Create 76: I am inviting serenity to sit with me today 

Sticking to my own order of activities is going to take practice, and ongoing confidence building.

Yesterday, I stopped for a lunch break 2-3pm, and then tried to do work but was completely stuck from 3-5pm+…

You had done a big morning training session, on little sleep after a supermoon at 4.30am that night, and had two tricky things to do. No wonder you needed to ‘generate steam’.

Yes. A nap helped…

So today. I was struck by reading this again from our last post:

It turns out that ‘Doing Hard Things’ amounts to no more and no less than: honouring my Inner Being’s will, intention, calling and intuition above and beyond honouring others’ will, intention, calling and intuition (aka demands and expectations).

So, Inner Being, how can I best honour your will, intention, calling and intuition today?

Let’s go in. 

***10 min ‘Relax Your Mind’ with Lama Yeshe Rabgye on Insight Timer***

In that meditation, I felt that my Inner Being willed Order & Power – as in Order to our days, and Power to execute the Order of our days.

Sounds simple enough!

Give me some more intel on this?

The inner calm is where it’s at. Your ‘relaxed’ mind is the spring for all order and power. So start there. With a relaxed and balanced mind, open to the potential of both Order and Power. Invite serenity to sit with you today.

Oh, my, I love that. It’s 6.59am… I will do exactly that.

I am inviting serenity to sit with me today