MEDS Day 92: Today I am playing “Heart says…”

Hearing my heart better now and now and now’ went like this yesterday:

“Heart says… {listen}…”

Invariably, with gentle listening, words would be discernible. Often, they were unexpected and opposite to what ‘I thought I thought’.For example, making plans to see an old and not very nice acquaintance, Heart said of this person quite vociferously, “Stay away from me!” Do I ‘follow my heart’ or follow normal social protocols and schedule the time to see her as planned ages ago?

What do you think?! THIS is the learning. This is why we learn to meditate too, because it is not until the (ill-informed, misguided, fear-activated, noisy) Mind is quietened (nay silenced) that we can hear the still, small voice of the inner being… which knows. Having heard that voice, the trick is, dear one, to follow its guidance. As you do so, you’ll trust more in it, and call it your intuition.

Cool stuff, huh?

Your Heart is not brought online to be a patsy to your thinking Mind. Ultimately, they must learn to be united. This is crucial. But first, one must learn to hear and trust the intuitive heart. Obey it, even. Uncomfortable though that may be at first.

Uncomfortable because I’m so used to being prodded by the Mind?

You are very responsive to your Mind. Just wait until you are truly tuned into your Heart (aka Inner Being, in Abraham Hicks terms). You’ll be cooking with gas then.

Go and do your qigong. It’s a great Heart opener and supporter.

And today?

Keep playing “Heart says…”

Today I am playing “Heart says…”

MEDS Day 91: Today I am hearing my heart better, now and now and now

Feeling the feeling of “Lucky me!”-in-my-heart is such a subtle practice. Or maybe it’s the fact that I’m bringing my ‘feeling’ heart online. Curiously, on the day of my last post, recommending working with feeling the feeling of “Lucky me!”-in-my-heart, a stranger approached me and told me I had a ‘white heart’. What is this business with the heart? What is a heart-centred life? I’m being prompted, by circumstances, to take a leap of courage with my professional life in the coming few days. Can a heart-centred approach give me that courage? And is the leap more about courage, or surrender?

Dear soul, on this occasion, your surrendered state is not required. You are invited to hold immense poise, and raise your head up, above the parapet – yes, to the air which you have believed to be rife with flying bullets. You are invited to raise your head into the open air and discover that space to be not only safe but radiant, beautiful, heavenly. 

It sounds like a kind of mini-death.

It is a death of some egoic (fearful) thinking. How does that sound? 

Hairy. But I’ve done it before, this going beyond my egoic thinking, and the build-up to it, is always worse than the doing, and the fears are rarely borne out, and the ensuing cheery relief is generally palpable. In other words, I know it to be worth the leap. What is my egoic thinking here?

You fear being ‘shot down’. 

Hence the flying bullets analogy… Yes. I can see that. I’m reminded of another analogy I picked up for myself a couple of days ago. I was working with the ideas of Tamsin Hartley in the Listening Space – in particular ‘Choose an Object’. As you can see in the lovely video, Tamsin guides you like this:

  • Choose a concept or issue you’d like to work with
  • Tune into your breathing
  • Look all around you
  • Choose an object that somehow represents the concept or issue you’ve chosen to work with
  • What drew you to that object?
  • Is there anything else that drew you to the object?
  • Is there anything else that drew you to the object? (Repeat the question several times until there is nothing else forthcoming)
  • And what do you know now about the concept or issue?
  • And what difference does knowing this make?
  • And would this be a good place to leave it?

ChandelierThe other day, I can’t recall the issue I’d picked to work with, but I remember picking the broken chandelier lying around near me as my chosen object. I felt drawn to it because:

  • it had been a light-giver once, but was now unplugged
  • it was once glamorous but now dusty and missing crystals
  • it was not in its right place
  • it had the capacity to be restored to use… or shoved in the loft

All quite insightful to how I was feeling…!

Let’s use Tamsin’s process on the theme of ‘being shot down’. 


Take a minute to tune into your breathing, before looking around the room, and choosing an object that represents ‘being shot down’. 

Tudor chestFor some reason it’s the large tudor (or not far off) chest.

What drew you to that object? 

It’s bulky, visible, beautiful but also in the way. Laden with family history and history. It’s about 300 years old! It was my great Aunt Vera’s (I think). I can’t get rid of it, but I can’t store it either (in this new house). It’s blocking up the bedroom. I used to store my diaries in it, and it’s heavy with history.

Is there anything else that drew you to the object?

It’s followed me around from house to house. I’ve never really liked it, but I probably quite like the ‘statement’ of having a really old piece of furniture. I guess it makes me feel fancy. And I generally manage to use it for something.

Is there anything else that drew you to the object?

I can’t get rid of it. It’s a dark history piece. Literally, a heavy chest. You could keep a body in there. Like skeletons in the cupboard. Stuff might leap out at any moment.

Is there anything else that drew you to the object?

I want to be free of it. It makes me too vulnerable. I can’t ‘move on’ with it lurking about. I need to be more agile. Not to run away, but to live freely.

Is there anything else that drew you to the object?

I hate it. It’s a pandora’s box which could fly open at any moment. It’s heavy yet unpredictable. I need to move away from my past. How do I cut the cords, and start afresh? How do I leave behind, or release, the stuff that makes me cower in a dark, coffin-like box? How do I purify and lighten, bring light to, the past. My past, our collective past? How do I release, heal and cure the past? How do I cleanse the space I live in, materially and psychically? With intention I suppose. And action.

Is there anything else that drew you to the object?

The sunlight falling on it… That’s all.

And what do you know now about the theme of ‘being shot down’? 

I think of my past as being carried with me, in a negative, heavy sense – and that it makes me feel inflexible, non-agile, bulky, vulnerable – and nervous about the future. I know that it would be easier to approach life with a sense of ‘and here we are now, and now, and now’. I know I feel inclined to ‘cleanse the past’ and purify it. I guess my past needs to be seen, appreciated and let go of.

And what difference does knowing this make? 

It tells me I need to MOVE the energy of my space and heart. It tells me it’s ok to celebrate what is NOW, no matter (and because of) the past. It tells me the present is in the present. It tells me that when I get better and better at feeling the joy of the present moment, which is voiced in my heart, I will cease to worry about being shot down if I stick my head above the parapet. This is a really sensory (heart-centred) process. May I get in closer contact with my heart, and it’s present-moment voice, every day.

And would this be a good place to leave it? 

Almost… What’s the message…?

‘May I hear my heart better.’

Yes, that is it… Thank you.

Today I am hearing my heart better, now and now and now…

MEDS Day 90: Today I am feeling the feeling of “Lucky me!…” in my heart

The hap-full stance is one for really playing with! I like it so much. The phrase ‘Lucky me!’ popped forward yesterday. Try this on for size…

  • Lucky me! I’m working with these kind, intelligent, dedicated people.
  • Lucky me! I’m living with the man of my dreams.
  • Lucky me! I live in a cottage in the countryside.
  • Lucky me! I have children (whom I adore).
  • Lucky me! I work for myself.
  • Lucky me! I have a car and can go anywhere I like.
  • Lucky me! I can take time in the morning for writing.
  • Lucky me! Our parents are coming to visit us tomorrow.
  • Lucky me! The move went really well.
  • Lucky me! I have plenty of money to pay for the move.
  • Lucky me! I’m in good health.
  • Lucky me! My work feels aligned to my purpose and values.
  • Lucky me! I have a beautiful, supportive network of family and friends.

If mindfulness meditation retrains the brain to ‘notice’ incoming thoughts and become less reactive, jumpy, impulsive in response to those thoughts, this type of ‘mantra’ work, practised internally and aloud across the day, is surely about retraining the mind to ‘notice’ the good, and snapshot it. As my mind gets into the game of spotting the good and lighting up, it starts to become accustomed to running that positive appreciation programme on its own. This is the neural rewiring in the direction of finding the aspects of life which trigger a little splurge of dopamine and serotonin. Good work. Lucky me!

What else should I know about the mantra of ‘Lucky me!’?

Know that moderation in all things is the heart of balance. Remember that (according to Reality Transurfing) ‘balanced forces’ come into play when we over-exert, whether positively or negatively.  In gathering excess ‘potential’ we overcook the system, triggering those ‘balanced forces’ to even things out again. We want to avoid building up excess potential in the vibrational system. 

Know that the heart needs to be as connected as the mind to this appreciation work. Really get into the habit of feeling the Lucky Me within the heart. This will double, triple, quadruple the efficacy of your practice, because it will root it in your vibrational system. 

When you say the ‘efficacy’ of the practice, what do you mean? What are we seeking to effect or affect?

The result of the appreciation practice is, on the one hand, the rewiring of neural pathways so that the ‘ching!’ sensitivity (spark joy!) is heightened. On the other hand, this is about raising personal vibrational frequency. When the vibrational frequency is raised, we start to align with the aspects of life we are leaning towards in our hopes and dreams. In Abraham-Hicks language, we are starting to vibrate with our ‘vortex’. 

So feeling the Lucky Me in the heart is an important factor.

Words of appreciation can be empty of affect in certain regards. It’s the feeling of appreciation that fosters the upgrade process, both physiologically (the neural rewiring, the calming of the nervous system, the relaxing of the adrenal glands…) and vibrationally (the frequency rise). 

So if today you said (internally or aloud) “Lucky me!…”, today work with feeling the feeling of “Lucky me!…” in the heart. You might articulate it too. But learn to sense that appreciation in the heart. This growing capability will be a great asset in your portfolio of life skills. 

From the centre of my heart… Lucky me. <3

Today I am feeling the feeling of “Lucky me!…” in my heart. 



MEDS Day 89: I am moving from ‘hapless’ to ‘hap-full’.

I have noticed in myself a slight tendency to talk, and especially talk about myself, with a tinge of haplessness. What even does that mean precisely..? I checked. Gulp…

“Hapless literally means what you’d expect it to mean: “without hap”-“hap” being another word for “fortune” or “luck.” Hap derives from the Old Norse word for “good luck.” (“Happen” and “happy” are also descendants of the same ancient root word.)

That’s spot on. I’m still too often ready to point out my ‘lot’ – ‘…did it again’, ‘shouldn’t have…’, ‘they wronged me’, ‘I wronged myself..’.

Wow! Screw that sh*t!

I am absolutely bounding in hap, fortune, luck!

I need to rewrite my self-talk from hapless… to hap-full!

I need to point out my good hap here, here and here!

Hapfullness makes for happiness. Happiness makes for more good hap.

It’s all happening! What good happenstance! Hapfully speaking…

In terms of ‘gathering poise’…?

A hap-full stance summons in more gathering poise, because a hap-full fortunate person feels well-supported by the universe.

I am moving from ‘hapless’ to ‘hap-full‘.

MEDS Day 88: Today, I am gathering myself (NB: ‘poise’) -> “I am gathering poise”

We have moved house. What a blessing. May we be ever held in love, peace, joy and health here in this home. And may all who visit know they are held in love, peace, joy and health. May all hearts ever be united in gentleness, kindness and compassion.

My kidneys have really been talking to me in past days. So I googled ‘kidney health’ a bit this morning, and didn’t feel that ‘drink water’ was hitting the core of it, so I let it go. Then I felt inclined to check in on the Energy Synthesis page. Unrelated exploration turned up ‘adrenal fatigue’ and then a whole wiki on Kidneys. I am reminded that the qigong, which puts kidneys at the heart of health, is crucial to my physical health, but also to supporting the development of my energetic system. To put it mildly. Keep processing and detoxing and grounding and clearing and ventilating the system. There are ‘external’ pressures around. Protecting and strengthening the central nervous system is required work in these days. Protect and strengthen the system with strong intent and practice. This is required daily work.

This is the work of sovereignty. Personal sovereignty is our right and responsibility. Work carefully here. This is truly daily work at these times. Let the energy of the heart not be harvested off by others. 

Oof… Meaning?

Hold, articulate and embody the GSF mantra of Lisa Renee: ‘I am God. I am sovereign. I am free.’

How do I embody it?

Embody the GSF paradigm by: 

  • qigong
  • mindful awareness
  • those nature walks you think are for ‘weight loss’…
  • meditation
  • care with speech
  • the state of ‘knowing’
  • affirmation of wellness
  • psychic protection practices
  • 12D awakening

What should I remove from life?

Remove from life:

  • stress
  • effort
  • worry
  • concern
  • shame
  • embarrassment
  • apologies (give thanks instead)
  • people-pleasing
  • ‘rolling-over’
  • inertia
  • freezing
  • lethargy
  • apathy
  • ‘waiting’
  • dawdling
  • drifting

Ah, the drifting business. Yes. It’s all a careful balance, isn’t it? No stress/effort, but no lolling about either. What is the middle ground?

Poise. The middle ground is poise. Practice poise in qigong. Practise poise in meditation. Practice poise in the way you communicate, eat, dress, convey love, plan, write, work. You are invited to slip into the groove of your own train-tracks. This means driving your engine yourself, towards your own destination. Whenever you sense yourself chuffing along someone else’s tracks, under your own steam or someone else’s, know that you are giving that precious kidney qi away. Gather qi. That is the meaning of qigong. So gather yourself, your intentions, your actions. This is the meaning of ‘poise’. This is the tone of ‘God. Sovereign. Free’. Gather yourself. 

Lovely. Thank you. So today, I am gathering myself? Is that the message?

Yes. That is the lesson, message and practice for today. Remember the word ‘poise’. Practice poise by… gathering yourself. 

Today, I am gathering myself (NB: ‘poise’)

Later I realised the message is: I am gathering poise. Beautiful.

MEDS Day 87: Today I am learning heart coherence

The coherent heart is like a happy baby in a papoose

Yesterday I worked with I am learning and discerned even more ongoing learnings…

I AM Learning…

  • To use meditation and qigong to sense out, and settle in, the parasympathetic state – as a precursor to my day.
  • To be willing to accept my past errors – without self-judgment or recoiling – but with half-curious, half-disinterested observation.
  • To relax, chill out, go with the flow, push less, receive more…
  • To live with another… This is a beautiful new phase.
  • To trust
  • Humility
  • Humility and trust
  • Confidence, faith, remarkable confidence
  • To create the right frequency, internally and in my environment, to get things done in the best spirit

What else might I learn?

  • To quieten the heart, and let it sit softly, in coherence. 

Ah, as in Heart Math.

As in Heart Math. Yes. Heart coherence is your next gift to yourself. 

Really? Tell me more.

You’ve worked with physiology a good deal. But you’ve done it alone. With your companion present now, it will be easier to settle, settle, settle into that ongoing settled, grounding, embedding… state of heart coherence. 

Ty. I will play with that today. It’s my last (major!) day of packing before the final move tomorrow. I would do well to centre-stage my dear heart today, and keep it feeling cherished, soft, held… Like a happy baby in a papoose.

Today I am learning heart coherence. 


MEDS Day 86: Today I am learning

Yesterday I listened in to the new house, to the birds of our new garden, to the rooms in the house, and the elements in them… It was a good way to greet the new house, and start to learn its ways, and introduce myself to it. I like to be ever more in the receptive mode, dancing freely in the flow of growth, evolution, fun… As Mum always said: “It’s got to be FUN!”

Today, I am clear: I AM LEARNING….

  • With a beginner’s mind
  • To enjoy the wave of good fortune
  • To let the good flourish under my gaze
  • To see that everything really is unfolding wonderfully
  • To reality transurf
  • To ‘light up’ my next chosen sections of the alternatives space
  • To let in, and to walk into… my heart’s intention
  • To unite heart and mind behind my purposeful intention
  • To allow, to allow, to allow… my vortex to bring forth that which I’ve stored in it
  • To know my self-worth
  • To reflect the immense worth of us all
  • To walk side by side with my love
  • To share life with a companion. Wow. This.
  • To receive love, and to give it
  • To stand firm and upright on behalf of what is good, possible and loving
  • To do the Work with a light heart
  • To be empty to the ‘problems’
  • To let the jester jump
  • To accept the support, help, magical solutionising of thus benevolent, loving, giving universe
  • To learn

Today I am learning


MEDS Day 85: Today I am listening to things

Today, Valentine’s Day 2019, dear soul of my being, marks ten years to the day since my beloved Mum died, at the impossibly young age of 65. May she know how much we loved and love her, and have missed her comforting, humour-filled, nurturing physical presence these ten years. May she know that I often wonder if it is her gentle, guiding hand behind some of the many magical things that have occurred for us as a family in this past decade. May she know that I offer up my heart in prayerful communion to her today, and reach out my love to her, and ask that the Light may illuminate her soul yet ever more brightly across all dimensions of time and space. Thank you, beloved Mum, for the incredible family you created with your strength, selflessness and love. Be well and filled with joy, wherever you are.

And on the subject of magical things, today I move in with the sweet love of my life. We get the keys to the most gorgeous countryside cottage, where we, and our children, can live, work and be together. May our time together be ever enriched, joyful and up-lifting. May G and I learn to do the Work together. May our home and union be ever blessed, guided and illuminated.

Furthermore, on this day of days, let me gently note, it’s 45 years to the day since the death of beautiful Deni Prieto-Stock, killed by the Mexican army in 1974 at the age of 18.

Also the anniversary of the untimely deaths of the mother of my sister-in-law, and of the brother of my stepmother.

What a day is today. As the world marks romantic love, let spiritual love for one another fill our hearts. May all sadnesses be released, all traumas healed, all wounds forgiven, all loving hopes realised.

Yesterday I worked with saying ‘Let’s make things better’ (LMTB). It was good – it gave me patience as I worked with the huge job of clearing my work pile and packing up this house with it’s enormous amount of paper-based archives… The archives make me feel heavy, and yet I feel there’s a role for them in the future. There is so much gold in there. Especially in terms of the story of our family. Only, as I gathered from doing some clearing out with my beautiful eldest, not everyone wants to recall or ‘dig up’ the earlier journey. What to do about this feeling of the burden of paper (email print outs, mementos, photos, books, 130+ diaries…), and my longing to reflect on and celebrate the past, and my sense that others want to let it go, and my concern about letting it go, and my determination not disrespectfully to ‘out’ people on our shared past times….?

Am I really going to digitise these things, these paper objects? Or write them up?

As the lady on Youtube says: “putter through the clutter”. You need to be present to the things, and give them your time and attention, to be able to discern what they mean to you now. You can’t ‘attack’ personal papers/archives. 

I’ve run out of time before the move…!

Have you? Why not pack up ‘everything else’ asap today, and then discover what time you might have left. You also have all the time in the world at the next house, if you can make a project of it. Ask yourself: What is this for? What is the potential benefit? 

I think I have a bent towards making ‘art’ out of my past.

Interesting. In what sense? 

The celebration of human relationships. The ‘radical love’ project……………

Oh lordy…. Ayudame en esto….

Peace and gentleness are required. And deep listening. Listen, intuit, respond. 

So I can tune in to things, and listen? Intuit that which they are telling me?

Why not? You get the keys to a new house today. Why not practise there? 

Listen. Listen. Listen…

Ok. I’m going to listen to Weightless for my morning meditation, to start off the theme of Listening today.

If yesterday we were ‘making things better’, today we are ‘listening to things’ – as they are, and as they would be heard. 

It feels quite Marie-Kondo-Shinto-esque…

Maybe it is. Would you agree all things are animated by consciousness?

Maybe they are… Let me work with that today… Let me listen to the things…

Today I am listening to things.

MEDS Day 84: Today I am saying ‘Let’s make things better.’

As advised last time, I’ve been building in a daily focus on Sleep, Qigong and Nature Walks. Switching off for going to sleep, as ever the hardest, especially as I’ve had early work starts which ironically make it harder for me to turn my light off in good time. But my goodness, the daily qigong and nature walks… Powerful stuff. Very settling. Also so effective for ‘unstressing/untraumatising’ my body after intense conflict resolution work. Good restoration practices for the empathic types who take on a lot.

Just a brief check in today, as I’m a bit behind schedule. I’ve been marvelling at the things of the world. The goodness… The love. The kindnesses. The happiness growing here, there and everywhere.

Today we are working with  the concept of ‘making things better’.

How shall I best slide into this concept?

Just simply by saying, ‘let’s make things better’. It’s a softening and strengthening practice. It is fully compassionate to self, to other and to those external conditions which seem displeasing. It is an antidote to the brain’s flagging alert signals against ‘threat’, ‘disorder’, ‘chaos’, ‘lateness’, ‘undoneness’… The LMTB frame of mind says, let’s take what we have (lovingly) and make it better (lovingly). It invites, and develops, the DOER frame of mind we discussed in recent days. It goes like this: ‘Ok, I can see this undecided thing… Let’s decide, organise, execute and reflect on the result.’ And what’s the result? Simply this: we’ve made something better. Easy. Gentle. Satisfying. And…repeat. 

Ok! I like it. I’m moving house in 5 days…! There’s lots to do. So making things better would include… feeling like things are… ready for the move.

Good. Know that every intentional action you take today will, will, will make things better. Let that give you a sense of relief, of patience, of not rushing or straining. Every intentional action (in the spirit of DOER) will simply, gently, bit-by-bit make things better. But especially if you bring a soft, confident, intentional state to it. 

No slapping hands on the water, or being a fly buzzing at the window pane.

Slowly, softly, cleanly, confidently. When you look around and see ‘chaos’, say to yourself gently, as you would to a child with a broken toy or a hurt knee: ‘Let’s make things better.’

Thank you. Lovely.

Today I am saying ‘Let’s make things better.’

MEDS Day 83: Today, I am pump-priming my brain

You want to get deeply into this health learning? 

Yes, I do! Thank you.

Turn to your brain next. 

Ok… Yes. I can do that. I’ve got lots of books on the brain and brain health. Where are you going with this?

It’s about soothing your brain. 

Physiologically, psychologically, vibrationally, emotionally…?


Can you tell me more?

The brain is a super-charged organ, of immense power. There is the possibility to upgrade it from 2 stroke engine to 4. 

Didn’t my grandfather somehow invent the 4 stroke engine..?

You better ask him… Or your father. 

I better had! What do you mean by upgrade from 2 stroke to 4? I’ve found this, in Hindi, on youtube:

Essentially, we mean that your brain can become more efficient: higher productivity with less energy use.

I like the sound of THAT! Tell me more.

In the grand scheme of things, a person’s achievements in life are variable. Some are just the execution of day to day activities. But other achievements in life are what we would call ‘purposeful’. It can take extra energy to effect the purposeful activities, partly because they tend to be ‘novel’. Daily tasks are not novel, they are repeated – so the neural pathways are well worn = therefore it takes less energy to perform them. Novel activities require new neural pathways to be carved out – and that takes physical energy. Our presupposition is that if you focus on energising the brain, then it can more easily lean in to the heart’s desire, which is to do the purposeful tasks. 

Yes! I dream dreams of good innovative things, but fall at the hurdle of execution – because of… lack of solid decision making and lack of executive oomph.

To make decisions and to execute them takes ENERGY in the brain. 

Is this ‘psychic’ energy? I mean we’re talking about ‘psychology’ here…

You’ll be interested to know we simply mean battery-style energy – kilowatt power. Think of the new smart meter in your house. Let’s say you set the thermostat to ‘heat the house between 8am and 8pm‘. Fine. If you keep all the doors and windows shut across that time period, you will use 40kWh. However, if you leave the doors and windows open, your smart meter will be reporting a usage of 80kWh. The result in the home is the same: warmth. But taking the ‘open windows’ approach, the cost for you, and the environment, is double. 

We want to teach you how to ‘heat your home’ with the doors and windows shut. We want to teach you greater ‘efficiency’ in use of brain power. Shifting to ‘4 stroke engine’ is about shutting the doors and windows of your brain, so that it can produce more with the same amount of energy consumption. Or even better: you will learn simply to reduce energy consumption in order to effect the purposeful activities with ease. 

No grandstanding. No huffing and puffing.

That’s a little self-critical. Self-criticism is like leaving a window open on your brain. Wasted energy. 

Ah! Where else do I throw windows open on my brain-home?

Worrying. Double-guessing. Regretting. Anticipating negative outcomes. Dreading. Hesitating. Doubting. Waiting. Doubting. Waiting. Doubting. Hesitating. Doubting. Waiting…

Eek. No holds barred then! But really, there’s something important for me here.

‘Hesitating. Doubting. Waiting.’ – this is how I burn up my precious brain power? Wow. So the energy-conserving opposite of this would be… 

Committing. Trusting. Acting.?

Indeed! These are the corollaries of DECIDING.

We DECIDE and then we COMMIT. TRUST. ACT. 

This is beautiful. Kinda out of my comfort zone, eh? 

Not in the least. ‘Hesitating. Doubting. Waiting.’ is precisely your discomfort zone. You know it. It’s got an edgy, stop-start feel to it. That edgy feeling is the sensation of hot air rushing out of the front door of your brain. 

DECIDE (commit/trust/act) – ORGANISE – EXECUTE – RESULTS/REFLECT/REPEAT: this is the feeling of the home of your brain warming up and using it’s internal engine to build nurturing, comforting WARMTH (energy-efficient home analogy) and progressive, allowing, building MOMENTUM (four-stroke engine analogy). 

Wow. I see. So, is this shift an act of will? Or do I do something to pump-prime the engines? 

We recommend you pump-prime the engine. 

Anyone got any jump leads?

You are about right in super-charging the battery. 

How do I do that? How do I flush out and recharge my brain’s energy systems?

  1. Sleep – at least 7h30m every night
  2. Qigong – good – that’s started. 
  3. Nature walks. Like last Saturday. The daily ‘constitutional’. 

Aw, man… I know. I need more ‘active minutes’ – my Fitbit shows how low they have been. It’s all time…

Yes. It is. It’s all time. How you choose to use your time dictates the results you get. If you never service your car, it will die sooner. Daily qigong and a walk are the minimal ‘service’ for your brain IF you want it to have the internal energy to be able to execute those novel ‘purposeful’ activities without being stalled by ‘hesitation, doubt and waiting’. Pump-priming your brain energetically means you will have the internal power to override those 3 great window-openers of the brain-home. Pump-priming your brain energetically means you will have the internal power to bring ‘commitment, trust and action’ to your decisions about purposeful activities. 

Ok. I hear you. Thank you. There’s a lot to remember here.

Not really. The theory is there to return to if you want. But actually, the only thing you are asked to remember is this: your brain has a powerful battery that is recharged by sleep, qigong and nature walks. Let these activities be the foundation of your day, so that you can level up from ‘just achieving the daily basics’ to slicing through daily tasks and purposeful activities with commitment, trust and action.

Today, focus on activities that pump-prime the brain. Notice how you energise, how you lose energy. Notice how decision-making, commitment, trust, action all help to build comforting warmth and momentum. This will build up over time. It’s not just the daily battery cycle. It’s about the life-cycle of the brain and it’s ability to carry out the soul’s purpose. 


Today, I am pump-priming my brain

PS. This just popped up on my Facebook feed! (Thanks Hugo A-S)

 The best thing you can do for your health: sleep well (The Guardian)

THIS! This is what I had begun to wonder… Ok.. I’m hearing it now. These are quotes from the article:

  • Inadequate sleep – even moderate reductions of two to three hours for just one week – disrupts blood sugar levels so profoundly that you would be classified as pre-diabetic.
  • Insufficient sleep is now one of the most significant lifestyle factors influencing whether or not you will develop Alzheimer’s disease. During sleep, a remarkable sewage system in the brain, called the glymphatic system, kicks into high gear. As you enter deep sleep, this sanitisation system cleanses the brain of a sticky, toxic protein linked to Alzheimer’s, known as beta amyloid. Without sufficient sleep, you fail to get that power cleanse. With each passing night of insufficient sleep, that Alzheimer’s disease risk escalates, like compounding interest on a loan.
  • Sleep disruption has further been associated with all major psychiatric conditions, including depression, anxiety and suicidality.
  • the shorter your sleep, the shorter your life.
  • should you try to diet but don’t get enough sleep while doing so, it is futile, since up to 70% of the weight you lose will come from lean body mass, not fat.

And on the upside…

  • Sleep is perhaps the greatest legal performance-enhancing ‘drug’ that few people are taking advantage of.
  • plentiful sleep is powerful tool for controlling your appetite, your weight and keeping your body trim.
  • Put simply: sleep – a consistent seven- to nine-hour opportunity each night – is the single most effective thing we can do to reset our brain and body health each day