Create 83: I am letting nature reconnect me to my Heart

I’m listening. CuspLife. Yes… How do I live in the world, and yet remain connected to the Cusp?

Let Nature in to your life and your consciousness and your days. Nature will teach you about the Cusp. Let it in. You asked about the Elemental world. You have to look to see. Do you understand? When you truly align yourself to the frequency of Creation, you will feel that relief you seek. 

‘Good boundaries’ seems to be about keeping certain things out, and letting others in.

If you focus on the ‘unwanted’ you’ll get more of it. Focus on the wanted to get more of that. 

The wanted?

The wanted you are seeking is the Cusp Life. Being connected to both this world and that. 

I want to be connected to the cusp, without being floaty or untethered.

Then welcome to the natural environment. As with My Octopus Teacher, you will learn more of the nature of life through the natural world than you will through humans who are all tugging the ball and chain of their ego with them, or mostly all. The natural world IS the ego-less world. 

It’s also full of predation and death and fear and flight and fight…

It’s ego-less. Watch it and you will know. To be ‘without ego’ does not mean that you give up the will to survive and thrive. You see, that’s where the lesson is to be learnt. Humans often think that to be ‘good’ is to surrender one’s will to the will of another. Baffling, isn’t it? 

Please heal my sadness. I am truly open to learning. If nature is the way, then I will follow. I downloaded two apps for species identification of birds and plants today… I can special-interest it… I just need relief. Daily relief from this current sadness, this stress, this pain… I know I am often joyful in the company of others and on my walks – and I am grateful for the practices that engender that joy – but happiness is like a jive skirt I have to keep spinning and flipping up every day to keep afloat. The effort… I wish for rest, relief, daily uplift… Grant me that timeline.

You asked us that before and we gave you the answer. Meet nature. Let it heal, teach, inform and inspire you.

Will I meet the elemental world?

Of course! It is there witnessing you and working with you everyday. 

I want contact.

Then look, see, learn, be taught, stay, sit, absorb. Your qigong is part of this practice. You have connected with the birds and plants of your garden most profoundly during your qigong practice. Do not be mistaken – this is not just ‘exercise’. You asked to learn about Vibrational Alignment, about Energy, about the Frequencies of Consciousness. You are being taught. Become aware of your curriculum, dear soul. 


You would do well to think about your purpose. Do you want ‘magic powers’? Well, if so, to what end? Do you want to lift the veil to see the working mechanisms behind physical life (and death). Well, if so, to what end? Who is it serving and to what end? Sit still and learn. With awareness of What Is we can achieve more than you can imagine, but we have to be receptive to the deeper meaning. It is never going to please your dear ego. 

Please may my ego be healed, and become a servant to my heart.

Beautiful words. Beautiful prayer. 

What next?

If your Heart is to become the master to you Head, you need to learn to hear its voice more clearly, and normalise the heart-centred approach. 

What is the heart-centred approach?

Imagine there is an algorithm in your consciousness. In childhood, you are brought up to filter everything through the navigating instincts of the Head. We are asking you to rewire your algorithm, so that you navigate life through your Heart.

I think my Heart is quite a disruptor.

Isn’t that great?!


Truly, you are going to LOVE the Heart-Centred life. It IS CuspLife. It’s the only way to live in ‘this world and that’ simultaneously. 

Wow. That is a massively impactful and helpful statement. Thank you.

You only feel this ‘sadness, stress and pain’ because your Heart is leading one way, but you are following your Head. Remember what Abraham said? Negative emotion is only a sign you are out of alignment with your Inner Being, which is always seeing you and your life through the eyes of Source. 

So how would I change my life to be more Heart-led?

You’re going to need to change your relationship with your Heart. It’s been the ‘poor relation’ for too long. You will need to start over. Listen hard. Seek that self-forgiveness we discussed within your own Heart. You’re going to need to get REALLY curious about the still small voice of your heart, and follow it like a ‘mad woman’. We use this term advisedly, to denote two things: 

  1. ‘Mad’: your culture is so Head-orientated that when you cut off your Heart and get Heart-sickness, you call it ‘mental ill health’, or madness. 
  2. ‘Woman’: this is the day of feminine-rising. The Heart is flow, love, instinct, deepdeep knowing. Compare this with the old ‘rational’ way that led humanity to almost self-destruct. 

Your new ways will need to be aware of the old misbeliefs about sanity and womanhood – and sidestep them. 

Ok. Noted. I like the term ‘heart-sickness’.

Valuable isn’t it? 

Nature will reconnect you to your Heart. Let it do that job. 

Ok. Ty. xxx

I am letting nature reconnect me to my Heart