Create 10: I am the artist who clears the decks – and creates

I can’t express strongly enough the benefit of deploying ‘neuroceptive housekeeping’ (our phrase) for tending to my {need to feel competent}.

It has not been easy. I’ve got a lot on and I was in quite a state. But I’ve been gentler with myself again. And I’ve consciously laid my focus on where I am competent – I’ve trained and/or mediated and/or coached some 300 people in the last 10 days. Wow.

And I worked out: I need help with managing my bookings, emails, diary and ‘standard operating procedures’ [Ha! B.E.D.S.]. That’s not because I’m incompetent! It’s because I’ve competently built the business. That’s to be celebrated!

Yesterday I debuted my first solo Conflict Prevention and Resolution course, to a group of 80 trainee nannies. It went really well and I felt in my element with the Rosenburg/Ury-inspired material:

Click to access Preventing-Resolving-Conflict-Norland-Arabella-Tresilian-15Jan21.pdf

I talked about what I’ve been calling Needs-Based Communication – I hope Marshall Rosenberg doesn’t mind, but ‘nonviolent communication’ is such a hard phrase for people to swallow…

The fact of the matter is that Rosenberg is basically a spiritual giant. His two key questions are utter genius:

As is his take on Feelings & Needs:

As is his script for needs-based dialogue:

I created this concept/image too:

I’m so pleased with my new training. It’s the launch of my One Jam product for the SoD. I’m feeling very blessed. All is going well. <3

And so, I wanted to try using those two NVC questions for self-support and self-care today. It’s a Saturday so I have time to tend to my needs – to do more neuroceptive housekeeping.

Excellent. Let us help! 

Question 1: What is alive in you? 

Ty for asking. Still a gnawing sense of things stacked up. Emails, birthdays coming up, 50 Whatsapps to attend to.

But also, a desire to give myself time and space for rest and relaxation / rest and digest / parasympathetic stillness… so I can mobilise my connected/social self on Monday.

Excellent. So ‘what is alive in you’ is: you have ‘things stacked up’ on your to do list, and also you want to relax… and the two pulls are causing a tension. 

What need is not being fulfilled, and how is it making you feel

Need: From the list above, I’ll go with ‘Celebration of life and dreams fulfilled’

Feeling: Most present to me is Reluctant… and Confused, Disappointed, Frustrated….

Question 2: What would make life more wonderful? 

I guess it’s more neuroceptive housekeeping but with a view to Celebrating life and dreams fulfilled. Maybe I need a list of Weekend To Dos to get done; and then a list of Celebratory / Relaxing To Dos… though we are a bit limited here for options in week 2 of our third national lockdown in 10 months….

It’s feeling… a little… ‘to do-ey’. No? The ‘things stacked up’ is the key. Maybe your aim is more ‘Decksfast’ than powering through to-dos? 

Clear the Decks. Yes, I have missed my ‘Clear the Decks before breakfast’ (“Decksfast/Decksfest”) in the mornings because I’ve been delivering training every morning.

Remember your idea of BEDS above. 

Thank you….

Oh I know what it is! Decksfast is reactive. And I want time not just to ‘celebrate’ but to CREATE! That’s where I get the wellbeing buzz, isn’t it? That’s what makes life more wonderful!

Create > Consume! Active > Passive! Proactive > Reactive!


Shall we go in? [to present moment awareness within]

Why not? 

******15minMed with Insight Timer sensing the breath in the chest****

Well, that was interesting! Clear as day, I sensed/cognized/downloaded the next step for the SoD….!:

Today’s Creative Impulse: 

  1. Schedule two events as SoD: MHFA Half Day, and SoD ConRes (as above
  2. Create a SoD Eventbrite page for the events – the page will serve as a temp website for the SoD
  3. Use my own slides for soc/med content via Hootsuite, with each post linking through to the eventbrite page/events, for direct sales as donations on a sliding scale. (See Healing Space Eventbrite as inspiration.) 

Man, if/as I start running my own events… and use that to attain more cases… I really will be on my way. And I have SO much content to share… And wonderfully, we’ve worked out how I can hand some of the load of bespoke training work for Bath Mind over to the new trainer I introduced.

This is the missing link. The impulse I needed to get Hootsuite going – to have something to sell, directly… Not just speculatively selling my services. But selling tickets to my events, to develop the SoD brand and rep, and get new clients, and make direct sales. <3 And while G and I are developing the website, well Eventbrite can be my temporary website! And people can pay me there! And it can direct them to if they want more!

Feeling good? Feeling celebratory? Feeling the possibility and flavour of the ‘Celebration of life and dreams fulfilled’? 

Yes! And I feel inspired to ‘clear the decks’ of ‘things stacked up’ to be able to get this creative/proactive work done! My work! As the SoD. I’m happy. And with Deborah Maddison as my inspiration, I’m in the right kind of company. <3 She holds the vibe, the frequency, of love, so clearly and lightly and firmly.

May I hold the vision of those Eventbrite sales as a marker.. And my word, hasn’t EVERYTHING I’ve done over the last year – from ASWM webinars to embracing Zoom to throwing myself into developing training to abundant client work – hasn’t it all prepared me so beautifully and perfectly for This Moment?

It has indeed. You asked for Online Work and your One Jam Offering. You were heard! You had all that in your vortex, as Abraham would say, and you sat tight, listening daily, and trusting in what was happening… and guess what? You manifested your vision. And guess what? You always will. That is how creative consciousness works in all people. The trick, sweet soul, was to simplify/streamline your Vision, so you could hold it in mind longer than 17 seconds… Just wait until the Travel vision starts coming through. Ooh, baby! 

I’m so happy about this. I’ll simplify and streamline this. I can see the email subject:


From: Eventbrite <>
Date:  xx March 2021
To: a***************
Subject: Your payout is on the way

Payout issued for


That’s how it’ll go, I guess. No hand-splashing. Keep it gentle. This will all be fine. <3 Any advice before I clear the decks for the creative work?

Gently does it. Remember, this is ‘neuroceptive housekeeping’ you are doing when you clear the decks, so embed those safety anchors, and do nothing in a tense or driven state. Check you are in the ventral vagal parasympathetic state at all times as you clear the decks in your Decksf@st mode. Teach yourself that the reactive work is no big deal. Be matter of fact. Lean into your accomplishment feelings after and celebrate work well done. And remember to stop when you have finished clearing the decks. Because you are clearing the decks to have a clear space and canvas for your creative work. Be the artist who cleans the studio to do work in. Not the artist who simply cleans the studio, again and again. Be the artist who creates. 

Beautiful. Amen. I call on all the creative forces of the universe to help me clean my studio so I can work my canvas in a conducive space. Let me be the artist who cleans the studio to do their work in. May I be the artist who clears and creates. Two separate activities, the latter now to become the primary activity. Amen.

I am the artist who clears the decks – and creates

PS. G is also an artist who clears the decks and creates, every day. He keeps life simplified and streamlined… and thereby CAN create, every day. Amen.