Pivot 100: I am envisaging our harmonious future

Wow. 100 posts.

Let me tell you about my work of yesterday, replacing ‘attack thoughts’ with ‘thoughts of love in the Neutral Now’.

It was such a good practice. Basically, spotting the attack thoughts is the key first element of course, but I’m becoming more sensitised to incoherence of the Heart thanks to the Inner Balance machine, so I was pretty quick to spot the clenching in my chest.  Also, the revving up to vaunt about my ‘clever, hot take’ is a good indicator that I’m having an attack thought. Overall, it’s clearly an egoic Head response. So then, you sink in to the Heart space… and the heart ALWAYS has a softer perspective.

And you know what, this practice is NOT about failing to turn to see ‘what’s happening’ in the world. It’s about using the spotting of difficult things as a prompt to direct thoughts lovingly. Here are some examples, some of which are very simple or apparently ‘trivial’, but it’s the practice of channeling the attack thought into a loving thought:

  1. I’m giving up attack thoughts about this lamp which just fell on my head => <3 ‘Most of the time it’s a very good lamp.’
  2. I’m giving up attack thoughts about my overdue work which I’ve got to do this weekend => <3 ‘I’ll be fine. I’ll know when to do it, and it’ll be good.’
  3. I’m giving up attack thoughts about Dominic Cummings and the UK government => <3 Wishing the evolution of consciousness for all
  4. I’m giving up attack thoughts about this huge spider rocking a trapped fly to death   => <3  ‘It’s nothing to do with me. I’ll leave nature be.’
  5. I’m giving up attack thoughts about Dominic Cummings and the UK government – again   => <3 Love for all the families and key workers affected by corona virus. Gentle love to all. 
  6. I’m giving up attack thoughts about US police attacking protesters   => <3 Love for all the families caught up in this; soft prayerfulness for the bereaved family of George Floyd.

And the effect? Less exhaustion. Less chafing. Less yo-yoing. More peace in my Heart. An understanding of how to respond to what is seen, in a productive loving way, without using the pain or error of others as an excuse for me to spin in to egoic reaction. My love and my neutrality are my vibrational offering to this complex reality I think I see.

Good work. Really good work. 

You see – there’s this…


Which is also about this…

My heart is hurting for us all, truth be told.

**15minInnerBalanceMed – 85% high coherence; 3.7 av coherence***

This was a good practice. How? With these thoughts:

“Oh! What’s occurring? I’m breathing in to my heart space, and now I’m breathing out. My heart’s inflating like a big red balloon. I’m loving myself with oxygen. Ooh, memories of our 9 mile walk yesterday… Landscapes rolling ahead of us, bathed in sunshine. G smiling – at me. “

Every time I thought about ‘what’s going on in the world’, my heart coherence dropped out on the IB app – within the millisecond.

In other words, you can not hold thoughts of disunity, fear, sadness or loss, and simultaneously be in a state of heart love. How does that knowing make you feel? 

Astounded, really… because it calls on us to take such a different approach to responding to what we see in the world. It’s such an ask.

It’s such an opportunity to learn about how to contribute at this time. Your frequency is your offering. Each one is a broadcasting antenna. Broadcast the message of peace, unity, love and light. Why do you think Gandhi spent full mornings in meditation before he set out for peaceful protest? To set his frequency to peace. It takes focus, dedication and practice to be both aware of injustice and disharmony, and simultaneously to pulsate to the frequency of justice and harmony. 

Sounds like vibrational mastery.

Exactly that. 

Some ACIM?

Sure. …..

Ok so I feel hesitant to share because the random selection was about God, and so was the second… and I’m hesitant to talk about God here, I realise. You know, now that this is open… Can we discuss this?

Great conversation topic. What would you like to say? 

I think, it’s been a while… And many of my beloved teachers seems to use different names. Like Source or Source Energy or Creator. I’m both shy to say God, and also sensing that even I – after all these years – still have a desire to say, ‘Yes, but not like God-as-bearded-man-in-the-sky.’ I’m listening to a lot of Gospel, and again, words are complex in this time… Oh it feels like an old conversation I moved past years ago.. And yet.

We are glad you brought this up. Part of the new paradigm involves a complete ‘pivot’ in what is meant by these words. It is imperative that now, right now, words are not a barrier to people’s journey towards love. However, there is a bump in the road when God is not referred to at all – or some other Source force term for that matter. You all need to know you are not alone. You all need to know there is powerful love for you, right here, right now. 

Source Force. I like that.

Well, run with that. 

I’m just thinking. Do I need to study ACIM again?

You could start teaching it… You are teaching it. You are teaching: have love for all things, starting with yourself. This is all that we are asking of you. And also… one small other matter: you are not alone. Do you have any sense of how much love is being directed at your planet at this time? Do you? Do you think this battle for ‘health over pandemic’, and ‘justice over police state’ is going unseen? Do you? 

No. I imagine it is not.

So your prayers for peace, do you think they are for nought? 

It takes faith, right?

It takes powerful presence. Sit tight and fast on your spot on the planet, anchored and grounded. Then, zoom your focus out in to the ether so that you can see the planet from outer space – and imagine your world absolutely swarming with beings of love who will filter out the hate. The uprising is about finding ways to unloose and release the hate and frustration. Let that occur. Release all that is there for the release. Settle in to what is to come. Your Michigan sheriff – he is the future revealing itself. Align with the future to come. As Abraham explains, your imperfect present is the manifestation of old thinking. Focus on your current thinking to create the future you wish to see. In fact, just remember, your current thinking is creating your future reality, so ease up on thinking about chaos. Think on your harmonious future. Be there. Be there. Be there. 

Ok. I’ll play it like a game, ok? Riffing on the harmonious future theme; goosing up my reading of ‘what’s occurring’ to see it more softly…

I am thinking on our harmonious future.

See, envision, envisage, sense the world you wish to experience. This is prayer. 

Oh… ok. Yes. Ty.

So when we say ‘think on’ we mean ‘envisage’. 

Got it. Amen.

I am envisaging our harmonious future