Presence 47: I am exercising my power to choose {iChoose}

Man… the dial is being turned up.

Cosmically speaking, you are not wrong. 

How am I going to get through this week with these clients [two cases] so determined to cling to their refusal to let their loved ones in… ? Last night, one client – when urged to make a decision (as agreed before  I speak to their relative today) and confronted by my saying I was at the point of continuing with the dialogue process – completely unravelled reacting like a scalded tiger. I’ve barely slept, adrenaline just charging… And I arrived to an email in caps, written overnight and sent at 5am… revealing severe – severe  – cognitive distortions and psychological distress.

I gather there are astrological influences at play this week? With a lunar eclipse due on 30th Nov – when I happen to have a med. meeting?

Talk about needing to practise kung fu. Inside and out. I am really being tested.

I note that religion and rigidity/apparent heartlessness overlap.

I am so shocked by what I am seeing in people.

And feeling shocked (and dismayed for the ‘wronged’ party) you unleash your empath’s concern… and hand over your energy passim.

Man. This again. 🙁

You are bordering on ‘unwell’ today having slept in adrenaline mode all night. You have none left to give anyway, and all that you are facing now is cortisol awash in your system. We hope you will take your garden, barefoot qigong practise seriously this morning. 

In this last minute let us reassure you that what you are doing is good. The need to develop inner detachment and balance and ferocity of boundaries is strong. Be like the lion you run from. Be the predator of, not the predated. The ‘Agent Smith’ concept is one to look further in to and explore. Don’t be ‘innocent’ about these matters. Your essential innocence is protected and secured by your engaging your Knowing, which is achieved through Present Moment Awareness. 

Looked this up about Agent Smiths…

The dialectical opposition between Smith and Neo is a strong indication of what their respective characters represent. Smith is pitiless and single-minded, focused on finality, conformity, purpose and inevitability. As such, Smith represents determinism and fatalism. By contrast, Neo, with his unpredictable, emotional human nature, represents unbounded free will and the power of choice. Neo’s solitary role as The One is contrasted by Smith, who, by replicating himself, becomes ‘the many’. When Neo asks the Oracle about Smith, the Oracle explains that Smith is Neo’s opposite and his negative. (Source)

You said ‘be the predator not the predated’. What do you mean? I don’t want to be predating upon others.

What is meant is ‘go out looking’. Don’t be the bunny rabbit nuzzling grass in the open field. 

Go out looking for what?

Your Agent Smith types. And practise kung fu. Until you become really proficient. 


Because the eater is not eaten. 

Oh lord…………………………… May PEACE and UNITY be upon this Earth. LOVE and LIGHT.

The Indigos know that justice will be brought about by confronting and dismantling injustice, not merely by wishful thinking. 

And so…..?

And so be willing to toughen up, sweet cheeks! Archangel Michael wields a sword not a white handkerchief. 

Ha. I hear you.

Not everyone has the capacity for this work. 

I am reminded of Sarah Connor again…!

Right? Better get out and get training. It is for you to employ the uniquely human Power of Choice, and to choose wisely, choose affirmatively, choose boldly, choose powerfully. The Power of Choice is also equated to the Choice of Power. To be indecisive is to choose powerlessness. 

What?? So much here, and it’s getting late….. Pls sum up…

I am exercising my power to choose {iChoose}


Think about it. This is:  iChooseKungFu….