Peak 117: I am feeling the wu wei [inexertion] burn

Over these last five days I have been working with as much focus as possible on sensing, awakening and gathering qi to my heart space – elusive a process though it may be. I’ve been to two substantial qigong classes (with Jeremy) for the first time in months – and definitely felt the benefit in inner body strength and social/interpersonal energy. I was grateful for the explicit reminders about the dantians in our last Dialogue here.

It’s funny, I’ve been reading the Tao Te Ching here, without relating it to my practice of qigong… which had lapsed, or become an ‘exercise’ thing. Qigong is healing of body, mind, energy field. It puts us into conscious connectedness with the Universe. It is self-reiki. It is the awakening of energy within us. It draws from the qi field to fill our dantians, which are surely what you were talking about with the golden inner anchor image. Is something coming together here?

Until you bring your body fully into your awakening process, you are undertaking a mental/intellectual experience of growth – which is like growing one leg instead of both, and hoping to be able to walk with ease. 

My bodily dissociation has been a long-running theme.

We understand that, and respect the hows and the whys. What is apparent is that this theme means that your body is all the more a portal for awakening for you. Feel the resistance to embodiment, and work with that feeling. Welcome the feeling of the resistance to embodiment precisely as the indicator that you are now at the coalface of your own evolution. 


Yes! Arrrgghh! 🙂 When your body truly starts to act as the channel, the vehicle, for the frequencies you seek to work with, you will give in readily. It’s just that, initially, those frequencies can feel extremely uncomfortable to the 3D body. Can you just handle that discomfort for a fraction longer… and longer… and longer? 

Well, yes… I put my body under a lot of pressure in general. I feel at constant risk of burnout and adrenal fatigue… Though that said, I’m finally getting some good results from my MEDS mornings, and not starting work-work til midday.

Let’s unpick this. There are two different factors at play here:

  1. Pressure from straining in the world, and against time and people
  2. Discomfort from adjusting to new frequencies, absorbed and accepted in stillness and consciousness (eg during meditation, qigong)

Yes. Absolutely. I hear that. Thanks for the reminder. I do know that ‘moving mediation’ (qigong, walking, swimming) is  very helpful for reducing the discomfort. Like moving and swaying in childbirth eases the expansion process.

Let’s read.

-53- If I have even little sense, I will walk upon the great path of Tao and only fear straying from it. This Great Way is straight and smooth yet people often prefer the side roads. The courtyard [or palace] is well kept but the fields are full of weeds, and the granaries stand empty. Still, there are those of us who wear elegant clothes, carry sharp swords, pamper ourselves with food and drink and have more possessions than we can use. These are the actions of robbers. This is certainly far from the Tao. (The Tao Te Ching 53)

If this chapter sounds a little fuerte, a) it is – Lao Tzu takes a no-holds-barred approach to excess, but also, b) Stenudd informs us: ‘Lao Tzu ends this chapter with what is also a joke. Robber, tao, is pronounced the same as Tao, the Way.’

Clearly, excess is not the way of the Way – but many cannot resist the lure of excess.

I need to be careful about excess, all the time. ‘Moderation’ has traditionally not been my strong suit. Hence having to give up things entirely.

Qigong is about learning to bring balance, to reduce excess. Excess of intake or expenditure leaves the coffers either choked or empty. 

It’s so subtle!

It most certainly is. It’s a frequency matter again, hence the importance of being willing to burn through the discomfort of frequency shift. The discomfort is where it’s at. 

I wanted to raise a phrase I heard on a Kryon video (not from Kryon but from  a guest speaker). The speaker suggested that we spot the good stuff in our lives and say, “Thank you, bring me more of this…” I’ve been finding it very positive in shifting frequency to one of appreciation, and holding the Now of blessed moments: 

  • Watching my daughter give a talk: “Thank you, bring me more of this magic”
  • Singing with my skiffling friends: “Thank you, bring me more of this harmony and friendship”
  • Sitting next to my beloved: “Thank you, bring me more of this feeling of being loved.”

Also, relistening to this video by Matt Kahn I was reminded of the need to ‘unpack your bags’ in this life – to commit to being here, to doing the work we were chosen to do here, to give in to the sense of cosmic homesickness and stay here anyway.

I really feel I’m learning so much this year about Staying Here on Earth, without resistance, or wanting to escape, to trying to float away. I’m so grateful.

Let’s tie these beautiful points together, for what you are talking about is indeed what Lao Tzu calls the ‘straight and smooth’ Great Way. You are indicating an increasing willingness to stay in stillness under the conditions arising, because you know that that is part of the ‘job description’ for you. 

Ha! Yes! That makes sense. And for a long while, I really didn’t want to do the karmic burn-up or the rebalancing in stillness. I did  do a lot of it in 2016/2017, but then got diverted by the fun of being in love…!

Falling in love was/is a profound outcome of your frequency shift work, and also a crucial ‘next step’. You and G are learning to frequency shift in harmony with each other. Next level stuff! 

🙂 Ty. Yes! It’s beautiful. And we are learning a great deal.

Uncomfy at times, eh? 

Ha! Maybe..!

Ace. Uncomfy = evolution’s coalface. Bravo. 

Very good! 🙂 Ok, on the subject of uncomfy, I have a Zumba class to get to..! What’s our thought for the day?

Feel the burn!

Argh! Haha… The burn of discomfort?! Man, this is next level. I have to be so careful with this, because I can tend to get into the type of discomfort which is just burnout-making…

We are talking about the burn arising in stillness, in inaction, in non-wanting, in non-pushing, in wu wei. 

What is wu wei? I can’t remember exactly.

Wu wei (無爲) is a concept literally meaning “inexertion” or “inaction”. Wu wei emerged in the Spring and Autumn period, and from Confucianism, to become an important concept in Chinese statecraft and Taoism, and was most commonly used to refer to an ideal form of government including the behavior of the emperor. Ref:

Feel the wu wei burn means feel the discomfort arising as Head urges the cavalry’s advancement, and the emperor says, ‘No, not yet.’

Ah, the antsy feeling… Yes. I hear you. I’ll work with this…

I am feeling the wu wei [inexertion] burn



Later: And so this Abraham Hicks video was good… ‘Ask your Inner Being what is thinks, throughout the day, and see how it is constantly aligned to Source. As you align to your Inner Being, you align to Source… You gain the ability to control what you are thinking about and choose to think about the positive things. And you become tuned in, turned on, tapped in..’ (paraphrased)