Presence 27: I am playing with the divine super power, Unconditional Love

I have had some insights about Knowing What Is.

When we are fully anchored in ourselves, in terms of full consciousness, we have access to our Knowing. But more often than not, we are reaching outwards for Knowing, from others’ words and reactions and modulations.

When I reach inwards for Knowing – and the breathing meditations and qigong are helpful for ‘staying with what is’ internally (“I feel unconditionally” is the Week 4 TPP phrase – then I keep arriving at one insight…

Unconditional Love is the only truly helpful response… to pretty much everything

Discuss this with me.

Do you remember Abdu’l-Baha? 

Could I forget such a noble being?

He was the Master of Unconditional Love. 

Aah… Yes. That makes sense.

Unconditional Love was his divine super power. It left people unravelled, melted, unmet by their former sorrows, healed at an unrecognised level of consciousness. 

JC too.

Your Unconditional Love for the next person, and the next, is no childish whim. It is indeed a divine super power. And it is a muscle and an art and a discipline you are invited to practise and develop for the good of All That Is. The joy of this DSP [divine super power] is that you must hone the practice upon your own good self in order to be able to deploy it with any sincerity to another soul. 

Yes! Of course. This is beautiful. I hear you. How am I doing on the old UL DSP front?

Well. You are unfurling new layers of care and consideration towards yourself. It is pleasing to watch, and to feel. Do you see how your ‘felt-perception’ is developing as you turn inwards? 

With a ‘calm interiorised mind’ as Tiara Kumara says.

As you turn inwards to bring unconditional acceptance and love to whatsoever is within you, so you are released from the bonds of shame, guilt, horror, grief. It is so simple, is it not? As we learn to turn to what is, its power to shock, offend or horrify us… simply… diminishes. And you can do this any moment of any day. Turn to the felt-perceptions which make you quiver and rest your UL DSP gaze upon them. 

I will practice this Unconditional Love Divine Super Power, upon myself first, and then (softly, gently, tenderly) in my wider life.

Be bold, be brave, be reckless. That is the Unconditional way. 

Radical love.

Radical love. 


I am playing with the divine super power, Unconditional Love