Create 16: I am finding the glee in all I do today (Glee List)


  • Watched Gupta programme video on What is Meditation. Took some v helpful notes.
  • Then I decided to reboot my meditation practice with a 15min guided meditation on Insight Timer (usually I just use the timer, with music and gongs) with a real OG, Tara Brach. So good. So helpful to be reminded… ‘soften, be curious, breathe through it, come back to the breath‘..
  • Last night I had a lovely call with my dearest OG, Eliza – a mindfulness teacher. She reminded me a) of Compassion-based meditation practice and b) of softening our experience with laughter… about oneself… and the ‘predicament’. 

What can I embed all this into my day best – here on this first snowy day of the winter?

Your willingness to try new things always delights and excites us. We love the idea of ‘softening your experience with laughter’. Can you joyously find the glee, the fun, the playfulness in all you do today – from snowball fights, to tending to your work to-do list as you planned? Glee – mirth – joy – laughter… Ah, wonderful! To soften and melt seriousness (so hard, so joyless, so heavy) into the thirst-quenching waters of merriment! Oh we love, love, love it! So, absolutely, find the glee in all you do today! WE LOVE IT! 

Wow…. Thank you! I don’t think I was expecting that. Glee. What a great, great word. Especially unexpected in these…

Don’t say it, sweet cheeks! Come back again! This is the work! Glee-side is always fun. But you gotta OWN it. With rigour and vigour and determination! Would it tickle you if we said GLEE is a serious business?! That is for your enjoyment and merriment… And, dear soul… you get where we’re taking you, don’t you? 

I do! Thank you. 🙂

So, Glee-siders, what’s my creative impulse for today?

To note EVERYTHING that makes you smile today. 

Aha! Love it. Ok. Will do!

A Glee List. 

Love it.

I am finding the glee in all I do today



Next Day Notes: 

Making a Glee List was such a GREAT exercise because, of course, it causes your attention to be primed for that which causes merriment. You’re trying to spot things that are fun… notionally to be able to add them to the list… but the upshot of that small effort is that a) you spot things you’d otherwise have missed and b) you’re more inclined to interpret things as gleeful than you’d otherwise do. Win, win, win!

A daily Glee List is not dissimilar to a Gratitude or Appreciation list… but turbo-charged for smiles and laughter. Awesome.