Create 33: I am plugging into Non-Doing

Plugging in = 

  • Non-doing (see AOTH p120)
  • Un-doing 
  • Conscious connected breathing
  • Breathing in – breathing out
  • Counting out-breaths…
  • And thus letting the battery recharge 
  • Intensely nourishing
  • Like a Tesla super-charger… it recharges you faster than, say, sitting down and looking at your phone… which is a Doing. 

When you have plugged in, you are ready for action. 

Your Parent-Me…

[Blimey, I woke him again… with my brief med???]


Your Parent-Me wishes to know that you are heading in the right direction. The goals you are setting are to be found valid and worthy. Your Parent-Me is going to help you make decisions. That is the next step. When you’re well plugged in, with plenty of conscious Non-Doing dotted across your days and weeks, you get more opportunity to hear the voice of Parent-Me. 

So, unplug from distractions / ents, and plug in to the Undoing?

Yes. There’s a wellspring of insights at your fingertips, entered via complete stillness. Via the Stillpoint. 

I can see how my days are very ‘busy’…. doing doing doing…. shaking the jar of oil and water. (ATOH p120) Shaking the jar to ease the discomfort. But if I can sit with, and burn through – or integrate – the discomfort…

Then the Stillpoint is just on the other side. And that truly is the door to all wisdom. 

So, it’s like…. I could sit in my armchair and look out of the window between meetings, and ultimately I could achieve more that way than if I chafed away at emails, admin…

4000%. If you truly tapped into your Stillpoint wisdom, you’d be doing your One Thing, which would pay your bills with a lift of the finger once a day… or week… or year. 

But I’d thought that life was about finding an ‘occupation’ – that keeps you occupied… and therefore feeling fulfilled.

Interesting notion that constantly shaking the jar would give you a sensation of satisfaction – or fulfilment.

But we can see how that would be the case if you thought there was only one way out of emotional discomfort, and that was To Keep Shaking, Shimmying and Stimulating. 

Man. You’re good. It would be a wonder if I’d got to the point in my life where I didn’t feel I had to get paid by the hour.

B o o m. 

But everyone gets paid for time given, don’t they?

Fascinating! Do they? 

Well, anyone who sells services.

Anyone who sells services can chose whether they are the deliverer of the services, or the broker. 

But I don’t want to be a manager…. I want to do the work.

You’re missing the point.

The multidimensional being provides states of being, outcomes, results. And they may charge a premium for that. 

Payment by results? But that incentivises people to push away my ability to eg resolve their dispute.

Not if you have set the scene effectively, and made the prospect of a peaceful solution worth a) their time/effort and b) their money.

You are still fixed on your process, your role, your stuff… You don’t see it from the perspective of your clients at all, do you? 

When you get better at Painting the Post-vention Picture, you’ll feel more able to sell your services as packages, not grunt-work paid-by-the-hour.

Yes. Packages. H2D. Set process. Set steps. Invincible. The H2D Process.

I am plugging into Non-Doing


Thank you for the encouragement!

Acting on #CreativeImpulse