Create 25: I am having an EASEy week {#EASEyDoesIt}

Man, I was productive yesterday, and loved the notion of Pre-Booting my week. I did all my invoicing and I got my email inbox down from 57 to 2. I kept in mind the idea of the EASEy Week ahead. I printed out the week’s calendar to go on my chest of drawers, so I can easily check in regularly and nothing should feel like a surprise. I have no miracles to pull off this week – there is time for everything that needs to be achieved.

Wonderful! Would you like to play the Book of Positive Aspects?

Yes. I would. Let’s write…

The Book of Positive Aspects…. of my Business: 

  • I am in charge of my own life, income, timetable
  • I have a wonderful professional service mix
  • I have a broad range of clients
  • I am attracting new clients
  • I have a few high price point products which do me v well
  • I can work from home, no problem
  • I have instant tech expertise next door, with G
  • G is the most wonderful ‘co-worker next door’ – so focussed and disciplined and conscientious and successful; never stressy, pompous, onerous
  • There is masses of room for me to grow in my med practice – and plenty of work ahead
  • I’m not trying to juggle, or psychically read, a boss. Lordy be, what a blessing is that.
  • My work is so EASEy because I am in charge of it! I only take on what I can do. I can rest in between. I could take days and days off…. I notice I don’t because I enjoy it! I enjoy the satisfaction of working with commissioning clients (like HR and SB and FS) and with mediation parties, and with training delegates. I have fluidity and flexibility in my days. And I’m really, genuinely providing help, assistance, support and wellbeing for people. Every day! It’s just a wonder. There’s that marvellous quote of Maya Angelou’s:

  • I have the opportunity to make people feel valued, heard, appreciated, cared for and loved every single day… Isn’t that the best?!

Ah, what a lovely rampage of appreciation. Ty.

And today’s Creative Impulse?

Today’s Creative Impulse: Turn the Joy button on your desk into an EASEy button. Make the theme of this week EASE. Note down every time you can feel, express, slide into EASE. This is the first EASEy Week of 2021, and you are going to love it! EASEy times are afoot! EASE your way through the days, just basking in the fun, and variety ahead. Enjoy not just making yourself aware of EASE, but offering EASE to your clients and colleagues too. EASEy does it! 

Bliss. I absolutely love it. Thank you.

I am having an EASEy week {#EASEyDoesIt}