Pivot 87: Hand on heart, I’m lucky because…

Yesterday’s research on PubMed – on the relationship between autism, heart rate variability (HRV), the autonomic nervous system (ANS) and mood/sleep/wellbeing – just blew me away. There is no much good stuff for me to work with here! AND WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT THIS RESEARCH IN THE AUTISM COMMUNITY? (Or at least my Twitter bubble of it.)

Anyway, let me tell you about my Heart CheckIns:

Segment 1 8:07 Time for qigong, shower and breakfast
Heart said “Time is precious; use it reverently”
Outcomes I really absorbed the moments – no rush or hustle
Segment 2 10:12 Morning work
Heart said “You can do it! You can clear the decks/ the old! Really soften.”
Outcomes Man alive, I got to Zero Inbox for 1st time in 3 months
Segment 3 3pm Afternoon work
Heart said “Lace it with LOVE.”
Outcomes I did! Prepped 6 client docs with love (vs angst/worry)
Segment 4 12 midnight: Late (Sat) bedtime and sleep
Heart said “Keep spotlighting the positive / wanted. Say ‘I’m so lucky bcs.'”
Outcomes Fell asleep cherishing a client’s referring to my ‘shining positivity.’

“Thank you as always for your shining positivity.”
Claire (commissions my training for her org.) – ty Claire

The Heart’s intelligence really is immaculate, and it takes me into much more creative and visionary places than my Head, which is significantly more prosaic. My Head looks at the next pile of stuff to be done, and says, “Look. We need to do that!” My Heart seems to have a MUCH broader perspective.

I know that when I stopped and did a Heart CheckIn, I was purposely slowing down my brain’s reactivity, and getting in to a more coherent HRV state. I can’t wait for the HeartMath HRV monitor to arrive. With biofeedback, I’m going to master my HRV and give blessed respite to my poor benighted ANS! This week I’ve had an average of under 6 hours sleep – waking with cortisol overload at 5am-ish each morning. My body, my ANS, needs a break.

This Lockdown, which has everyone on the high alert, even if just due to uncertainty, or under/over-stimulation, is messing with all our sleep patterns. I am glad for the opportunity I’ve had in this time to do this research on the ANS. Maybe we’re all noticing how hopped up we are…

“Tranquilo. Es muy tranquilo aqui…”

Ha! Yes. That’s what they used to say on the Atlantic island we lived on… and secretly, in my pumped-up, northern European young-ego-haze (I was late twenties),  I used to think something along the lines of  ‘Hee hee, I don’t think that’s something to brag about!‘ And it took me all the five years we were there to understand the lesson of the immense power of tranquility. Five years. My god… What a …

…’waste’? No. Not at all. ‘Blessing’. Without the intensive immersion in that beautiful land, you might never in your life have glimpsed the meaning of tranquility. You could have rolled on all your life without this insight. And you wouldn’t be where you are now – in your beautiful tranquil cottage,  with your love, doing the work you do – without this learning. 

I hear you. Thank you… So, while I wait for the biofeedback machines (Inner Balance, and Sensate too in June), please can you teach me more about tapping into the Heart’s intelligence, to inform my days and my decisions? How do I absorb this ‘heart-based living’ learning in to who and what I am?

[Just decided to share It’s Radical Love…!]

THIS is it. Share what you know. Hard-won lessons. Lessons heard-won. Don’t pocket them for yourself and shimmy on as if you were born knowing. Share what you know, those hard-won lessons. 

Thank you. This week has been immense. For the first time, I shared this blog with my precious girls and my beloved AP. It’s been such a relief to come out of hiding, and lovelier responses I couldn’t have asked for. AS (DD2 & Lockdown Buddy along with G) coached me in ‘authenticity’ so that I might be brave enough to share this with L & A. I’m blown away by her wisdom. And then, once you do share yourself authentically, the long-held concerns about being seen ‘as one actually is’… just melt away. Amazing…

Ok, tell me more. How shall we play today?

You want to play today? 

Yes! I do. <3 From the <3! Give us another Game. I loved #EnvisioningOutcomes and #HeartCheckIns. What next?

Better ask your Heart.


<3: Let’s play, #LuckyBecause.

Awesome. Tell me how to play it.

<3: You basically have to think or say the phrase ‘Lucky Because‘ as many times as you can across the day. You can write your LB’s down too for further focus power if you like. Examples of {thinking} and “saying”: 

  • {I’m so lucky because I have this garden and can stroll about in it freely during this Lockdown.}
  • “That’s lucky because there are two more sausages left.”
  • {I’m lucky because I have this glass of water in my hand, and it’s clean, life-giving.}
  • “LV and I are lucky because we can meet up for a socially-distanced walk.”

But here’s the key: feel it as you think/say it – in me, in your heart. Use the glimpse of appreciation to access the renewing emotions and connect with me – physiologically. Hand on heart is good. With this practice we will learn to access our heart-mind connection at will. And that is lucky because

We will be better equipped for heart-based living.

<3: Yes. 

I’m so grateful for this conversation, and for this Game. I remember how much emphasis Reality Transurfing put on listening to the Heart. It’s good to be learning this. Thank you. I’m lucky because we can all dialogue here.

Which is lucky because this interaction creates joy. 

Which is lucky because joy raises our frequency.

Which is lucky because by raising the frequency of the planet, humans will usher in a new world of heart-based living. And that truly is Radical Love

I don’t know if I say it in that ‘book’ but I learnt Radical Love from my daughters, you know that right?

We do. You do. Do they? 

I’m not sure. Maybe I should tell them… I’m lucky because today I’m seeing BOTH of my girls… though one from a distance.

Remember, the Heart speaks even across distance. 

I know that to be true. eg I spoke about someone (AR) this week – and brought him vividly (and fondly) to mind in recalling what he used to say to me (advice on moving house)… And he texted me that same day. For the first time in over a year – I know because he asked me about things in the neighbourhood I moved from 1+ year ago.

So, set your intention for your heart to speak. 

I’m lucky because I know I can do that. <3

This is a kind of ‘rampage of appreciation‘, this game. Right?


Awesome. Ty xx

Hand on heart, I’m lucky because…