Pivot 134: I am focussing in on what is wanted 

‘Pendulum steady; pendulum ready.’ This is good. It slows me down and brings me into the moment. I believe with practice I am trusting it more, and remembering to call upon it more.

Show me Your Way today!

Let’s become pendulum steady and pendulum ready, then Your Way will become blissfully apparent by your resonating in alignment with it. 

Is Your/My Way what Abraham would call Being in the Vortex? The Way of my Inner Being?

The Way of your Inner Being, of your Vortex, of Source – these are all vibrationally aligned. Rise up, dear soul, and meet them. 

On the high-flying disc. Tuned in, tapped in, turned on… I’m pendulum ready for that.


M-12.4 Yet what makes God’s teachers is their recognition of the proper purpose of the body. 2 As they advance in their profession, they become more and more certain that the body’s function is but to let God’s Voice speak through it to human ears.

What is meant by God’s Voice? Is there another description?

Infinite Intelligence will suffice for the purposes of this conversation. 

So humans can be channels for Infinite Intelligence?

Why not? All humans came from Source, whether they recall that or not. So they are but speaking for themselves.

And what should we all do to connect ourselves with that Infinite Intelligence, with our Source?

Relax a little, play a little, get into the receptive mode. It really is not more than that. 

Esther makes herself… available? to Abraham. She certainly asks that she can hear/translate Abraham clearly… or something similar. Right?

Why confuse and confound and copy, when you can be as natural as a child and access the wisdom of all Universes? 

True. How to overcome our self-consciousness?

To become forgetful of self is simply to quieten the mind. The mind is the purveyor of self. The quietened mind allows the heart to come forward, and the intelligence of the Infinitude to become blissfully apparent. ‘Blissful’ is key here. For those of you wanting to ‘let God’s voice speak through’ you, know that bliss is the key component. You can only speak ‘for’ God if you are vibrationally aligned with joy, with wellbeing, with pure positive energy, for Source is only that. Anything less than that is a representation of human intelligence, which is good but not perfect. If it is perfection that you seek, know that, as Abraham says, ‘joy is the key’. 

And your advice for shimmying into bliss, joy, wellbeing, pure positive energy, Source alignment..?

You know there are endless tools and techniques. Use them and enjoy! It really is about working up the sense of possibility and opportunity until you feel you want to run forward with the action. Learn to do that. Use the Focus Wheel for each segment. Get deliberate. Get creative. Claim that joy in each moment by deliberately creating it. Your brilliant minds are made for focusing. If you do not focus them deliberately, they will focus upon and magnify and manifest whatever passing flibbertigibbet first grabs their attention. 

Excellent word! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flibbertigibbet

Note its provenance.

Yes, it was in the Castle of Perseverance, and King Lear…

It is too easy for the flighty thoughts to catch the attention, and hijack the self from its Source. 

So, it’s focus, not flibbertigibbets.

It is focus over flibbertigibbets. Focus on the wanted, the intended, the joyfully anticipated, the blissfully experienced…. and the yearning, gurning, tantalising flibbertigibbets will vanish. Certainty is the seasoning of your holy breakfast. 

Ah, yes. Napoleon Hill wrote about ‘uncertainty’… In his book Outwitting the Devil, written in 1938 and only released for publication by his family in 2011.

Topics discussed in Outwitting the Devil include:

    • The difference between drifters and non-drifters

    • Maintaining a definiteness of purpose

    • Finding one’s other self

    • Hill’s seven principles

    • The law of hypnotic rhythm


  • Focus = non-drifting.
  • Drifting = following flibbertigibbets.

I hear you. Ok. I am focussing. I am focussing in. I am focussing in on the wanted, on the purposeful, on the blissful, on the joyous. I am focussing my brilliant beautiful mind, so it works for me, for Source, for its Original Purpose.


I am focussing in on what is wanted