Presence 22: I am embracing the Other

Important realisation. When we talk about mastery, we really are not talking about ‘being an expert’ or ‘guru’. We are simply talking about someone who is managing at this time to be able to master their own mental body’s antics (or maybe what some would call ‘monkey mind’ ). I’ve avoided aiming for ‘mastery’ because I thought it was some route towards being better than the next person. It’s very different to that…

Mastery is actually SELF-mastery. When you have mastered the mental body’s antics, you have access to a whole playground of blissful Presence. So yes a ‘guru’ might look like they’ve ‘mastered bliss’, but actually they’ve mastered their mental body, and THAT is what gives them access to bliss as a secondary outcome. It’s a very different framework.

Now, tenderly, I want to add that my autistic sensitivity to stimulus makes my mental body a veritable Argentine tango dancer in the ballroom of ‘antics’. It speaks to me of danger via the medium of vivid interpretative dance 24/7. Or at least it used to because I have dedicated the last 20 years of my life to working with it, training it, meeting it, rewiring it, working with its best and highest gifts to find inner peace. And so often it is less Argentine tango and more Swan Lake ballerina. Awesome.

No reading this morning. Let’s meditate.

***15mMed- insight timer – cc breathing***

My mind wandered a fair bit then…

But your Heart was constant, right?

Was it?

It was. Your Heart holds your highest intentions. Unlike your Mind, your Heart doesn’t harangue you with its agenda. Instead it offers forth its intentions humbly as offerings you may wish to accept. As you become more Present you become more able to hear and see and accept the Heart’s offerings.

What are my Heart’s intentions today? Or rather, Heart, what are your intentions today?

Heart: We wish for you inner peace derived from outer connection.

I like that. Yes! And it speaks to the ambivert in me.

Heart: There is the possibility for you to connect deeply with souls, every day. In that deep connection you feel the peace of God.

Amen! That’s why I’m a mediator, to help people reconnect – because active and aggravated interpersonal disconnect (aka non-forgiveness) feels so uncomfortable.

Today, put self-concern to one side, and bask in interpersonal connection, forged through authentic (for you) communication. Where yesterday was about self-mastery, today is about welcoming the so-called Other, who is your very Sibling in disguise. Embrace the Other!

I love it. Unexpected. Interesting. Thank you! It’s Friday today and I have some client calls, and my beautiful Lucia and Mike coming over this evening. I shall embrace them all… in a socially-distanced hug of my Heart.


I am embracing the Other