Presence 52: I am discovering unconditional self-love… through practising saying a positive No

These are a few of the things I am learning about Unconditional Love:

  • When you consistently grant yourself Unconditional Love, your need to ask it of others diminishes. And you are freed up to offer Unconditional Love more than to seek or demand it.
  • Nothing gives Unconditional Love to our inner child more than sitting with our feelings – feeling the feels, as we breathe, in Present Moment Awareness – without judgement, interruption or fixing. Merely being able to sit unconditionally watching what’s going on in our emotional landscape, is an act of self-compassion and self-love.
  • Michael Brown is EXCELLENT on why we shouldn’t judge our parents – but rather offer them the unconditional love they didn’t have:
    • ‘Our parents were children once too. When we look at a parent through the eyes of present moment awareness, we see a child who, like us, was plunged fearfully into this conditional world. This child, like the hurting aspect of the child self within us, seeks to be loved unconditionally. Are our parents responsible for energetically photocopying behavior that arises in them through their experience of childhood imprinting? How does holding onto anger benefit us more than making the compassionate choice to recognize the error in our perception? Judgment is a lack of clarity and a virus that infects our perception. Judgment on all levels is arrogance. Judgment is also a double standard. On the one hand it lifts us up to appear superior, while on the other it insists everyone behave exactly like us and admonishes those who don’t. However, the most damaging consequence of judgment is that we identify ourselves and others by the experience we are having, instead of by the shared Presence we authentically are. The bottom line is that, through judgment, we blame others for a predicament we all share. Therefore, let’s intend to begin unraveling this perceptual mayhem by forgiving our parents and blessing them with the unconditional love we wish we had received from them as children. (TPP 206/7)
  • Michael Brown is revelatory and revolutionary on unconditionally loving ourselves – and shows how it is the path to reaching peace:
    • Loving unconditionally is the greatest service we render to humanity. Loving ourselves unconditionally is how we place a breath of fresh air in the depths of the ocean. Our journey into uncovering the nature of this great mystery called love starts with being unconditional toward ourselves by feeling what we are authentically feeling without judging the experience in any way, and without trying to fix, change, understand, heal, or transform it. Being willing to integrate our own discomfort – to perceive it as valid and hence required, and behaving toward it accordingly – is the root of experiencing forgiveness and realizing peace. By genuinely forgiving ourselves for the behavior that emanates from our imprinted predicament, we automatically forgive the world. Beyond the experience of forgiveness is our return to an awareness of what peace really is. Realizing peace through forgiveness is in our hands. It has nothing to do with “the other.”’ TPP p208

Today in my meditation, I sat with the feelings in my heart, and just watched and loved them. My heart had a lot to say! Imagine if I’d started my day without listening to that! How unkind. How oblivious to the central, sweet barometer of my being. I didn’t try to fix or problem-solve or change those feelings. But as I let them be heard, and therefore integrated, they did soften. I felt the act of self-compassion in just ‘authentically feeling without judging the experience in any way’. And a few of Matt Kahn’s “I love yous” didn’t go amiss. 

You sensed the word ‘predicament’ today? This is the key for the next step. The human predicament (arrive – get emotionally imprinted – spend a life time integrating the emotions and/or creating drama to avoid the same – depart) is also the human opportunity.

Opportunities are for the seizing. SEIZE the opportunity to complete the cycle, like this: 

  1. arrive
  2. get emotionally imprinted
  3. spend a life time integrating the emotions and/or creating drama to avoid the same
  4. discover unconditional self-love
  5. offer unconditional love to others – and thereby help recalibrate the balance
  6. depart

We invite you to practise Step 4: ‘discover unconditional self-love’

We invite you to make Step 4 a special interest. 

Ok. Sounds like a good practice. How?

DUSLing (discovering unconditional self-love) is a movement that starts …[Time for the day. Pick up tomorrow]

Ok. Thank you. May I download much about DUSLing today. Amen.

[Next Day]

DUSLing (discovering unconditional self-love) is a movement that starts with internal peace. All the unravelling of your ‘Overstimulated Nervous System’ – via qigong, walks, QT, routines, the love and fun with G., focussing on your job satisfaction – is work towards settling into internal peace. From the place of Internal Peace, you do the work of DUSLing 

Is DUSLing proactive (eg. I do things for myself?) or a state (eg. I am able to sit in PMA without judgement, integrating what arises?).

It’s a proactive state. Think of us. We love you unconditionally. We are always here and available to you, as wise counsel. But we are not jumping at you, or offering you more than you need. We are responsive – and ever available on ‘stand-by’. We trust you to know how best to serve yourself most of the time. That is why we’re not tripping over ourselves to intervene. 

Sometimes, I wish you would.

You can always ask more. 

And then?

And then you get the response you request. 

Please can you make me incredibly proficient at emails and business admin?

Of course! Thank you for asking. 

There. That was an act of USL towards myself.

Asking for the help you need? Absolutely. 

Ok. As an act of DUSLing, I would like Your help to rise up the Upward Spiral of the Emotional Guidance Scale. With wisdom, with trust, with openness to learning new thought patterns.

And if we told you that this is already on the menu for you, would you baulk? 

No. I don’t think so…

As you go about your DUSLing, you’ll know how successful you are being by the degree to which you rise up that EGS. In fact, there is no other outcome to speak of…. except all that which flows to you as you align with your highest vibration. 

So… DUSLing brings us up the EGS and thus raises our vibration, which opens us to all the good available to us..?

Sweet soul of our hearts, as you genuinely put yourself at the epicentre of your immense and unfathomable LOVE, you will spiral up the vibrational scale like a bird soaring on the warm breezes of summer. 

I’m gonna need to learn to say No…. right?

Yes! Your book on The Power of A Positive No arrived yesterday. Bust it open!

Also, today I read in TPP about saying No..without judgement:

“At this point in our journey through The Presence Process, it’s beneficial to honestly ask ourselves: “How do we treat those in the world who ask us for unconditional love in the only way they know how?” ….. Discernment requires us to say “no” to those who would, through the impact of their imprinting, hurt us. Discernment requires us to draw a line in the sand and make ourselves clearly heard if others disrespect our choices. However, even when saying “no” to another because of their destructive impulses, we still don’t have to render judgment on them. We are able to take care of ourselves without confusing their behavior with their identity. Saying “no” as a reaction is the pushing away of another. Saying “no” as a response is a movement toward ourselves.” The Presence Process by Michael Brown p209 (Week 8)

I am discovering unconditional self-love… through practising saying a positive No