelters, and protects them. Giving life without claiming authority, benefiting without demanding gratitude, guiding without control. This is called hidden Virtue. (The Tao Te Ching 51)

Ok, so hang on. What exactly is the difference, and the association, between the Tao and qi?

Tao is the Creator Source and Qi is the life force. 

So the qi comes from the Tao?

Qi is borne of fruitful manipulation of the Tao forces. The qi must be balanced for the Tao to be closely followed.

I feel out of my depth. Am I hearing you correctly?

Almost. The most important thing to be aware of is that you are a receptacle for Light, and your role is to balance the light you receive. When you do you will bond with your loved ones more completely. 

I feel some unease when dropping into the parasympathetic state.

Of course you do. Your amygdala shouts, ‘Don’t relax! Remain on guard or be eaten!’

When in reality…

Every time you slip into the parasympathetic state…

As in that yoga nidra class…

…You access a well of pure healing. You reboot. You re-educate your nervous system. You strengthen your qi. 

Moving meditation… It’s physiological and ‘virtual’…

[Reading more of The Great Awakening, up to p98]

Yes, this seems to be about activating the heart space by working with its energy, awakening it, or rather awakening our sense of it. Ballard talks about switching on the scared heart space.

“When an individual functions from the head and is not heart-activated there is a vibration that can be measured and has a factor of x. When the sacred heart-space is switched on the individual’s heart chakra is activated. Science has now proven this. The switched-on heart-space emits about 50,000 times more energy than the original measurement factor of x. This amplification of the energy field is the goal of heart chakra activation. When accomplished you begin to experience mastery within the illusion. The Merkabah is automatically activated once the heart chakra activates. A toroid-shaped energy field forms and its power can be measured. After the heart chakra activates it takes a bit more time (maybe a few weeks of staying focused on that sacred space) before the activation anchors. Once anchored a permanent bliss akin to a never-ending cosmic orgasm is achieved. Anchoring results in making this new state of being permanent. (The Great Awakening, Bill Ballard, 2012 p98)

So, I am indeed working with this heart space and its energy. It feels like I am tickling it into my awareness, with a mixture of qigong and self-reiki and energy work and clearing/cleansing…

You are undertaking ‘light work’ on your heart space. 

Wow. Awesome. And I gather it takes some consistent work for the activated state to remain switched on. Ballard said it took him 40 days of focussed work.

Each person is different. The point is to keep working with it, like a loving person keeps working day and night with a little puppy to gain its trust, attention and cooperation. 

Stretchy, spongey, pulling and kneading of the heart space energy… That’s what I’m feeling.

Good work. Excellent work. Awakening, activating, communing. This is the light work we referred to. 

Ok, I can work with this for a good while – especially because it is so tangible. I literally can feel it. And presumably I keep the conversation up too – the Heart Check-Ins?

Indeed. Feel free to ask for assistance. 

Cool. It’s magnetising, isn’t it? Reminiscent of Tiara Kumara and her book.

Perfect. Go ahead there. 

I am magnetising my heart space. 


Other refs from the Heart Math Institute


Peak 114: I am attuning to the Ways of my Heart

Quote from the text

What else did my Heart tell me when I asked it, “Heart, what say you?”…?

  • In the shower: Just relax.
  • After my shower: Finish what you’re doing.
  • “You’re like a ‘Heart Coach‘”:  Yes. You are ready for this. 
  • After lunch: Be still. 
  • After stillness. “Qigong?”: YES. [NB.It’s a mature voice in me which holds me to account.]
  • During qigong: *BLISS* [NB. The Heart really loves QG]
  • Sitting down for work: Focus in. Follow your plan. 
  • This evening?: You’re sick and tired. Stay in and message family and friends. 
  • Right now: Go to the loo. [Ehem… brb]
  • Right now: Trouble ahead if you don’t reach out more.

Excuse me?

Reach out more. Reassure. Don’t let tanks run on empty. Put dates in diaries with a loved one or two. Clarify your care. Take a lead there. 

Ok. Yes. I hear you. 

Let’s read. 

-50- When going off one way means living and going off the other way means dying, three in ten are companions of Life, three in ten are companions of Death, and three in ten value Life but drift toward Death. Why is all this so? Because, these people are too greedy about living. It is said: People who are skilful in caring for the life that has been given to them travel abroad without fear of wild ox or tiger, and enter a battle without concern for sharp weapons. There is no place for the wild ox to thrust its horns, there is no place for the tiger to put its claws, there is no place for a weapon to lodge. How is this so? Because, there is no place for Death to enter in! (The Tao Te Ching 50)

Stenudd comments:

That makes nine out of ten. The tenth is the one who really knows how to relate to life, without desperation. What you cherish, but don’t struggle too hard to keep, will not escape you. Life is like a cat. It enjoys your company if you don’t try to enslave it and don’t get too attached to it.

       People who have this relaxed relation to life don’t provoke death. Nor do they seek it. They walk through life with the spirit of a visitor, who enjoys the experience but doesn’t for a moment expect it to last forever.

Do I rush through and at life? Am I greedy for life? I certainly feel my body to be under stress and strain. I wake up with my adrenal glands already struggling. I’m pushing onwards, and not reaching out to those I love enough… What is the advice today?

Pace. It’s about pacing yourself. 

And having ‘this relaxed relation to life’?

It’s about taking the foot off the accelerator and finding enjoyment in the drive. It’s about looking out of the window and marvelling at the scenery. It’s about stopping at the vistas, getting out of the car, and noticing majesty. 

Noticing majesty. I like that.

Equally, it’s about appreciating minutiae, and simplicity. 

Let’s go into the Heart space and meditate for our final insight today.


Arising: “I am attuning to the ways of my Heart.” Right? Your commentary?

Attuning to the ways of your Heart is spot on for today. Sometimes your Heart, and the Hearts of your loved ones, have felt betrayed by your ‘headlong’ push into the World. 

Oh my word… Please… You’re knocking me here…

You can hear this. No problem. You are open to re-alignment, we know. 


Recall how your Heart, at check-ins, preferred: 

  1. order, completion, assiduousness
  2. bliss, slowness, presence

The orderliness, or discipline, creates the infrastructure within which bliss and presence can occur. 

Yes! And I am finding ways of getting more organised. My 12 Week Year work, and Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly trackers, my calendar organisation… Yesterday I brought my Inbox down to 37 emails (from 550) for the first time in 4 years! All this creates more space for the important matters of PRESENCE, right?

And Presence includes being present with others. 

So as I improve my organisation and completion and execution, I can be more present to self, others, Heart. Yes?

These are the Ways of the Heart. 

Accountability and order, to create space for space. You have diligently to book the holiday / car / plane / visas / insurance IN ORDER TO be able to sit on the mountain top and contemplate the vista.


These are the Ways of the Heart. I see a little bit more clearly now: 

Order facilitates presence. 

May I move into this Heart-centred consciousness. May I learn the Ways of the Heart. May I release old ‘Headlong’ habits. May I soften. May I relearn with humility. May I pace myself so that Reaching Out to my loved ones becomes natural and abundant. May I not be greedy towards life, but generous towards it. May my orderly, diligent, assiduous Ways of the Heart facilitate many moments of Bliss, Slowness, Presence.

Should I now read G’s loved book, Thinking, Fast & Slow

Slow down… 

I am attuning to the Ways of my Heart

Peak 113: I am constantly checking-in with my Heart

Heart, heart, heart… Well, I have to say that soon after the last Dialogue I fell headlong into a couple of days of complete heartache. A difficult conversation left me reeling and feeling lost, confused, ashamed, hurt, deflated and like hiding away. I felt my heart verily close off and defend itself… despite my seeking to speak through it. But in the end, I think a heartfelt conversation did restore things. Maybe I needed to hear some truths about myself and how I manage myself in busy days…

The message of The Great Awakening has been helpful: Turning inside is key. (p64) When I have found the stillness within me to connect with my heart in meditation, I do indeed access a different kind of inner fuel. It’s a fuel, or energy, or state which really, really grounds me. It made a big difference to the training I delivered yesterday – simply to have connected with my heart in meditation for 5 minutes. Nourishing, anchoring, restoring.

Let’s read.

-49- The True Person does not have an individual heart but uses the heart of the people. I am kind to those who are kind. I am also kind to those who are not kind. Thus, there is an increase in kindness. I keep faith with those who are in good faith. I also keep faith with those who lack good faith. Thus, there is an increase of good faith. The True Person is detached and humble and to the world appears confusing. The people all strain their eyes and ears, yet the True Person remains childlike. (The Tao Te Ching 49)

Interesting: ‘does not have an individual heart but uses the heart of the people’. What does this mean? Looking at other translations, there are wide variations on the interpretation of this chapter. Eg. others end by saying the sage cares for others unconditionally as a mother would care for her children. (vs. ‘remains childlike’). What I love about this chapter however is the exhortation towards unconditional love, kindness, faithfulness. I have been reminded by The Great Awakening book that it’s really important not to get entangled in judgment or horror as the 3D matrix collapses. And I know I have been very merrily wiping my nose with Twitter, and huffing and puffing at the BBC etc etc, as Brexit and more unravels into greater darkness around us.

Greater darkness, you say? 

You know what I mean! Come on, our politics have been hijacked by hubristic archons bent on whipping up the fearful or egotistical natures of the populaces so that great tranches of the electorate will vote to have themselves shot in their own feet for the ultimate benefit of the hate-whipper-uppers.

Such pain and trauma in you. 

Well, at the very least, ‘bemusement’. But in truth, also, yes, ‘horror’ at the lovelessness. Look at Turkey attacking the Kurds…

What if we told you that this spectacle is all the wrapping up of the old, in a vortex? In a vacuum? Take the plug out of a bath tub and for a long time there’s little to see except the general water level getting almost imperceptibly lower. Now consider that happens when the last of the water goes out of the bath: a sudden rushing, whirling, gurgling vortex as the drainpipe seems to whisk and vacuum the water out and away. 

Oh, please let this be true of our old systems. Even our dear environmentalists are causing dismay and dissent. Today XR is occupying London’s public transport at rush hour, thus affecting all those working people who have already abandoned cars for environmental good… Division, dissent, disunity, panic-mongering.

Let it all be the end of an era of lovelessness. But how will the next generation gain and maintain energy to bring in systems of love, of unity, of consultation, of collaboration?

With some help and guidance and motivation from the older generations. 

That’s us!


“There’s another way! You know it..!”

They most certainly do. 

The indigoes will undo the old, broken system; the crystals will seed the new system, with love.

Now go into your heart and meditate. Listen to your heart. ‘Turning inside is key’.


Ok so when I finally settled in enough to bring awareness to my heart area, I found (sensed) my heart as ‘wrung taut’ – a bit like a fox found by a terrier at the dead end of a hole. Why is this?

You’ve been running on Head, and Heart has been loping along behind trying to keep up. 

Again?! Still?!

The HeartShift you are invited to explore is subtle, and requires patience, trust and courage. 

When I went into my heart just now I felt pain welling up.

Healing upon healing upon healing is the work of our times. By bringing awareness to the Heart, the healing occurs. 

Feel it to heal it… How best can I do this awareness work?

{Constant heart check-ins} perform a vital task. Ask yourself, ‘How does my Heart feel about this next action, meal, conversation, activity, experience..?” Become conversant with your Heart. You don’t always need to follow its will, but as clear as day is day, you most certainly will learn that not following the heart creates minor aggravation at the least, and exhaustion and burnout as the typical outcome. You will, dear friend, learn to trust the messages of your dear Heart. 

Big leap, isn’t it? To start to follow Heart not Head.

And yet a minor tweak is all that is needed to steer the ship onto a whole new course, towards a whole new destination. 

Ok, I’ll do these Heart Check-Ins, and become more conversant with my Heart. May I be granted the wisdom and patience to do this properly and to learn to hear my Heart’s voice, and act upon it faithfully, consistently, unconditionally.

I’ll stop Head-charging my life, like a bull in a china shop…

I’m prepared to listen to my softer nature, and trust it.

I am constantly checking-in with my Heart

“Heart, what say you?”

Git up, git on up, git up, git on up…

Ah, yes… time to get up. Thank you!

Peak 112: I am speaking through my Heart

I am so grateful for the guidance to ‘keep your head’. It acts as a comforting hand on the shoulder, grounding and anchoring me. It reminds me that it is entirely within my gift to keep ‘upright’, to remain ‘tethered’ to my bright inner anchor.

This morning (a Sunday), I have been reading a beautiful, nourishing book: The Great Awakening (2012). I liked this:

Why are you here? What’s going on at the Universal level? We are basically a universe of Light. Duality has not been the norm, and only exists in dimensions below the 4th. Duality is in all separate from Source. We live as individual egos in 3D-4D. This is not so in 5D upwards. Only a small part of this universe is experiencing the lower vibrations and this duality experiment. In this dimension and higher the civilization of light is returning to Source creator – finding its way back to Source.

Some civilizations ran into a problem ascending. These civilizations discovered that by existing in light alone they encountered a level where ascension slowed and almost stopped. They could not easily go higher. So the Divine plan was to drop into the lowest dimensions and experience what we could learn.

Why? There is zero negativity in the higher dimensions where all is light. There is simply no state of conflict resolution and no ability for an individual or collective to make decisions. In the lower dimension where we are this is the norm. Everything is conflict resolution. Everything! In the higher dimensions this problem of indecision results from the lack of negativity or duality.

Some higher civilizations in the universe reached a level of light where growth stopped because they could not make the decisions needed to choose what to do next. Without making choices where do you go? You become stagnant or stalemated.

The Divine Plan was set forth. We created a place of duality and negativity, an Earth school which would become a solution for this problem. It was designed to explore and experience negativity, the opposite polarity. Duality was born for solutions rather than just to create vortexes.

Duality is the theme of this worldly experience but has not been the greater part of the universal experience. But how, now when we are in our smallest individualized components for experiencing this duality, how do we ascend back? We raise our frequency. (The Great Awakening p17)

In other words (my paraphrase):

All 5D light => hard to make decisions => stalemate ensues

Divine plan was developed to drop frequency down to 3D (duality, negativity, polarisation, ego/head) to learn decision making (IE. CONFLICT RESOLUTION) as a means to developing our creator minds and learning consciously about raising frequency. 

Mind-blowing for me who has turned to the art of conflict resolution as my work in this world. Thank you!

And how to raise frequency?

Step 1: Heart activation (and leaving ego/head orientation). See pg54+.

I’m feeling grateful for the insight into the Conflict Resolution theme. I’m keen to spend some time contemplating this heart shift business. I’m exhausted from working in a way which is still ‘5D speaks 3D’… Is that a fair comment?

We are grateful you continue to come here for an education from your soul. You truly have a great deal to say to yourself and the learning is, thankfully, never ending. Your comment on ‘5D speaks 3D’ misses something. 5D is a state – it’s not a place, or a peak on a hill, or an alternative ‘position’. It is an ‘encompassing’ dimension. It encompasses 3D quite easefully, and finds no otherness in it. 

Ah. Of course. But does the 5D frequency not need to adapt to the language of the 3D?? To be understood?

True 5D is not Communicatory as you are used to communication. You are used to communication which has a communicator and a receiver – and you ‘turn up the volume’ to hear or be heard. 5D on the other hand is attracting, magnetising. When you reach an insight, you resonate with the Knowing at hand. The Knowing (message) is/was always there to be received. The receiver must approximate the Knowing. 

Ah, hence, when I say here, ‘Speak up, please!’, nothing happens. But when I get really quiet, settled, calm, neutral and receptive inside, information becomes apparent?


So, if a great deal of my work in the world is training, I’ve got some difficulty there… because training is about transmitting knowledge…


And, when I’m training well, it’s about drawing the knowledge from the participants themselves.

Thus facilitating their connection with their inherent knowing. 

So, less ‘telling’, more ‘facilitating’… would be good. Would be less tiring?


This is the new model of teaching, isn’t it?

21st Century living requires two key skills:

  1. Information download/upload
  2. Discernment / decision-making 

So today, I uploaded this book on heart activation. Now I need discernment to decide how to use what I have received.

Let’s read. 


In the pursuit of learning, every day something is added.

In the pursuit of the Tao, every day something is dropped.

Less and less is done until you come to action without striving.

When you follow this practice, nothing remains undone.

All under heaven is won by letting things take their course.

Nothing can be gained by interfering. (The Tao Te Ching 48)

Spot on. So: don’t add extra stuff as a reaction to the reading about heart activation. Drop things instead! 

As Stenudd translates it:

Those who seek the Way, / Let go of something every day.

I need to ponder this… What shall I let go of?


Let go of ‘personal ambition’, you say? What does that mean and why?

Personal ambition equates to STS and is a heart-blocker. 

*Squeak* Right-then-well-I-see-fair-enough! And replace it with..? STO.

Systematic STO. Not fly-by-night, seat-of-pants, happy-byproduct of the STS work. 

Crumbs. No holds barred today, then. But thank you. What do you mean by systematic service to others?

Systematic STO is planned, regular, scalable. Its clarity and regularity allows heaven to steer the input/output. You hold (firmly and with faith) a framework which can be used by Spirit. 

CoDialogue Labs. Or zummit like that.


Those who seek the Way, / Let go of something every day.

Let go of unpredictability, extras, chaos… Settle on the One Thing? ..So ‘heaven can take its course.’

Committing to One Thing takes faith, courage and, of course, commitment. 

I have this phrase (5Y vision to 2025): ‘Make Mediation Mainstream’.

Sounds good. Can you let go of everything else? Can you say ‘No’ to the things that are-not-this? How will you know when you are working towards MMM, and when you are not? 

I need to get soft inside. I need to work with the Universe, not ‘at’ it. I need to be receptive, and to resonate with the Knowing available. I need to activate Heart, and calm, settle, decommission Head.

Oh God, bless my Heart that it may strengthen and bloom. May we all gather the courage and wisdom to work from our Hearts. May we get in tune with our Hearts and speak through and from them. May we trust that the Heart-centred way is the Way. May we all speak Heart-to-Heart. May we let go of the Head’s fixation on the Thousand Things. May we tune in to the Heart’s channel, which is Love FM, and play only its melodies. May we play the songs of our Hearts, across this planet. Keep my Heart activated, enlivened and prominent in my decision-making, my utterances and my actions. Bless us all as Heart-Centred beings.

I am speaking through my Heart


Peak 111: I am keeping my head 

Briefly as I run out the door for a 7th day of work on the trot… (It’s Saturday, furgoodnessake!) Let’s read.

-47- Without going outside you can know the ways of the world. Without looking through the window you can see the way of heaven. The farther you go the less you know. Therefore, the True Person arrives without travelling, perceives without looking, and acts without striving. (The Tao Te Ching 47)

Ha, very apt. “Without going outside…” Darn right. Too much travel, movement, busying. Though I do love meeting people. I even think my introversion is fading into extraversion!! Seriously. Amazing stuff. But… here we are invited to cultivate ‘arrival’, ‘perception’ and ‘action’ without travelling, pushing or striving. Help me centre myself today.


I have this image of my wearing a wizard’s hat and wielding a magic wand.

This is an image of ancient wisdom. If (as Stefan Stenudd asserts) Kant could become a world-renowned philosopher while never going further than 10 miles from his own home town, be assured that you have the wisdom you need for today within you. 

When others are losing their heads, keep yours. When others are feeling burdened, remain burden-free. This is your gift to your colleagues and students today. 

Like a wizard, like a ballerina, like a monarch. Keep your head upon your shoulders today. Retain the inner poise you are cultivating through the image of the Inner Anchor. 

‘IF you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs…’

I am keeping my head 



Peak 110: I am cultivating contentedness

The wedding was completely stunning. My ‘cool, calm and collectedness’ was tested maximally as I was due to sing a song at the end of the ceremony… G. reached over and said brightly, “Anchors away!” –  the perfect, gentle reminder to me to call upon and strengthen the inner anchor. I still have a way to go with remaining neutral (funny for someone whose job is literally to be a neutral), but I am observing this with care and self-compassion.

A good success was some quarterly goal-setting over the week in Portugal, which sprang for me a whole 5 Year Vision of creating local labs for peace, dialogue and consultative decision-making. How will I have the nerve to do the innovative stuff?

Paso a paso. No short cuts. Develop the relationships. Go into listening mode. Learn from others. Trust. Listen. Trust. 

You are invited to birth something new. If you want. 

I need help getting it right.

Think about creating something so simple that other people would want to copy it. 

Aha… as opposed to something so niche it is clearly a me-only gig?

There is value in simple concepts which deliver ‘the goods’. 

Please download the necessary information into my mind.

Let’s read.

-46- When the Tao prevails in the world swift horses are used to fertilise the fields. When the Tao is unheeded war horses are bred on the border lands. There is no greater offence than harbouring desires. There is no greater disaster than discontent. There is no greater misfortune than wanting more. Hence, if you are content you will always have enough. (The Tao Te Ching 46)

Oof, this is a powerful chapter, challenging us to drop our offensive desires, our disastrous discontent and our misfortunate wanting more. On the upside, we are reassured that ‘if you are content you will always have enough’.

Contentedness is a beautiful topic. I do know how cultivating contentedness liberates us from despair, sadness, anger, self-pity… 

How best can I cultivate contentedness?


When we affirm our contentedness, we settle internally. We know that the world is conspiring to support us, and this brings a smile to our face! We relax into the moment, ceasing to push or even to foster change. We are not needing to tweak, pick at or amend the circumstances. We are content to let the present conditions reveal their perfection to us. The result? Increased bliss, joy, awe. 

And what of tricky or unfair circumstances?

We give thanks for the fact that they are teaching us what we want, that they are providing us opportunity to envision what we know to be the next step. And we return our minds to the vision of ‘what we are wanting’. 

As Abraham says…

“You are knowing what you are wanting?”

Peace. Inside and out.

Can you find contentedness from the peace you do currently find, inside and out? 

Yes! I can playfully seek out and affirm the peace I cherish. I can find it in a deep breath, in the woods by my house, in the loos of a busy cafe, in the face of a passing baby… I can be contented in that! May I cultivate this contentedness daily, moment by moment. May we all cultivate contentedness so that our chafing for change falls away, and we realise the perfection in each other. May our politicians cease their rancour. May the unity of all ages be upon us, so that we can appreciate the perfection of each other and this glorious planet.


I am cultivating contentedness