Presence 53: I am heeding the Heart’s prayer

So the Power of a Positive No book (William Ury) is spot on for me. It states the three ‘A traps’ for not saying no: accommodating, avoiding, attacking. Yep… Those resonate. So I’m going to pick up the No sandwich Ury talks about: “Yes! No. Yes?

I want to pick up the last part of TPP’s Week 8… in which MB suddenly (as far as I recall) introduces prayer. Beautifully. And it’s a good reminder for me…..

There is no awareness of peace without authentic forgiveness, and there is no authentic forgiveness until we integrate the resonance that arises in us when we place our attention on those who still anger us.

Prayer is the tool for neutralizing arrogance and regaining an awareness of peace. Arrogant people won’t pray for help in this regard. Let’s therefore pray for the strength, compassion, and emotional maturity to be able to truly perceive our predicament. Let’s pray for the capacity to forgive ourselves, so we too may be forgiven for our hurting of others, and so we too may have the capacity to forgive others authentically. Let’s pray to be shown the opposite of arrogance, which is humility.

Only through prayer do we realize that the people in our experience we have chosen to condemn and punish by withholding our forgiveness are our saviors in disguise.

Forgiveness can’t be forced. Neither can it be accomplished mechanically because it’s “the right thing to do.” This is why we humbly get down on our knees and ask whatever we understand our source to be to assist us in this matter.

It doesn’t matter what faith we hold: prayer is prayer. By asking for assistance in this humbling manner, we dismantle the fortress of arrogance and neutralize the venom of anger. Humility extinguishes arrogance. Only arrogance renders us unwilling to pray and ask for forgiveness.


Tell me more about prayer today…

Or rather… May I learn about prayer again today. And every day.

There are two types of prayer. Prayer from the Heart and prayer from the Head. The latter is the type that drains your tanker; the former is the type that fills it. Head prayer is a shopping list, an order, a deviation from responsibility. Heart prayer is an articulation of the soul’s desire and the spirit’s free will. In Heart prayer the Head is educated as to the will of the inner being… if the Head can learn to be still and humble enough to listen to the prayer of the Heart. In truth, the Heart is in prayer all day long. A first port of call for learning about true prayer is simply to practise stilling the Head (mind) long enough for it to be able to tune into and listen to the Heart’s constant still, small voice. Sweet, no? 

What is my heart praying for right now?

Listen. What do you hear? 

Golly. It seemed to be worried about my driving today. I’m picking up our new car – a gift from my darling sister – and collecting my beloved ASV and bringing her home for the first time since Sept. I have barely driven since Sept…

And so what is the Heart’s prayer? 

I think it is this: May I drive with care and consideration today. May I call on the protection of the angels of the heavens and of the roads. May I be blessed with good judgement today. May we be looked after at all times. 

Beautiful. Listen again. 

Oh dear… the Heart is wary of Covid as I travel by train to London and then mix with others….

And so what is the Heart’s prayer? 

I think it is this: May I be held in complete and perfect health today. May my presence bring love and healing with it. May all beings rise towards perfect health today. May London and the whole world be blessed by light, love and health. 

Beautiful. Listen again. 

‘We’re not going to be ready’. Here ‘we’ is ‘Me & my Heart’. I realise that a lot of my actual ANXIETY simply arises out of my Heart’s unheard concerns….. That means… I could offset a bunch of my anxiety by:

  • tuning into my heart at the beginning of each day and
  • listening to its concerns and
  • prioritising addressing those concerns, while also
  • humbly asking for assistance….

Heart knows best how to look after you.

Speak your Heart’s prayer again…

I think it is this: May I take care to ready myself without rush or procrastination. May I caretake myself kindly and gently today, so that I feel reassured, ready, complete and confident of the steps ahead. May I be ready early. 

Beautiful. Now this is Unconditional Self Love.

You are ready for the Presence Process Week 9: 


(Activate with Third Water Session)

Our Conscious Response for the Next Seven Days is:


Blending the Positive No, with the Heart’s Prayer (the Positive Yes), you are discovering new ways to practise Unconditional Self Love. There is real progress here.

I had a little meltdown in the shops yesterday… 🙁

You had been ignoring your Heart’s Prayer…


Heed the Heart’s Prayer. Act upon it as if it were your Wise Guide leading you out of the magical deep dark forest (because it is). Trust its guidance with all your might. Bend your mind (Head) to drop its wild ravings, and accept the wisdom of the Heart’s Prayer. Train your Head to stop, to listen, to reset the compass not according to the Head’s Fearful Thinking, but to the sweet, soft, intuitive, wise, caring, gentle, all-knowing, disarmingly brilliant Heart’s Prayer. 

Thank you. <3

I am heeding the Heart’s prayer

#May_I……  #May_We……