Create 41: I am breathing in courageous, breathing out relieved

Caroline Myss says it’s time to pray like a ‘crazy’ person… Ok.

My prayer is for COURAGE.

I pray for the courage to

  • make decisions
  • say no
  • say yes
  • follow those impulses
  • act on my knowing
  • keep to my vision
  • get things done, even if not perfect
  • reorder life according to the hunches of my spirit
  • ask for help
  • trust helpers
  • hand over and delegate
  • defend my own boundaries
  • defend my own energy
  • keep myself safe and healthy
  • make the money I need to make
  • save the money I need to save
  • be the creative person I need to be
  • ride the journey of this episode of uncertainty
  • allow this cross-fade in my work to occur swiftly

Breathe it in, dear soul. Breathe in courage; breathe out relief. You’ve got this, sweet soul. 

**** Trying it…

I like that. It feels good.

Every hour… 3 mins… Sit down, and work with this practice – with butterfly tapping if you like. As you calm, calm, calm your ANS, you will be better placed to take decisions with acuity. 

Ok… Ty.

BICBOR. Breathe in courage; breathe out relief.

CIRO. Courage in; relief out.

We prefer the former – the word BREATHE is an important instruction for embodiment. 

Got it. BICBOR.

It also gives you pacing for the breathing – 3 steps in; 3 steps out. And aim really is to feel the sense of the words courage and relief, in equal measure. Learn where they ‘exist’ in your emotional body and your physical body. 

You can even shift the words from concepts to lived, emotional adjectives:

Breathing in ‘courageous’; breathing out ‘relieved’. 

Ooh, I like it. Thank you.

One other note. No more working at weekends. It has to STOP. There is no way your system can tolerate 7/7 working ad infinitum. You need to BREAK from work, from screens… So, no to packaging off your hardest work for Sat/Sun this week. If it needs to be done, let it be done this week. Ok? If it can’t be done by Fri 6pm… it didn’t need to be done. 

Oof. Ok! AMEN.

I am breathing in ‘courageous’, breathing out ‘relieved’


It does give you a sense of retraining the emotional system. If it hadn’t felt ‘courage’ or ‘relieved’ for a while… it’s about calling on the power of ‘acting as if’ to re-embed the sensations in the vibrational field. Right?

Right. <3 And the heart is the portal…

Hence butterfly tapping?

It all works in symphony… 

Beautiful. Thank you. xxx