Create 79: I am tuning into Feel Good FM (#FGfm says FYI!)

Just tuning in to Universal Consciousness FM...

You’ll know you’re tuned in when you Feel Good. In fact, Universal Consciousness FM and Feel Good FM are going out on almost exactly the same frequencies. 

Feel Good FM. I like the sound of it. So, care to tell me more about tuning into Feel Good FM?

We’re not exactly saying that FGfm is the Classic fm to UCfm‘s Radio 3, but we are saying that FeelGoodFM is more easily accessible than Universal Consciousness FM

Why is it more accessible?

FGfm involves tuning into those ‘Good Feeling Thoughts’ that we get when we are aligned with our Inner Being.  UCfm on the other hand, can feel a little etheric. It’s really good to tune into in periods of deep meditation and while on retreat – and you truly must find ways of spending time there once a year… 

Like on that retreat with Brad…

Yes. Or elsewhere according to your will.

Brad really broadcasts UCfm.

Then it sounds like you have your answer. Best not to think about it too much, but just follow your instinct. 

Ha! I just noticed: F.Y.I.!

FYI => Follow Your Instinct… (or intuition)

May I remember that every time I see FYI.

Well, as it happens, FYI is the tagline of FGfm. 

Is it?

Indeed! As we were saying, UCfm takes you into a deep space of inner cleansing and rebalancing, which so useful to do on retreat, once a year. FeelGoodFM is much more about the embodied daily experience of lining up with what feels good, following your instinct, acting on those impulses, following the joy... All those practices you have been working on in this project. 

This project: the Create Project. I set out to be creative, and follow my creative impulses. But I lost track of all the impulses, or burdened myself with lists of things to execute and follow up on later!

What you actually set out to do, was get in touch with the parts of you that lead on creativity, on a day to day basis. And that’s exactly what you’re doing by leaning into vibrational alignment.

You’ll see. Give it time. You’re making excellent progress.

And have you seen how much you are building your business, btw? You take it for granted… but you didn’t even notice you publicly launched the School of Dialogue last week when you posted your first course.

That was a huge step… but you’d aligned with it really effectively… so when you did it, it felt like a ‘gulp’ but not like ‘I’ve reached a summit!’ It felt like, the natural next step.

And that is what creativity is all about. Reaching out for the natural next step – via tuning into Feel Good FM, and Following Your Instincts. 


Feel Good FM

Where we say:

Follow Your Instincts! 



I am tuning into Feel Good FM (#FGfmSaysFYI!)