Create 78: I am feeling tranquil (#UCfm)

I am so truly grateful for the education I receive in our dialogues.

Taking my foot off the gas – aka #FOGS – was such a delicate and helpful and energy-preserving practice yesterday.

I love this work.

Yesterday we talked about ‘being>doing’ and ‘being receptive’. Can we develop that briefly today?

Of course. Good morning, dear soul. 

My beloved Dad starts chemotherapy today. I wish to hold sacred space in my heart for him and his wellbeing, and to be able to be present to him in whatever way I can from where I am, wherever I am.

Exactly so. Let’s go in, briefly. 


Heavens. So that took me by surprise. Right to the heart. Floods of tears. [It is a Baha’i prayer I used to listen to (that very recording) and used to sing all the time… 1995-2008]

Oh God. Forgive me my sins… Have mercy upon me… Show me how to pray again – anew.

Settle into the parasympathetic state. That is how you will hear us.

It also explains why sometimes, in your ‘Help me!’ prayers of old, you felt you couldn’t ‘hear God’. You couldn’t.

When you are in the parasympathetic state, you (all) have access to the ‘small still voice of God’ inside you all, at all times.

And yes, you know what we will say: there is really a blurred line between that which is your soul or inner being speaking, and that which is communication from Infinite Intelligence. Why? Because you soul is part of the creation that emerges from Infinite Intelligence.

Individualisation is the human condition. Consciousness, of a universal kind, is the spiritual or non-physical condition. 

It’s true – when I’m ‘clenched’ mentally, I am working on a totally different wiring, or radio channel.

I think you call radio channels ‘frequencies’. 

They do. We do. 🙂

So, you’re saying, I get onto UniversalConsciousnessFM when I’m unclenched.

Y e s

No lamentations of the heart then…?

Those days are passed. 

What is the positive synonym for ‘un-clenched’?


As in: ‘lax again’. Funny how we condemn people for being ‘lax’.

Yes, it’s almost as if there was some interest in having people cut off from their Source… 🙂 

Yes. It’s less so in the Canary Islands, where ‘tranquilidad’ is held universally in esteem as the highest quality of good living.

There we are. What a perfect alternative to unclenched: ‘tranquil’. Feel that tranquility in you. Welcome it. Bask in it. Receive it… 

Amen. I will do that today. Thank you.

I am feeling tranquil (and picking up UniversalConsciousnessFM)