Create 84: I am loving myself well

Yesterday’s day in nature was intense! I did an hour’s qigong barefoot in the garden, with 20min TRE included. And G and I went for a 7 mile walk in nature. It was beautiful and yet 80% of the time I was experiencing persistent impulses towards self-violence (cheese-wire cutter to neck and heart). It just seemed relentless…. A combination of acute sadness and anxiety and emotional pain – I couldn’t even tell you what it was related to. Eventually, we got home and I just collapsed in bed for 2.5 hours, dozing to The Office episodes. Then at 8.30pm, I got up feeling ok, rebooted, safe again. Man… what a day.

Was this nature connecting me to my Heart? Or what..?!

You were purging some self-hatred.


And today you’re ready to start the gentle, earnest process of embedding self-love back in to your relationship with your Heart. Hand on heart…

I love and approve of myself (L Hay)

I love you (M Kahn)

This is now the vibrational alignment we are looking for. Deep and clean. Until there is an inflow of love for the self, we are ego-dominated and outside the Cusp.

You may nave spotted that Nature is not afraid to have its fundamental needs met before anything else. The tree takes the water it needs from the soil. Then, and only then, can it provide refuge and sanctuary for the birds who would nest in it.

Humans must learn likewise, to be unapologetic about having their own needs met.

The starting point for this learning is a reaching into the Heart and settling into a vibration and a knowing of love, approval, appreciation.

We put on our our oxygen mask first to help others. Likewise, we love ourselves first to enter the Cusp and bring love to others. So settle in. Do the Work. Love yourself well.


I am loving myself well today.

PS. (It’s the only route into the Cusp. Trust us on that.)

Is that why we’re brought up to judge ourselves… to keep us out?!