Pivot 135: I am pivoting from Attack Thoughts to Peace Thoughts

If you ‘focus in on what is wanted’ you are effectively focussing in on whatever gives you joy, bliss or satisfaction. Those things can pretty much only be experienced by being in the present moment, right? So learn better to live in the present moment?


M-13.7. Do not forget that sacrifice is total. 2 There are no half sacrifices. 3 You cannot give up Heaven partially. 4 You cannot be a little bit in hell. 5 The Word of God has no exceptions. 6 It is this that makes it holy and beyond the world. 7 It is its holiness that points to God. 8 It is its holiness that makes you safe. 9 It is denied if you attack any brother for anything. 10 For it is here the split with God occurs. 11 A split that is impossible. 12 A split that cannot happen. 13 Yet a split in which you surely will believe, because you have set up a situation that is impossible. 14 And in this situation the impossible can seem to happen. 15 It seems to happen at the “sacrifice” of truth.

Sorry to put this para in with no context… But I really want to pick up on something crucial, which was fundamental to my first reading of ACIM (2009-14). It is about thoughts of attack, or judgment, towards a.n.other. I recall now that they are effectively the destroyer of our inner peace.

I became judgmental in recent years. I found ways to criticise, complain about or hold people up for judgment or censure. How did I forget this one key facet of ACIM?!

Two extracts on ‘thoughts of attack’:

Workbook Lesson 22: What I see is a form of vengeance. W-pI.22.1. Today’s idea accurately describes the way anyone who holds attack thoughts in his mind must see the world. 2 Having projected his anger onto the world, he sees vengeance about to strike at him. 3 His own attack is thus perceived as self defense. 4 This becomes an increasingly vicious circle until he is willing to change how he sees. 5 Otherwise, thoughts of attack and counter-attack will preoccupy him and people his entire world. 6 What peace of mind is possible to him then?

Workbook Lesson 23: I can escape from the world I see by giving up attack thoughts. …W-pI.23.2. If the cause of the world you see is attack thoughts, you must learn that it is these thoughts which you do not want. 2 There is no point in lamenting the world. 3 There is no point in trying to change the world. 4 It is incapable of change because it is merely an effect. 5 But there is indeed a point in changing your thoughts about the world. 6 Here you are changing the cause. 7 The effect will change automatically. ….W-pI.23.6. Besides using it throughout the day as the need arises, five practice periods are required in applying today’s idea. 2 As you look about you, repeat the idea slowly to yourself first, and then close your eyes and devote about a minute to searching your mind for as many attack thoughts as occur to you. 3 As each one crosses your mind say: 4 I can escape from the world I see by giving up attack thoughts about _____. 5 Hold each attack thought in mind as you say this, and then dismiss that thought and go on to the next.

Please speak to me of Attack Thoughts.

We see you taken by this concept, and reminded of the power these lessons had on you in your earlier reading of ACIM. None of your learning is lost. You are building upon what has been learnt and practised already. 

Your interest today is to replace your Attack Thoughts with Peace Thoughts. Use the recognition of an Attack Thought to pivot towards a Peace Thought. Someone who you would Attack with your thoughts is definitively someone who would benefit from your Peace Thoughts. Is that not so? 

Absolutely! I can see clearly, the people I would utter judgmental comments about, or recoil from in my days, are those for whom a loving Peace Thought would go a long way…

Yesterday,  I did a Breathwork session. The 7 other people in the session began the session by describing their troubles and concerns. I watched the wonderful teacher, D., meeting each person where they were, and loving them right there. That love brought forward the person’s gentler and more positive and lighter self. They presented their pain; she loved them; they affirmed they felt less pain. That is the power of non-judgment.

And the non-judgment is a 360 degree device. As you attack another, you are attacked. As you love another, you are loved. As you attack yourself, you attack another. As you love yourself, you love another. 

I’m going to work with Attack Thoughts, and Judgment today. Just spot it and give it up, as in Workbook Lesson 23.

And Pivot? 

And Pivot to Peace Thoughts!

I am pivoting from Attack Thoughts to Peace Thoughts today


Pivot 134: I am focussing in on what is wanted 

‘Pendulum steady; pendulum ready.’ This is good. It slows me down and brings me into the moment. I believe with practice I am trusting it more, and remembering to call upon it more.

Show me Your Way today!

Let’s become pendulum steady and pendulum ready, then Your Way will become blissfully apparent by your resonating in alignment with it. 

Is Your/My Way what Abraham would call Being in the Vortex? The Way of my Inner Being?

The Way of your Inner Being, of your Vortex, of Source – these are all vibrationally aligned. Rise up, dear soul, and meet them. 

On the high-flying disc. Tuned in, tapped in, turned on… I’m pendulum ready for that.


M-12.4 Yet what makes God’s teachers is their recognition of the proper purpose of the body. 2 As they advance in their profession, they become more and more certain that the body’s function is but to let God’s Voice speak through it to human ears.

What is meant by God’s Voice? Is there another description?

Infinite Intelligence will suffice for the purposes of this conversation. 

So humans can be channels for Infinite Intelligence?

Why not? All humans came from Source, whether they recall that or not. So they are but speaking for themselves.

And what should we all do to connect ourselves with that Infinite Intelligence, with our Source?

Relax a little, play a little, get into the receptive mode. It really is not more than that. 

Esther makes herself… available? to Abraham. She certainly asks that she can hear/translate Abraham clearly… or something similar. Right?

Why confuse and confound and copy, when you can be as natural as a child and access the wisdom of all Universes? 

True. How to overcome our self-consciousness?

To become forgetful of self is simply to quieten the mind. The mind is the purveyor of self. The quietened mind allows the heart to come forward, and the intelligence of the Infinitude to become blissfully apparent. ‘Blissful’ is key here. For those of you wanting to ‘let God’s voice speak through’ you, know that bliss is the key component. You can only speak ‘for’ God if you are vibrationally aligned with joy, with wellbeing, with pure positive energy, for Source is only that. Anything less than that is a representation of human intelligence, which is good but not perfect. If it is perfection that you seek, know that, as Abraham says, ‘joy is the key’. 

And your advice for shimmying into bliss, joy, wellbeing, pure positive energy, Source alignment..?

You know there are endless tools and techniques. Use them and enjoy! It really is about working up the sense of possibility and opportunity until you feel you want to run forward with the action. Learn to do that. Use the Focus Wheel for each segment. Get deliberate. Get creative. Claim that joy in each moment by deliberately creating it. Your brilliant minds are made for focusing. If you do not focus them deliberately, they will focus upon and magnify and manifest whatever passing flibbertigibbet first grabs their attention. 

Excellent word! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flibbertigibbet

Note its provenance.

Yes, it was in the Castle of Perseverance, and King Lear…

It is too easy for the flighty thoughts to catch the attention, and hijack the self from its Source. 

So, it’s focus, not flibbertigibbets.

It is focus over flibbertigibbets. Focus on the wanted, the intended, the joyfully anticipated, the blissfully experienced…. and the yearning, gurning, tantalising flibbertigibbets will vanish. Certainty is the seasoning of your holy breakfast. 

Ah, yes. Napoleon Hill wrote about ‘uncertainty’… In his book Outwitting the Devil, written in 1938 and only released for publication by his family in 2011.

Topics discussed in Outwitting the Devil include:

    • The difference between drifters and non-drifters

    • Maintaining a definiteness of purpose

    • Finding one’s other self

    • Hill’s seven principles

    • The law of hypnotic rhythm


  • Focus = non-drifting.
  • Drifting = following flibbertigibbets.

I hear you. Ok. I am focussing. I am focussing in. I am focussing in on the wanted, on the purposeful, on the blissful, on the joyous. I am focussing my brilliant beautiful mind, so it works for me, for Source, for its Original Purpose.


I am focussing in on what is wanted 






Pivot 133: I am pendulum ready 

May #ItAintSquareToPrepare become the guiding motto of my life! I think that allowing myself to feel ‘Prepped & Pleased’ might be the biggest break-through in psychological self-care and self-kindness that I’ve made in a while! There is so much comfort to be had in ‘doing the doing’, and sitting back to appreciate the peaceful elixir of the ‘done-ness’.


If I were to ask you, ‘How was my meditation this morning?’, what would you say?

We would say, easy. Why? Because you know the ease of sitting and letting ‘reality’ dissolve softly like a lump of sugar in hot tea. As your mind relaxes its grip, all hardship becomes softness, and all trouble becomes solution. You start to spot your ‘IMPulses and glIMPses’ and in that mode all answers are available to you. 

Interesting. I’d sensed my mind a bit clenched and active.

We suggested earlier that you start the day with exercise. That would have burnt off some of the agitation. 

Lucky I didn’t cause it started with pouring with rain outside!

Those are precisely the conditions which would have given you such a vivid sense of the Here and Now that you would have Ceased Thought.

Ah… I see.

I did love this ACIM chapter – Manual for Teachers – Chapter 11:

M-11.2. Again we come to the question of judgment. 2 This time ask yourself whether your judgment or the Word of God is more likely to be true. 3 For they say different things about the world, and things so opposite that it is pointless to try to reconcile them. 4 God offers the world salvation; your judgment would condemn it. 5 God says there is no death; your judgment sees but death as the inevitable end of life. 6 God’s Word assures you that He loves the world; your judgment says it is unlovable. 7 Who is right? 8 For one of you is wrong. 9 It must be so…. M-11.4. Peace is impossible to those who look on war. 2 Peace is inevitable to those who offer peace. 3 How easily, then, is your judgment of the world escaped! … 11 Now is the question different. 12 It is no longer, “Can peace be possible in this world?” but instead, “Is it not impossible that peace be absent here?”

‘Peace is inevitable to those who offer peace.’ This stayed with me. 

We saw you this morning, sitting soft and upright so that a pendulum might hang within you in perfect peace and stillness. You were offering peace, and so it came back to you. You found it a little uncomfortable, as the mind is deeply suspicious of peace. It thrives on strife. Recall the passage you read earlier: 

T-5.III.8.7 Peace is the ego’s greatest enemy because, according to its interpretation of reality, war is the guarantee of its survival. 8 The ego becomes strong in strife. 9 If you believe there is strife you will react viciously, because the idea of danger has entered your mind. 10 The idea itself is an appeal to the ego. 11 The Holy Spirit is as vigilant as the ego to the call of danger, opposing it with His strength just as the ego welcomes it. 12 The Holy Spirit counters this welcome by welcoming peace. 13 Eternity and peace are as closely related as are time and war. … T-5.III.11. The ego made the world as it perceives it, but the Holy Spirit, the re-interpreter of what the ego made, sees the world as a teaching device for bringing you home.

As you sat soft and upright, the Holy Spirit worked with you to reinterpret the ego’s rendition of reality. Little by little, you become prepared to see through the eyes of Spirit or Source (and your Inner Being – for they are indeed the same thing to you) – and thus dispense with the machinations of the ego. 

Beautiful. And so, today? Your guidance?

Your guidance says, sit soft and upright, and offer only peace, love and kindness. Let the pendulum hang within you in perfect peace and stillness. Thus will the magnetism of pure, positive energy flow through and with you, as is the natural state. 

Lovely. Can you clarify? We have family visiting today… How does this look?

  1. Be prepped
  2. Be pleased (with your preparations and your work)
  3. Be pendulum ready (so that you might sit soft and upright, and offer only peace, love and kindness)

So, it’s time to still the inner whirlwind.

Please. Yes. You are now ready to offer a vibration of peace in the presence of others. You used to offer a quivering vibration of expectant nervousness, which was sweet and self-deprecating. But today, your family will work with you on soft readiness, described as ‘pendulum ready’ because you could sit ready for the Next Now Moment and the Next, without your inner pendulum even stirring. Practise this today, and use it tomorrow with your new training too. See what happens when you arrive fully at each next segment – not leaping into it as a panting commuter throws herself onto the departing bus as its doors are starting to close. Be so steady and ready internally, be so fully ‘pre-paved’ that you are just rubbing your hands with glee to receive the next moment. 

This is about segment intending and pre-paving?

Absolutely. this is your new way forward. To own the  moments by working up to them, in advance. 

PIA [Prepare in Advance]

Know what you are wanting and bring yourself into alignment with it – in time. Time is only part of this domain to give you the sheer satisfaction of experiencing creation, growth, evolution, manifestation, the fruition of thought! So, play by its rules with fun at the heart of all you do! Time is here to give you joy, if you will but see through the eyes of Source. 

Look up quotes on ‘time’ in Chapter T-5.iii

  • Delay is of the ego, because time is its concept. Both time and delay are meaningless in eternity.
  • I have repeatedly emphasized that one level of the mind is not understandable to another. So it is with the ego and the Holy Spirit; with time and eternity. Eternity is an idea of God, so the Holy Spirit understands it perfectly. Time is a belief of the ego, so the lower mind, which is the ego’s domain, accepts it without question. The only aspect of time that is eternal is now.
  • Eternity and peace are as closely related as are time and war.
  • The Holy Spirit must perceive time, and reinterpret it into the timeless.

So, Source and HS ‘perceive time, and reinterpret it into the timeless.’

And your role is to use your super-ego to create the next holy Now… and be there to receive it and witness it. That is Source experiencing itself as the Creator. There’s nothing more satisfying than that. Let the painter know in advance what she is painting, so that she can marvel at the result when (in time) it is complete.

Completion. So important.

It’s a portal back to Now. Grant yourself that gift. Be so ready that you can sit soft and upright with your inner pendulum steady.

I am pendulum ready 


Pivot 132: I am prepared and pleased with my work #ItAintSquareToPrepare

Good morning. It was so interesting – I could see myself compulsively Surface Swimming across the working day yesterday. I promised myself I would hold all emails til 5.00pm, but no, I ended up incessantly answering them as they came in… And I put off the Deep-Dive training prep that I was actually looking forward to. In other words, I was like the White Rabbit scuttling along all day, constantly at 5 o’clock…!

I am coming to see that the key to ‘spending more time receiving the elixir of Here and Nowness’ is…. prosaic though it might sound…

Preparation In Advance

Because only when you have things tied up way early can you stop and switch off … and approach the actual activities calmly. It also gives time for the mind to accommodate what’s upcoming. I so used to wing everything… like the White Rabbit. No more White Rabbit.

Another point. As I did get ‘time receiving the elixir of Here and Nowness’ I realised that in many ways, this is exactly what stimming is. In stimming, we bask and deep-dive and high-fly in the bliss of the Here and Now. That’s why the intervention ABA is so sad and problematic: it’s forcing beautiful children who are so advanced (see Abraham) to retreat from the perfect Here and Now into the misaligned There and Then.

But now we are in a new paradigm. This is the pivot. From struggle in the There and Then …. to Here and Now peace, and receiving the elixir of life. Abraham summed up the end of struggling brilliantly here.
What stood out for me from ACIM (Chapter 10: How is Judgement Relinquished?) was:
M-10.5. Therefore lay judgment down, not with regret but with a sigh of gratitude. 2 Now are you free of a burden so great that you could merely stagger and fall down beneath it. 3 And it was all illusion. 4 Nothing more. 5 Now can the teacher of God rise up unburdened, and walk lightly on.
[Also… Why our judgment is constantly flawed: M-10.3. The aim of our curriculum, unlike the goal of the world’s learning, is the recognition that judgment in the usual sense is impossible. 2 This is not an opinion but a fact. 3 In order to judge anything rightly, one would have to be fully aware of an inconceivably wide range of things; past, present and to come. 4 One would have to recognize in advance all the effects of his judgments on everyone and everything involved in them in any way. 5 And one would have to be certain there is no distortion in his perception, so that his judgment would be wholly fair to everyone on whom it rests now and in the future. 6 Who is in a position to do this? 7 Who except in grandiose fantasies would claim this for himself?]
Show me how to ‘rise up and walk lightly on’…
We guess you are aware of the relationship between the White Rabbit and relinquishing judgment?
The White Rabbit is stuck in judgment: of self, of time, of reality… That is why he is care-worn and weary. Could he… would he… but ‘lay judgment down’, he would experience himself, time and reality very differently. He would see them as God sees them: perfect and complete. 
Is there a link between ‘preparation in advance’ (PIA) and laying judgment down? I notice that PIA might seem a bit efforty and time orientated…
You can only effectively PIA if you are prepared to remove judgment from your preparations. The reason you can never comfortably prepare in advance is that you are reluctant to say. “Yes, that is done and complete, and I am well pleased with my work.” To you, the work is rarely done – and when you are pushed into completion, you drag your feet, your procrastinate and you stress yourself… only to give yourself 4 minutes of relief afterwards. No wonder you are reluctant to going back to completion of tasks the next time one appears… 
So, it’s a form of ‘perfectionism’, this judgment of mine?
In truth, it’s anti-perfectionism. You are happy to declare something imperfect. 
Unlike Mary Poppins – who declares herself ‘practically perfect in every way’.
How would you like to proclaim yourself ‘prepared and pleased with your work’. 
I think I would love that very much. I can see that it is possible to re-order my activities so that I prep in advance and feel reassured that ‘it’s in the bag’. I can see how this might boost my self-esteem too. I love to be ‘a good girl’, don’t I? Or at least, my inner child longs to be so! (Maybe the teenage girl was convinced she was not a good girl…) So it is helpful to do things that make us feel like a good girl. I remember how great I felt when I had my homework done early!! Not just relieved, but regal...! If I prioritise PIA over anyone else’s ‘urgent’ requests, like emails… then I will arrive at those requests with a greater sense of confidence. It’s ok not to jump to other’s urgent requests. My PIA work is key to my being able to arrive at, and receive the elixir of, Here & Nowness. And I am happy to drop the thought of ‘it’s not good enough yet’. If I allow myself to be pleased with my work, I will value it more and let it go faster, and stop overwhelming people with the sheer quantity of what I foist on them! I know I know my stuff. I also know that others know theirs. Let’s each of us bless ourselves with the gift of being prepared and pleased with our work. No more White Rabbit – he’s retired!
I am prepared and pleased with my work


PS. I just realised. Somewhere along the line (about 12yo?) I picked up that it was ‘square’ to prepare (it rhymes)! Man, how things stick. New protocol:

It ain’t square to prepare

It’s actually autism-friendly for this particular can of beans.


Pivot 131: I am spending more time receiving the elixir of Here and Nowness


Hello. Good morning. Are you here to deep-dive or high-fly today? 

Both. To deep-dive into the materials and substance, and to high-fly in feelings, dreamings, imaginations and glimpses.

Then you are most welcome, as you ever are. 


ACIM said:

M-9.2. As the teacher of God advances in his training, he learns one lesson with increasing thoroughness. 2 He does not make his own decisions; he asks his Teacher for His answer, and it is this he follows as his guide for action. 3 This becomes easier and easier, as the teacher of God learns to give up his own judgment. 4 The giving up of judgment, the obvious prerequisite for hearing God’s Voice, is usually a fairly slow process, not because it is difficult, but because it is apt to be perceived as personally insulting. 5 The world’s training is directed toward achieving a goal in direct opposition to that of our curriculum. 6 The world trains for reliance on one’s judgment as the criterion for maturity and strength. 7 Our curriculum trains for the relinquishment of judgment as the necessary condition of salvation.

So I asked a question as I went into my meditation, “What would You have me know today?”

I eventually heard: An artist cannot ‘try’ – only receive

I got the sense of the artist in deep-dive or high-fly, setting herself aside and – without judgment – letting information travel through her and on to her canvas, with complete ease and flow. She didn’t huff and puff about it being ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. She was more amanuensis than ‘doer’, and her role was to stay in softness, in alignment, in receptivity. (Maybe that’s the subtle turnedon- tunedin-tappedon style that suits me?) Can you elaborate on this image of the receiving artist, dear Heart of My Soul?

When you are here, with us, do you doubt? No, we see you relax completely and let the words flow through you. This is the receptive mode of which you wish to speak. The effortings of the human being put her in a taut and non-aligned vibrational state – she’s thinking ‘I have to do everything round here… if I want to survive, get on, be seen, be appreciated…!’ And each second handed over to efforting is a second that could have been used for receiving the infinite intelligence of Source, and funnelling it onto this plane. 

From the spiritual plane?

This is the spiritual plane, dear Soul. There is no great yonder, precious being. There truly is only Here and Now. The challenge is for you sweet beings to Be Here and to Be in the Now. You are often mentally elsewhere, and darting back and forth from future to past. If – oh, what deliciousness! – you could spend more time receiving the elixir of Here and Nowness, you eventually would want – tolerate even! – nothing else. 

Is this why I finish some work days feeling empty…?


I see my lovely G. skilfully and focussedly creating for the better part of every day, and I see how fulfilled and peaceful he is. He doesn’t baulk at working. He seems to bask in it. And then it just flows to him…

He loves the Here and Nowness of his creative work. He truly is an artist, through and through. As are you, would you but acknowledge that truth. 

I remember being up that beloved volcano, back in 2009, and thinking, ‘I am an artist’ – and realising why/how my current work was so hard.

You could barely perceive how very hard your work was for you. It was totally linear and relentlessly ‘surface-swimming’ orientated. 

Though I loved the connection with people.

Because you loved to give up your energy in the moment. As artist, you pour energy into a piece which will energise others for years

Wow. Yes… I see. Big difference there. And so…

Trust yourself. Trust your gifts. Give your gifts with real awareness of their preciousness, just as you receive the gifts of others with true attention to their perfection. Be at peace with what you do. When you are in flow it is not linear, and you will not get to the end of the day ‘spent’. The artist is nourished by her work, and fulfilled by it, and is blessed to spend the day as scribe-amanuensis-translater-interpreter to the Source Energy flowing through her. Let go of past-future thinking and ‘trying’ and ‘efforting’, and spend more time receiving the elixir of Here and Nowness. 

I see how I am invited to let Here and Nowness be my MO. It is the softness of it that I am so unfamiliar with. It feels like a ‘treat’ and therefore my mind says it is not ‘work.’

M-8.2.6 Finding truth unacceptable, the mind revolts against truth and gives itself an illusion of victory. 7 Finding health a burden, it retreats into feverish dreams. 8 And in these dreams the mind is separate, different from other minds, with different interests of its own, and able to gratify its needs at the expense of others. M-8.3. Where do all these differences come from? 2 Certainly they seem to be in the world outside. 3 Yet it is surely the mind that judges what the eyes behold.

Amen… Ok, so today, and in future days, I shall ‘spend more time receiving the elixir of Here and Nowness’. I shall notice when I am surface swimming, and minimise that mode. I will actively rest in the deep-diving and high-flying which occurs so perfectly in the Hear and Nowness. I will receive its elixir and be nourished by it. I shall accustom myself to its softness, and take care to spot when my mind is ‘Finding health a burden and retreating into feverish dreams. I will trust that the elixir of Here and Nowness has more to offer me than the mind-gratifying fret-storm my mind would make its mosh pit. I am at peace and in that sense, I am aligned with my ever cheerful, ever blissful, Inner Being. 

I am spending more time receiving the elixir of Here and Nowness


Pivot 130: I am deep-diving and high-flying all day

I loved properly prepping my training yesterday: creating my ‘gifts’. I actually allowed myself to go diving into the material. And I realised how, in comparison, I often spend much of my day just swimming on the surface of my work.

Swimming = surface level, emails, logistics, bookings, managing, messages, alert mind, tiring, saddening if too long spent on this, end the day feeling disconnected and unconnected, boring, worrying, nerve-wracking, disheartening… (I need to do this at the end of the day – a brisk 5pm swim)

Diving = deep level, immersive, creative, connected, problem-solving, relational, unique, Aspie Zen Zone, best mind, refreshing, renewing, fulfilling, learning, receptive, I look forward to going back to work, I know that my gifts are complete and received after this…

Let’s go diving into ACIM and the inner being…


I found an additional mode:



High-flying = asking and basking; meditating and communing; revelling in and enjoying; daydreaming and imagining; aligning with Source and inner being; inspiration and impulses; glimpses of pleasing things

This was my insight in meditation. And my commitment is to spend less time surface swimming, and more time Deep-diving and High-flying.

ACIM says:

M-7.4. One of the most difficult temptations to recognize is that to doubt a healing because of the appearance of continuing symptoms is a mistake in the form of lack of trust. 2 As such it is an attack. 3 Usually it seems to be just the opposite. 4 It does appear unreasonable at first to be told that continued concern is attack. 5 It has all the appearances of love. 6 Yet love without trust is impossible, and doubt and trust cannot coexist… M-7.6. 8 Doubt is the result of conflicting wishes. 9 Be sure of what you want, and doubt becomes impossible.

Are you sure of what you want? 

Yes. Peace. Unity. Love, Light. Today, more than anything, I want peace. In my heart, in my body, in my mind.

You are processing much external cleansing. As you trust that all is well on this plane, you will introduce a strong alternate frequency. Yes, bold it is indeed. As more of you proclaim Peace on Earth [Edgar Allan PoE 🙂] the more that that blessed reality ‘lands’. So yes, keep Deep-Diving and High-Flying as it takes you to the place on Peace in You, and that is how you feel able and willing to proclaim Peace on Earth. Peace on Earth begins with Peace in You…

Which begins by my arranging my life, work and days to have minimum fretful Surface-Swimming, and maximum immersive Deep-Diving and inspiring High-Flying. In summary:

High-flying = asking and basking; meditating and communing; revelling in and enjoying; daydreaming and imagining; aligning with Source and inner being; inspiration and impulses; glimpses of pleasing things

Surface-swimming = surface level, emails, logistics, bookings, managing, messages, alert mind, tiring, saddening if too long spent on this, end the day feeling disconnected and unconnected, boring, worrying, nerve-wracking… (need to do at end of day – a brisk 5pm swim)

Deep-diving = deep level, immersive, creative, connected, problem-solving, relational, unique, Aspie Zen Zone, best mind, refreshing, renewing, fulfilling, learning, receptive, I look forward to going back to work, I know that my gifts are complete and received after this…

Creating an environment which soothes your spirit is heartening for body and soul. 

I am creating Peace In Me.

Trust in your gift to yourself, dear one. Trust that as you create Peace in You, you are co-creating Peace on Earth. 

I trust that as I minimise Surface-Swimming, and create endless opportunities for Deep-Diving and High-Flying, I am dancing ever more in alignment with my Inner Being, with my own Source self. This work is ongoing, and every day, I am learning how much my body and mind thrive in the right, the best, the most propitious circumstances. I give myself permission to seek the Peace I know is my birthright, by deep-diving and high-flying all day…


I am deep-diving and high-flying all day


Pivot 129: I trust in my giving 

Plugging in. It’s subtle, isn’t it?

Are you feeling good? Then you’re plugged in. Subtle; not so subtle.

Let’s go in. <3


There was a line in ACIM about healing, and people resisting healing because it feels like death to them…

M.6.1.6 “Yet what if the patient uses sickness as a way of life, believing healing is the way to death? 7 When this is so, a sudden healing might precipitate intense depression, and a sense of loss so deep that the patient might even try to destroy himself. 8 Having nothing to live for, he may ask for death. 9 Healing must wait, for his protection. M-6.2. Healing will always stand aside when it would be seen as threat. 2 The instant it is welcome it is there.” 

Tell me about this please.

You are always willing to see behind and beyond the apparent. This is good. It is for you to consider how you can adjust yourself to the sense of wellbeing

Some of us became accustomed to stress. In fact, wellbeing and good feeling can feel… worryingly… bland! What’s this about?

Vibrational accustoming. This is why it’s so good to slow down the mind and stop it’s constant thinking, on a daily basis – so that you can gradually get used to the vibration of peace, unity, love and light. This is what you do out in nature. It’s excellent. 

Do I associated work with stress?

You have done. Did you notice the lines about ‘trusting’? 

I did! So apt for me. Let me find them.

M-6.3.6 Trust is an essential part of giving; in fact, it is the part that makes sharing possible, the part that guarantees the giver will not lose, but only gain… M-6.4. It is the relinquishing of all concern about the gift that makes it truly given. 2 And it is trust that makes true giving possible.

I would feel much less stressed about work if I considered my offerings as gifts in which I trusted 100%. I add concern, maybe?

Consider how glorious it is to give without expectation, but safe in the knowledge of the gift received, not only in itself, but encased with the love with which it was conceived, selected, chosen, prepared and delivered. Imagine that! It is the natural process, and one you can accept as soon as you like. 

It’s so radical! I hover over feedback forms to know if my lovingly prepared gift has been received and will be cherished.

You are invited now and in every moment to KNOW, to TRUST, that your gift is perfect. How it is received is not your arena of concern. Remember the line above about the patient who uses sickness as a way of life? They will not celebrate your gift in that moment, but their soul will. Know that sometimes, to talk to someone’s soul is the kindest, most blessed thing you can do. Why is a person out of sorts? Because their Inner Being reads reality in one way, and their personhood reads it another. Talk to the Inner Being, and affirm its knowing that All Is Well… and the Person will catch up when they are ready, prompted by the fillip of the (jarring) conversation you had with their inner self. 

So package your gifts lovingly, knowing that how they are received is not your business. You will know when you have made a ‘present’ you are proud of. 

Yes, I can see this in my training… Often the reason for my waking up with anxiety in the morning is wondering how my training will be received. I can get out ahead of that by tending to my training and getting it to the point where I feel soft, calming and trusting about it. Then, I can deliver it and let it go. This is so much better than half-prepping it and winging it on the day according to what I see the audience reacting to. I can trust much, much more in what I am giving. And if I’m feeling nervous about it, it’s because it needs more prepping. That is what the message of nervousness is telling me, right?

Indeed. You know full well when your present is right and ready. And also, you know full well that LESS is MORE. 

Ah, I do? I often give masses… I guess so that I can’t have that awful feeling of dull thudliness………

Hey, come back! Less is more = celebrate that! You are doing so well! You can relax, sit back, relish your achievements. TRUST when you are giving. 

Trust is an essential part of giving…
It is trust that makes true giving possible.

I hear you. Ok. I’ve got it. I trust that as I prepare my two trainings today I am creating something valuable that will serve its wider purpose. I trust that people can be given tools and use them to create the castles, fortresses and playgrounds of their own desires. I trust that all is in order, and that my work is not the Be All End All, but rather that it is a loving catalyst that shifts energy in order to help people self-heal, self-master, self-solve. I trust that less is more. I trust that my giving is enough, is perfect, is understood vibrationally. I trust that their receiving is not my part of the responsibility, but a function of the universal unfolding of the perfection that Is.

I trust in my giving 

Pivot 128: I am keeping an open mind (to plug the vacuum in)

I did tend to myself gently – with gentleness and joy – yesterday. I cleaned and refreshed the house (it was a Sunday); I painted my nails; I sat in the garden; I rushed at nothing; we went to a shop and I invited myself to buy whatever clothes I liked. And do you know what? Almost instantly, others mirrored my take, and were gentler to me too. We really do follow each other’s lead on how we want to be treated and acted towards. If I am gentler to myself, so are others. Who. Knew?!


Ok so what came through was that notion of ‘plugging into Source’. I’ve just finished studying the qualities of Teachers:

I. Trust
A. Development of Trust
II. Honesty
III. Tolerance
IV. Gentleness
V. Joy
VI. Defenselessness
VII. Generosity
VIII. Patience
IX. Faithfulness
X. Open-Mindedness
In my meditation, Abraham’s notion of ‘plugging into’ Source made itself present. Yesterday I again heard Abraham say, “Plug in the vacuum cleaner!” Is it true that I have sometimes been ‘vacuuming my house’ without the vacuum cleaner plugged in to the electricity supply?
Of course! Learning to plug the Vacuum Cleaner in – or connect your Self to your Source – is a fun and fulfilling art that comes when the student is ready. 
Aha! Excellent. Tell me how I might apply this today?
Of course! You are talking about approaching your work with trust, honesty, tolerance, gentleness, joy, defencelessness, generosity, patience, faithfulness and open-mindedness… and seeing what happens when you do. 
So this is plugging in the Vacuum Cleaner?
You know what it feels like when you are plugged into Source. It is a culmination of intentions and feelings and assumptions and invitations. 
Am I plugged into Source now?
Yes, to the extent that you are allowing yourself to be a channel rather than a ‘doer’. 
Ah. That’s helpful. I do know that sometimes my best work comes when I step back a little… When I stand central in the assumption of fair solutions… When I assume the best outcome is easily available to us all. It’s like my role is to hold the door open, so that people can walk through it to their own next destination. I know they could open the door themselves, but my service to them is to simplify that step for them at their moment of need. They still do the ‘work’…
And in simplifying that step for them, you are holding confidence that there is a ‘next door room’, or a ‘way out’, or a ‘way in’… whatever is desired. 
Yes, I have that faithfulness for them, when theirs is wavering.
You are finding your step here this morning. Your step up…
You are opening the door for yourself. 
I am. And on the other side of that door, is peace. “Only the open-minded can be at peace
So keep an open mind today, as you would keep an open door for others. As you open your mind, and remain open minded, so will rich ideas flow through. If you can keep the door of possibility open for yourself, then you are better able to do it for others too. Open-minded and open-hearted are not so far apart. For today, focus on ‘Open-Minded’ and see how life flows. See how the Vacuum Cleaner plugs in when you create mental space for Source to flow through your day. 
M-4.X.1. ‘The centrality of open-mindedness, perhaps the last of the attributes the teacher of God acquires, is easily understood when its relation to forgiveness is recognized. 2 Open-mindedness comes with lack of judgment…. M-4.X.2. How do the open-minded forgive? 2 They have let go all things that would prevent forgiveness. 3 They have in truth abandoned the world, and let it be restored to them in newnessand in joy so glorious they could never have conceived of such a change.’
Remember your desire to plug the vacuum in… Remember that today. And use open-mindedness as a socket.
My open mind is a socket…!
I am keeping an open mind (to plug the vacuum in)


Pivot 127: I am tending to myself gently

So, you are knowing what you are Really Wanting? Did you get Glimpses? 

Yes! Vibrational alignment; fun; exploration; vibrational point of attraction; following my IMPulses


I am alive to myself in this free-flowing meditation, where I allow myself to quiet my mind and receive what is there to be received when we are aligned to the inner being.. (As Abraham teaches – thank you, dear Abraham)

I was struck in today’s ACIM reading, by the notion of GENTLENESS:

IV. Gentleness

M-4.IV.1. Harm is impossible for God’s teachers. 2 They can neither harm nor be harmed. 3 Harm is the outcome of judgment. 4 It is the dishonest act that follows a dishonest thought. 5 It is a verdict of guilt upon a brother, and therefore on oneself. 6 It is the end of peace and the denial of learning. 7 It demonstrates the absence of God’s curriculum, and its replacement by insanity. 8 No teacher of God but must learn,—and fairly early in his training,—that harmfulness completely obliterates his function from his awareness. 9 It will make him confused, fearful, angry and suspicious. 10 It will make the Holy Spirit’s lessons impossible to learn. 11 Nor can God’s Teacher be heard at all, except by those who realize that harm can actually achieve nothing. 12 No gain can come of it.

M-4.IV.2. Therefore, God’s teachers are wholly gentle. 2 They need the strength of gentleness, for it is in this that the function of salvation becomes easy. 3 To those who would do harm, it is impossible. 4 To those to whom harm has no meaning, it is merely natural. 5 What choice but this has meaning to the sane? 6 Who chooses hell when he perceives a way to Heaven? 7 And who would choose the weakness that must come from harm in place of the unfailing, all-encompassing and limitless strength of gentleness? 8 The might of God’s teachers lies in their gentleness, for they have understood their evil thoughts came neither from God’s Son nor his Creator. 9 Thus did they join their thoughts with Him Who is their Source. 10 And so their will, which always was His Own, is free to be itself.

V. Joy

M-4.V.1. Joy is the inevitable result of gentleness. 2 Gentleness means that fear is now impossible, and what could come to interfere with joy? 3 The open hands of gentleness are always filled. 4 The gentle have no pain. 5 They cannot suffer. 6 Why would they not be joyous? 7 They are sure they are beloved and must be safe. 8 Joy goes with gentleness as surely as grief attends attack. 9 God’s teachers trust in Him. 10 And they are sure His Teacher goes before them, making sure no harm can come to them. 11 They hold His gifts and follow in His way, because God’s Voice directs them in all things. 12 Joy is their song of thanks. 13 And Christ looks down on them in thanks as well. 14 His need of them is just as great as theirs of Him. 15 How joyous it is to share the purpose of salvation!

Had/have I lost some of my gentleness over past years? 

Far from it. You have gained in gentleness. What you are noting is that some of your forms of communication are lagging behind your actual evolution. Some of your thought forms are lagging behind too. So you feel a gap. You can invite your words and thoughts to catch up with the inner learning which is that Gentleness Is Joy. 

I sense that. Thank you. I see how my tiredness or burnout (so improved thanks to these blessed days of rest and peace) might arise from thoughts and words that are less than gentle.

Gentleness to others starts with the way we treat ourselves. 

That is so true… How can I be gentler with myself?

By attending to your needs and preferences as is you were caring for your own sweet newborn child. 

As you learn to do this effectively, you will find yourself ever – ever – more able to attend gently, and with presence, to the needs and preferences  of others. 

I am so pleased with the professional work I have chosen. So grateful. Yes, I would do whatever is needed to be more effective for the people I serve.

So care for yourself gently, with gentleness. This is what you Really Want, we know: a world of gentleness because that is a world of forgiveness and sinlessness, which as ACIM says, is a world of joy. So let us be gentle to ourselves today. Let us tend to ourselves gently. 

Beautiful. Tysm. xxx

I am tending to myself gently today


‘The might of God’s teachers lies in their gentleness’


Pivot 126: I am glimpsing what I really want… in all circumstances

I did honour my creativity – in my qigong practice; in my business creation; in my video editing; in my ability to go for a bike ride in the middle of the working day and feel that I was ‘on holiday!’.

Do you remember in therapy last month, a notion came up for me strong and hard: “This is not child’s play.” That was my younger/child me acknowledging and owning that her activities were not meaningless – that her, my, creativity is not childish. Somewhere in childhood I picked up the notion that if it doesn’t hurt or burn me out or bore me, it can’t be grown up. I have largely worked much of that out of my system, but maybe it’s this last (or next) chunk to go: CREATIVITY.

Playfulness and ease. That’s serious business! 

It is, right?!

What is creativity to your mind? 

I guess creativity is Source unfurling itself through us!

****ACIM reading and 10minMed****

This beautiful quote from ACIM illuminated my mediation and my ‘basking in glimpses of pleasing things’:

“He must learn to lay all judgment aside, and ask only what he really wants in each circumstance.” ACIM MfT p11

Tell me about this.

This is exactly the teaching you have been receiving from Abraham. Even the fact you are now willing to talk about Abraham here indicates that you are learning to lay all judgment aside. When Abraham asks: “And are you knowing what you are wanting?” you are being invited to tap into Source Energy. Knowing what you are really wanting is your route into alignment with you inner being. Did you know that? 

I suppose on some level I did… The laying judgment aside is an important factor isn’t it?

Absolutely. Your ego (which judges) has the opposite agenda to your inner being. There, never said so clearly. 

Never said so clearly…….. That is some pivot.

  • Unwanted = ego’s agenda
  • Wanted = inner being’s agenda

It’s ok to let go of my ego’s judgmental agenda?

You’ve gone a long way with that already. You really have. Can you see that?

I can to a degree. Are there areas we could shimmy and shake at?

Of course. You know what they are. They are the things you really want which you tell yourself ‘it’s not yet time for’ or ‘that won’t make money’. They are the ideas that pop up as glimpses of pleasing things WHENEVER you let your mind drift in a tuned in tapped in turned on state. You must be very happy with your glimpses..? 

I am!!!! They are delightful!!

To glimpse is to get into vibrational alignment with, is to attract or line up with… Keep glimpsing what you really want. 

L u s h. Ty.

I am glimpsing what I really want… in all circumstances


PS. Colette Davenport says “I’m stepping forward…”