Pivot 137: I am re-minding myself: ‘Holy are we’


M-15.1.15  Holy are you, eternal, free and whole, at peace forever in the Heart of God. 12 Where is the world, and where is sorrow now?

Speak to me of this, please.

Each single soul, through and beyond life, is judged as ‘sinless’ by Infinite Intelligence. Sinlessness is the human condition, but the world would have it otherwise. The experience of life is the experience of dissolving the veils of consciousness to reveal the pure, sinless, perfection of each soul. This is indeed God meeting and knowing Itself. 

Is this what the Earth plane was created for?

Essentially so.


The Earth plane is a playground of evolving consciousness. It really is the cutting edge, or ‘leading edge’ as Abraham would say, of Source Energy revealing itself to itself. 

This internal evolution of Source is so interesting to me.

It would be even more interesting if you truly believed yourself to be a speck of Source revealing itself back to the original Self. 

Yes. I imagine that belief would be quite the rollercoaster…!!

… … …

Ok, so… Is my mind even capable of conceiving that belief though? Isn’t that the purpose of the mind? To exist with inbuilt obsolescence when it comes to actually seeing things as they truly are? Isn’t the mind designed to be the actual blinkers to our true knowing?

While the mind can not see beyond its own engineered parameters, the body is capable of sensing so much more. The mind is like a weather vane, picking up changing winds and spinning in reaction to passing breezes. But the body, on the other hand, is the most high tech barometer ever conceptualised, capable of sensing micro-vibrations, and forecasting future weather patterns, and constantly attuning to the actuality of the Now moment. 

The weather vane pivots, and the barometer auto-attunes…

The body is the Here/Now moment vehicle. That is why you came here in physical form, to experience Here/Now within the whirlpool of There/Then. What a richly vivid, satisfying experience. 

But you gotta not get entangled in the whirlpool of There/Then!

Sounds like fun, eh?! This is where the teachings of ACIM give you a helpful tip: do not believe the ‘judgments’ of the whirlpool of There/Then. You can consider those judgments as rocks proclaiming themselves to be buoyancy aids within the whirlpool of There/Then. Those judgments say, ‘You’re drowning! Grab one of us and we will stop you from sinking!’ In actual fact, a) you are not drowning, and b) those ‘judgements’ will weigh you right down. 

So the game of life is really about not engaging with the siren voices of judgment?

Any thought which sees you as imperfect is a siren voice. 

I know that ACIM expands on this… But help me out with a phrase I can work with here.

Say to yourself, ‘Holy am I, eternal, free and whole, at peace forever in the Heart of God.‘ Or even just, ‘Holy am I.’ Let these words flow through your mind on repeat, and see what happens to your barometer. 

Man alive. Ok. I hear you. I’ll work with this. I trust you, and ACIM.

Holy am I.

Holy am I.

Holy am I.

I am prepared to see what happens when I repeat this, with the intention of letting it in. May I find the fun in this! And not take it too seriously..! I do believe we are all holy creatures. I have gained real insight at periods of my life (mainly through ACIM) when I have ‘insisted’ on seeing the holiness of all beings – including those my mind would judge as wrong or bad.

Excellent, then let’s level this up. Say: ‘holy are we’. And let it apply to each being you see, meet and even think of. Re-mind yourself of the perfection of all beings. All beings are Source knowing itself in all aspects. All is forgiven. All is forgiven. All are holy upon this Earth. 

I am re-minding myself: ‘Holy are we’