Peak 64: I am Taoing

The statement I put to myself yesterday was this:

“I am magnetising, now and always. What am I magnetising at this moment?”

Often, across the morning, I would find myself to be in a grizzly or pinched mode – and I’d spring out of it thinking, ‘I don’t need to magnetise anything in this spirit, thank you very much!’

Ultimately, yesterday gave me a great experience to learn about magnetising.

G and I had planned a weekday off by the sea to enjoy the beach without too many people. We got to the beach in the afternoon and it was just stunning – but still quite busy. I insisted that, while we both wanted to be close to the water, I didn’t want us to block anyone’s view. This resulted in us walking right to one end of the beach, to find it was a choice of a dog-walkers’ beach or an area with a family blaring music. I begged we go elsewhere, which meant heading aaalllll the way down the other end of the beach. We found somewhere at last, which didn’t block anyone’s view of the sea and we settled some 5 metres from the sea’s edge with a beautiful view of the sea ebbing and flowing.

Until… from no where… despite plenty of empty space all around… a family came and set up camp Right In Front Of Us. Like, right in front! I even pointedly indicated that there was space along they could take, and one woman said to her friends, ‘I think the lady behind us wants us to move along’, but the man just shrugged and lay down and went to sleep. The group were three metres in front of us, completely blocking our view of the sea. I was soooooo affronted and upset.

G was very calm and kind and pointed out that we could still see the sea if we looked across in another direction.

For me this wasn’t enough! I was in full chunter mode…

But I was also embarrassed by my negative energy in this lovely place, and conscious of ‘what I was magnetising.’ So I lay down and closed my eyes to rebalance myself.

I suddenly had the hunch that my earlier tautness around ‘Not Blocking Views’ could well have magnetised the current situation!

I also realised that G was completely right: (having magnetised the situation – if so) I now had the opportunity not to give it my ‘charged’ negative attention, but simply look round it. Like water flows round a rock. Like the Tao.

Ahhh… Moving into Taoist mode was like shifting from second gear to fifth on the motorway. And I knew then that at any moment I was in Taoist mode, I was magnetising only softness, nourishment and abundance. Why? Because the Taoist mode is essentially non-resistance – it is in fact the #PeaceFreq.

So peace is akin to non-resistance?

Something like that. It’s not apathy, by any means. If I think about taking a non-resistant stance to some of the difficult life and death matters that have come up in the last week with my loved ones, I actually see myself drawing myself into a very poised, softly-braced position.

Like the qigong practitioner. 

Indeed! [Qigong is a Taoist practice.] In other words, preparing for non-resistance means preparing to become very agile.

Like the water flowing downstream which must be prepared to weave its course between rocks and gullies. 

Yes. If I had been more Tao on the beach yesterday, I would probably have been ready to leap up as the family lay down their first towel and ask them lightly if they would be willing to move along the beach a little…

So non-resistance is not about just ‘sucking up’ whatever arises?

No. I think it’s about a soft, ready responsiveness.

Like the martial artist.

Exactly! Like the aikido practitioner who takes someone else’s attacking energy and redirects it safely, effortlessly away with a few deft moves.

I’d like to return to the Tao Te Ching. I studied it before, including working with Wayne Dyer’s huge book – one chapter (of c80) per day for 80 days. Maybe I could work with the Tao Te Ching as I do my August cleanse. It might help me work through the resistance, cravings and purging arising as I stick to fruits and vegetables…

What else should I know today?

The Tao is an open door for you. Work with it! Absorb all that Taoism has to offer! 

What about Zen?

Zen requires a certain stillness. Tao is more about flow. Flow is calling you. It has much to offer you. 

Flow is certainly a beautiful softener to the edges of my Aspie rigid-thinking/doing…

Your brain is an electrical mechanism. Flow stabilises charge distribution. Overall power and control increases. 

Lovely. I am in the Taoist mode. I am Taoing.

I am Taoing



Wow, I loved this Tao-focussed meditation. Like seated qigong. A beautiful balance of mind/body attention. Really physically healing, just as I need at the moment – I felt inclined to use my hands in that self-reiki manner of qigong. Lovely. This teacher, Olivia Rosewood, is a Taoist teacher who has also worked for Eckhart Tolle. Cool combination.

Screenshot of Insight Timer app

Insight Timer meditation