Create 68: I am affirming “My life is so gentle.”

Notes on practising “Here, HALT” {Have A Little Treat}

  • It’s about learning to INTERPRET each moment as not only benign but weighed down with gorgeous gifts.
  • Pg88 of Bringers of the Dawn – human life is alllllll about mastering fear
  • Pg 39ish of In Shock – Dr Awnish describes her NDE by the absence of fear.
  • And look… I spent half of last night awake with embodied anxiety. This truly is good work at the cutting wedge. Haha, typo, cutting wedge. Funny.

When we encourage you to work gently and compassionately with yourself at the level of every sweet thought, we really are supporting you to require your brain to lean towards peace. As you asked.

I did. I said, please make me a channel of your peace.

We’ll know that the external systems are indeed being ‘turned up’. Your work is timely.

I see people so struggling under these frequency… zaps? My work in MH and con/res gains custom… It makes me sad. I wish it weren’t.

It is not for you to lament or judge. (What luxuries!) Rather now is the time to drop anchor and choose one’s frequency – again and again again. That is mastery.

And today?

Look fear in the face, lovingly. Name it, and respond to it. And have a little treat.

I am afraid I’m going to be late / unfed / behind on emails / not briefing my assistant / without electricity….

Aha! Well you are handling that well. Have a little treat.

Ok…. 🙂 I’ll do my meditation. And then get going.

Ultimately it’s about affirming that those concerns and fears are nameable and always always always resolvable. And on that basis you come away affirming, ad infinitum, “My life is so gentle.”

I am affirming “My life is so gentle.”