Create 80: I am Embracing the Day, and getting the satisfaction of a Good Day’s Work. 

Yesterday, in the pursuit of FeelGoodfm and ‘Following Your Instincts‘ – and also as an antidote to the exhaustion I was feeling – I prescribed myself a Happiness Day. This is a riff on the homework we set for trainee Mental Health First Aiders to undertake between training sessions: the ‘Happiness Hour’. A whole Happiness Day was fun and wholesome… I felt it doing the work of rewiring my brain towards an orientation of fun/warmth/joy-seeking (vs threat-identification).

The principle I set myself was to decide on each next activity according to what it felt would make me happy, nourished, uplifted in that moment. So it went like this:

Happiness Day (Bank Hol Monday): 

  1. ST with G <3
  2. Pita chips, houmous, diet coke & hanging out with G.
  3. Watching The Office (US) in bed (at 1pm)
  4. Putting the laundry on
  5. A walk in the woods listening to…
    1. CMyss Advanced Energy Anatomy (chap7) on Addiction vs Congruency – oh my, Caroline, you are a genius. May my heart and head become fully congruent; may my 4th, 5th and 6th chakras talk to each other and make a good alliance; may I have the spiritual will to be congruent. <3
    2. Abraham-Hicks podcast on ‘revelling‘ – just brilliant:
  6. Bread, butter, tea and chat with G in kitchen
  7. Back to bed again with a book – first, my hardcore book on medical ethics but when I noticed it was making me tense, I dropped it for something happier, and started a new novel, a love story. (The Sight of You, Holly Miller)
  8. Laundry hanging-up and 6pm Radio 4 news with a glass of fizz….

Of course, after the fizz, the focus is gone. Hm…

And today…. What will make you Happy-of-Heart today, dear Heart?

Heart says: Revelling in a Good Day’s Work. Yes, we know you’ve felt worried and hang-dog about your work… Drop that stuff!! Your Heart feels happy when doing a Good Day’s Work. That’s when we feel truly congruent: the Head and the Heart work together, and your 5th Chakra Choices oil the wheels of progress at every turn. And you know it is all working, because you are earning enough to live on, and more. Yes, it’s good to get satisfaction from work. And as you gain satisfaction from your work, you’ll better be able to mould your work to exactly what it is that will best serve the needs of the moment and of your Inner Being. 

Are you and my Inner Being the same?

Heart says: Not at all. Your Inner Being is made up of many aspects. It is well-connected to your soul thread. As your Heart, I am your Earth Navigator while you are on this plane. Am I in touch with your Inner Being? ENTIRELY! 

What is a soul thread?

Heart says: The etheric cord between you on this plane and the ‘you’ in the non-physical plane. 

Can I talk to the ‘me’ in the non-physical plane?

Heart says: You do, daily. You ‘Feel Good’ when you do and when you act on its behalf. 

Ah. Ty. So Heart – ‘Earth Navigator’. How would it be if you took the reins today, and gave Head a bit of a break?

Heart says: That would be a pleasure. But I’d therefore like us to get up and move pretty quickly.

Really? What about meditation?

Heart says: What you need more than anything is STRENGTH in your body to Feel Good. 


Heart says: 100% 

And my routine?

Heart says: Yes! Following your routine – but at pace. You have a Good Day’s Work to do. At the end of it you will feel Satisfaction, the Satisfaction of Using the Minutes with Awareness and Awakeness and Appreciation. When we go from Wake to Sleep to Wake… like a child… we can truly live in the moment. When we sleep through our days, in a fug or slowly… we d r a g our spirits down.

So, turn on and turn off, but do not hover in the middle.

Embrace the Day. 

I love that phrase: Embrace the Day.

Better than ‘seize’ too…

Heart says: Think of the farmer who does a Good Day’s Work, and feels the satisfaction of it. 

So I can Embrace the Good Day’s Work…?

Heart says: You can Embrace the Day, and get the satisfaction of a Good Day’s Work. 

Ok. I hear you. That’s the spirit. Thank you.

I am Embracing the Day, and getting the satisfaction of a Good Day’s Work. 



<3 Move your body!

And also… Judge No-One. Judging others is the incongruent, addictive behaviour which drains one most of the natural reservoirs of joie de vivre. It is a supreme energy sucker. Don’t go there. Don’t indulge that part of your make-up for a second. Spot it by all means… and walk right round it. You’ll have so much more energy for your own Day. If you have judging thoughts appear… note them, let ’em go, and thank yourself for having the capacity to choose life, not death. 

Btw, this includes Self! Judge No-one including Oneself. Instead, constantly affirm the Good Day’s Work one is undertaking. This is key to that satisfaction that makes it all hook up to the original Source. Ok? 


Therefore, ‘guilt’ is not permitted, as guilt arises from self-judgment. Only recognition and praise in invited when we are Embracing The Day for a Good Day’s Work. <3

Got it! 🙂


Oh heavens… it’s not so much judgment as resentment… It bubbles under the surface. I did some research including Louise Hay…

On reflection I feel that often I am resenting people who encroach on my boundaries not so much for the fact of their encroachment (which often arises out of lack of info) but I resent them because they force me to enact good boundaries!!

This to watch tomorrow – I love Karla McLaren so much: