Create 35: I am self-serving, dutifully and humbly

In The Power of Holy Language, Caroline Myss is starting to move into a central tenet for the audio  programme, which is roughly this:

Self-esteem => empowerment => the journey towards the soul

What words would you have for me on the topic of self-esteem today?

The person of self-esteem builds her own house. She sets her own timetable. She calls upon the resources she needs to achieve all she sets out to do. 

Like CMyss… with her world of her business partner, spiritual director, agent, editors…


And we’re still watching The Crown, season 2… where ERII is finding and holding her own, in terms of her wayward husband, staff, sister and uncle…

Your work is being presented to you step by step. Your role is to find the resources to undertake it. This refers to interior and external resources. To resource ourselves, we need to foster self-esteem. This means not to be led, carried, reduced or mediated by our wounds. This therefore means to assume the throne of our own free will. This thus means to hold the wheel of the ship of our own self-determination. Day by day. Moment by moment. Self-sovereign, hour by hour. 

What is ‘self-sovereign’.

Reigning of self. Monarch of the monarchy of one’s own self. Self-serving, and dutifully, humbly so. 

Golly. I think I’ll pray with this a minute…


Sitting and breathing at that ‘placenta’ point where my being and your knowing intermingle, beyond words, in perfect present moment awareness. May I download the knowing I need to take the next step. 

The Stillpoint. That placenta point is the Stillpoint. It’s where all the good stuff is. It takes some trust to spend time there, doesn’t it? 

Yes. Because, you can feel all that is unresolved and active and seeking in you.

And that is where the integration happens. 



Play with the invitation to be ‘self-serving’ today – dutifully and humbly so. 

Interesting. It’s giving me the impression that self-esteem involves a humble, servant like approach to oneself, rather than a vain or vaunting over-estimation of one’s importance…

The self is a might power-house. Honour it as you would a racing car – in other words, drive it with care, with respect and with wonder. And enjoy the ride! 

I will explore the notion of being ‘self-serving’ today (dutifully and humbly so) and see what I learn. Thank you for this. Grant me focus, clarity and energy.


I am self-serving, dutifully and humbly


Day notes:

  • Tilting the balance towards self-serving (dutifully and humbly) is the key to being able to serve other effectively. ie. STO starts with wholesome STS.
  • NOT: STO by ignoring or denying or abnegating self
  • Self-serving => allows for more innovation and responsiveness