Create 32: I am letting Parent-Me parent me 

Please can you plug yourself in daily? Go in to the Calm Interiorised Mind. It’s like putting yourself as a phone handset on the phone charger cradle. You think nothin’s happening. But have you noticed (over the years) that you wake your household up when you meditate? Electromagnetic fields are at play. And they are serving a purpose, for you and the wider field. You may not know it, but you are also receiving downloads that inform you not just here (in our dialogues), but across your days… and your life. That’s why it’s so important. And it’s about not meditating with visualisations so much as simply engaging relaxed consciously connected breathing. It’s so grounding, stilling and oxygenating. Let it be what it is. For 3, 5, 10 minutes… It really doesn’t matter. One conscious breath is really all it actually takes to effect the alignment. 

The alignment?

With Source Energy.

Ah. Cool.    } 😀

And in your qigong practice, you are tidying up your vibrational sphere. Again, aligning with light. 


Qi = energy = light. It’s a profound medical and spiritual practice. 

Yesterday I bought a new audio programme by Caroline Myss: ‘Holy Language‘. I sensed my word and my knowing need to get re-intertwined a bit…

Working with noting the ‘sinner thoughts’ was so good… There’s been a lot going on under the bonnet I realised could tidy up.

You nearly finished yourself off with the corporate work yesterday. Why your compulsion to serve that un-servable audience? They always, always hurt you. 

It’s a kind of co-dependency… I try to make them happy so they will give me a living….

Yesterday, there was someone in the group (of senior managers) I worked with in another corporate role, which nearly finished me off. Seeing her (and she is THE loveliest person you could meet) sparked a reminder of how I left the corp role behind.

And yet… there you were, serving the corporate audience. We applaud your noble efforts. Leave it to the corporates to speak to the corporates. You, sweet indigo, are now so finely tuned that the corp. freq. hurts you. Child-You thinks work/rewards should be gained by hurt. No.

Parent-You is ready to step up and take you away from that shit, just as you stepped up and took LV out of the school system that hurt her. Ok? Let Parent-You parent you. Ok? Let your inner Tiger Mother reignite herself… for you. Let it be.

Are you saying I should focus on working with…? 

…Those that are thirsting for these insights. Not those being dragged to the water. 

Oooh. My word… I love it.

I’m going to work with Parent-Me parenting me… taking me away from the hurtful, and over to the new friendship group / new school… May I let go of my hook with corporate (which must come from me replicating my father’s work) and enter the world of my own … … …

Vibe Tribe

Holy moley, mother of all that is perfect in this world. Yessssss. My Vibe Tribe.

Everyone has their own Vibe Tribe. They feel comfy in it, and uncomfy out of it. You can see the wonder of social media is that people can find and blend with their very own Vibe Tribe. It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life… and it’s feeling good. 

Look at the lyrics here:

Fish in the sea you know how I feel
River running free you know how I feel
Blossom on the tree you know how I feel
It’s a new dawn
It’s a new day
It’s a new life
For me
And I’m feeling good

It’s like the fish, river, blossom are the singer’s Vibe Tribe because “you know how I feel”.

FLOW with your Vibe Tribe, sweet soul, and the anxieties of life will flow away…. But keep tweaking adjusting… as you grow. All of you. This is the work. 

I am letting Parent-Me parent me to flow with my Vibe Tribe. 

Carry Parent-Me forward today. Vibe Tribe will flow on with you in time. It’s all there. Going no where. 

I am letting Parent-Me parent me 



  • If I feel tense, panicked and glum with people, that is simply my vibrational GPS telling me: This is not my Vibe Tribe. (Not: push harder to make them happy!)
  • Some of the work on my list feels too easy so I leave it – like MH for mediators!! ‘Everyone’s so friendly and kind… Is it real work?’ It feels like kicking puppies to work with nice people. How upside down is that????!!!!
  • I shall work only with nice people. There.
  • NST-parent says: Chase glamour.
  • AET-parent says: Chase connection.
  • Parent-Me = unconditional love
  • Child-Me = ‘sinner thoughts’
  • Parent-me = wise, can see ahead, forward planning
  • Child-Me = wilful, seeking stimulation, chafing…