Presence 18: I am cutting myself some SLACK <3

Let’s go Emotion Surfing.

***10minMed – Insight Timer***

Fascinating. A new dimension added today…

The Shadow Side of your emotions. 

Emotions and Scenarios arising today + Shadow Side:

Emotion arising Scenario arising Shadow Side arising
Elation My riding in a fast car with the roof off “What if I were careless..?!”
Rock-Solid Self-Confidence My work with SoD Vivid neck-related automatons. Past life??
Calm wonder Developing 6th sense Doreen Virtue repenting hers..!

Help me here…

This is good work. Stay with it. Michael Brown and the Presence Process will be inviting you to ‘integrate’ charged emotions. They are the dark side of your bright moon, so welcome them for integration. If you resist the dark side of your moon, your shadow side, you can not access fully your bright side. 

I did a great deal of shadow work a decade or so ago (thank you, dear Debbie Ford) and treasured that work. It’s tiring though…!

You needn’t zone in on the shadow side at this stage. Just surf the bright side of your wave, and when the ‘flip side’ comes up for integration, use your self-compassion to welcome it, to accept it, to transcend its ‘charge’ by meeting it face on. Does that sound like something you can work with? 

It does. It makes me think of the Doyle book, Untamed. Welcoming the wild, the unruly, the untidy, the true aspects of ourselves.

It’s vivid work. You are now opening up to all aspects of yourself, with this perfect welcoming self-acceptance. 

Yesterday I came up with this phrase: “Cut yourself some SLACK”

  • Self-Love is
  • Acceptance
  • Compassion
  • Kindness

(Noom gave the definition of self-love as a, c and k, I turned it into the phrase and acronym.)

These states and practices are subtle frequencies – unlike for example, ‘self-care’ which can be practically demonstrated. But it is via subtle frequencies that integration is achieved. They are ‘attitudes’ which truly require Presence to achieve. You can not actually hold the attitude of acceptance while you are charging through your day. So slowing down, settling into your self, and being able to catch your self breathing… are all helpful pre-requisites to being able to ‘cut yourself some SLACK’. It is excellent work. 

Ok, so today I will play with ‘cutting myself some SLACK’, safe in the knowledge that embodying these attitudes of self-love, acceptance, compassion and kindness will require me to settle into Presence (a good thing) and aid me to work via subtler frequencies. All this will help me embrace the full spectrum of my experiences – the dark side of the moon as well as the bright.

The yin and the yang. How Taoist. <3 And as you truly embrace SLACK, you will hold a frequency which others will be able to sense and permit themselves to embody too. You will be holding frequencies that others will catch. In fact that is what happens all the time… so consciously holding gentle SLACK is the beginning of kindness to the All. 

Yesterday, I bounced like a yo-yo. I was high and jolly one moment, then I burnt supper, and was aghast with stress and panic. My darling ASV was calming me… She held a frequency of Calm Confidence, and I ‘caught’ it from her. So, yes, I see what you mean. If I can cut myself some SLACK, I will enable a few people to ‘catch it’ from me. Interesting, the metaphor of contagion. Imagine a global pandemic of self-love, self-acceptance, self-compassion and self-kindness!!

I am cutting myself some SLACK <3