Create 70: I am savouring what is now, and I am savouring what is becoming

I felt yesterday a strong desire to stay tuned to the frequency which is ‘calm, clear, connected‘.

And your lunchtime A-H podcasts underlined that too, didn’t they? 

Yes. Find the frequency of that which makes you “feel good” and keep your attention there. “Savour what is becoming!” they said.

I realised the frequency, feel and intent of my Qigong practice sits right there in the space of ‘feeling good’ for me – and it really feels like a practice of vibrational alignment on a very physical – and, surely – energetic level too. If I were to ‘dream’ in the space of Qigong, it would sustain some Good Feeling Thoughts for more than the crucial 17 seconds!

[I went off and had a rootle on the internet… What about hanging out more, in person, with the Qigong Southwest dudes…? Or going on retreat in Nov with Brad Richecour – as training for SoD?:]

Sounds like you’re tuning into the chosen frequency and Savouring What Is Becoming, as A-H said.

Yes! And ‘Savouring What Is Now‘!

SWINASWIB = savouring what is now and savouring what is becoming 🙂

Want to go in and find out a bit more? 


***10mins of silent med***

So, in savouring what is becoming, I almost felt I could ‘see’ glimpses of the good things ahead, and I wanted to draw them on paper… as images from the future.

Ah. Did you now?

🙂 Yes. Moulding, moulding, moulding.

Today’s the 4 year anniversary of my first date w my beloved G. There was so much moulding on both our parts to meet, and to connect… I used to dream of walking down the lanes hand in hand with ‘him’.

Ah. Did you now?

Ha! I sense you in sprightly mood. I’m listening.

When you practise qigong you are moulding energy.

Qi = energy; Gong = work, exercise, play.

This is not mere fancy. 

When you speak to another, you are moulding your future with your words – and the mood / meaning / intent behind the words. 

When you choose one path or another, you are moulding your future with your freewill. 

Let your INTENT for your future be clear – to you at least. Leave this not to the vagaries of your impulses, practised defaults or embedded resistance. 

Let your intent be clearly stated to yourself – and your energy-play, words and choices will gradually attune to that intent. 

Just as you need 1000:1 ratio of self-gentling:fear thoughts, so do you need to embed your Intent 1000 times for each ‘day’. 

Well, what INTENT suitably meets the needs, exigencies, opportunities of this time? I’ve lent into the intent of ‘PoE’ (peace on earth) for some years… including with the year of focussing on ‘Reach Peace; Teach Peace’ (2019?). I feel there’s something even more dynamic available to me now… We’ve had a whole year of peace in terms of being at home, resting, reflecting, rebooting…

I sense there’s something dynamic available now that speaks to the Day we are living in.

For today, why not play with SWINASWIB? Such pieces of info as you are looking for on ‘intent’ will emerge when you hit their frequency, not before. 

Ok. And also, A-H talks about vibrational alignment with our inner being as being the key component…

Awesome. And in time you’ll discover what that means for you.


I am savouring what is now, and I am savouring what is becoming


I did the Drawing… 🙂