Create 54: I am settling the wild horses

So today I leave the house to travel more-than-five-miles-from-the-house for the first time since I last December (ie about 4 months ago). I’m going up to London, a day before Lockdown eases, to see my beautiful sis and family, to offer some love and support – and Joining – after their shocking and distressing week. Also, my darling ASV will be coming across London and catching a lift back with me for a month at home.

Work with me please, to get my heart and mind in the right place. I feel tired (the clocks changed and I’m an hour short of sleep). Also, after nearly three straight months of Lockdown 3, my body is somewhat  startled at the idea of moving itself for 2 x 3hour drives, and having an afternoon in the company of hUmAnS (however beloved!!).

Settle, settle, settle. Remember your image of coffee granules settling in a cafetiere? Or sand settling in a bucket of sandy water? Let this sensation and practice be the order of your day. 

I have felt quite ‘stirred’ up over the past week, and have spun into excess of emotion (highs and lows) that have left me remorseful, confused, embarrassed and ‘unsettled’.

Let me look up ‘settle’:

Definitions of ‘settle’ include:

And it sits nicely in the mindfulness work:

Thank you. Any other notes?

Be aware of the racing within you. Watch it. Observe it. Be compassionate towards it. And then invite that ‘racing’ part of you to settle. If you can tame the wild horses that race, and bring them under your will, you really will be able to sit with people more effectively. 

Yes. Less racing. More settling.

Or: settle the wild horses. 


I am settling the wild horses

Create 53: I am getting curious and Joining

Yesterday evening, (after a day of transmitting the warmth of a smile – it’s a beautiful practice), such sad news arrived that I can hardly process it.

My beloved brother and sister in law received the saddest news about their precious unborn little one… My heart aches and breaks for them.

Astonishingly, this tragic news came three days after our sister and brother in law lost their tiny unborn little one.

And, my heavens, 8 days after our beloved father’s diagnosis.

Oh Source of all goodness and peace, turn to this family, and grant us solace, comfort, rest…!

What is happening?? And how can I rally myself to be a presence of support and assistance?

Softly, dear one. Softly. Let that sorrow in, to be received, felt, shared by us… Receive the message of your sorrows. Hear what it has to tell you. 

Sorrow says: Life is so precious. 

It is. I used to lament my life..! Remember that?!

What makes life so precious, dear Sorrow? Tell me that.

Sorrow says: In living we can have relationships with one another. That is what makes life so precious. 

I hear you, but by my understanding, beyond the physical realm, we still have relationships. What makes life in the physical realm so particular?

Sorrow says: Embodiment is a choice the soul makes. Embodiment makes for ‘separation’ – or a sense of separation, from Source, and from ‘each other’. It is in the conscious bridging of that apparent separation of embodied ‘individuals’ that the experience of ‘joining‘ is to be had. And in joining, is joy. 

Oof! Boom. Beautiful!

Sorrow says: The soul longs to experience, again and again, the knowing of Oneness – which is to say Love. This is why overcoming the veil of seeming ‘separation’ is the Heart’s true desire. 

This is why I went into conflict resolution! There are elements I had forgotten… Thank you for reminding me.

Also, ‘joining’ was/is an important term for me in terms of my understanding of autism. (See SonRise: This is a huge and complex topic, full of nuance, which I can’t fully explore here now. BUT I do want to say that I came deeply to realise that so-called ‘autism’ (aka, what, “self-ism”??) is actually the presentation of a soul, deeply wired for connection (at an empathic, telepathic level), landing in a world that is deeply set up for disconnection, individualism, heavyweight non-comms… Oh my heart… There is so much here…

It’s ok. We hear you. Gently does it. We hear you. What you are saying is that you know that Joining is the natural state. Your difficulty has been living in a world where non-Joining is the default mode. 

Yes! But less so now. I see the next generations… Those crystal children and beyond… They know… But look at those currently ‘in charge’, dear God…!!

Slow down. Remember: 

Marcus Aurelius Magnets | | Positive sitater, Inspirasjonssitater, Sitater

Our Life Is What Our Thoughts Make It” Marcus Aurelius | thinkyprint

Ok. I get it… So JOINING. Let’s focus on what we can achieve…

I just read this by Raun Kaufman, which underlines how hard it can be for NTs to enter the autistic space, even if they really want to…:  

How shall I incorporate today’s thoughts into my moving forward…?

Feel the sorrow, in present moment awareness, and let it do its work. It is seeking to help you JOIN more deeply with those you love. JOIN softly, peaceably, from your HEART-CENTRE. Observe those so-called no-nos when interacting with your dear loved ones! Yes, you! In other words, discover the worlds your beloveds are inhabiting… and meet them there. Let them show you round their worlds. 

Just like the Brené Brown empathy talk.

Exactly. Get curious. Be respectful of their space and privacy. Really discover how to Join, mindfully holding good personal boundaries and psychic health protocols, for the benefit of all. Slow down. Get curious again. Be ready to listen, to learn, to understand. Drop all assumptions… Become emotionally available by which is meant, allow yourself to see and learn from their emotions today. 

I hear you. May that be exactly what I am found capable of doing today. To be emotionally available you need to – or rather, it helps to – have your own house in order. (Hence the value of simplicity.) And so I shall do my SatuRRRday RRRoutine:

  • Rest (QT, lie-in)
  • Reboot (cleaning, laundry)
  • Roam (walk, and/or Retail)

And maybe then I’ll be ready to use my Social Sunday Funday to see some of my loved ones… (Albeit a day before Lockdown eases…) Let’s see.

Yes. And remember: get curious as you Join with others gently.


I am getting curious and Joining

Create 51: I am transmitting my love by name


On Tues (2 days ago): [confidential]

2.26pm – from my darling bro: ‘

‘Sadly we’ve now been told we’re 95% probability … test can give false positives so next next step is for a diagnostic. We’ve been booked in for first available appointment, 3pm tomorrow afternoon in SE London (apparently can only do this there). We’re doing ok as at least we had mentally prepared ourselves somewhat. Love you guys xxx’

3.55pm – from my darling sis:

‘Beloved bro, I am so so sorry to hear this… what huge and difficult news to take in. Well done on getting a test so soon. We are with you both.

Which is why I don’t even know how to write this to both of you. But I know I need to.

My beloved sibs. We have lost the baby.

We went to hospital first thing today as I had been bleeding lightly. We thought we were being extra cautious but it turns out we weren’t.

We are home, we are reeling. We are utterly on a different plane, it feels. And now with your news too.

Our family. We are so sorry. This is all too much.

We are trying to rest and eat and go through the motions. I will go into hospital on Thursday for the operation. The sky is a summery blue and it all feels unreal.

But we want you all to know that we genuinely through our grief are also with you all. No matter the time the support goes both ways. And that includes Graham getting better too Aras. Our family is going through convulsions of trauma right now, and the only way of getting through is to all hold on to each other.

We haven’t told the Doj – anyone – yet. We’ll email them shortly. I don’t think we’re up to phone calls today but would love to speak tomorrow if that’s ok.

We love you all very very much.’




Right now, S. is arriving in hospital… Alone, as covid regs prevent her being accompanied.

Words… :((((

“Yes, [NAME], I love you.”

Use the name…

Yes, use the person’s name. This is really important. You are having important communications. Use the person’s name. And centre these words deeply in your heart. Feel the connection to the person. Join heart and head. This is important. 

Like a powerful prayer.

Like a powerful prayer. 

Don’t just say ‘you’re in my thoughts’…

Transmit the love. Consciously. 

Ah. I see… Thank you. I’ll need to slow down to do that. And centre myself… And be able to hear myself think, and feel into the words… to transmit my love.


I am transmitting my love, by name

[“Yes, [NAME], I love you.”]



Practising this sensing and naming of my love, it became clear (again), the 6 most loved people in my life. I love them, and I love all those that they love and who love them – they are the central network of all those whom I love…


And you? 

And me. The 7th element. Ty.

Create 50: I am saying “Yes, I love you.” 

Tenderise my heart, oh Source of my Being. Let me be courageous enough to sit in present moment awareness and feel these feelings of grief that are rumbling through me like bolts of electricity. Ease my troubled heart.

Sit tight, dear Soul. Watch your breath come in and out, and keep your focus on your heart. 10 mins. 

****10minsInsightTimer – music and gongs***

Ty. I’m glad you encouraged me to do that. That was 10 minutes of being present to the discomfort of fear, anger and grief in my heart. But now I know my turbulent underlying emotional state, I can be more careful and compassionate with myself.

Last night, I didn’t turn my light off til 2am – and lay in bed scrolling through Instagram reels. I knew why. To stop and lie in darkness would be to feel the pain in my heart about my darling Dad.

So, controlled ‘detonations’ of those buried feelings, via compassionate mindfulness practice, is a helpful practice. 

Yes. I’m less likely to create ‘noise’ to avoid those feelings if I am consciously sitting with them once a day.

Combined with daily qigong (for breathing, processing and TRE), this 10 minutes of mindfulness once a day will bolster you in the weeks and months to come. 

What do I need to know today?

You need to know that you are loved. You need to know that there is time – time to communicate, time to heal, time to create new interpersonal memories. This is going to be a beautiful time of connection for your family – just as it was when your beloved Mum made her departure. In your exquisite grief and confusion, you came to know and love each other more truly, more deeply, more authentically. Know that this is a given. And, in softness and love, we dare you even to relish that knowing. Welcome and embrace this time of connectedness, of simple, uncomplicated, loving focus upon your father. If you can be content with simply laser beaming love upon your father, then you can receive the learning, the ‘benefit’, the healing waters of this time ahead. Just love him – simply, softly, lucidly. 

Yes, if I take my eyes off my own grief, and instead place them on him and on my love for him, life becomes simpler, and suddenly more joyful again.

Focus on loving your father in simple, direct ways. In your words, your actions, your prayers. This relationship is energetic as much as anything else. It is vibrational. It is telepathic. Keep communicating simple love. Uncomplicated, simple love. Keep the psychic messages simple. He will feel them, whatever it is you are projecting… So we invite you to remove some of the jolting sadness and anticipatory grief… And focus on communicating love in the simplest, purest form. 

And this practice will affect your other relationships too. You will indeed learn to moderate the complexity of your desires and ‘concerns’, and thereby reduce some of the static noise and psychic interference in your relationships. 

You will simply say: “Yes, I love you.” 

And that will be enough, in all instances. To the complex colleague, to the challenging client, to the adored loved one, to the difficult acquaintance…. there will be one simple message: Yes, I love you. 

And in that moment, the need to offer more recedes… The need to people-please, or filter judgements, or moderate responses, or over-service, or even set boundaries – it all starts to recede. 

In saying “Yes, I love you” – no more, no less – you are taking a huge leap of faith. You are practising trusting in the fact that it is not so much our words or doings, as the quality of our feelings telepathically and vibrationally exchanged, that sets the true tone of our relationship. 

There is a person (colleague) I think/speak ill of…. without telling them. Am I creating vibrationally glitches for myself and them?

You will certainly do better to find the place in your heart where you can say, ‘Yes, I love you’ – and be truthful with that person about ‘what would make life more wonderful for you.’

So start with love.

Start with love. 

I am saying “Yes, I love you.” Oh it feels so clean, so simple. Such a relief. There is a clear ‘no more, no less’ quality to this thought-state.

“Darling Dad. Yes, I love you.”

It was my brother yesterday who underlined this for me too. “Just tell him you love him.”

He is a wise one, that young man. 

Indeed. Grant me the simplicity and power of that head- and heart-space of “Yes, I love you” passim. Amen.

I am saying “Yes, I love you.” 



Create 49: I am developing relational routines

The journey begins.

I have now had two days – amongst extremely intense work – to begin to absorb the news of Dad’s diagnosis. In a sense the demanding work was a helpful distraction, but on the other hand, here now in the peaceful lagoon of a Saturday morning, I barely dare start to unwind the shield of busyness to peep under the bonnet of my aching heart.

I need your help…

We are right here, always and forever. Abidingly. 

How do I know?

Does it matter whether you can truly know? 

Not really… The benefit I am blessed with in these dialogues is all that really matters.

Even if you were ‘making it all up’, are these dialogues not a sign of how marvellously wise, resilient and self-compassionate your mind really is? Does not that matter more than anything else? 

Yes, exactly so.

So to your question, your request. What help do you need, sweet being of light? 

I need your helping orientating myself. I would like to anchor myself so that I know where I am at emotionally, so that my healing, grieving, aching part can be chugging along like a Roomba doing its work in the background, and so that  thereby, I might become, in ASV’s words, emotionally available to those who need my presence and support now – primarily Dad. LV beautifully described this process yesterday, and raised how good relational boundaries allow us to take care of our healing in one arena, while being able to connect with the person in another.

We think you have some good answers there. 

Yes, my brilliant daughters….

Establish good relational boundaries; become emotionally available where desired.

It’s true that I feel swept over with…

Wait. It’s alright. Slow down… You were heading in the right direction. Don’t turn back and swim upstream. You have downloaded something important here, with the help of your beautiful, precious girls. 

I love them so…

And they love you.

The missive you have brought to yourself is clear: establish boundaries; then offer support. It’s just like the philosophy you teach in your mental health training: put your own oxygen mask on first. 

Yesterday, so helped you God, you finally hired a VA. Hooray! Congratulations. This is to be MUCH applauded. 


Of course it is! This has been needed by you for YEARS! You will flourish under the support of a professional administrator. Does that make sense to you? 

When E. mentioned that, after school, she had spent a year at secretarial college, I nearly wept… Those skills… Oh my word. I do feel fortunate to have found her.

And you have other skills, which are needed. Ok? 

Yes. E. will give me elbow room… How am I working so hard and earning so little… (relatively… and don’t get me wrong, compared to 2 years ago, I am RICH now…! And debt-free!)? But for the last 2 years, my income before tax/NI has been £22k. My turnover 40-50k, but at £22k my actual drawings as income would match the salary of a first job after uni/school. £22,000 a year is equivalent to £10.58 per hour. What’s happening?

You’re selling your time. 

Not products. Or other people’s time…….

With the SoD you will sell: 

  • Your expertise
  • Your products
  • Your associates’ time

Taking a VA is an excellent step towards developing the professional boundaries required to make your shift from workhorse to business developer. 

Your next step is to think about the additional boundaries you need to put in place to be emotionally available to your father in the way you would wish. In the way he was to his mother too, perhaps… 

My father went to visit my grandmother almost every evening, for years and years… and not fleetingly waving and shooting off, but gracefully, for a conversation and a sherry. He truly honoured her.

There is much to be said for routines.

YES. And this area is my forte – a special interest. And something I’ve been building up over this last year.. but only around my own sweet self. I can apply the same to my precious relations…. Routines, emotional availability and health-giving boundaries go hand in hand. You set a routine in agreement with someone, and that does the work of affirmatively holding boundaries for you both.

eg. I’ve got roughly a monthly call with Eliza. Brilliant.

Now that we can use Zoom, we don’t need to GO anywhere, and it’s easier to place markers in the diary to connect with people on a regular basis.

You will feel much more settled with your beloved father if and as you have routines in place. 

Like Mum had her Sunday evening call with her parents.

And you have your Sunday evening Zoom with yours. 

So, I need to check in with Dad and J – what do they want in terms of rhythms…?

  • Sunday Zooms – weekly or fortnightly? Special guests? Surprise, or not?
    • First of the month = Foster-Tresilian
    • Second/fourth of the month  = Tresilians
    • Third of the month = Special guests
  • AT/NT working zooms (with L&A too on special occasions) – Wednesdays @4pm-5pm

Relational routines = boundaries, emotional availability, guilt-free, connected, regulating…

I am developing relational routines

Create 48: I am honouring “NO GLOOM”

Email Subject: Wheezing ..

Joanna .. <joanna…> Thu, Mar 18, 2021 at 12:43 PM
To: {family}
This morning we saw Dr. Moores at the Churchill Hospital.  He is part of the Respiratory lung team.  It was him who did the bronchoscopy  investigation last week.
Both lungs have ‘spots’ of cancer on them but nothing spread out of the lungs. The technical term is  ‘a Non-small cell lung cancer known as Adenocarcinoma ‘.
It is not a type of cancer that can be totally cured but with targeted medication it can be shrunk and controlled for an indefinitely long period depending on staying fit, well exercised etc.
In order to be specific about treatments (targeted therapies) he wants to do a further biopsy which is done from the exterior of the lungs and is scheduled for next Tuesday, 23rd March. A few days later he will know which treatment makes best sense.  
Subject to what he finds there are three kinds of available treatment:
  • Chemotherapy administered at the hospital or
  • A tablet taken at home or
  • There is an immune treatment which we understand is new. This forms part of the targeted therapies being developed.
It was also mentioned that this kind of cancer was not attributed to smoking which N found it was a relief to hear!.
We also met and had a very helpful conversation with the Senior nurse from the Lung Cancer team.   (Hannah Ball) .   They will provide a constant point of reference within the system.   As Joanna knows from her experience with breast cancer these support teams are brilliant and one can ring them at any time.   The Churchill Hospital is exceptionally well-equipped and staffed for  specialist treatment.
N ’s future day to day treatment will be guided by an oncologist (don’t yet know his/her name) assigned specially to N’s case.
We understand that after whichever treatment N gets, his immunity will be reduced for 10 days following it and he will easily get tired.   Both Dr. Moores and Hannah Ball emphasised the value in staying intellectually and physically active – and no objection to a glass of whisky in the evening!
Dr. Moores is also looking into the possibility of accelerating our second jabs on the basis of new research confirmed in the last couple of days.
Until it is clear from the next biopsy what treatment will be specifically appropriate, we can’t yet map out the diary  with visits from you all.  But the general indication is that we will need to continue
to maintain the COVID protocol for spacing.  This should be fine for meals in the garden –   we are yet to understand when the Covid rules will allow us to meet inside. It would be important that you are all aware about any contact you might have had with any transmissible disease that you or one of your small kids might accidentally have encountered.     
This news is of course not welcome.  It is not as bad as we might have feared and not as good as we might have hoped.
N is in the hands of excellent people and we have each other and you all for infinite moral support.  We are planning to use Kidlington as a base for lots of adventures this year – from paella with the neighbours, to a trip to the Derbyshire Peak district and of course seeing you all in your exciting locations.    No holes will be barred!  An early trip might well include a visit to Mfld – and also include picking up venison steaks from Rodney – who alas is closing his butcher’s shop for ever at the beginning of May.
As to the public politics of the situation, our plan is to be open and candid to everyone who matters and otherwise not make much of thing of it… Maybe: ‘ N has lung cancer but of a kind that can be controlled by targeted therapies and medication – so life goes on very fully.
Thanks to Hannah above, we already have some very good information   For further information that you might all find useful the following organisations that she recommended.  We already have booklet ‘understanding Cancer’ from the Macmillan Cancer Support ’ which is set out very clearly .   She also recommends Cancer Research and. ‘Roy Cassel’s charity website.
How about a family Zoom at 6 tonight.   Just to touch base and for both of us  to feel the love and support from all of you.   NO GLOOM necessary.
With all our steadfast love to all of you xxxxxxxxx 
Nicholas and Joanna

I cannot yet speak…


Create 47: I am in Your hands

Yesterday was a shock and an emotional rollercoaster…. [CONFIDENTIAL]

  1. M contacted me to let me know that my beloved L is experiencing acute depression and hasn’t been able to get out of bed, or eat, or communicate with him, for several days.
  2. S contacted me… An extraordinarily beautiful email from Dad (to And. Theun, who is v ill in hospital) had come in… one that also effectively disclosed that the medical tests results Dad is receiving in 24 hrs (ie today, this morning) are to detect something that would be very serious. My precious, beloved Dad….
  3. Our darling AST shared that following their 12 week scan the previous day, they’d been asked to make an immediate appointment for a test for D.s. – as the scan suggested chances of their beautiful being having D.s. were ‘high’. Their test is today, with results in a week.

I wept most of yesterday, and slept fitfully last night. Such strong emotions of fear and grief sweeping through me. Feeling lost and adrift… G was the biggest comfort… holding me and squeezing me – keeping me here, in my body.

I pray blessings upon my beautiful family, and healing of all our hearts, so that we may hold each other with strength, power and love, at every moment. Bless all the families on this planet, and grant us all peace, health and happiness. May we have full confidence in everything that is happening for us; full trust in the perfection of each moment and every blossoming. I am in Your hands.

Amen. <3

Grant my beautiful Dad, and J, strength, peace and even joy today, as they hold each other through each moment, deep in the love they have for each other.

Grant my darling A&N courage, clarity and peace as they take one step forward at a time. May they be endowed with complete confidence.

Grant my precious L all that she needs to feel strong, enlivened, poised, purposeful and full of joy again! May the angels of light rally round her and bring her powerful upliftment of heart and spirit!

Amen! <3

I am in Your hands today. I am in Your hands.

I am in Your hands. 

Create 46: I am kindhearted and dignified 

Help me, please to harness my energy.

Yesterday took its toll on you?

Yes. Three things. 1) The MHFA session where several people were in a vulnerable space, and one in particular needed support from me offline – and all their stories were so heart-breaking. As an empath, I really felt it; and as the instructor, I went over and above to hold space safely… 2) The beginning of the parting of the ways with a colleague (C), with a pretty unpleasant conversation – in which I expressed my YNY, and it was a shock for her… 3) Intense dreams last night about the year-plus of lockdown ending, and everyone suddenly wanting ‘in-person’ meetings and demanding travel…

On my walk yesterday, I listened to a Lee Holden lecture on the Tao Te Ching and he quoted Chapter 16 (Mitchell translation):

Tao Te Ching – Chapter 16

Empty your mind of all thoughts. Let your heart be at peace. Watch the turmoil of beings, but contemplate their return.

Each separate being in the universe returns to the common source. Returning is the source of serenity.

If you don’t realize the source, you stumble in confusion and sorrow. When you realize where you come from, you naturally become tolerant, disinterested, amused, kind hearted as a grandmother, dignified as a king. Immersed in the wonder of the Tao, you can deal with whatever life brings you, and when death comes, you are ready.


I love this notion that when we realise the ‘common source’ from which we come – and to which we will return – we become ‘tolerant, disinterested, amused, kind hearted as a grandmother, dignified as a king.’

I lacked some of that equanimity yesterday. I was at times instead critical, over-invested, disgusted, pinched as a mean kid, vaunting as a fop.

Help me shift, please.

It sounds like you have found your protocol for reversing the ‘unhelpful coping strategies’ of yesterday. In place of being ‘critical, over-invested, disgusted, pinched as a mean kid, vaunting as a fop you can introduce the spirit of ‘tolerant, disinterested, amused, kind hearted as a grandmother, dignified as a king.’ 

Yes. I particularly resonate with kindhearted and dignified. Such a good balance. Kindhearted without dignified can be too giving, too empathic, too un-boundaried perhaps. Dignified without kindhearted can be cold, distant or reserved. The grandparent and the monarch archetypes are good counterbalances for each other. The grandparent lavishes love upon the grandchild; the monarch upholds the entire people. 

And so you harness the energy of these great figures that exist within you. And you keep one eye on that ‘common source’. There is no greater grandeur than living in the simplicity of remembrance of the oneness of all beings. Let no soul elevate itself above the next. We are but one human race. 

I pray happiness and peace upon this planet.

Amen. That is a prayer of kindheartedness and dignity. Let no being judge, condemn or scorn another. Uphold the dignity of all by introducing kindheartedness to every thought and conclusion. Recall that the common source of all, to which all return, is… magnificent, and sees you now, and ever. 

Thank you. May I learn this well. May I practise this Way today.

I am kindhearted and dignified 


Create 45: I am saying “Thank you, no.”

It was good to revise The Power of a Positive No by Wm Ury yesterday. In essence, his solution is to use a Yes-No-Yes model like this:

Also described as:

I used this YNY process with three different colleagues yesterday.

With two colleagues (E&H), my ‘proposal’ of a new alternative led to really creative, promising agreements that excited us both! Both involved this pattern:

  • YES: I love our work together!
  • NO: I will need to limit the amount of low-paid work I do with you.
  • YES: Let’s work up the offer for the higher-paid services we do!

With a third colleague (C), my YNY proposal about our collaboration landed with a dull thud, and provoked some biting comments. And that, alas and thank goodness, underlined for me that really, this working relationship has run its course. That data allows me to start thinking about a deeper YNY – maybe:

  • We have created something really special together! (training package)
  • I’m now going to focus away from training
  • I’d like to offer you to carry the package forward yourself, and we keep in touch as friends instead!


Out of time for today….  I’m going to keep flexing this No muscle today. I can see further areas to ‘decline’! This could become a real habit..! It’s like my body is saying, “Say, what?! You mean we can just decline all the things that leave us drained and exhausted and fraught?! We can actually act upon The Intuitive No?!!”

YES, my friend, we can! And thereby have more energy for the things that make us say YesThis!.

Excellent. Keep it settled. Keep it appreciative. Keep it humble. The No should never be a personal rejection. We are declining, with grace and gratitude – not rebutting, punishing, leaving in the cold. 

Think of it as a “No, thank you.” Or a “Thank you, it’s not for me.”

Ah, yes. Good. There’s a namaste element to that. I appreciate that. Amen.

I am saying “Thank you, no.”