Create 20: I am generating Good Space 

Good morning. It’s Saturday morning. Hooray for the weekend. That was a tough, long, full work week. I managed to get through one of my biggest training weeks ever without unravelling… through your very helpful energy management advice.

Singing FFGIABB (ty Megan Thee Stallion) was a perfect antidote to ‘worryingaboutpeoplesreactionstowardsme’.

Also helpful was: defining quietly for myself the people I vibe with (Human Glee List) – and those I don’t and whom I’d tend to fawn towards anyway (Fawnee List). It’s ok to discern between those we resonate with and those we don’t. Right?

So true. This is truly the work at hand. Your days are not allotted to you to serve those who would suck your energy from you. But to riff with those you resonate with so you can collectively create the energy of the New Creation. 

What’s that? The New Creation?

Because you live in Time and Space, the work of each day (day = 24 hours on the physical plane) is to bring forth more eventualities into Time and Space. That’s the game. And each new packet of eventualities you bring forth – individually and collectively across all combinations of community / nation / family group – has a distinct flavour to it.

Sometimes you will be rehashing the past ( = old creations; sour, bland flavour) on the back of old, outdated habits, thoughts and beliefs. But at other times, you will be bringing forth that which represents your higher being. Right? And this is soul-led, sweet-tasting – and it’s what we call the New Creation. Any packet of eventualities arising out of our highest selves is a New Creation. 

So it takes personal awareness, consciousness, freedom from ego-fear… to achieve that, right?

Hm… more easily put… it requires a proclivity for joy. The fun stuff is always emanating from the  higher self – it’s truly fun, truly joyful – and not merely self-medicating or numbing. 

And so… and so… tell me about fun in the time of Covid. For me, fun has so often involved movement… which I’m aware is sometimes a form of self-medication….

Now you are on to something. Fun is literally on the flipside of your fear. 

Aw maannnnn… really? Dang it… :/ 😐 😉

Fun is on the flipside of your fear of being mis-judged and mis-understood… 

Even better. I’d love to go there!! ;-} Ok so educate me, please. I’m listening. Is this about sticking my neck out?

YES! It is! 

Arghhh! ;-`{} Ok so go on…………..

The great Creator is a Neck Sticker Outer. That’s what creation is all about. And it never seeks permission. It never bases its next step on the say-so of the consumers, or the reception awarded to the last step. Why? Because the next step is already written. 

So if this is all on the flipside of my fear, you want to take me there?

Of course! With pleasure. The fear blanket we are addressing is merely the fear of being ridiculed. 

Oh, well then… Easy!

Listen. You are acutely sensitive to the yay/no of others, right? Due to your upbringing, and to you being a beautiful Aspie HSP.

But that outward scanning is wasting you some time. It’s not serving you well. Why? Because your work (and the same goes for all of you) comes down to inwards scanning. 

Were you all to spend each day scanning the internal screen of your inner being, and following its vision, you’d be in fun land daily, and yes, you’d be endlessly creative. 

The next person is not interested in your creativity while you are doing it for their consumption. They are interested in the creativity that flows from you naturally, as light follows dark… They are interested in the being that flows from non-being. 

But the trolls. Judgement. Kick backs. Complaints. Jealousy. Criticism.

Grist. To. The. Mill. Of. Your. Soul. 

What do you think was the catalyst for the soul work of some of the greats? The nay-sayers. The greater the yays, the louder the nays. Fuel to the fire. 

This – if I’m honest – goes against so much of my make-up. That fawning, people-pleasing, conjuring approval and applause…. it’s what has kept me SAFE in this world. It’s what has brought income and a roof over my head.

B.S. What has brought the income and the repeat business is that you do things your way. You have your own style. You are… creative in what you do. You add unto. Did you see the person who was observing you yesterday note down all your ideas? They did so because you are innovative. 

I am innovative.

So here’s the lesson. Your innovations are not just imaginative as such… they are what happens when you connect to your inner being, which is wildly creative. It’s also the result of your gathering energy… wind horse… to be able to channel that knowing into yourself and out on to the page, product or slide.

Wind horse / lungta….

Detach from the terminology. Try not to mentalise what we are saying, but to feel it. Internalise our teachings by absorbing them into your heart as loving whisperings. Yes, we see you… worried about what’s going on with G… Be still and hear these messages as messages of love. Step away from this encounter here as if you have just been made love to. Seriously. This is important for you to realise. If there are changes ahead, you need to be anchoring this love we are extending to you at all times. It will nourish and sustain you. 


Life is only change. As you know yourself to be held in love on a self-sustaining basis, you are empowered to surf the waves of change while relishing the breeze in your hair and finding the momentum exhilarating. 

Your love for you own self, your own soul, your own inner being, your own inner and outer awareness… that is all your most precious asset and prerogative. Hold it tightly yet lightly… 

When we said, ‘self-centre’ we really meant it. This will allow you to:

  1. Gather energy (windhorse) 
  2. Connect to your wildly creative inner being 
  3. Convert thoughts to things in a joyful manner

How best do I self-centre?

In present moment awareness. Which is best encountered in your meditation practice… or while practising a creative art. (Like you did with NVC flip chart.)

Aha, so catch 22… we get self-centred for being creatively energised by… creating.

Boom. Which takes being self-centred… not other centred… 

I need help. May all the angels of heaven gather round us all in these days, to help us drop anchor within, and self-centre energetically, so that we may experience our own ‘basic goodness’ and have the life force harnessed in us to manifest that which is in us to bring forth…

‘Joy is the key.’ And also, ‘following the feelings’. Recall? 

Follow your joy / bliss / glee. SO… that works in ONE way when it’s sunny out, G & I are riffing, and there’s easy momentum. Genuine question: what’s the best way to do this on a rainy lockdown day when I feel G keeping an arm’s length and …?


Go in. 

Ask: what brings me a sense of joy? (Remember these words from above: Were you all to spend each day scanning the internal screen of your inner being, and following its vision, you’d be in fun land daily, and yes, you’d be endlessly creative. )

TODAY”S CREATIVE IMPULSE: Um… tbh… maybe a clear out… a tidy out … of the old… in the house… if we’re going to be at home all day… a refresh of drawers…? A chuck out, Dad-style? Get rid of the tired? Make room for the new? Clear the decks of the house… ? Of my space? Put stuff in the car for disposal or redistribution…? Doesn’t feel excessively trippy and ‘fun’…

But excessively trippy and fun would be self-medicating or distracting. This feels like GENUINE wellbeing for you – generating Good Space in your home. 

Yes. I feel tender.

Good. Then we’ve arrived at an insight. Your inner being knows that generating Good Space in your home will increase your wellbeing. That is a creative act. 

Amen. Ok. Let’s get some bags and boxes out then…

You are loved. 

Ty. U2. xxx

I am generating Good Space