Create 60: I am taking the Simpler Option 

It’s time for me to step up.

I can no longer be swayed by the misgivings and misfires.

Help me.

GO IN. You can not do this work without Going In, daily, and deeply. Ok? 




Beautiful Loving Kindness meditation. Thank you, Kristin Neff.

May we be safe

May we be peaceful 

May we be healthy

May we live with ease


Kristin talks of the ‘joys and sorrows’ of this human life. How best can I sense the safety, peace, health and ease in my life, and attune myself to it?

Again, with simplicity. Immense simplicity. If there are two options, take the simpler one, always. 

I like that very much.

It’s a fun game to play too. You might enjoy it. Across the day – pause and identify options, and discern the ‘simpler option’. Write options down, and circle the Simpler Option. Be playful, but get into the habit of seeing that, in any one moment, there is always the option to go for that ‘psychic psimplicity’ we were talking about. This refers to our actions, but also our thought paths. 

Yes. I was awake for 2.5 h last night, so cross and angry about my stepmother having convinced (or allowed??) my terminally-ill Dad to decide now to change his will to give all his assets to her in trust for her lifetime… My grief of the triple tragedies of the last two weeks (his diagnosis, and the loss of both my siblings’ pregnancies) turned to firey anger last night after my phone call with my Dad. I won’t go into the reasoning for my anger, but will say we (as a family) covered this conversation extensively a couple of years ago, and the decisions made about my Dad’s will then were made on grounds that count now.

So let’s play Taking the Simpler Option. What are your options with regards to this situation? 

  1. Chunter on for the next few days, and gather steam to tackle this
  2. Call my sister who is going there to visit them today to ‘pre-warn’ her
  3. Call my Dad and have the conversation today

What’s the Simpler Option? 

3. Call my Dad and have the conversation – share my concerns and remind him of the thinking last time. Nip the plan in the bud.

Hm. It takes some courage to take the Simpler Option doesn’t it?

Yep. And inner clarity. It’s a really good practice, if you can set your mind to it, and if you are sincere about wanting safety, peace, health and ease for all. 

May I take the Simpler Option consciously and cleanly across my days, little by little reducing the complexity in my life, and welcoming the clarity of psychic psimplicity.

I am taking the Simpler Option