Create 34: I am building my own House 

I’m loving listening to Caroline Myss’s Holy Language audio programme. She talks about listening to ‘the voice of your soul’. Is that what we are doing here?

Breathe deeply. Settle in. Do-Nothing for a bit. Shrug off the problem-solving, past/future mind. Consciously connect your inhales to your exhales, to anchor your awareness in the body, aka in the present moment – as MB taught you. [AOTH p123]

***10 mins of CCB***

Deep Oxygenation with consciously connected breathing (CCB), opens portals to the Stillpoint. And that’s where you can speak to us in the way you would wish. You are good at receiving. This is clear.

Tysm. So, are you the Voice of My Soul?

Of course! There is only one Voice in you, because your creative essence emanates from your soul. Your soul is the ‘placenta’ between ‘you’ and the original creative Source: it’s where knowing is exchanged, where life power is mediated. 

Awesome! Caroline Myss talks about ‘woundology’ – and her insight that we use ‘wounds’ (that we hold on to) to slow down (or mediate?) the natural evolution of our being. If that evolution feels too fast and dynamic, we hold on to wounds to limit that change – like a valve I guess.

She also says healing is all about power. And that empowerment is a feature of the soul.

What wounds do I have remaining that I am using to slow/limit by evolution, and my empowerment?

Beautiful question, dear one. But the wrong one for your purposes. Let’s not pick at dry scabs to decide which one needs a plaster most urgently… 

Your real wish at this stage is simply to hear us better, isn’t it? 

Yes. And thus to act more spontaneously, more trustingly, on creative impulses, and intuitive guidance.

Then jump out of bed! You truly are in the prime of life. Go oxygenate your being in the fresh air. Do your walk and your qigong. Fill yourself with the Light of this day, to enmesh your being with the power available to you and to all. 

Cool! Awesome. Yes! One more question… pls! Your guidance on my work I need to do this weekend?

LET IT GO! None of it feeds into the creation of your Home. You are trying to build a HOUSE for yourself (and for your SOUL to nestle and flourish) but you spend each day rushing off to put YOUR bricks on the foundations of other people’s houses… 

You know why…

And now it’s time to build YOUR house. 

Man alive…. strong words. THANK YOU. I am building my own house today: the School of Dialogue; the work-life I desire; the spiritual environs I would evoke for myself… Amen. Thank you. May we ALL feel fully empowered to build our own Houses. To my precious girls, I pray this for you now: build your own houses, merrily and powerfully! To my beloved expectant sibs/in-law: all light and love unto your tiny houses of delight.

Now is the Day. Now is the Time. Let each one build their own Houses. This is the CALL. 

I am building my own House 


Day notes:

Guess who just finally set up her first ISA, investing in a ‘Vanguard Target Retirement 2045 Accumulation’ tracker fund with HL (thanks to deep dive into to DIY Simple Investing  by John Edwards). Building my House. #CreativeImpulse

Pensions next, which I can do with the same broker (HL) – and same brilliant writer:



Thank you as ever to these two powerful teachers of my soul: