Create 21: I am taking my place in my tribe (“Hi! Hi! Good morning!”)

So I tidied and sorted and created a good new working space – and my new standing desk device arrived and works a treat, so that’s good news.

G and I talked and cleared the air. And we hoovered the entire house – floors, walls, surfaces – to refresh the space and clear the literal air.

Two messages stood out for me on social media yesterday and lingered with me this morning.



PhilGoodLife talking about how the bifurcation is over (couldn’t believe he used that term – my term..!) and that still there are regressive and progressive forces at play. We are invited to build on the progressive spiral upwards (again, a term I use) to meet our full potential. And also that the biggest message (from the Arcs) for 2021 is that this is a year of fulfilling our role as ‘creators’… for heavens’ sake! [cf Create Project] Amazing. But it was this phrase that somehow stuck around for me: meeting our full potential.

Two important questions follow: 

  1. Do I know what I want MOST (vs ‘now’)? This is probably around ‘meeting my full potential’, I believe. 
  2. Am I willing to see and own that vision clearly enough to be able to prioritise it on a daily basis? 

So dear friends of my soul. Help me out here. What does it look like for me to reach / meet / fulfil my full potential?

Most excellent question! There is no better question. This is really emerging from your soul’s personality on the physical plane, as it looks around and remembers, “Didn’t I come in here to do something..?”

A soul’s senior moment, perhaps we could call it!

Exactly. Really good. And yet the soul gains capacity over time on Earth, while the human body on the other hand may lose some of its faculties. 

Help me distinguish between discerning the soul’s original plan and potential, versus the ego’s vanity and desire for ‘profile’ and ‘specialness’.

The soul is always a teacher or a healer by chosen occupation. 

I know some pretty egotistical doctors… and pretty unhealed therapists…

The soul-led teacher-healer doesn’t need praise. 

Ooh… That’s a tricksy one…

The soul-led teacher-healer is happy flying under the radar… 

And what does that mean? Because if some of my teachers had flown under the radar, I’d never have benefitted from their teachings!

The soul-led teacher-healer works in consort with the unseen world. The unseen world is the ‘charge point’. In other words the energy is being gleaned and replenished from within, not from the approbation or reaction of the world. The unseen world includes the internal light, qi, wind horse and life force within you. It doesn’t need to be a dialogue with ‘beings’. It’s about working with your own internal universe to produce your own ‘creative output’. 

*Deep breath.* Yes. I hear you.

On The Voice last night, one of the judges (Anne-Marie) said to one of the contestants, “I’m just so glad that, from wherever it was, you found the confidence to get in touch with us this year…” Sometimes I think it’s about confidence, for us all. Am I right?

It’s certainly about being prepared to be vulnerable. 

I think I’ve made myself vulnerable before, sharing creative work, and the reaction has been so lukewarm or silent or even critical, that I’ve found it more conducive to creativity to keep my work to myself. That seems fine doesn’t it? If the making is more important than the reception, I think it’s ok just to keep quietly making in my ‘studio’ for my own edification, pleasure, growth and learning. No?

Teaching and healing are not solitary activities. The days of the monasteries and hermitages are over. 

So what are you saying to me?

We’re saying ‘get out there’. Get out there to your tribe. Present yourself to your tribe. Now. 

My tribe?

The people whose books you read for your deepest soul-learning, and whose content makes you spontaneously pray to the heavens in heartful agreement. 

Join their ranks. Join your tribe. Take your place amongst your tribe. 

So, um….

Your unworthiness is a judgment, of self. And the time for judgments is over. 

The time has come for like-minded people to CONNECT with eachother … not for personal gain or specialness or vaunting as you fear… but because the DOTS NEED TO JOIN for it all to work! 

Ok… And the tribe. Are you saying they are teacher-healers?

Of course! Hey, it’s not as big a deal as you think it is. In the next world, EVERYONE is an explicit teacher-healer. And… big news… in THIS world everyone is a teacher-healer, though maybe implicitly, via creating ‘contrast’… Your matrix of consciousness is PACKED with people who are teaching and healing you. That’s how it works. So drop the specialness concern. We’re just saying, join the dots with YOUR flavour of teacher-healer. Those who feel/look ‘progressive‘ to YOU (to use Phil Good’s term). That’s how you know your tribe. Don’t stand on the fringes looking in from the outside because they look TOO GOOD for you to meet. Duh! The idea is that everyone magnetises to each other: like attracts like. In the end it is only self-consciousness that stops all the DOTS rushing to meet and greet eachother with arms wide open! Do you see? 

Ha! Yes.

It’s like that puppy video

There’s something quaint and innocent about the puppy who hasn’t yet learnt he’s ‘meant’ to be afraid of – and deferential towards – the older, bigger dogs.

That’s the innocence to return to. The innocence of heart that leaps over the threshold with the open arms of love, rather than standing outside, waiting politely to be noticed and invited in. 

I’m ok + You’re ok = leaps in with arms open with

I’m not ok + You’re ok = waits deferentially outside

And guess what…

I’m ok.


I just found the original video of the little boy. He’s actually addressing the empty streets… <3

Oh my heart. May I too be that free with my love…

Ha! I suddenly get it! THAT is confidence. It’s not about being sure enough of your self. It’s about freely spilling forth our LOVE, even to an empty space… even if there’s no one there… It’s just being happy to share what we have with an open free heart under any conditions. It’s about being free with our love. <3

Help me convert this into my day pls…

Your tribe is incomplete without you. It misses you. There is a blank where your DOT should be. Can you greet your Tribe with that free love? 

Remember when you went to meet Carolyn Myss when she was teaching a retreat in Castle Combe, and you just missed her by five minutes because you’d delayed because you’d be unsure if she’d ‘want’ to meet you…

And a colleague of Carolyn’s, in the hotel carpark putting their suitcase in the car, texted her to say I’d appeared, and Carolyn texted back from the car taking her to the airport – that she was sorry to have missed me.

Your tribe is incomplete without you. 

You’re going to have to help me learn, understand and absorb this as a truth. Please. I pray for help and assistance in learning and understanding that the people who fill my heart are MY tribe, not a tribe I look longingly on from the outside… And that they are ready to welcome me… Please, dear forces of love. Show me this. Teach me this. Educate me. Guide me. Help me approach and join and meet and greet and communicate with my tribe… whatever it is… Help me join my DOT with those of my tribe.

It feels like the difference between standing on the pavement cheering the Pride march, versus getting in there and marching.

Remember that Human Glee List of people clicked with, which you were developing? (And the Fawnee List of people you didn’t click with but fawned to.) This is your step towards getting clearer about identifying your Tribe. Keep at it. 

Take your place in your tribe. You will have such fun.


I am taking my place in my tribe