Presence 15: I am flipping to the Positive Vision

The Flow has been good. However…. I’ve been really struggling with tiredness and kidney difficulties, and I think it comes down to simple FEAR. Anxiety, concern, pressure, stress… all arise out of Fear. It’s time to address that, for the sake of my dear kidneys and adrenal glands. I have a mediation tomorrow. I… really want it to go well. (Ah… that’s the opposite of ‘It’s going to be tough and I’m afraid it won’t go well.’ Good!)

I really want it to go well! = Positive vision

I really want the parties to find peace, forgiveness and love for eachother. I really want the parties to grow in self-awareness. I really want the parties to gather around the person they are caring for, and start afresh. I really can see how the parties could create a clean slate. I know I have the tools. I know they have the tools too!

So the positive vision is your door opener. It takes all concerns… and it flips them! Your dreamiest best hopes come out of contrast – the knowing what you don’t want creates the vision of what you do want. Hold on to that. 

So I can help them paint a positive vision, and then we can work out how to get there.

Yes, the positive vision is 70% of the work. You’ve got this. 

Thank you.

Let’s read and meditate.

The Presence Process by Michael Brown


“For the purpose of The Presence Process, we prefer to use the word “integrate” instead of “heal.” This is because these two words have a different intent. Healing makes an assumption that something is wrong and in need of fixing. Healing often attempts to get rid of whatever it attempts to heal. Healing is therefore more often than not a reaction to “what is.” Traditionally, healing focuses primarily on symptomatic expressions of discomfort and believes nothing is accomplished until the symptomatic expression is removed. Healers therefore are individuals who, looking outward and seeing a broken world in need of fixing, believe themselves in some way chosen to fix others. More often than not, those who enter healing as a profession are individuals who project their unresolved conditions onto the world, then try to fix the reflection they perceive. Integration begins from the standpoint that if something is happening, the fact that it’s happening makes it valid and therefore required. Nothing is viewed as “wrong” and “needing to be fixed.” Rather, if something appears to be out of balance, it needs to be embraced back into the whole. When responded to accordingly, it contains insight for further growth. Integration is therefore a response to “what is.” 

This fits with my upcoming case. These individuals are all loving beings. They are not wrong, though their behaviour may have been ‘unbalanced’. Reading this gave me a breakthrough – I’m going to use David Rock’s SCARF as a tool to talk about difficulties/preferences in the mediation tomorrow. [NB. Take a speaker and put music on.]

***Mediation.. with Lee Holden***

It’s about flipping to see the Positive Vision.

‘Flipping to the Positive Vision’ is the most powerful tool in your mental toolbox right now. As Abraham says, this is world of contrast. If you know what you don’t want, then you know what you DO want. Just look at the other end of the stick. 

Play with this today. 

Will do.

I am flipping to the Positive Vision