Presence 58: I am unwinding #GoSlow

Practising Self-Recognition: Well done, dear me! Yesterday I sat online for 10.5 hours of mediation as an assistant mediator. I supported the absolutely brilliant mediator (CM) effectively and with constant focus. I produced a 12 page mediation agreement that reflected the views and decisions of the five parties / nine individuals. In the background, I supported those who were struggling emotionally.

But most of all, you held faith that resolution could and would be found. That was your most significant contribution. 

Was it? Ok. That’s interesting.

I’m exhausted today. Last day of work. And another big case to wrap up.

I appreciate myself.

Let’s read. 

Instead of attempting to get whatever we feel is missing in our experience by taking from others, if we first give it to ourselves unconditionally by feeling the resonance associated with it, our sense of lack noticeably decreases. Lack is a resonance that arises from not having the capacity to feed ourselves emotionally. The resonance then manifests as mental stories and physical circumstances…Learning how to give the resonance of what we are seeking to ourselves unconditionally, then developing the capacity to pass this felt resonance on to others unconditionally, is the key to unlimited abundance (TPP p219-220)

What do I need to feed myself emotionally today?

Why not ask yourself? 

…. Peace and quiet. Simplicity. Non-stimulation. Like…. knitting, or crochet. No more screens… A walk… as it’s been days since I had an actual ‘daily’ walk… Qigong! Do things with my hands… not my brain. My brain has worked so hard! I need to GoSlow. Do a jigsaw… 🙂 Hablame?

Last night you watched The Crown and beheld the inner strength of the sovereign. Can you capture the degree to which you also hold inner strength? Plug the bath tub. Keep plugging the bath tub by seeing yourself through the eyes of the source of all being. If you humans knew… if you just knew… how glorious you are. Yet, you give in to self-criticism and self-minimisation as if it were a healthy habit to be repeated daily… when it really is not. You know we are not asking for vaunting gymnastics. We are asking for self-recognition on a really thoughtful level. So yes, GoSlow and try to see yourself truly. Look at others and see them truly if it helps you see yourself more appreciatively – but do not compare yourself. Comparisons are..? [Odious!]  

“When we integrate, there’s nothing to get in this world. Rather, we have come here to place unconditional love in our experience of the world. By so doing, we cross a bridge into an experience in which we consistently receive all we need and require.” TPP p222

And we grant ourselves unconditional love by feeling that we are feeling unconditionally – thus integrating emotional imprinting.

So spot the urge to Get. To get it done, to get better, to get faster, to get thinner, to get money, to get recognition. And use that as a trigger to stop, pause, breathe, feel… unconditionally. Just observe what’s arising. 

It’s like the overstimulated nervous system (Matt Kahn) being allowed to unwind…


And today?

Unwinding sounds perfect. 

It does, doesn’t it? I’m a bit sad… The end of the year…! And what a year… I feel like I’m crashing to the finishing line.

But you made it to the finishing line. 

And now…. the uncomfortable sensation of unravelling, unwinding, de-contracting, expanding, exhaling, re-lax-ing………. It’ll be worth it. Just breathe through it. <3

Ty. xxx

I am unwinding #GoSlow


One of the reasons we are given this life to live is so we may discover what it means to love unconditionally. When we engage in the felt-aspect of our human experience without placing any conditions on doing so, we are practicing unconditional love toward ourselves. By accomplishing this internally, we develop the capacity to be this way with everyone else.


(TPP p223)

Thank you, Michael Brown. What a book. The last week of The Presence Process awaits. I’ll cover it just as we complete 2020. Amazing. (Having started in Aug 2020) Ty for accompanying me this year, MB.