Create 86: I am connecting empathically with people’s soul selves

Truth be told, I found it hard to ‘ask questions of people’s higher selves’… to their faces at least. Well, I say to their faces… of course everything’s still via zoom or phone. But also, it was hard because I’m often in ‘teaching mode’ for training, or in facilitating mode for client work (I’ve been on pre-mediation meetings) – so I’m ‘leading’ conversations rather than in the full exploratory listening mode. But also, people POUR out stuff quite a lot…. My beloved Dad spoke in a stream of consciousness for 57 minutes on the phone with me (about his writing work) and then, bless him, said, “I have to stop talking. I think my head’s about to fall off…” and we said goodbye.

So what I’m saying is that sometimes, maybe, those questions are addressed to the person’s higher self… empathically? Telepathically? And/or, I respond to what I hear from their higher self, or soul self, empathically/telepathically.

Soul Self. What a beautiful term. 

Isn’t it? (It even alliterates 🙂 – a special favourite for me).

Is that what You are to me?

Exactly so, dear one. 

Hello Soul Self… whatever that means. 🙂 I’ve even changed the title of this blog. DoDs: conversations with my soul self.


Yesterday… I was training frontline staff in mental health conversations. One woman was struggling to participate – and had messaged me privately saying she was ‘gathering’ herself. It’s normal for the topic to unravel one or two people, as it brings up so much emotion. Anyway, in the last bit of the session, I talked about my autism – as the commissioner had said this team wanted to know about autism. As I did so, the woman switched her camera on… and tuned right it. I could see immediately she was on the spectrum… and this was all new and important and timely information for her. After the session, she stayed on and said, ‘I wonder… am I autistic?’ We had a beautiful chat. I felt afterwards, the whole session had been for her – and her son.

Was there a connection between my soul self and hers?

You ask an excellent question. And we will ask you one back. What do you think is the answer to your question? 

Hm, I think… I sense… Yes. As humans, we put out the intention to connect with each other on this plane, for soul learning, and it happens. I learn and am taught by new people every day.

I’m loving Sensitive is the new Strong by Anita Moorjani, and her teaching on how to thrive as an empath. She gave me words I could share with my training participant today. She’s giving me a framework for understanding WHY I get so frazzled. Basically, if others are upset, it affects me. Which is why I work so hard to make others not be upset around me. And which is why I’m such an effective trainer (happy audience or bust!) and mediator (I want them to feel relief!).

But also… now, I need to learn a few things if I’m going to thrive as en empath:

  • To take less ‘responsibility’ for others’ discomforts when it’s not my responsibility – and save my intuitive powers for when I’m asked to help.
  • To tune into the sixth sense Moorjani talks about, and as we’re discussing here, consciously... so I’m ahead of the wave of empathic knowing, not being driven or overwhelmed by it.
  • To accept that ‘fear films’ and ‘tv dramas’ are not good for my autonomic nervous system. ‘Feel-good’ media is literally going to make me feel good – and I need that ‘feel-good’ frequency like the desert needs the rain. So, get it.

What’s my message for today please?

Your work today is to connect empathically with people’s soul selves. 

Oh my word. I love it. Beautiful. May I learn and learn and learn. Please, angels of all peace, unity, love and light – connect me with my empathic knowing, and show me how to connect with the soul selves of those dear beings on my path today and every day. Amen.

I am connecting empathically with people’s soul selves


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