Create 71: I am feeling chuffed

Sometimes I think these Dialogues just build my hunger! 

Of course! You are sorting and sifting here. You are reaching into the vortex and playing with what’s there. How excellent is that? 

Most excellent. I loved the ‘I am savouring what is now, and I am savouring what is becoming‘ (#swinaswab) exercise yesterday, and drawing the images… It’s clearly about how we FEEL as we draw the pictures. That’s the work of vibrational alignment, right?

Exactly. Your pen becomes a channel for the embodiment of the good feeling thoughts. 

And I love the word (of A-H) SAVOURING – it’s juicier and funner and more embodied than the rather head-centred word ‘appreciating’.

Your work on savouring is excellent. And it’s the perfect antidote to the default mechanisms of the sympathetic state. The more you can 1) get into the parasympathetic state and 2) savour what is now/becoming, the more effectively you are rewiring your internal state towards vibrational alignment with your inner being.

Your inner being is incessantly SAVOURING. When you feel grouchy, sad, fearful or ornery, it is only, only because you are out of sync with your inner being which is in full-on SAVOURING mode. And it ALWAYS has more to savour than it can finish up on. 

Even in a ‘crisis’?

Ha! You think your Inner Being is so easily distracted by conditions?!

Oof. Boom. Very good.

So what is my Inner Being savouring right now? 

Your Inner Being is savouring the peace and quiet of the room; the expansiveness of Quiet Time; the sunshine outside; the work of the day ahead; the connections to be made with training delegates; the inspiration to be received from training those delegates; the knowledge that upstairs are two loved ones and that others loved ones are just a phone call away; the colours of the room around – beigey, creamy, soft.. with the red of the cushion; the remembrance of the ?nightingale yesterday evening; the knowledge that ASV is on top of her dissertation; the knowledge that all the girls will be round on Friday; the knowledge that all the sibs will gather round NST on Saturday, bringing lunch and care and adoration and support; the knowledge that we are loved and held and appreciated and indeed SAVOURED by others… 


Pretty cool, eh? Feel like getting in to the swing of the Inner Being’s view of things?

It sure beats my amygdala’s hot take on the conditions of life!!!

Right. So stay there. Stay with this. Connect again to the Inner Being’s view of the world. Feel it’s vibration… its frequency… its tone and its mood. Yes that’s good – the mood of your inner being. And it’s mood is…?

My Inner Being’s mood seems to be… chuffed!   😀

Excellent. How lovely to know that while ‘feeling chuffed’ is not readily condoned in your society and cultural upbringing (as it smacked of pride, egotism or self-satisfaction…. and no one wanted anyone else to ‘feel good about themselves’…hm, we wonder why…?) it is the natural state of your Inner Being!

What a relief to start to give into that notion!

Yes! It is the natural state to feel super-chuffed with all that is – why? because life is a roller coaster of adventure… and feeling delighted, gratified, joyful, elated, tickled pink etc etc etc about the roller coaster of your ‘one’ wonderful extraordinary life is actually a meet and proper response to the gift of it upon you! 

Ha! So true!! Why do we train each other to pinch ourselves off from this? Some kind of protestant notion of sinfulness???

It matters not to you. You’ve made a great breakthrough today. To feel CHUFFED is the natural state of your Inner Being. And when you align with your IB’s view of things, you feel good. And when you are out of sync with your IB’s view of things, you feel sad, grouchy, ornery. The latter serves no one. The former is the catalyst and oil in the system for the UNFURLING of all Good Things… which is the natural evolution of consciousness.

So… leaning into ‘feeling chuffed’ sounds like a good next exercise. 

My Inner Being’s style of ‘feeling chuffed’ feels somewhere between ‘gangster’, ‘hippy’ and ‘monk’. I love it!

Grand. Let’s play with this today. Let’s take the Inner Being’s perspective on life, as an experiment, for fun. 🙂 


I am feeling chuffed


Day Notes

On my lunchtime ‘walk and talk’ I took notes on the A-H podcasts. I really wanted to land the notions of being in sync with my inner being. It was so helpful.

Abraham-Hicks? 22apr21: PODCAST

• The path of least resistance

• Benefitting from contrast

• More engines lined up towards what you do want than towards what you don’t want => gathering momentum


• LoA is always operating in your powerful Now

• Whatever you’re feeling now

• LoA is attending to your positive thought

Not moving in the direction of your momentum does feel uncomfortable (stressful) and therefore…THE EXISTENCE OF YOUR DESIRE WILL AUTOMATICALLY PRODUCE STRESS IN YOU UNLESS YOU LET GO AND MOVE WITH YOUR DESIRE. So the very existence of negative emotion means that you’ve got a desire, means your source is calling you… and therefore that help is on the way.

• Little by little you become more of a cooperative component to your allowance of things and oh once you get rolling, once those things start stacking up…

• High-fiving each other!

• ⚡️? Negative emotion is a meaningful response to not being in sync with the thoughts of your inner being about things that really matter to you.⚡️?

??Your inner being isn’t feeling anything about your negative emotion. The reason for your negative emotion is that you’re focussed differently than your inner being is focussed.??

• The now is where you blend together with your inner being to one degree or another. That’s what the now is really all about.

• ❤️There is no future. There is only now. ❤️ Now is all we have. ❤️ now: There’s me and my relationship to Source, period.

• The freedom to be in complete connection with whom I am.

• Compassion is me in my now and feeling about it how Source feels about it.

• You can never get it wrong and you never get it done. And it’s all now now now.

• The gift of options – choosing bondage/freedom, better/worse

• No matter what’s happening it’s wellbeing whether I can see it’s wellbeing or not! Try to see the way it really is.. Then you see your value, and how your loved, and why your here… and then the impulses keep on coming.

• Source is adoring you

• Let’s say it again. Your negative emotion is your indication that your are denying the love that Source is shining on you in this moment in time.

• Relax and let it be. (Don’t) deny the connection with source.