Create 54: I am settling the wild horses

So today I leave the house to travel more-than-five-miles-from-the-house for the first time since I last December (ie about 4 months ago). I’m going up to London, a day before Lockdown eases, to see my beautiful sis and family, to offer some love and support – and Joining – after their shocking and distressing week. Also, my darling ASV will be coming across London and catching a lift back with me for a month at home.

Work with me please, to get my heart and mind in the right place. I feel tired (the clocks changed and I’m an hour short of sleep). Also, after nearly three straight months of Lockdown 3, my body is somewhat  startled at the idea of moving itself for 2 x 3hour drives, and having an afternoon in the company of hUmAnS (however beloved!!).

Settle, settle, settle. Remember your image of coffee granules settling in a cafetiere? Or sand settling in a bucket of sandy water? Let this sensation and practice be the order of your day. 

I have felt quite ‘stirred’ up over the past week, and have spun into excess of emotion (highs and lows) that have left me remorseful, confused, embarrassed and ‘unsettled’.

Let me look up ‘settle’:

Definitions of ‘settle’ include:

And it sits nicely in the mindfulness work:

Thank you. Any other notes?

Be aware of the racing within you. Watch it. Observe it. Be compassionate towards it. And then invite that ‘racing’ part of you to settle. If you can tame the wild horses that race, and bring them under your will, you really will be able to sit with people more effectively. 

Yes. Less racing. More settling.

Or: settle the wild horses. 


I am settling the wild horses