Create 88: I am enJOYing myself!

Yesterday, was day 2 of a big training delivery I was part of. At the start of another v early day, I didn’t have time for a dialogue, so asked you – “Help me set an intention for the day ahead?” You said:

To: enJOY. Bring joy. ENjoy….

It was the perfect message, and it changed the way I approached the day.

With ‘enJOYment’ as my intention for the day:

  • I felt less self-conscious about my ‘performance’ as a trainer
  • I was more focussed on sparking joy (and self-confidence) in the participants than on impressing or ‘educating’ them
  • I was readier to lean into the fun of each moment – and people went along with me.
  • I saw people smiling..!
  • I had my attention laser tuned into ‘what brings joy here?’
  • It was fun to watch participants get joy out of their learning (and it’s a tough, challenging course!)
  • I found there was joy to be had anywhere, across the day
  • I felt the sense of joy viscerally – it wasn’t cerebral, it was felt… in my solar plexus!
  • I wasn’t waiting for an outside stimulus/conditions to ‘give’ me joy – rather I was primed for enJOYment at every turn, and thus allllll conditions revealed their soft, enJOYable underbelly…
  • I had gentle, grateful thoughts about my darling Dad who would always exhort me to ‘Enjoy it!’ before I went on stage to perform.

So tell me more about joy? I think of the Abraham-Hicks tapes with the jingle ‘Joy is the key!’.

…I found the whole song..! 🙂


enJOYment is a muscle, an art, a practice, a way of life, an orientation, an intention, a decision, a choice, a priority selected, a determination, a gift received, an easy way, a relaxation into alignment… It truly is the EASEy way. And you may notice that not taking the EASEy way is a decision to slip to default brain mode, which is to say, threat-brain mode. Yuck! Why do that? It’s just so tough to get through a day in that mode! 

We get it, few of you were brought up to enJOY yourselves. In fact you were taught to prioritise the favour and approval of the fairly joy-less ‘others’ in your environs! The cross teachers, the frustrated parent, the confused employer. We get it. And now it’s flipsy time – as a priority. So, flipping onto the JOY side is a choice; it’s a switch to flip. It’s an intention to find the joy in everything. It’s also an invitation to stop what you’re doing if it’s not feeling enJOYable, and reorientate. 

Like… emails! Tell me how to make my emails enJOYable.

Oh, that’s EASEy. Intend to make your readers smile! It’s as EASEy as that. Visualise them, wherever they are and however they are, reading your email and feeling a smile come to their face. 

Ha. Sweet. I can do that.

Joy is one of those 360 degree states (as is hate, on the flipside) – the more you give the more you get. 

I’m guessing this is different to people-pleasing?

You’ve got it, starshine. Very different. You’re not seeking approval from people. You’re talking to their 6 year old within, who longs to smile at everything – and who gets relief from smiling – and then is better able to handle the ‘rigmaroles’ of adult life. Got it? 

Got it. I like it. Sounds fun. So it’s about enJOYing and bringing JOY… and seeking enJOYment…

It’s about embodying enJOYment, and inviting people to see life as you’re seeing it – through the eyes of Source. As you enJOY it, so will others. It’s a virtuous circle in which everyone brings each other’s frequency up a notch. Get it? 

Aha. Yes.

So keep it simple. As your dear father says: “EnJOY it!”

I am enJOYing it {myself, my day, the sunshine, the work, the emails, my breakfast, your company, my feelings, my wisdom, viscerally, in my body, tuning in…}!

I am enJOYing myself


Ooh. Decided to read one para of Sensitive is the new strong before starting my day. Look! ?

Channelling the sixth sense into enJOYment is the new way. <3

My inner being loves this music. My ego thinks it’s cheesy and childish. Sayonara, ego. You have no, and I mean NO, sense of actual Joy. Adios.

Day notes ?:


I am enJOYing my Self:

  1. Running my own business
  2. Doing life ‘my way’
  3. Helping people smile and ‘feel better’
  4. Feeling good about myself
  5. Loving my ‘rest day’ today
  6. Doing what I want
  7. Not seeking permission from anyone
  8. Having fun
  9. In my PJs!
  10. Learning new things
  11. Getting out of my comfort zone!
  12. Tidying up spaces and simplifying
  13. Feeling good in my solar plexus
  14. Using my solar plexus as my navigator (instead of using my ‘thoughts’ as my navigator)
  15. Relaxing into that solar plexus re-lax, rest, opening
  16. Sensing it all Clicking In To Place
  17. Learning how to navigate Earth in 2021!
  18. Basking in the moment
  19. Focussing on that which brings JOY and relief and a smile
  20. … all day long…
  21. … because the SoulSelf is inherently, easily, 24/7, effortlessly, JOYful… so when I’m enJOYing myself, I’m aligned with my SoulSelf-InnerBeing
      1. (vs being aligned with my Ego with is 24/7: {on the verge of flipsying to} fearful, joyless, angry, threatened… })
      2. It’s flipsy time from HumanSelf to SoulSelf orientation!
      3. “I am enJOYing myself; we are enJOYing ourselves!”
  22. “Let’s enJOY ourselves!” What a mantra for everything I do!!”
  23. Knowing that we {the empaths, lightworkers, HSPs, starseeds – deemed odd by others who teased us for our experiences eg 11:11} are connecting with each other and ‘coming out’, more coherently than ever before, without heaviness, with ease and joy.
  24. Because to ‘enJOY ourselves’ means to increase the JOY quotient in you/me/us/the collective! Awesome!
  25. If I’m an empath (as Anita Moorjani indicates) then I can use my sixth sense either a) to intuit and absorb fear, anger, grief, pain, or far better, b) to sense, foment, induce, intuit, foster, magnify… JOY! Let’s flipsy from a) to b) and lock in the flipside filters for JOY. “Let’s enJOY ourselves!”
  26. Any movement along the spectrum of ‘No/less Joy’ to ‘Some/more Joy’ FEELS GOOD and relieving… and brings hope that things can improve. If I can help anyone along that spectrum even one inch, I’m doing my work – because they can do the rest of the journey towards joy… in time… No rush. We can be joy catalysts for each other. By our words, our love and our example.
  27. This is compassion – to empathically see where someone else is, but not ‘fall’ into their mood or frequency, but instead trust in the and hold the vision of their ‘feeling better’ (on the flipside)…. and then to take action in that direction, with our words, deeds or energetic intention.
  28. I can use my empathy to good if/as I hold the intention of compassion and say silently, from my SoulSelf to theirs:

“Let’s enJOY ourselves today.”



This appeared to be the end of the Create Project because I suddenly felt impelled to start the (creative!) How To project… which is surely a sign that the Create Project helped me align with the part of me which was ready, ready, ready to create!